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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 20 (Final Episode)

Doomsday Part 2

Written by Justin Best

At the Command Center Kimberly said "But Zordon I thought Tommy lost his powers". Zordon explained "He did but it is possible that if I infuse enough of my own energy into the coin it could recharge the green Power Coin enough to allow Tommy to rescue the other Power Coins".

Meanwhile Tommy was still wandering the vacant park calling out for anyone when he was randomly teleported to the Command Center. Tommy cried out "Woah what's going on?". The Rangers explained everything, and Tommy said "Woah all right but what can I do?".

Zordon explained "I can give you a temporary boost of my own powers in order to recharge the green Power Coin. That should hopefully give you at least of few minutes of power needed to break into Rita's fortress, and steal back the Power Coins". Billy asked "But is it safe?". Jason agreed "Yeah that could be dangerous for both you, and Tommy". Zordon said "I know but it's our only chance".

At her palace Rita, and her minions were having drinks, and celebrating their apparent conquest of Angel Grove, and Earth. Rita was looking out her telescope, and said "So Zordon's really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now if he thinks Tommy can help".

Goldar agreed "Yes my wickedness you forced him to sacrifice all of his powers. There's no way he can get back the Power Coins". Rita then ordered "Good but just in case I want you, and Scropina to stay in Angel Grove park, and guard the Power Coins".

Goldar complied "It shall be done oh awful one". Rita then turned to Finster, and ordered "And as for you Finster just in case the Rangers do get their coins, and start getting funny ideas about breaking into the Dark Dimension I want you recreate every single monster you have ever made in order to prevent them".

Finster stroke his beard, and asked "All of them?". Rita yelled "Yes now". Finster said "Well all right then". He got every book off his bookshelf then opened them, and made every monster on every page. Then he loaded each of the molds onto the conveyor belt of the Monster Matic. Finster then said "Monster Matic at max capacity, and full power".

Then the Monster Matic exploded as one by one all of Rita's monsters came forth from it. Gnarly Gnome, Pudgy Pig, Polluticorn, all of Rita's creatures had been recreated, and teleported to the Dark Dimension.

Then Rita tried to hug Thrax but he jumped away as soon as she touched him. Rita asked "What's wrong Thrax why don't you want to hug you mom". Thrax explained "Sorry mom it's just I've been in the land of the dead for 10,000,000 years. When you've been dead that long, and then brought back to life even the smallest bit of warmth can feel like the core of a super massive super nova". Rita just frowned.

At the Command Center Zordon was firing electricity into Tommy's Power Coin while he held it. Alpha was worried "Zordon if you use too much energy you could cease to exist". Zordon explained "I know but it is our only hope".

Tommy started flickering as the Green Ranger suit formed onto him. Tommy cheered "All right I'm back". Then the alarms flashed, and Zordon was slowly flickering as he said "Rangers observe the Viewing Globe".

The Rangers looked, and Zordon was faintly saying "Goldar, and Scorpina are still in Angel Grove Park guarding the Power Coins. This may be our only chance left to defeat Rita". Tommy said "Don't worry I'll get those coins back". Zordon agreed "I know now go, and may the Power protect you".

Tommy then teleported to Angel Grove park, and demanded "All right Goldar give me those Power Coins or I'm gonna make you pay". Goldar mocked "Empty threats coming from a powerless Ranger". Goldar then summoned some Super Putties, and said "Super Putties why don't we welcome back our old friend".

Tommy, and the Super Putties started slashing, and stabbing each other. Then Tommy pulled out his Brachio Buster, and his Blade Blaster, and put them together as he cried "Brachio Buster", and fired a volley of lasers at the Super Putties. But then Tommy grabbed his chest and said "Oh no my powers better hurry".

Then Goldar, and Scorpina started clashing weapons with Tommy. Goldar mocked "Give up Green Ranger". Scorpina agreed "You'll never get the Power Coins". Tommy retorted "Wanna bet", and kept fighting.

Tommy started clutching his chest again. At the Command Center Kimberly cried "Oh no Tommy". Jason said "Alpha turn up the power". Alpha moved a dial, and Tommy's Dragon Shield glowed. Tommy yelled "Wohoo yeah", and was able to briefly defeat Goldar, and Scorpina.

Tommy then said "All right just a few seconds more, and I'll get the Power Coins". Tommy ran to the chest, and grabbed it. But the chest started electrocuting Tommy. Tommy started screaming in pain as Goldar, and Scorpina laughed mockingly.

The Rangers, and the others gasped as Zordon said "Alpha bring Tommy back quickly". Alpha complied "Right away", and Tommy teleported back to the Command Center. Tommy fell down, and his shield started flickering as he demorphed.

Kimberly cried "Tommy is he okay?". Alpha said "He took a full dose of the charge from Rita's chest. If he rests now he can recover but for now his vitals are low". Then the medical bed appeared, and everyone laid Tommy on it.

Zordon started flickering more, and more and then disappeared but not before saying "Rangers I'm sorry I can't be of any more help", and disappeared. Trini cried out "Zordon". Zack said "Man first we lost everyone in Angel Grove, Then the Zords, and the Dinosaur eggs, and now Tommy, and Zordon.

Billy assured him "Actually not yet perhaps we can use a bit of our energy to restore Zordon the way Zordon used his energy to restore Tommy's powers". Jason agreed "Let's do it". Jason called out "We call upon the sacred Dinosaurs worshipped by our ancestors".

The Rangers put their coins together, and they all called out "Triceratops", "Mastodon", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Pterodactyl", "Tyrannosaurus". The Power Coins shot electricity into Zordon's pillar, and slowly but surely Zordon's image returned.

Zordon said "Rangers thank you for bringing me back". Zack said "Well it was the least we could do". Then Quagmire, Millennia, and Nemo put their hands out, and shot beams of energy out. The beams crossed, and created a portal.

Millennia explained "Rangers you must hurry. The Portal requires almost all of our magic to work. You only have a few minutes to get back". The Rangers nodded, and Jason called out "It's Morphin time". The Rangers called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers jumped into the portal, and teleported to the depths of Rita's dimensional prison.

The Rangers looked around, and eventually way off in the distance they saw an altar covered in bubbles. There were three bubbles in particular that each contained the Megazord, Dragonzord, and Titanus each of which was roaring for help.

Billy cried out "Look it's the Zords". Zack cried "All right this will be easy bo breezy". Just then all of Rita's monsters teleported into the Dark Dimension, and Jason cried out "Or maybe not". Then the Rangers summoned their weapons, and tried to slash, and stab the monsters.

Jason fought King Sphinx, Octoplant, and Hatchasaurus with his sword. Zack fought Knasty Knight, Spidertron, and Goatan with his axe. Billy fought Eye Guy, Madam Woe, and Goo Fish with his lance, Trini fought off the Minotaur, Pineoctopus, and Dark Warrior with her daggers, and Kimberly fought Snizzard, Terror Toad, and the Spitflower with her bow.

At her palace Rita was ordering "Hurry faster faster more more". FInster was busy making endless supplies of monsters, and Super Putties when all of a sudden the Monster Matic exploded from being overworked.

Finster was crying "No no Oh no". Rita cried "Finster fix that machine, and get me some more Putties". FInster cried "Your awfulness the Monster Matic has been overworked, and I seem to be out of Super Putty".

Rita demanded "Well get some more". Finster ran to the supply cabinet, and started crying even more. Finster said "My queen I don't know how to explain it but we're completely out of Super Putty ". Rita cried "Well just get some more". Finster explained "I'm afraid it's not that simple".

Finster continued "You see of horrible one it takes regular putty 10,000,000 years to absorb the negative energy necessary to become Super Putty. It's just like how coal absorbs pressure to become diamonds". Rita cried "What?". Goldar assured her "My queen we already have every monster, and over hundreds of Super Putties at the Rangers as is there's no way they can win".

At the Command Center Quagmire, Millennia, and Nemo were still trying to keep the portal open but they were getting tired. Zordon cried out "Alpha status report". Alpha explained "Zordon according to our computers because Rita's palace is on Earth we can finally access her database".

Zordon said "Excellent try to hack into her database of spells there may be a way to stop Cyclopsis, or even yet stop Rita altogether". Alpha complied "I'm hacking in now". Zordon asked "How is the portal?". Millennia explained "We can't keep this up much longer with our current amount of magic". Then all of a sudden The Genie of Canis 35, and Mr. Ticklesneezer appeared.

Alpha cheered "The Genie, Mr Ticklesneezer how did you find out?". The Genie explained "We went to the mystical forest, and somebody said these folks were trying to help the Power Rangers get to Rita's dimensional prison". Mr Ticklesneezer added "And we knew that was a very dangerous spell requiring large amounts of magic so we thought we should help".

The Rangers were still fighting off Rita's monsters, and had even succeeded in destroying a few. But the battles where starting to wear on them. Zack cried out "I don't know how much more of this we can take". Jason tried to assure him "We can do this we just have to keep going".

At the Command Center Tommy was starting to surge with electricity. Alpha got a machine, and scanned Tommy. Alpha explained "His entire body is becoming electrically charged". Zordon explained "It seems when Tommy absorbed the energy from the chest it caused a flux in the Morphing Grid. Hurry give Tommy his coin, and the overload effect should wear off".

Alpha gave Tommy his coin, and the electricity went into his coin, and Tommy woke up. Tommy asked "Oh man what happened?" Zordon explained "When you touched the chest containing the Power Coins you absorbed large amounts of energy. The excess energy it seems has completely reenergized your coin".

Tommy asked "Where's everyone else?". Zordon explained "They're in the darkest depths of Rita's dimensional prison trying to rescue the Zords but I fear they don't have much time". Tommy said "Well all right then I'm outta here". Tommy called out "Dragon", and jumped into the portal.

In the dimensional prison Rita's monsters were starting to gain the upper hand. Tommy appeared, and said "Oh no", Tommy put his hands together, and cried out "Come on just one last time just this once". Then Tommy made another energy ball but this one was made of light energy, and fired it at some of Rita's monsters destroying them.

The Rangers looked, and Zack cried out "All right". Kimberly cried out "Tommy you're back". Tommy said, and I'm here to stay". Jason cried out "Way to go bro". Tommy said "Come on let's combined our powers, and put an end to this". The other Rangers agreed "Right".

Zack cried out "Power axe", Kimberly cried out "Power Bow", Billy cried out "Power Lance", Trini cried out "Power Daggers", and Jason cried out "Power Sword". Then the Rangers assembled the Power Blaster. Tommy gave Jason the Dragon Dagger, and said "Here Jason take my Dragon Dagger, and add some dragon power". Jason said you got it bro".

Then the Power Blaster roared as it glowed with all the Ranger colors. All six Rangers held it as they cried "Fire". The Rangers moved the Power Blaster around the Dark Dimension vaporizing every monster in sight.

Jason said "All right that took care of them now to save the Zord". Just then Goldar, and Scorpina teleported, and Goldar said "I'm afraid it won't be that easy". Scorpina agreed "Yeah you're finished Rangers".

The Rangers clashed weapons with Goldar, and Scorpina. Zack then cried out "Jason the Zords". Jason cried out "Got it". Jason jumped over to the altar, and slashed the bubbles holding the Zords with his sword as the Dark Dimension exploded with light.

Goldar cried out "No, No, No, This can't be". At her palace Rita was furious "What how can this be how could you let the Rangers do this Goldar?". Goldar cried I'm sorry my queen. I didn't think they could do it".

Rita yelled "Well they did". Rita then turned to Thrax, and asked "Sweetie could you do Mommy, and Daddy a favor, and destroy the Power Rangers for us?". Thrax answered "Heck yeah mom". Lord Zedd bragged "I knew you'd make us proud son".

At the Command Center the portal was starting to wane again but the Rangers managed to get out in time. Alpha cheered "Rangers you made it". Billy said "Affirmative we all succeeded in rescuing the Zords".

Alpha explained "That's not all we got". Zack asked "What do you mean?". Zordon explained "We were able to hack into Rita's network, and combined the data with our own, and we discovered a weakness in Cyclopsis". Jason asked "What is it?".

Zordon explained "Cyclopsis adjusts itself to attack any Zord combination however it takes time for it to analyze, and adapt to them. If you keep switching Zord combinations enough it will overload Cyclopsis, and you can defeat it.

Jason said "Okay guys let's do this". They all teleported back to Angel Grove park, and Jason called out "We need Dinozord power". Then all the Zords except Titanus, and Dragonzord appeared. The Rangers jumped into their Zord, and formed the Megazord.

Cyclopsis appeared, and Thrax bragged "You're finished Rangers". Jason called out "Power Sword", and the Power Sword fell, and the Megazord picked it up. The Megazord, and Cyclopsis clashed swords but Cyclopsis slashed, and kicked the Megazord.

Tommy saw this, and cried out "Don't worry guys here comes some Dragon Power". Tommy summoned the Dragonzord, and jumped into it's cockpit. The Dragonzord fired missiles at Cyclopsis, and tail whipped it.

Then the Megazord, slashed it's sword, and Dragonzord whipped it's tail, and they both sliced off Cyclcopsis' swords. Thrax cried out "Oh no my swords". Jason cried out "Let's switch formations". Tommy, Zack, Trini, and Billy cried "Right, Dragon Battlezord power now".

The Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger to become the Dragon Battlezord. The Dragon Battlezord slashed Cyclopsis with the Dragon Drill. Lord Zedd fired electricity at the Dragon Battlezord.

Then Titanus fired lasers at Cyclopsis, and Jason cried out "Okay guys let's do this". The Rangers cried out "Ultrazord Power Now". All seven Zords combined into the Ultrazord. The Rangers cried out "All weapons fire".

The Ultrazord fired a barrage of lasers at Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd seemed to disappear as he cried out "You haven't won yet Rangers. I'll be back someday". Then Cyclopsis caught fire as Thrax cried out "No dad No", and Cyclopsis' internal A.I. blared "Warning Warning too many combinations", and Cyclopsis exploded.

Rita cried out "Zedd, Thrax Nooo". Jason cried out "Okay guys now to take care of Rita herself". The other Rangers agreed "Right". They all jumped out of their Zords, and landed in Rita's palace. But when they go there they saw Thrax limping with what little life he had left.

Thrax reached out to Rita, and they held each other's hands. Thrax cried "Mommy I'm sorry I couldn't destroy the Rangers". Rita cried as Thrax disintegrated. Zack cried "Oh no". Billy said "Now Thrax really is gone forever".

Rita picked up her scepter, and cried "You awful horrible Rangers. Why do you always win? I always lose why can't you lose once in while?". Rita then aimed her scepter at the Rangers, and yelled "I know what I will do".

Rita yelled "I'll cast a killing curse but then I'll just cast a resurrection curse. You'll look at lifeforms trapped in Hell, and envy them just because they can stay dead". Rita was about to cast the curse when her scepter wouldn't work.

Rita cried "Why? Why isn't it working?". Zordon's image appeared in the sky above Angel Grove, and explained "Because when Thrax, and Zedd were destroyed your sincere love for both of them, and your sadness for your loss counter acted your own evil, and shorted out your magic".

Then the Megazord beamed down a jar as Zordon explained "Rangers use this space prison to imprison Rita, and her minions once, and for all". The Jar opened and sucked up Rita, and her minions were sucked in as Rita cried out "Curse you Rangers. Curse you Zordon I'll have my revenge".

Then the jar flew off into space as Rita's palace teleported back to the moon. Then everyone in Angel Grove returned from Rita's dimension. Bulk, and Skull started hugging, and kissing the ground as they cried out "We're back, We're back, We're really back".

Then Mayor Ackleberry went up to Bulk, and Skull, and yelled "All right you little punks get off the stage". While in the audience Mr. Caplan cheered "We're back the Power Rangers saved us". Ernie agreed "And Rita, and her monsters won't be bothering us again".

The Rangers teleported to the Command Center as everyone cheered for them. Alpha cheered "You did it you finally did it". Nemo agreed "Now Rita, and her minions are gone, and the universe can finally live in peace".

The Rangers took off their helmets but they looked sad. Jason said "I know but you should have seen Rita when we destroyed Thrax, and Zedd". Zack agreed "Yeah as evil as Thrax was he was still a kid, and as evil as they were Rita, and Zedd did love him".

Zordon assured them "Rangers I know. You have to remember no being ever starts out evil. Even the darkest planet devouring cosmic horror was once an innocent being once upon a time. Not only that but the real Thrax died millions of years ago. What you destroyed was a walking corpse of the real one".

Then Zordon explained "That it will please you to know that because of what you did not only has everyone in Angel Grove been safely rescued from the Dark Dimension but the Dinosaur eggs are safe, and sound, and ready to finally hatch".

Titanus teleported the eggs to the Command Center. Slowly but surely the eggs hatched after 10,000,000 years. Billy cried out "Look it's Tyrannosaurus". Kimberly cried out "They're so adorable". Zack agreed "You know I never thought with a straight face that I would be this happy to see some lizards but I am".

Nemo took the baby Tyrannosaurs, and Quagmire, Nemo, The Genie, and Mr. Ticklesneezer waved good bye as Millennia said "Bye Rangers we're all going back to the magical forest". Then they all teleported out.

Zordon asked "Now Rangers you have a choice. Remain Power Rangers? or return to your ordinary lives?". The Rangers thought it over, and Jason said "I think I speak for all of us when I say there is no choice. We're staying". Zordon said "I expected no less Rangers".

The Rangers put their hands together, and jumped in the air as they yelled "Power Rangers". Tommy said "Oh shoot you guys we forgot it's still Power Ranger day at the park". Jason agreed "Tommy's right we gotta go". Zack said "Sorry Zordon we gotta go", and they teleported off.

Out in space Rita was singing "A hundred bottles of slime on the wall a hundred bottles of slime you take one down, and pass it around ninety nine bottles of slime on the wall". Rita then said "You'll see Rangers someday I'll get my magic working again, and then I'll go back to Earth, and crush those Rangers".

Then Scorpina, and Goldar came in, and Scorpina yelled happily "Oh Rita Oh Rita we want you to see this". Scorpina came, and showed her a seemingly human baby boy with patches of black fur, small wings, and a small stinger growing out.

Scorpina explained I laid his egg 10,000,000 years ago when Zordon banished you guys the first time". Goldar added "As soon as you brought Scorpina back she told me the good news but we wanted to wait until he hatched to tell you". Scorpina continued "We've decided to name him Glort".

Rita then took Glort, and said "Aww he's so cute. Someday 10,000 years from now I'm sure you'll make a strapping young hencheman for my army". Goldar, and Scorpina were ecstatic, and Goldar asked "Do you really mean that my horribleness?".

At Angel Grove Park mayor Ackelberry then said to the audience "Citizens of Angel Grove today we honor those mysterious heroes who time, and time again have risked their lives to protect our fair city, and the world from the forces of evil: The Power Rangers".

Then the Rangers teleported down near mayor Ackleberry, and the crowd cheered as the Rangers waved to the audience. Mayor Ackleberry asked "Now Rangers is there something you want to say to the audience?". Jason said as a matter of fact there is mayor Ackleberry".

Jason looked to the audience, and yelled "Citizens of Angel Grove we just want you to know that underneath these suits we're regular people just like you". Tommy yelled "Being a Power Ranger isn't about the suits or the weapons, or the Zords".

Zack yelled "It's about courage, and hope, and always doing the right thing". Billy yelled "You may not know it but once upon a time even Rita was a good person a long time ago until she lost her son". Jason yelled "So remember be a real Ranger. Look forward, and never give up on good". The Rangers teleported off.

Everyone in the audience cheered as way off where no one was looking the Rangers teleported down, and Unmorphed. Jason went to his parents, and his dad asked "Why you so happy son you just missed the Rangers. Jason said "I'm just happy you're my parents is all".

Trini said "Have I ever said how proud I am to be your daughter". Zack said "Mom you're looking really beautiful today". Kimberly said "Mom, Dad, Uncle Steve I'm just really happy to see all of you". Kimberly's dad said "Kimberly we know your worried about seeing us together".

Kimberly's mom agreed "Just because we're divoreced doesn't mean we don't love you". Then Tommy showed up, and Kimberly said "Oh mom, dad, uncle Steve I want you to meet my friend Tommy". Kimberly's dad said "Oh yeah I heard about you I always wanted to meet you".

Tommy agreed "Same here Mr. Hart". Kimberly's mom asked "So Tommy where are your mom, and dad?" Tommy explained "My mom died when I was just a baby, and my dad disappeared over ten years ago".

Tommy continued "They stopped looking for him after a while but I still hold out hope he's still out there". Kimberly's mom said "That's so sad". But Tommy assured her "It's okay I still have Trini's uncle Tao, and my friends here, and in Crossworld City".

Alpha was watching at the Command Center as oil, and lubricant leaked from his saucer. Zordon asked "Is something wrong Alpha?". Alpha lied "Oh nothing Zordon I think my exhaust ports are leaky after 10,000,000 years". Zordon agreed "I'm happy for the Rangers too Alpha".

The End.

Later that night somewhere on the dark side of the moon Lord Zedd once again appeared, and said "So I guess it's true what they say". Then Lord Zedd teleported into the now abandoned moon palace, and assumed a different form: His true form a middle aged Asian looking man in a black leather outfit with a green tunic underneath, and a ring like a monocle.

Lord Zedd said "If you want something done right". Lord Zedd raised his arms, and covered himself in flames. But when the flames cleared Zedd was now wearing a red muscle like suit with tubes, a silver grill like face plate, and a red visor.

Lord Zedd then summoned a silver scepter with a Z at the end. Lord Zedd then said "Do it youself". Then Lord Zedd started laughing maniacally as red lightning surged through the palace as Lord Zedd cried out "You ain't seen nothing yet Rangers".

Or is it?

Well folks you can keep this thread open for comments, and reviews, and if people want author's commentary but if I continue doing this I might make more threads for more stories in this series unless people want me to keep it to this thread.

As for the future of Morphinverse either I'm going to wait until I find English subs of all the pre-Zyuranger sentai shows, and do hypothetical Power Rangers seasons about them, just say screw it, and do hypothetical Power Rangers versions of the pre-Zyuranger sentais anyway, or go on to Dairanger as the next season, and do it until I get to In Space, and then go back, and do the pre-Zyuranger sentais.

I still want to do other shows like VR Troopers, Masked Rider, Beetle Borgs, Ninja Turtles, and Mystic Knights as well as my original show ideas but I want to wait until I finish my versions of Power Rangers, and Super Sentai first.

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