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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 16

Dark Warrior

Written by Justin Best

It was another day in Angel Grove, and somewhere in a laboratory Trini's uncle Tao was experimenting with chemicals. Tao said "Now maybe if I had two drops of this, three drops of that, and". Tao then extracted a small amount of the mixture, and dropped some on an old withered plant.

At first the plant didn't do anything, and Tao was disappointed. He said "Darn it another failed experiment. Maybe I'll get my invincibility potion right next time". Tao was about to get back to work when suddenly the withered plant slowly but surely showed signs of regenerating.

Tao exclaimed "Eureka it worked after all wait till Trini, Tommy, and all their friends see this". Tao then took the notes containing the mixture he used was well as the container of the mixture, and went to hide them.

At her palace Rita was watching this, and said "No this can't be. An invincibility potion how am I gonna destroy the Earth now? Humans live long enough as it is. Why the only one who should be immortal is me".

Goldar assured her "Don't worry my wickedness me, Squatt, and Babboo will go down to Earth, and kidnap this Tao, and force him to give us the potion". Rita was pleased "Then me, and all my monsters will be indestructible, and we can finally destroy the Power Rangers".

Rita continued "But just to make sure it works I'll have Finster make a monster". Rita went to Finster's work station, and demanded "Finster make me a monster one as intelligent as he is stong, and can steal that Tao's invincibility potion right out from under his nose".

Finster stroke his beard, and said "You know I think I have just the monster. He'll have the speed of a panther, the wisdom of the ages, and the strength of a thousand of the most fierce, and angry Zandozans in all of planet ZX12-1000".

Rita was impatient "Yes yes what is he?". Finster made a mold of a ninja, and put it in the Monster Matic as he explained "I think I shall call him Dark Warrior". Then the Monster Matic exploded, and out popped a green humanoid ninja like monster.

Dark Warrior then said "I am Dark Warrior the most powerful, and swift, and cunning ninja in the universe how may I serve you?" Rita said "You can start by stealing that fool Tao's invincibility potion". Dark Warrior said "It shall be done oh evil one".

At Ernie's Jason, and Tommy were teaching a Karate class while Trini was following along. Meanwhile in the juice bar Billy was watching the class while elsewhere Bulk, and Skull were playing video games in the arcade.

Bulk was yelling ecstatically "Oh man oh man I'm gonna finally beat level four of this game". Then Bulk's character died, and he got a game over. Bulk turned to Skull, and demanded "Hey dweebazoid get me another quarter now".

Skull said "Oh yeah", and searched the cabinet, and his pants. Skull said "Sorry Bulk I'm all out". Then they saw Billy, and Bulk said "Hey dweebazoid give us a quarter". Skull parroted "Yeah a quarter". Billy said "Sorry gentlemen but I'm afraid I don't have any to spare".

Bulk said "Wrong answer geek face", and the two of them grabbed Billy by his pants, and dumped him in the dumpster while all the change in his pocket came out. Bulk said "All right now I can beat level four". Trini, and Tommy went up to them, and Tommy said "That's what you think".

Trini said "Yeah it's not nice to take other people's money like that". Bulk said "Why what are you two gonna do about it?" Then Tommy, and Trini both grabbed Bulk, and Skull by their legs, and threw them into the garbage can before they knew it.

Trini asked "Are you okay Billy?". Billy answered "I am now". Billy then said "But this whole experience has taught me that maybe I should fight my own battles". Then Billy saw Jason still teaching the karate class. Billy said "I've got it I'll re enroll in Jason's karate class.

Meanwhile Tao was working on another vial of his potion while seemingly unbeknownst to him Dark Warrior was watching from on top the ceiling. Tao start feeling watched, then he reached into his shirt pulled out a shuriken, and threw hit into the hole in the ceiling.

Tao called out "Who are you? What are you? Are you one of those monsters I see on the news? If so you're not getting my invincibility potion. There's no way I'm letting evil creatures get their hands on it". Dark Warrior muttered "That's what you think" as Tao got the vial, and left.

At her palace Goldar bragged "While Tao is out me, Squatt, and Babboo will sneak in, and steal the potion." Goldar, Squatt, and Babbo then went to Tao's house, and opened the door but spears flew at them.

Goldar blocked the spears with his sword, and said "If he thinks some puny spears are gonna deter us he's got another thing coming". Then they opened the door, and went into what they thought was Tao's lab.

Squatt said "Oh boy do you think this is it?" as he got a container of the shelf. Babboo, and Goldar got some containers off as well, and they all started drinking from them. Then they all started belching, and hiccupping.

Babboo said slightly incoherently "Do youse think we is not mortal yet?" Goldar clutched his forehead, and whined "Man I don't know man you're harshing my cosmic energy field man". Squatt said "Err I don't think we got the right stuff".

Meanwhile at Jason, and Tommy's karate class Jason was asking "Okay before we begin what are the six main principles of martial arts?". Billy raised hand, and Jason said "Yes Billy". Billy answered "Courage, Integrity, Self Defense, Physical Fitness, Self Discipline, and Loyalty".

Jason answered "Good now today we are going to be practicing". Then Jason was interrupted by Bulk, and Skull showing up in karate gis, and Bulk saying "Yeah come, and get to the part where you teach us how to beat people up".

Jason said "Sorry Bulk but martial arts is about getting into fights it's about protecting yourself". Bulk replied "No you don't understand me, and Skull just want to know how to beat people up". Jason than said "Well first we're gonna start with a roundhouse kick". Then Jason did a series of roundhouse kicks.

Bulk then bragged "Nothing to it". Then he tried doing roundhouse kicks but it didn't work. Then Jason said "Now for punches" then Jason did a series of punches. Bulk then bragged "Eh that can't be hard", and tried to punch but it didn't work.

Finally Jason said "And finally karate chops". Jason then did a series of karate chops, and Bulk bragged "You're kidding right?" Then he tried to do karate chops but he didn't get them right either, and he, and Skull tired themselves out.

Then Jason said "Class dismissed". Then everyone except Jason, Tommy, Trini, and Billy left, and Tao showed up, and said "Oh Trini, Tommy I've got a special surprise for you. You know that invincibility potion I've been working on. I think I've got it to work".

Billy was impressed "An invincibility potion? Prodigious can I see?". Tao then turned to Billy, and said Oh Billy I never knew you were interested in Martial Arts". Billy said "Well not until recently". Now Tao was impressed.

Tao said "Come Billy let's go to my lab. Not only will I show you my formula, but I'll personally tutor you in martial arts, and help you sharpen your body, and your mind". Billy was even more impressed, and said "Prodigious".

Trini said "But Uncle Tao I thought we had a session later". Tao said "Oh don't worry will get around to it. I just want to show your friend Billy my formula, and help him first". Then Billy, and Tao walked off, and Kimberly asked "Trini is something wrong". Trini said "Oh it's nothing", and lowered her head.

Tao, and Billy were walking towards his lab as Tao was saying "Oh boy Billy you are in for quite the surprise. If my invincibly potion works the way I want it to the possibilities could be endless". Then they saw Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar.

Billy said "Oh no it's Rita's minions". Tao said "Don't worry Billy I've got this. Hey monsters try this on for size". Then Tao threw a bomb, and it exploded into webbing, and got all over Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar.

Squatt slurred "Let's get outta here", and the three monsters drunkenly ran away. T said "Oh no do you think they were after the potion?" Tao answered "I'm certain of it". Then he picked up the containers, and said "Luckily they didn't get it but they did deplete my entire supply of Sulfuric acid.

At her palace Rita was hitting Squatt, Babbo, and Goldar's heads with her scepter yelling "You incompetent pee brained morons. What do you think you're doing drinking on the job?". Goldar replied "My queen we thought it was the invincibility formula".

Rita yelled "Well it wasn't now that miserable old scientist still has the formula, and you three can't even speak in complete sentences". Dark Warrior then bragged "Did you fools really think he would just leave it out in the open like that?".

Dark Warrior then said "My empress let me kidnap Tao, and I'll force him to give me the potion or at least it's formula. Not only that but I'll place him in a trap that when the Rangers try to rescue him then they, and Tao will be wiped off the face of the Earth". Rita said "Then get to it".

Just outside Tao's place Tao was teaching Billy karate. Tao then did some moves, and Billy followed him. Tao then said "Excellent Billy you are learning well. At this rate by this time tomorrow you'll make yellow belt for sure".

Billy said "Do you really think so?". Tao assured him "Billy from one genius to another you know that's true". Billy said "Thanks Tao". Then Tao, and Billy kept training. Then Trini came over, and Trini said "Oh hey Uncle Tao".

Tao answered "Hey Trini". Trini asked "Are you, and Billy done training yet". Tao answered "Not yet at first I thought I would just be teaching the basics but your friend Billy here is demonstrating remarkable potential".

Tao continued "Maybe well train together tomorrow". Trini said "But that's what you said when you were training Tommy when I was a kid, and the time before that with Jacob". Tao answered "Trini I know what happened but I don't want you think that I'm not going to train with you anymore".

Trini rebutted "But it seems like you train with me less, and less, and you're busy with Jacob as it is. Do you like Billy, Tommy, and Jacob more than me Uncle Tao". Tao rebutted "Now Trini you know that isn't true". Trini rebutted "I'm not sure if that's true, and walked off".

Billy asked "What's wrong?". Tao answered "Aye long ago when Trini was a little girl, and she first started training with me we would train everyday, somedays twice. But then her cousin Jacob got into martial arts so I trained him as well".

Tao continued "However after a while I started training so much with Jacob that I stopped training with her". Billy said "Oh no". Tao said "I guess in many ways Trini is afraid that I don't like her as an apprentice or a niece".

Billy assured Tao "Maybe we can talk it out with her later, maybe have a group training session some other time". Tao was happier "You know Billy that sounds like a good idea we should ask her about that".

Then they started walking to where Trini was going, and Tao called "Trini wait Trini". Then all of a sudden as swarm of Super Putties appeared. Billy cried out "Oh no Super Putties". Then Tao, and Billy tried to fight off the Super Putties.

Eventually however a pair of Super Putties where able to pick up Tao, and dragged him off. Tao cried out "Billy they're after the formula get Trini, Tommy, and the others". Then the Super Putties, and Tao teleported off.

Billy went to his communicator, and said "Alpha, Zordon, Super Putties have just kidnapped Trini's uncle Tao". Zordon replied "This is serious teleport to the Command Center at once, and I will summon the other Rangers".

Billy replied "Affirmative Zordon", and teleported off. Billy appeared in the Command Center, and later the other six Rangers teleported in as well. Trini asked "What's wrong Zordon?". Zordon explained "Behold the Viewing Globe".

The Rangers turned around, and the Viewing Globe showed images of Tao being held hostage by Dark Warrior, and some Super Putties who were tying him to a bomb. Zordon explained "This is worse than I thought".

Zordon continued "Rita's newest monster Dark Warrior has kidnapped Trini's uncle Tao in order to get her hands on his invincibility potion. If she succeeds not even the Ultrazord may be able to destroy her monsters".

Trini lowered her head, and said "This is all my fault if I didn't let uncle Tao training Billy get to me I could have helped fight them off, and he would be safe". Billy disagreed "Negative Trini if I had trained more beforehand I would have been able to save him".

Tommy said "Hey it's nobody's fault". Kimberly agreed "Yeah we've dealt with Rita's bogus monsters before. Zordon agreed "That is correct what is important is that we rescue him while we still can. Which is why for this mission only I am giving one of you the quantum accelerator".

Zordon continued "It is a special device that when planted in your suit will allow you to appear as though they are five of you". Trini said "then I'll volunteer Zordon". Zordon said "I expected nothing less of you".

Zordon continued "Now go, and may the Power protect you". Then the Rangers teleported off, and landed just outside Dark Warrior's cave. Zack said "Okay guys let's do this". Then all of a sudden another swarm of Super Putties appeared.

The Rangers then proceeded to punch, and kick the Super Putties who punched, and kicked back. Eventually however the Super Putties retreated. Jason said "All right that took care of them now to rescue Tao".

The Rangers went into the cave, and freed Tao. Tao said "Trini, Billy, Tommy I'm so glad to see you". Trini said "I'm sorry uncle Tao I should have stayed with you". Tao said "Don't worry Trini right now we just have to take care of the bomb".

Tao pointed to some wires on the timer, and said "Okay Billy, Tommy, Trini you, and me will each grab a wire, and we'll all grab them at the same time that should deactivate the bomb without it exploding". The four of them each grabbed a wire.

Tao then said "Okay one, two, three". The four of them pulled the wires, and the timer stopped. Trini yelled "We did it". Tao looked at Trini, Tommy, and Billy, and said "If only your cousin Jacob, and Tommy's friends JB, and Kaitlin where here".

Tommy said "Well we'll tell them just as soon as we get back to your place". Then the Rangers, and Tao left the cave however just as they left Dark Warrior appeared, and said "Don't think it will be that easy old man".

Trini said "Uncle Tao get away as fast as you can". Tao replied "But what about you kids?" Tommy answered "Hey there's only one of him, and six of us master Tao". Tao agreed, and said "Okay but be careful", and ran away.

Then the Rangers called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", and "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers got out their Blade Blasters, and they all tried to slash, and stab Dark Warrior but he just slashed, and stabbed them with his sword.

Then Trini got a message from Zordon saying "Trini use the quantum accelerator only then can you match his speed, and power". Trini agreed "You got it Zordon. Quantum accelerator now". Then Trini turned into five versions of herself.

Dark Warrior cried out "This can't be". Trini said "Okay guys let's team up, and give it to Dark Warrior". The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then Trini, her clones, and the other Rangers all started slashing, and stabbing Dark Warrior.

At her palace Rita was angry she said "Those Rangers haven't won yet". Then she threw her scepter, and called out "Magic Wand make my monster grow". Then Dark Warrior grew into a giant, and the Rangers called out "We need Dinozord power now".

Then Tommy summoned the Dragonzord with the Dragon Dagger, and all six Rangers jumped into their zords. Dark Warrior then made cannons appear from under his arms, and he fired them at the Zords. Jason called out "Return fire", and the Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger fired lasers while Dragonzord fired missles.

Then Titanus appeared, and Jason said "All right it's Titanus". Then Titanus spit fireballs at Dark Warrior as well but he kept firing on them. Jason called out "Form the Dinosaur Tank". Then all the Zords except Dragonzord, and Titanus combined to became the Dinosaur Tank. Then the Zords kept firing.

But Dark Warrior kept firing, and Jason called out "Switching to Megazord Mode". Then the Dinosaur Tank transformed into the Megazord, and the Megazord, and Dark Warrior started punching each other. Then Dark Warrior got his scythe, and wrapped it around the Megazord.

Jason called out "We need the Power Sword". Then the Power Sword fell down, and the Megazord picked it up, and slashed itself free from Dark Warrior's chain. Dark Warrior cried out "What this can't be".

Then the Megazord charged the Power Sword, and slashed Dark Warrior. Dark Warrior then fell to the ground, and exploded. At her palace Rita was once again hitting Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar on the head with her scepter.

Rita was yelling "Lame brains, Idiots, Morons. I give you one job, and you screw it all up by drinking on the job". Goldar cried out "It won't happen again your evilness". Rita then said "You're right it won't happen because I won't let it".

Back at Ernie's Jason, and Tommy's karate class was over, and Jason, and Tommy were handing out belts. Jason said "Now Billy". Billy went over to Jason who said "To honor your dedication to the art I am proud to promote you to yellow belt".

Billy took the yellow belt, and said "Thanks Jason". Jason said "You earned it". Then Tao appeared, and said "I am proud of you Billy I knew you could do it". Billy said "Thanks Tao". Tao then said "No thank you Billy".

Tao continued "I've always prided myself in maintaining balance between the body, and the mind but this experience taught me that there is a third, and more important aspect: the heart, and I have you, and Trini to thank for that".

Then Ernie saw the container with Tao's potion, and called out "Hey Trini your uncle left his juice jar here". Tao went up to Ernie, and said "Oh Ernie my boy I was just about to talk you about that it's my new Invincibility Potion energy drink I'm working on".

The Rangers said "Energy Drink?". Tao answered "Yes it's all natural made from fruits, vegetables, and herbs from Asia, Africa, and the Middle east. I still need to get it tested for sure but if it works I can sell this at not just my Dojo but here, and in gyms, and juice bars all over the world".

Then Bulk, and Skull went up to Billy, and said "Hey geek face fancy belt mind if I take it?". Tao said "I'm afraid that has to be earned young man". Bulk turned to Tao, and said "Hey old man this is between me, and him.

Then Tao grabbed Bulk, and Skull, and threw them onto the karate mat, and said "Just be glad you didn't try that twenty years earlier than you'd really be sorry". Zack said "Man Trini remind me never to get on your uncle's bad side". The Rangers, and Tao laughed.

The End.

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