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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 11

Island of Illusion Part 1

Written by Justin Best

It was another day at Ernie's, and the Team Ninja Finals were Saturday so Jason, and Tommy were practicing. Tommy, and Jason were sparring but then Jason accidentally hit Tommy. Tommy yelled "Hey man watch it". Jason retorted "You were supposed to block man".

Billy, and Zack were watching them, and intervened. Zack said "Come on guys chill it the Team Ninja Finals are this weekend, and you've guys have to learn to cooperate in time for the big match". Billy said "My new training program can get you guys in shape by the big match". He added "If you're willing to cooperate".

Jason said "I would if this guy could learn to block". Tommy rebutted "Hey man you were the one who punched out sequence". Zack intervened "Guys Guys cool it". Jason said "All right", and Tommy said "Fine".

Then they started practicing with bo staffs, and were doing good until Tommy accidentally tripped Jason. Jason said "Hey man watch out" Tommy retorted "Well maybe you should have been paying attention". Then they tried practicing with senais but then accidentally hit each other.

Tommy snapped "I said my right". Jason retorted "No you said mine". Then Trini, and Kimberly showed up, and Trini said "You guys are gonna have to learn to Gung Ho". Jason, and Tommy stood there confused when Trini explained "Chinese for work together".

Jason explained "I would if this guy would learn to block". Tommy retorted "Well maybe if you learned to pay attention". The other Rangers just rolled their eyes as Jason, and Tommy kept bickering until Zack once again intervened, and said "Guys chill you have to work together if you guys wanna win".

At her palace Rita was practicing her magic she called "Shaba Masha Rasha", Then Rita started getting visions. She saw visions of a giant floating spiked head flying through space. Rita's eyes started bleeding as Squatt asked "Oh no Rita what's wrong?"

Meanwhile at the Command Center Alpha was panicking "Aye ye ye". Zordon ordered "Alpha check the galactic scanner I detect a strong disturbance in the Morphing Grid". Zordon further explained "One that I haven't felt in over 10,000,000 years". Alpha cried out "You don't mean" then he gulped "him".

At Rita's palace Squatt asked "What's wrong Rita?". Surprisingly Rita was happy as she explained "He's back. I thought he was destroyed 10,000,000 years ago but he's back". Babboo replied "You don't mean".

Goldar interrupted "Yes the true emperor Lord Zedd is still alive somewhere, and is trying to project his image". Then the image of Lord Zedd appeared in front of the moon palace, and called out "Rita Rita are you there?"

Rita answered "Yes my lord I thought you were destroyed all those eons ago". Zedd explained "That's what I wanted that fool, and his pathetic Rangers to think but I escaped into darker galaxies slowly amassing dark magic until I myself became a being of pure dark magic".

Zedd then explained "However I cannot appear on Earth until I have amassed enough negative energy from human fear, anger, and despair". Rita answered "Send me one of your most powerful monsters, and I will use it to spread, and gather all the negative energy you need my lord".

Zedd said "In that case I shall send down Mutitis a mutant undead barbarian that has conquered thousands of worlds". Rita cried out "He sounds perfect send Mutitis down to Earth, and not only will I gather enough negative energy for you but I will destroy those Rangers once, and for all".

Back at Ernie's Jason, and Tommy were still practicing when Bulk came in wearing a fancy manager's outfit while Skull was wearing a coach's uniform, and sun glasses. Bulk then bragged "Well hello losers me, and Skull would like to show you who the winners of the Team Ninja Finals are gonna be".

Bulk called out "Guys come on out introduce everyone to some real ninjas". Then two men in ninja costumes appeared, and started sparring perfectly with each other. Billy admitted "They are extremely proficient". Zack agreed "And they're good too".

Then Bulk called out "Bo staffs", and Skull threw some Bo staffs to the ninjas who started fighting each other perfectly with them. Jason was undaunted "I can take those guys". Tommy also bragged "So could I".

Then Bulk called out "Senais" then Skull threw some senais to the ninjas who then started dueling each other perfectly with them. Then Bulk called out "Now for the grand finale Power Kick". Then the two ninjas back flipped, and jump kicked a punching bag. Bulk bragged "Well I think we all know who the real winners are" but then got hit with the punching bag.

At Rita's palace Squatt, Babbo, and Finster were working on some more Putties but this time they were using Rita's new super putty. Babboo bragged "Oh boy with this new super putty our Putties are going to be unbeatable". Squatt added "Yeah, and they won't lose either".

Finster agreed "With my new super putties all my putties, and monsters from now on will be indestructible. The Power Rangers, and the Earth are finished". Then they put the super Putties into the Monster Matic.

The Monster Matic roared to life as it exploded, and out came new darker, and harder Putties. Goldar ordered "Now go Super Putties go, and destroy the Rangers". The Super Putties teleported to Earth as Rita bragged "And if the Super Putties don't work Mutitis will".

Then Rita ordered "All right Squat, and Babboo I need you to two to go to Earth, and set up Zedd's tower so you can beam the negative energy directly to Zedd to allow him to appear on Earth". Babboo answered "No problem your evilness". Squatt agreed "Yeah we'll have that tower up for sure".

At Angel Grove park Kimberly, and Trini were walking. Trini asked "Did you see Bulk, and Skull's ninjas?" Kimberly replied "Jason, and Tommy are gonna have to work together if they're gonna beat those guys". All of a sudden a swarm of Super Putties appeared.

Trini cried out "Oh no" Kimberly cried out "It's time to Gung ho". Then Kimberly, and Trini were trying to fight off the Super Putties by punching, and kicking them but the Super Putties were too much for them. Kimberly went to her communicator, and cried out "Alpha me, and Trini are fighting Putties in the park but for some reason they're more powerful than usual".

Alpha complied "Understood". At Ernie's Jason was punching a punching bag when Tommy criticized "Hey you punched out of sequence again". Jason rebutted "Hey I'm tired okay". Then their communicators started beeping,

Jason asked "What's wrong?" Alpha replied "Kimberly, and Trini are in the park fighting Putties but their having trouble". Jason answered "We're on our way". Then Jason, Tommy, Billy, and Zack left to the park.

When they got to the park Jason asked Kimberly, and Trini "Are you guys okay" Kimberly answered "Yeah but these guys are really hard for some reason". Then all the Rangers tried to punch, and kick the Super Putties but the Super Putties were too much for them".

Zack cried out "Oh man what are these creeps made out of?" Billy replied "Rita must have upgraded her Putties". Jason called out "Okay guys let's get to the Command Center, and regroup". Then the Rangers teleported off.

Meanwhile Squatt, Babbo, and some Super Putties were setting up a strange white pillar. Squatt was demanding "Come on you clay brains get the lead out. Rita said we have set up Zedd's tower so that he can send down Mutitis".

At the Command Center Zack cried out "I don't get it Zordon". Kimbely agreed "Yeah we never had that much trouble with Putties before". Zordon explained "I feared this would happen Rita has gotten her hands on super putty, and is using it to upgrade her minions".

Then the alarm went off, and Billy asked "What is it Zordon?" Zordon explained "I thought me, and Alpha would never have to explain this but earlier we started sensing disturbances in the Morphing Grid".

Zordon further explained "Disturbances that were consistent with only one source. Lord Zedd". Trini asked "Who's that". Alpha explained "Zedd was the previous Green Ranger before Tommy but he turned to evil, and started working with Rita".

Alpha further explaned "Eventually he became just as powerful, and evil as in not more so than Rita herself". Zack replied "So that's who he was but you said he also disappeared 10,000,000 years ago. Zordon explained "He did, and we thought he was destroyed but it seems he took refuge in darker galaxies.

Zordon said behold the Viewing Globe. The Viewing Globe showed images of Squatt, Babbo, and the Super Putties erecting Zedd's tower. Zordon explained "It is just as I feared Rita, and her minions have erected Zed's tower, and with it they can channel negative energy from human anger, fear, and despair, and send it directly to the dark galaxies in order to summon Zedd, and his monsters".

Zordon ordered Rangers go down in the Megazord, and try to dismantle Zedd's tower before it has a chance to summon Zedd or one of his monsters". Tommy agreed "You can count on me Zordon". Jason interrupted "Hey man he only said the Megazord he didn't say anything about Dragonzord".

Zordon explained "I'm sorry to say Jason is right hopefully Megazord's power alone is enough to stop it" Jason gave a smug smirk to Tommy who just rolled his eyes. Zordon then said "However if the tower succeeds in summoning Zedd or a monster we may need the Dragonzord's power".

Tommy then said "Okay but I think we should also use Dragonzord". Jason rebutted "No one cares what you think man". Then Zack interrupted "Guys chill let's just focus on the tower for now". Jason then said "Okay guys it's Morphing Time".

Everyone except Tommy cried out "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger", and "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers called out "We need Dinozord power now". Then one by one the Dinozords appeared and combined into the Megazord.

Squatt, Babboo, and the Super Putties had finally erected Zedd's tower. Kimberly cried out "Oh no we're too late". Jason said "Not yet we aren't". The Megazord tried to take down the tower but was thrown back by red electricity.

At her Palace Rita was watching, and gloated "I'm afraid it won't be that easy Rangers". Then Rita intoned "Masha Rasha Shamna Come forth Mutitis". Then all of a sudden a giant strange yellow, and red decaying humanoid creature appeared in Angel Grove.

At the Command Center Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye we're too late Rita has summoned Mutitis". Back at the battle Jason cried out "Don't worry guys we can take this guy". Mutitis started swinging his ball, and chain around while the Megazord punched Mutitis.

Eventually however Mutitis caught the Megazord with his chain, and started swinging the Megazord around. The Megazord got back up, and kept fighting Mutitis. But then Zedd's tower fired red lasers into the sky as the sky got dark.

Then Rita herself appeared, and called "Now Rangers feel the power of Lord Zedd". Then a fireball shot through space, and appeared in Angel Grove in the form of the image of Lord Zedd. Zack cried out "That's Lord Zedd?".

Jason cried out "Zordon, and Alpha weren't kidding". Kimberly agreed "Yeah that guy looks super scary". Rita cried out "Now Lord Zedd give Mutitis your power so he can destroy the Rangers once, and for all. Lord Zedd cried out "With pleasure".

Then Lord Zedd sprayed a white mist at Mutitis that caused him to start mutating. Billy explained "Oh no he's mutating". Jason replied we've got to stop him". Lord Zedd then fired some lasers at the Megazord. Jason called out "We need the Power Sword".

The Power Sword fell, and the Megazord picked it up, and threw it at Mutitis but Lord Zedd shouted "I don't think so", and fired a laser that disintegrated the Power Sword. Trini cried out "Oh no" followed by Zack saying "The Power Sword".

Mutitis continued mutating until he grew wings that looked like an organic cape, a long neck, and goat like horns along with what looked like Zedd's face on his chest. Mutitis then started flapping his wings at the Megazord causing hurricane like winds.

But the Megazord got back up then Mutitis, and the Megazord started punching each other. Then Mutits fired lasers at the Megazord. Jason called out "I hate to say it but we need Tommy". At the Command Center Tommy was watching, and cried out "This looks like a job for some dragon power".

Tommy called out "Dragon", and then used the Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord, and jumped into it's cockpit. The Dragonzord started tail whipping Mutitis while the Megazord kept punching him. Then Mutiis did some jumping attacks at the Megazord, and Dragonzord.

Lord Zedd called out "So this is the pitiful excuse who found my glorious powers, and returned to them to that wretched Zordon. Well you, and your friends are a mistake I'll finish correcting". Rita then cried out "Now Mutits finish the Rangers, and their Zords once and for all".

Then Mutitis started spraying white foam all over the Megazord, and the Dragonzord. Jason called out "Oh no it's toxic foam". Rita bragged "Yes Rangers it's a special toxic acid that disintegrates anything including Zordonium".

Then the Megazord, and the Dragonzord fell to the ground as the Rangers were forced out of their Zords, fell to the ground, and unmorphed. The Rangers got back up, and Jason said "Oh man this is serious we need Zordon, and Alpha".

The other Rangers agreed, and they went back to the Command Center. Jason asked "Is it true Zordon?". Zack agreed "Yeah is that stuff really gonna destroy our Zords?" followed by Kimberly with "And is there any way to fix them?"

Zordon explained "I'm sorry to say that yes your Zords will be completely dissolved unless something is done within the next 24 Earth hours". Zack cried out "Well what can we do?". Alpha whined "Oh if only Titanus the Carrierzord was here he could fix them".

Trini asked "What's Titanus the Carrierzord?". Zordon explained a great, and powerful sentient Zord that could combine with the six piloted Zords to become the all powerful, and invincible Ultrazord a mighty weapon that was absolutely unbeatable".

Billy asked "What happened to it?". Alpha explained "When Zedd betrayed the Power Rangers Millennia tried to get him to safe place but both she, and Titanus were lost on the Island of Illusion". Trini asked "Millennia?" followed by Zack with "Island of Illusion?"

Just then Quagmire, and Nemo teleported in, and Nemo explained "She was my mother. She was one of the kindest, and most powerful sorceresses in all the universe". Quagmire explained, "And the Island of Illusion is a place where the more you doubt, and fear the more you start to disappear".

Jason asked "So how do we go there?". Quagmire explained "Taking you there I can do but getting back is up to you". Billy asked "What do you mean?". Alpha explained "The only way to return from the Island of Illusion is to beat all of it's tricks, and traps".

Nemo added "And the only way to do that is to have absolute confidence in yourself, and those around you". Jason bragged "Don't worry I can do this". Tommy also bragged "Yeah me too". Zordon gave Tommy, and Jason each half of a map.

Zordon explained "This is all that remains of the last map of the Island of Illusion. Hopefully it can take you to where Millennia or Titanus is". Jason said "Don't worry Zordon". Zack agreed "Yeah we'll find Titanus, and save the Zords before you know it".

Zordon called out "I hope so Rangers, and may the Power protect you". Then the Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo all teleported out, and they appeared in a strange island. Jason cried "Man what is this?". Kimberly cried out "Scary".

Quagmire explained "Welcome to the Island of Illusion now let's be quick with our intrusion". Jason agreed "Quagmire's right let's just focus on the mission, and find Titanus". Then the Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo started walking around the Island of Illusion.

Trini cried out "Didn't we just pass that lagoon over an hour ago?". Billy replied "Maybe didn't we also pass that rock too". Jason tried to assure them "Don't worry guys I'll get us out". But Tommy retorted "No way man I'll get us out".

Just then Zack started seeing a strange white figure off in the distance. "Hey guys did you see that white figure off in the distance?" He asked. The other Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo just shook their heads, and Trini shrugged it off with "Must be an Illusion?".

Zack replied "I guess you're right", and shrugged it off himself. Then all of a sudden the Rangers started hearing voices. Tommy started hearing his own name over, and over again. Then he saw what looked like Rita for a second before she disappeared.

Kimberly aksed "What is it Tommy?" Tommy shrugged it off with "Oh nothing thought I saw something". Then Trini started hearing her own name, and briefly saw the image of a middle aged Asian man before he too disappeared.

Then Kimberly started hearing her own name as well, and saw the image of a middle aged brunette woman who quickly disappeared. Then Billy started hearing his own name, and briefly saw a middle aged blonde woman with glasses.

Kimberly said in a worried tone "Guys let's hurry I don't want to be here any longer than I have to". The other Rangers agreed. Then the Rangers saw what looked like an army of monsters. Jason cried out "Oh man I thought we destroyed these guys".

Kimberly cried out "Look they're charging" Then the monsters started charging at the Rangers, and then disappeared. Tommy cried out "What was that?". Then the Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo looked up at the sky.

Goldar's image appeared, and bragged "So you Rangers are just as foolish as we thought you were. Your in the Island of Illusion a place where nothing is real except for the danger". Then Zack turned around, and saw a snake.

Zack started screaming "Ahh Snake a Snake". The other Rangers looked, and couldn't find anything. Trini said "Zack we don't see anything". Zack replied "Don't you guys see it? Its huge". Zack then ran away from the snake.

Zack then said "Oh no you guys I don't feel so good". Then Zack started slowly fading from existence. Kimberly cried out "Oh no Zack you're fading". Quagmire explained "This is just like I said the more Rita makes you doubt, and fear the more you disappear". While off in the distance the white figure kept watching them.

To be concluded.

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