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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 14

The Yolks on You part 1

Written by Justin Best

It was another day at Ernies, and Kimberly was calling out "Hey Ernie have you seen a little girl with pigtails?". Ernie replied "No I don't think so". Kimberly replied "Okay thanks Ernie". Then she asked Billy "Hey Billy have you seen Marina?". Billy replied "I don't believe I have"

Kimberly replied "Okay", and kept looking. Jason, and Zack were sparring, and afterwards Zack asked "What's wrong Kimberly?". Kimberly answered "Me, and Trini volunteered for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and we have to watch over this little girl Marina".

Zack said "Hey never fear detective Zack is here". Jason said "Yeah I mean how much trouble can one little girl get into?". Unbeknownst to them a little brunette girl was messing with the hot, and cold settings on Ernie's showers.

All of a sudden a group of young men in towels came running out, and Kimberly, and Trini called out "Marina". Marina said "Sorry guys I was just having fun". Trini explained "Marina you don't have to pull pranks to get people's attention. Marina lowered her head, and said "All right".

At her palace Rita was shouting ecstatically "Yes I found them I found them". Babbo asked "Found what my wickedness?" Rita explained "Somewhere in a cave is a chest containing the last two remaining Dinosaur eggs".

Squatt asked "Dinosaur eggs I thought we destroyed the Dinosaurs 10,000,000 years ago". Rita explained "We almost did but that fool Zordon had the people of the mystical forest keep them in a cave for safe keeping"

Squatt said "Oh boy eggs can we have boiled, fried, or scrambled?" Babboo said "Do you always have to think with your stomach?" Rita yelled "Quite you nincompoops, and find me those eggs I hate Dinosaurs just as much as I hate children".

Finster started stroking his beard, and asked "You know in all the 10,000,000 years I have served you I never wondered until now why do you hate children, and Dinosaurs so much. Did one of them do something bad to you a long time ago".

Rita protested "No I just hate them because I'm evil. You don't really believe I have some sad story do you?". Finster changed the subject "No I suppose not". Rita then ordered "Squatt, Babboo, Goldar I want you to come down with me, and get the Dinosaur eggs".

Rita, and her minions went to a cave where inside was a chest surrounded by five crystals. Squatt said "Oh boy Dinosaur eggs they make the best omelets" Rita yelled "Just get them will you". Squatt said "Right away your horribleness".

Squatt tried to pick up the chest but was thrown back by various colored lights. Rita cried out "Oh how can I forget only a child can get through the barrier, and get me the Dinosaur eggs". Rita went back to her palace, and ordered "Finster make me a monster".

Finster asked "What kind do you want?" Rita answered "Something mean, and creepy that can capture a brat I need to help me get the Dinosaur eggs. How about a Chunky Chicken?". Finster agreed "A Chunky Chicked excellent choice"

Finster made a sculpture of a chicken holding some scissors, and placed it in the Monster Matic. Finster said "Just a few seconds in the Monster Matic, and". Then the Monster Matic roared to life, and from it exploded a giant chicken creature carrying scissors.

Rita cried out "He's hideous. He's revolting. He's perfect". Finster said "Thank you my queen". Rita then said "Now we just have to find a brat to get through the barrier". Goldar suggested "Why don't we capture that pipsqueak Nemo?" Rita cried out That's perfect".

Rita then ordered "Let's go down, and get that little runt right now". In the magical forest Quagmire, and Nemo were getting thing ready. Nemo said "Oh boy father I can't believe were going fishing today". Quagmire replied "Aye son I can't think of a better dish than a nice fresh fish".

Just then Goldar started stomping through the magical forest as a giant, and was shooting lasers out of his eyes. Everyone in the village was fleeing for their lives while in their hut Nemo cried out "What's wrong father?"

Quagmire said "I may sound like a loon but I think we're being attacked by Rita's goons". Quagmire, and Nemo tried to run as fast as they could, and found Rita, and her minions waiting outside. "Ahh Quagmire" Rita cried out.

Rita continued "Why don't you hand over your little brat Nemo, and I'll have Goldar stop destroying your village". Quagmire cried out "The universe will be done before I give you my son". Rita cried out "I thought you would say that". Then she ordered "Squatt, Babboo get them".

Babboo cried out "Right away oh horrible one". Then Squatt, and Babboo chased after Quagmire, and Nemo as Quagmire cried out "Come my son I do believe we have to run". Nemo agreed "Right away father", and the two of them kept running before teleporting away. Rita cried out "Get them".

Meanwhile at Angel Grove park Kimberly, and Trini were sitting with Marina when Kimberly asked "So Marina who's the hottest boy in your class?" Marina replied "None of them they're all dorks". Kimberly laughed, and said "Someday she'll learn". Trini replied "Yeah".

All of a sudden Quagmire, and Nemo teleported in, and we're being chased by a swarm of Super Putties. Kimberly cried out "What are they doing here?". Trini replied "I don't know but it can't be good". Then Kimberly, and Trini surrounded Marina while they punched, and kicked the Super Putties.

Marina saw Quagmire, and Nemo, and cried out "Hey who are those guys?", and ran off after them. Kimberly cried out "Stop Marina wait". But Marina was already chasing after them. Meanwhile Squatt, and Babboo grabbed Nemo, and said "Okay brat you're coming with us".

But Nemo stomped on Squatt's foot, and punched Babboo with his elbow, and got away. Squatt cried out "Quick he's getting away". Marina chased after Nemo crying "Wait stop who are you?", and grabbed his hand.

Nemo teleported away with Marina. Meanwhile Kimberly, and Trini were still punching, and kicking Super Putties until the Super Putties retreated. Kimberly called out "Marina", and Trini called out "Marina where are you?"

Kimberly cried out "Do you think the Super Putties got her?" Trini replied "I don't know". Then they saw Quagmire calling out "Nemo, Nemo". Trini called out "Is that Quagmire?". Kimberly asked "What's wrong Quagmire?".

Quagmire explained "Rita tried to take my son, and now I think that he's gone". Trini cried out "You don't think she took Marina too?" Kimberly replied "I don't know but we need the guys' help", and Kimberly, and Trini ran off.

At Ernie's Ernie himself was getting Zack a huge tray of ice cream, and said "Okay Zack here's one of Ernie's specials". Then he turned to Jason, Tommy, and Billy, and said "Yours are coming up". Jason said "There is no way that you can eat that by yourself".

Zack was eating his ice cream when Kimberly, and Trini appeared. Tommy asked "What's wrong?" Kimberly explained "Rita tried to kidnap Nemo so he, and Quagmire tried to escape to here but we think Rita took him, and she might have also taken Marina".

The Rangers then went to where they were sure no one was looking, and Jason went to his communicator, and said "Alpha, Zordon. No response". Then the Rangers pushed the teleportation buttons on their communicators, and Billy cried out "Teleportation is down too".

Then the Rangers all ran to Billy's garage where they got in the RADBUG, and flew to the Command Center. When they got there Quagmire was already there but Zordon's pillar was blank, and Alpha was deactivated.

Tommy cried out "Oh no is something wrong?". But Quagmire explained "Aye tis not a problem large Zordon just gave the Morphin Grid a recharge". Then everything in the Command Center came back online.

Alpha reactivated, and gave out a yawn, and said "Oh sorry for the confusion Rangers. Me, and Zordon just had to deionize for a bit". Then Zordon's pillar came on, and he called out "I see you were worried Rangers but now that the Morphin Grid is recharged things should be operational".

Kimberly cried out "Zordon we think a little girl me, and Trini were watching, and Nemo may have been kidnapped by Rita". Zordon explained "If what I think is happening then we must rescue them at the utmost importance. Behold the Viewing Globe".

Zordon showed them images of him holding a chest, and he explained "10,000,000 years ago when Rita destroyed the Dinosaurs I was able to find the last two remaining Dinosaur eggs, and placed them in a chest for safe keeping".

Zordon showed images of five elderly men in togas with the chest, and continued "But I knew Rita would stop at nothing to finish what she started so I sought out the five wisest sages from the tribes of Atlantis, and they agreed to send the chest out into the ocean where Rita, and her minions couldn't harm them".

Then Zordon showed the chest washing up on a beach, and explained "Eventually the chest floated through what you humans call the Bermuda Triangle, and were warped to the magical forest where Quagmire, and his people agreed to watch over the eggs in a special barrier that could only be opened by children".

Zack called out "So that's why Rita wanted Marina, and Quagmire". Zordon agreed "Yes however" then he showed images of Nemo, and Marina wandering around the magical forest. Zordon explained "Right now Marina, and Nemo are safe in the magical forest but it's only a matter of time before Rita finds them, and forces them to get the Dinosaur eggs for her".

Jason called out "Okay guys let's do this. It's Morphin Time". Then the Rangers all called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", Tyrannosaurus". Then the six Rangers teleported off.

Meanwhile in the magical forest Marina was calling out "That can't be true Dinosaurs have been extinct for over 10,000,000 years". Nemo tried to explain "That's what everyone else thought but Zordon was able to get the eggs to here, and me, and my people were able to guard them ever since".

Marina asked "Why can't you just give Rita the eggs so we can go home?" Nemo explained "Would you like it if you were the last person of Earth, and all your friends, and family were gone, and whatever came around after people said 'Why not just give Rita the last human girl?'".

Nemo continued "Rita hates all life especially children. She also tried to destroy humanity what do you think happened to Atlantis?". Marina lowered her head, and said "Sorry I guess I never thought of it like that". Nemo said "Come on I'll take you back to the human world".

But just then Squatt, Babbo, and Goldar showed up, and grabbed Nemo, and Marina. Marina called out "Hey you big bullies let us go". Goldar bragged "I don't think so. What can you do to stop us?" Then Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were hit by laser.

Tommy then called out "You heard the little girl". Kimberly agreed "Yeah let them go you creeps". Goldar called out "Super Putties get them". A swarm a Super Putties appeared, and the Rangers, and the Super Putties started punching, and kicking each other.

While this was going on Squatt, and Babboo took Marina, and teleported off. Nemo cried out "Marina". Kimberly cried out "On no they got Marina". Jason called out "Come on you guys let's go after them". The other Rangers agreed "Right", and they all teleported off.

The Rangers teleported to an abandoned building just outside of Angel Grove where Marina was hanging by a thread while Chunky Chicken was holding his scissors next to the rope. Kimberly cried out "Let her go Rita".

Rita replied I don't think it will be that easy Rangers the way I see it you have two choices give me Nemo, or let your little friend splat. What will it be Rangers". Nemo called out "Let her go Rita this is between you, and me".

The Rangers brought out their weapons, and Jason said "Don't worry Nemo we'll save her". The Rangers, Goldar, and Chunky Chicken then started slashing, and stabbing each other. But then Chunky Chicken said "That's enough I'm cutting straight to the point" and cut the thread holding Marina.

Nemo cried out "Okay Rita I'll help you open the barrier, and get the eggs but don't hurt Marina". Marina cried out "But Nemo remember what you said about the eggs". Nemo replied "I know but I don't want you to get hurt".

Rita bragged "I knew you would see it my way". Then she called out "Squatt, Babbo, Goldar take this little brat to get me the eggs. Goldar complied "We'll have the eggs before you know it my mistress". Babboo called out "Okay you little twerp you're coming with us", and they teleported off with Nemo.

Jason said "Green Ranger you go after them we'll stay, and help Marina". Tommy agreed "Right", and teleported off. Then Rita said "Chunky Chicken let the girl go", and Chunky Chicken completely cut the thread, and let Marina fall.

Jason said "Oh no Marina. We need Dinozord power now". All the Dinozord's except Dragonzord appeared, and they quickly combined into the Megazord. Marina started falling but the Megazord came, and grabbed Marina.

Jason asked "Are you okay Marina?". Marina said "I am now but what about Nemo?" Meanwhile in the cave in the magical forest Squatt said "Okay now get us the Dinosaur eggs before Rita gives you a crack". Nemo then went through the barrier, and grabbed the chest, and gave it to Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar.

Rita cried out "Enough magic wand make my monster grow", and threw her scepter, and made Chunky Chicken giant. The Megazord then tried to punch Chunky Chicken but he used his scissors to cut open holes in space.

Meanwhile Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar came back with the eggs, and said "All right your wickedness we finally got the eggs". Rita bragged "Perfect now I can finish what I started 10,000,000 years ago". But then out of nowhere the RADBUG appeared.

Goldar lost the eggs, and they fell off a cliff into the ocean. Rita cried out "Oh no the eggs". Alpha got out of the RADBUG, and said "The Green Ranger, and Nemo told us what happened so me, and Quagmire thought we could offer an assist". Jason replied "All right Alpha".

Tommy teleported in, and he, and Goldar started slashing, and stabbing each other while Tommy called out "Marina get into the RADBUG with the others". Marina said "You don't have to tell me twice", and got in.

The Megazord summoned the Power Sword, and clashed weapons with Chunky Chicken. But Chunky Chicken slashing, and stabbing the Megazord with his scissors, used them to fire crecent energy beams, and jump kicked the Megazord.

Meanwhile Rita was on her tricycle ranting "Those troublesome Rangers have only delayed the inevitable. I'll get those Dinosaur eggs, and they'll see I'll win in the end just like I should". Then she called out "Squatt, Babboo, Goldar you help too".

Goldar stopped fighting Tommy, and complied "Yes oh heinous one", and teleported off. While in the Megazord Jason called out "Okay you guys let's roast this bird". Then the Megazord charged the Power Sword, and slashed Chunky Chicken making him explode.

Later at Ernie's the Rangers were watching a news report. The Reporter said "And in other news once again the heroic Power Rangers have not only saved our fair city, and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters".

The Reporter continued "But they also saved a local girl Marina Prescott. We now go live to Angel Grove elementary where Marina herself has more to say". Then it cut to Marina saying "I'm now the most popular kid at my school because I met the Power Rangers".

Marna continued "I also met this nice elf boy who was their friend but he said that he couldn't tell me who they were because it was a big secret, and Rita tried to get him to give her some Dinosaur eggs but the Rangers got them away".

Zack said "Wow it looks like things are doing okay for Marina after all". Tommy agreed "And last time I checked Alpha said Quagmire, and Nemo are okay". Billy said "It's a shame we throw the Dinosaur eggs into the ocean". Jason assured him "Hey Rita didn't get them either, and that's all that matters".

Meanwhile in another cave outside of Angel Grove noises were being made. A voice was calling out "Hello Hello anybody. Is there anybody in here. Help". Then all of a sudden a strange reptilian creature came out of the cave.

The Creature's eyes adjusted to the light after 10,000,000 years underground, and then the creature said "Hello anyone. Are there any other imps? Hello". The Creature then cried out "I hope Rita hasn't destroyed them all". Then the creatures stomach growled, and the creature said "I'm hungry I hope there's some Dinosaur eggs around".

To be concluded

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