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All New All That Episode 1 Discussion - MattZoey - 06-17-2019

This was a pretty good first episode that we got last night. Reece's Billy Ray Cyrus and someone's Adam Sandler impressions weren't the best but I thought Gabby did great with her Beyonce impression and Nathan also did a great job with his Ariana Grande impression. The person doing a Nick Cannon impression was also great.

We got a Vital Information sketch with Lori Beth as the Host who passed the baton or torch off to 1 of the new ladies

We got a Goodburger sketch with Kel as Ed.

Marie Kiddo was hilarious.
*Marie destroys cabinet with plates inside of it*

Danielle (will shorten it to Dani just to save time) "My Mom is gonna kill me."
Marie: "that's too bad, do you not bring her joy?" (any time Dani said something didn't bring her joy, Marie ended up destroying it)
Dani: "No no, I think I do"
Marie: "then you should be fine"