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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 12

Island of Illusion Part 2

Written by Justin Best

Zack was still fading from existence. Billy explained "Quagmire's right Zach's molecular stability is directly proportional to his state of self confidence". Kimberly yelled "What does that mean?". Trini explained "It means the more Zack doubts himself the less there is of Zack".

Jason cried out "Fight it Zack". Tommy agreed "Yeah you can do it". Zack was skeptical "I don't know you guys". Quagmire explained "If Rita has you caught think a positive thought". Zack said "Okay I'll try". Zach then thought about the time Rita sent her Knasty Knight monster after him.

Zack said "I remember a really tough battle with Rita's Knasty Knight monster. I thought I was finished until my friends helped me destroy him" Jason exclaimed "Keep doing it Zack". Zack also remembered the time Rita replaced the nature spirit statue with her Spidertron monster.

Zack continued "And the time Rita replaced the nature with her Spidertron monster who put my hip hop kiddo class to sleep with toxic butterflies but me, and the others were able to stop it". Zack had completely solidified. He cheered "I did it I'm back", and the other Rangers hugged him.

At her palace Rita was mocking "So Zack was able to beat the island's illusions. Well let's see how the other Rangers do". She then bragged it will only be a matter of time before the Rangers' own insecurities do my job for me". Then she laughed hysterically.

Rita then ordered Goldar "Goldar come here at once". Goldar asked "What is it my queen?". Rita explained "Keep an eye on those power brats while I go back to Earth. Now that the Rangers, and their Zords are out of the way I can begin the next phase of my plan".

Goldar complied "Understood". Rita teleported back to Earth, and called out "Now Mutitis spread your toxic acid gas all over Angel Grove". Mutitis then sprayed a white gas all over Angel Grove, and before long everyone in Angle Grove became sick, and started coughing uncontrollably.

At the Command Center Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye Mutitis has sprayed his toxic acid gas all over Angel Grove". Zordon exclaimed "We can only hope that the Rangers will find Titanus before all life on Earth is dissolved by Mutitis' toxic acid".

Back on the island Kimberly once again started hearing her own name again, and once again started seeing the brunette woman from earlier. Then Kimberly realized the voice was coming from the woman, and she started tearing up as she said "Aunt Rachel?"

Jason gasped "Your step mother?" Rachel then called out "Remember Kimberly your father, and I were dating but then you told him what I did when he wasn't around, and he left me". Kimberly cried out "You were mean to me behind his back".

Rachel called out "And what about you". She continued "Your father was happy with me before that, and you're every bit as mean as me". Kimberly cried "That's not true". Rachel then called out "Yes it is your just like me telling everyone you're nice while deep down you're just as mean as me".

Kimberly started crying as she started to fade saying "It's true it's all true". Trini cried out "Kimberly fight it". Tommy added "The island is trying to get to you". Quagmire then said "I remember when you fought a toad of terror you stayed you course straight as an arrow".

Kimberly cried out "Oh no the toad creature. I'm not sure I want to remember that". Tommy cried out "You've gotta Kimberly". Kimberly thought about the time Rita put a spell on her, and Billy that turned them into mean punks.

But then Alpha was able to cure them, and she was able to save her friends from Rita's Terror Toad. Kimberly said "I was really scared, and on my own but I was able to outsmart that monster, and save my friends".

Quagmire cheered "You can do it". Kimberly continued "And another time Rita poisoned my mom's boyfriend Uncle Steve when we were flying his plane while she sent her Snizzard monster to trap children in apples, and steal their youth".

Kimberly continued "But Alpha helped me land the plane, and I was able to save the children, and my friends". Kimberly once again solidified "I did it". Trini cheered "We knew you would", and Trini started hugging Kimberly.

At her palace Rita was mocking "So Zack, and Kimberly have both beaten the island's illusions". Then She bragged "But there's still four more. Let's see what the Island has in store for Tommy. I'm sure he'll just be green with excitement". Then Rita laughed hysterically.

Tommy started hearing his own voice again, and once again saw Rita. But this time it wasn't just Rita. All of her minions, and all of Rita's previous monsters where there. Then the sky blackened, and the image of Lord Zedd appeared.

But the most frightening thing wasn't that but what came after. Tommy saw himself as the Green Ranger carrying a reforged Sword of Darkness, and kneeling before Rita, Zedd, and their minions. Lord Zedd then cried out.

"Thomas Edison Oliver do you swear to carry on my 10,000,000 year tradition of greed, vengeance, and betrayal?". Tommy heard himself coldly, and smugly cry out "I swear". Lord Zedd then cried out "Good now prove it by destroying the Rangers, and everything they stand for".

The real Tommy cried out "No it can't be. That's not me". Jason asked "What's going on?". Kimberly started to cry out "Oh no you guys look". Tommy was starting to fade. Tommy then saw himself use the Sword of Darkness to slice, and stab his unmorphed friends.

His friends cried out "Tommy how could you do this?", and "Snap out of it man we're your friends". Then he heard himself say coldly "I have no friends", and he fired another energy ball at his friends, and destroyed them.

Then the Green Ranger summoned the Dragonzord, and proceeded to lay wast to Angel Grove before moving on to a new target: Crossworld City. The Dragonzord lay another path of destruction. Somewhere in the city a middle aged Asian man, a teenage blonde woman, and a teenage African American man came out of a place called Tao's Dojo.

Tommy cried out "Tao? Kaitlin? JB?" Tao cried out "Oh no Tommy", JB cried out "What happened to you?". Then they looked at the bodies of the dead Rangers. Kaitlin went over to Jason's body, and cried "Jason, Jason".

Tao went over to Trini, and cried "Trini, Trini". Tao cried out "How could you?". Then the Dragonzord opened fire on them as well. Then finally there were two more people. A middle aged white man, and a Native American woman in either her late 20's early 30's.

The man held the woman, and they were both crying "We couldn't be more disappointed son". Tommy started crying "Mom, Dad I'm sorry". Quagmire explained "Rita may have steered you wrong but think of strong thoughts, you'll stay strong".

Tommy said "I gotta stay strong. Just gotta stay strong". Tommy then thought about when his friends used the Power Blaster to destroy the Sword of Darkness. "I remember now. My friends destroyed the Sword of Darkness".

Then he remembered using the Dragonzord to help his friends fight Rita's monsters. "Then I was able to help my friends fight Rita's monsters, and save the world". Tommy solidified, and shouted "Woohoo I'm back". Tommy then high fived Zack, and Zack "All right my man".

Rita was watching the Rangers, and sneered "So now Tommy got past the Island. But they still haven't found Titanus yet. Let's see what the Island has is in store for Trini". Trini once again saw the image of her uncle Tao, and started hearing him call out her name.

Trini started crying out "Uncle Tao?". Tao called out "Trini you are a dishonor to our family". Trini cried out "No that's not true". Tao called out "Yes it is. You're skills are pathetic. You know I always preferred your cousin Jacob".

Trini cried "It's true I was always a disappointment to my uncle". Kimberly cried "Oh no Trini. Trini was starting to fade. Quagmire then explained "If Rita has you feeling down. Remember when you fought a nightmare clown".

Trini then thought "Let's see. I remember now". Trini said "I remember when Pineapple the clown turned my cousin Sylvia into a cardboard cutout. Me, and Alpha returned her to normal, and I was able to help the others destroy Pineapple the clown".

Trini also thought about the time Rita brought her Mr. Ticklesneezer doll to life as a monster but Trini, and the other Rangers convinced him to be good, and he went off to another planet to live in peace. "I remember when Rita brought my Mr. Ticklesneezer doll to life. But we got him to stop being evil".

Trini finally started solidifying "I did it. I did it". Kimberly hugged Trini, and cried "I knew you could". Rita was still watching, and she was starting to get angry "So now Trini's made it through". Then she bragged "Well let's see what Billy has in store".

Billy started seeing the blonde woman with glasses from earlier again. The woman started calling out Billy's name, and Billy cried out "Mom is that you?". The Woman cried out "Billy. You think you're such a genius but you couldn't save me".

Billy started crying "No Mom it can't be". The woman started decomposing as she cried out "Why couldn't you save me Billy?". Then Billy saw the woman lying in a hospital bed as a little boy who looked like a younger version of Billy was shaking her trying to wake her up crying "Mommy, Mommy don't leave me".

Then the machines started flat lining, and Billy started fading as he started crying "It's true all my knowledge, and I still couldn't save my mother". Jason cried out "Billy fight it". Zack agreed "Jason's right you gotta fight it man".

Quagmire explained "I seem to recall, and I do not lie. That Billy fought a beast of eyes". Billy then thought about it. Billy exclaimed "That's right I remember now". Billy remembered the time Rita sent her Eye Guy monster to kidnap his friend Willy for his intelligence.

Billy exclaimed "I remember when Rita sent her Eye Guy monster to kidnap my friend Willy, and drain him of his intelligence. But me, and my friends were able to free Willy safely, and destroy Eye Guy once, and for all". Billy solidified, and Jason said "All right Billy, and high fived him.

Billy humbly said "I seem to be Molecurly intact". All the Rangers laughed. At her palace Rita was getting furious "Those troublesome Rangers almost all of them have beat the island's illusion, and recovering Titanus".

Goldar tried to assure her "Don't worry my empress. There's still their leader Jason". Goldar explained "Once he succumbs to the islands illusions the Rangers will be finished". Rita snapped "He'd better". Then she ordered "And if he doesn't I want you to personally send some Super Putties to finish them".

Jason then said "Okay guys I think that's the last of them we just have to keep searching, and we'll find Titanus, and get out of here". Then Jason started hearing his friends cry out in pain, and despair. Jason turned around, and saw that all his friends were fading again.

Jason cried out "Guys guys?". The other Rangers cried out "Jason you were supposed to be there for us", and "But you weren't", and "And now Rita's gonna destroy the world". Jason cried "It's true I let my friends down, and now Rita's gonna win".

Trini called out "What are you talking about Jason?". Zack agreed "Yeah man we're still here". Jason started fading as everyone gasped. Billy explained "Now Jason's starting to dematerialize". Jason started crying "I was supposed to be a leader but I failed my team".

Quagmire then explained "If Rita has you in a jinx remember when you faced that sphinx". Jason said "Okay I just gotta remember. Gotta remember". Jason then remembered the time King Sphinx trapped his friends, and the children of Angel Grove in trees.

Jason said "I remember when "King Sphinx trapped my friends, and all the kids in Angel Grove in trees, and I had to face him on my own." Jason continued "But then I was able to free my friends, and the kids, and my friends helped me destroy King Spinx"

Jason solidified, and said "All right I did it. It will take more than that to destroy the Power Ranagers". Zack cheered "All right we did it. All we really needed was a little self confidence". Nemo then explained "Now we can find Titanus, and rescue the Zords".

At her palace Rita was even more furious. Rita screamed "Ahh they finally beat the island. It's only a matter of time before they find that blasted Titanus, and stop my wonderful Mutitis. Or worse what if that pain in the side Millennia is still around, and they free her".

Goldar once again tried to assure her "Me, and Scorpina will personally lead an army of Super Putties to finish off those meddlesome Rangers once, and for all". Scorpina agreed "Yeah we'll pulverize them". Rita then ordered "Then do it".

Babboo then whined "Oh I hope the Rangers don't find Titanus". Squatt agreed "Yeah I remember the last time the Ultrazord destroyed one of her monsters she was so mad I actually thought she would destroy us for good". Babboo snapped "Don't jinx us you Zandozan".

Back on the island Zack once again saw the white figure in the distance. Zack exclaimed "Hey you guys I see that figure again". This time everyone else saw it. Jason said "Hey I see it too". Nemo exclaimed "could it be? Mom?".

Quagmire cried out "Millennia?". Then the white figure teleported right in front of everyone, and then a mysterious giant mountain appeared right in front of them. On top of the mountain were five statues. Each one represented one of the Rangers' respective Dinosaur.

Billy exclaimed "Prodigious". The white figure explained "Greetings Rangers I am Millennia the white sorceress". Millennia further explained "10,000,000 years ago when Zedd betrayed the Rangers, and turned to evil Zordon had me try to keep Titanus, and the Brachio Busters out of his hands".

Millennia continued "However Rita Repulsa banished me here to the Island of Illusion, and I have been trapped here along with Titanus ever since". Then a giant white robotic Brachiosaurus appeared, and started roaring.

Trini cheered "We did it". Zack agreed "We found Titanus". Titanus continued roaring, and Millennia explained "He says he's glad to see you have proven your courage, and determination this far. But now you must get to the Brachio Busters before he defeats you".

Titanus then fired some fireballs near enough to frighten the Rangers without actually harming them. Titanus once again roared, and Zack asked "Brachio Busters?" Millennia explained "Powerful weapons that can help destroy almost all of Rita's minions".

Millennia continued "You have to get to them by working as a team. Titanus says once you have the Brachio Busters he will agree to join you, and you will have both his power, and that of the Brachio Busters".

Tommy asked "What about you?" Millennia explained "Unfortunately I have been on the island of illusion for so long that the only way I can return to the outside world would be if a Power Ranger sacrifices their power coin to wish me free".

All of a sudden Goldar, Scorpina, and some Super Putties appeared. Kimberly exclaimed sarcastically "Great this is just what we need". Goldar mocked "Yes my pretty I am afraid for once the nightmare is real".

Jason called out "Okay you guys it's Morphing time". The other Rangers agreed "Right". They all called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops". "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". The Rangers then proceed to punch, and kick Goldar, Scorpina, and the Super Putties.

Then the Rangers made their weapons appear, and they all started stabbing, and slashing Goldar, Scorpina, and the Super Putties who tried slash, and stab the Rangers as well. Then Tommy picked up a log, and quipped "Have a nice trip". Then he tripped Goldar with the log, and quipped "See you next fall".

Titanus once again roard, and once again fired fireballs on not only the Rangers but now Rita's minions. Jason said "Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly. You guys get these guys back to the real world, and try to hold them off as long as you can"

Tommy agreed "Me, and Jason will try to get Titanus, and the Brachio Busters". Kimberly exclaimed "There's no way you guys can do it yourselves". Zack assured "Come on Kim they can do this we just have to hold out for a little bit".

Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly then teleported to downtown Angel Grove where they were surrounded by a swarm of Super Putties. Zack then cried out "Okay you guys we just have to hold out until Jason, and Tommy get the Brachio Busters".

At the Command Center Alpha, and Zordon were watching, and Alpha cried "Aye ye ye are you sure Jason, and Tommy can get past Titanus, and get the Brachio Busters". Zordon assured Alpha "They have already proven their confidence in themselves now they just have to prove their confidence in each other.

On the island Jason said "Okay Tommy let's get past this overgrown lizard". Tommy agreed "Right". Jason, and Tommy both tried to run as fast as they could to the Brachio Busters but Titanus fired fireballs at them,

Jason went up to Tommy, and said "Hey Tommy your better with a sword than I am. Take my power sword, and try to distract Titanus while I go get the Brachio Busters". Tommy agreed "Okay but you'll need protection".

Tommy then took Jason's hand, and put it up to his Dragon shield. The Dragon shield then teleported to Jason, and Jason exclaimed "Wow, but what about you?". Tommy assured Jason "Don't worry I just have dodge him".

Tommy then called out "Hey Lizard Lips". Titanus turned his attention to Tommy, and Tommy crossed the Dragon Dagger, and the Power Sword, and fired a laser at Titanus, Titanus then fired fireballs on Tommy.

Jason cried out "Tommy". Tommy cried out "Don't worry about me just hurry". Jason tried to run towards the Brachio Busters but Titanus turned his attention to Jason, and fired more fireballs at him. Tommy cried out "Oh no you don't", and fired more lasers at Titanus.

Titanus returned his attention to Tommy, and fired more fireballs at him. Jason ran as fast as he could, and was able to reach the chest. Jason called out "All right Tommy I got the Brachio Busters". Tommy called out "All right".

Back in Angel Grove the other Rangers tried to fight off the Super Putties. First the Rangers tried to punch, and kick them but the Super Putties punched, and kicked them back harder. Then the Rangers tried their weapons.

The Rangers tried slashing, and stabbing the Super Putties. But the Super Putties not only slashed, and stabbed them back harder but every time the Rangers broke the Super Putties the more it would just turn them into two Super Putties.

This went on, and on until Zack said "Oh man we're getting our butts whupped I hope Tommy, and Jason found those Brachio Busters". The Super Putties started swarming around the Rangers when suddenly a mysterious beam of light hit some Super Putties, and disintegrated them,

The Rangers turned around, and Zack exclaimed "All right Jason, and Tommy you got the Brachio Busters". Jason exclaimed "That's not all we brought". Just then Titanus appeared in Angel Grove.

Jason, and Tommy threw the other Rangers the rest of the Brachio Busters, and Zack exclaimed "Okay guys lock, load, fire". Then the Rangers pulled back on the Brachrio Busters, and they fired lasers that completely disintegrated all of the Super Putties.

Then rainbow colored beams shot out of Titanus. The colored beams hit the Megazord, and Dragonzord. When the beams vanished the toxic acid foam was gone, and the Megazord, and Dragonzo,rd were completely cleaned, and repaired.

Then all six Rangers teleported into the cockpit of the Megazord, and Lord Zedd cried out "No this can't be". Rita cried "Oh no they found Titanus, and the Brachio Busters". Then the Rangers called out "We need Mega Dragonzord Power"

Then the Dragonzord split itself, and then formed itself around the Megazord like armor. Jason called Okay guys let's take this guy out". The Mega Dragonzord fired lasers at Mutitis, and Mutitis fired his own lasers at the Mega Dragonzord.

Jason called out "Okay guys full power". Then the Megazord tapped on the pieces of the Dragonzord, and the Mega Dragonzord charged up an energy ball, and fired it at Mutitis completely disintegrating him.

Lord Zedd then cried out "No this is impossible". Then Jason called out "Okay guys we need Ultrazord power". The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then Titanus opened himself up, and made laser cannons appeared on him.

Then the Mega Dragonzord docked itself inside Titanus forming the Ultrazord. Jason then called out "Okay guys lock on to Lord Zedd, and fire all weapons". Then the Ultrazord started firing all of it's weapons at Lord Zedd.

Lord Zedd cried out "You haven't seen the last of me I'll be back", and teleported off. Kimberly cried out "Oh no Lord Zedd got away". Jason assured her "Don't worry we'll get him next time". Then the sky cleared, and everyone recovered from the toxic acid gas.

Rita teleported back to her palace, and screamed at her minions. "How could you. I was this close to being rid of the Rangers forever, and having Zedd back when you ruined it". Goldar tried to pass the blame.

"It was Finster's worthless Super Putties that bungled the job". Babboo then pointed to Squatt, and said "Dunderhead here was the one that jinxed us". Squatt retorted "You put the tower up wrong". Rita shouted "Quiet all of you. You're all equally worthless".

Back at Ernie's it was the day of the Team Ninja Finals. Zack assured Tommy, and Jason "Okay you guys martial arts is about self discipline, and control you can do this, and remember to work together". Jason, and Tommy nodded.

Then the announcer called out "All teams ready? The first round of the Team Ninja Finals begins now, Round One: Hand to hand". Tommy, and Jason then started punching, and kicking Bulk, and Skulls ninjas.

At first it seemed like Bulk, and Skull's ninjas had the upper hand but then Jason, and Tommy started getting a leg up, and were able to down Bulk, and Skull's ninjas. The announcer called out "Round one winners: Tommy, and Jason".

Zack cheered "Yes" while Bulk cursed "Drats". Then the announcer called out "Round Two: Senais". Then Skull threw Bulk's ninjas some Senais while Zack tossed some to Jason, and Tommy. Once again it seemed like Bulk, and Skull's ninja would win when Jason, and Tommy claimed victory at the last minute.

Then The announcer called out "Now for the final round: Bo staffs". Skull then threw some Bo staffs to Bulk's ninjas while Zack threw some to Jason, and Tommy. For the final time it looked like Bulk, and Skull's ninjas would win but Jason, and Tommy defeated them.

Then the announcer cried out "The judges are making their decision". Then after a while the announcer talked with the judges, and went back to the mike, and said "The winners of this year's Team Ninja finals are: Jason, and Tommy".

Jason, and Tommy cheered, and the other Rangers went to cheer them on as well. Bulk demanded "Skull water for our warriors". Skull said "Oh right", and grabbed some buckets but spilled them on Bulk. The Rangers then laughed.

The End.

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