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Power Rangers Morphinverse (Thunder)
Power Rangers Thunder Chapter 2
The Mutiny part 2
Written by Justin Best

As Lord Zedd was laughing Finster, Squatt and Babboo teleported to the outside of the moon palace. Finster said cheerfully “We’re done my lord. The Dark Zords are finished and ready when you are”.

Lord smirked and said, “Excellent now to show my new Rangers the Zords they will use to conquer Earth”. Then Zedd fired a laser into the sky that turned into a screen showing various images.

Zedd then called out “Farkas Bulkmeier you will be the Red Dark Ranger with the power to control fire and wield the Dark Swords the Red Dragon Dark Zord is yours to command. Randall McCullens you will be the Green Dark Ranger with power of illusions your weapon will be the Dark Mace and the Green Lion Dark Zord shall be yours”

Zedd continued “Eugene Skullovich you shall become the Blue Dark Ranger with mastery over the forces of gravity and the power of the Dark Nunchcks you shall command the Blue Unicorn Dark Zord. Laurie Sanchez you are now the Yellow Dark Ranger with the power to manipulate time your weapon will be the Dark Whip and you shall pilot the Yellow Griffin Dark Zord

“And finally, Cindy O’Hanlon you shall be the Pink Dark Ranger able to control the power of wind your weapon will be the Dark Spear and you will have the power of the Pink Phoenix Dark Zord on your side. Not only that but each of you is equip with the Dark Daggers and Dark Sabers which can combine to form the Dark Blasters”.

Zedd continued “That’s not all you five can also combine your powers to create the Dark Energy Orb attack that can finish off any of you opponents. and when your Zords combine they can become the monstrous Dark Megazord the ultimate weapon of evil” Lord Zedd concluded.

Jason called out to the Dark Rangers “Don’t listen to him you guys”. Tommy agreed “Lord Zedd’s just using you. Once he destroys the world, he’ll destroy you too.” The Dark Rangers just laughed, and Randy said, “Yeah right Lord Zedd has promised us unlimited power once we destroy you and Angel Grove”.

Then Lord Zedd fired a beam at the Rangers’ forcefield and ordered “Now my Dark Ranger show these teenage has beens the true power of Lord Zedd and destroy them”. Bulk replied, “With pleasure my lord”. Then the Dark Rangers started punching and kicking at the former Rangers.

The former Rangers punched and kicked back to defend themselves. Billy called out to the Dark Rangers “Come on you guys you gotta fight it”. Zack agreed “Don’t let Lord Zedd control you”. Bulk retorted “Enough words nothing can save you now”.

The Dark Rangers and the former Dino Rangers kept fighting each other until Jason Billy and Zack flipped Bulk Randy and Skull over them, while Trini and Kim grabbed Laurie and Cindy by their arms and spun them around knocking all the Dark Rangers into each other.

Jason called out “Quick you guys the Morphers”. The other Rangers agreed, and they took the morphers off the Dark Rangers. “What are you doing give those back at once or I’ll crush you into moon dust” Zedd cried out while Tommy snuck up to him and took the dark power crystal causing the Dark Rangers to demorph.

Zedd cried out “No give that back at once. You fools have no idea what you’re doing”. Tommy retorted “We’re taking our powers back you creep”. Zack agreed you may have taken our Ranger powers”. Jason added “But you can’t take away why Zordon chose us in the first place”.

Zedd growled “Maybe not but I still have Zordon’s Command Center trapped in a electron field. Your misfit of a mentor can’t help you now”. Billy retorted “Maybe not but it’s our turn to help him”. Then the Rangers teleported away with Bulk and the others”.

The Rangers reappeared in Angel Grove and turned on their communicators. Jason called out “Zordon answer us. Are you and Alpha okay?”. Zordon replied “We are fine for the time being, but the electron field is rapidly compressing and soon it will destroy the Command Center and us within it”.

Jason asked, “We took Zedd’s dark power crystal will that be able to help?” Zordon replied “Perhaps if you were to throw it at the base of the forcefield it should short it out”. The Rangers agreed and teleported to the outside of the Command Center.

Trini cried out “Oh no”. Billy added “We don’t have much time the forcefield’s getting smaller”. The Rangers hurried over to the forcefield and Tommy threw the dark power crystal at the bottom of the forcefield with all his strength causing the field to dissipate and breaking the crystal into five pieces.

The Rangers cheered. Zack said, “All right”. Trini added “We did it”. Inside the Command Center Alpha cheered “They did it Zordon the Rangers destroyed the forcefield”. Zordon said “Ranger take the remains of the dark power crystal with you. There may still be chance to restore your powers”. The Rangers picked up the pieces of the dark power crystal and walked back inside the Command Center.

Inside Jason asked, “Is it true Zordon?”. Zack added “Yeah can you really restore our powers?”. Zordon answered “Yes but first we must summon Quagmire”. Then Quagmire appeared and said “Say my name and I appear now what brings Quagmire here?”

Zordon explained “Quagmire Lord Zedd has used magical candles and the dark power crystal to drain the Rangers’ powers and turn them into the evil Dark Ranger powers. The Rangers defeated Zedd’s Rangers, and took the dark power crystal but were forced to destroy to rescue myself and Alpha from Zedd’s electron field”

Zordon continued “So now we must perform the ritual the Eltarian purification ritual”. Quagmire agreed “Aye and to do it without a doubt you need my help to let you out”. Then Quagmire and Alpha pulled out their purple crystals and put them into the console which began the process of releasing Zordon.

Once Zordon was freed from his time warp Zack asked, “Wait the Eltarian purification ritual?”. Trini added “What’s that?”. Alpha explained “It’s and ancient Eltarian ritual that can be used to turn magic that has been corrupted into evil magic back into good magic, but it was requires large amounts of good magic to work”.

Billy replied, “So we can turn our powers back to good and use them again”. Quagmire agreed “Billy you are right. Together we’ll bring your powers back to light”. And with that everyone left the Command Center for the outside.

Once outside Zordon explained “Now Ranger we must all sit in a circle and begin meditating”. Kim asked “Meditate?”. Zordon explained yes we must focus on our positive qualities like courage, hope, justice, love, wisdom, and honor then we can feed them into the remains of the dark power crystal and turn them into a force of good magic”.

Tommy said, “We’ll we don’t have many other options”. The other Rangers agreed, and they began the process of meditation. Red energy came from Jason into the crystal shards followed by green energy from Zack, blue from Billy, yellow from Trini, pink from Kim, and white from Tommy, Zordon, and Quagmire.

Then clouds began to darken the sky over where they were meditating and thunder and lighting came from the clouds and struck the remains of the dark power crystal merging with the positive energy being created by the Rangers, Zordon, and Quagmire.

When the lighting cleared the Rangers opened their eyes, and where the remains of the dark power crystal were now there were five crystal orbs. One red, the others green blue yellow and pink. The orbs then flew to the Rangers. The red orb to Jason, and the others to Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kim.

The Rangers looked at the new power crystals as Zordon explained “Congratulations Rangers behold the Thunder power crystals. With them you will now be able to morph into the Thunder Power Rangers, now you can take the powers and weapons Zedd created for darkness and evil and us them for light and good”.

Billy said, “Far out”. Kim asked “But Zordon what about Tommy?”. Zordon explained “I’m afraid Tommy’s powers were diluted amongst the other Ranger powers to initially turn them into the Dark Ranger powers we must find another source of power for Tommy if he is to remain a Ranger”.

Tommy said “Aww man it was great while it lasted. I just wish there was something I could still do”. Jason assured “Him hey we found a way to bring back your powers before we’ll find a way to bring them back again”. Zordon said “Now Rangers we must return to the Command Center so that I may return to my time warp”, and with that the Rangers, and their allies walked back into the Command Center.

Back on the moon Zedd was furious. He yelled “So those meddlesome Rangers were able to take their powers back and convert them back to good. Well I guess I just have to send Pipebrain after them some more”. Pipebrain appeared in Angel Grove and said “Don’t worry my evilness. I crushed those Rangers once I can do it again”.

At the Command Center the alarms went off. The viewing globe once again showed Pipebrain rampaging Angel Grove. Kim said “Great not that tin head again”. Zordon replied “I’m afraid so Rangers. Now that you have taken back your powers Zedd is now more determined to destroy you and Angel Grove”.

Zordon added “He also sent another squadron of Z Putties to assist Pipebrain”. Zack said “Don’t worry Zordon we’ll cream those clay brains”. Jason agreed “You guys just finish reprogramming the zords”. Zordon replied “Good luck and may the power protect you” as the Rangers teleported off.

Back at the road rally Bulk and his friends woke up. Bulk said, “Did someone get the license on that truck”. Randy said “Man what happened”, Laurie agreed “Yeah I just remember a bunch of monsters, and some guy in some weird leather outfit”.

Skull added, “Yeah and I think the Rangers were there too bu they didn’t have their costumes” Cindy agreed “Yeah I remember now, but I don’t remember what they looked like”. Then Bulk had an idea “No but I remember what they sounded like. Maybe we can use that to find out who they really are and then we’ll be famous”. The other agreed cheerfully.

Meanwhile the Rangers appeared in Angel Grove. Pipebrain gloated “Well Rangers I guess you must really like losing because I’m going crush you even harder now”. Jason retorted “It’s you whose getting crushed lame brain”.

Pipebrain got angry and yelled “It’s Pipebrain you power pipsqueaks”. Then a swarm of Z Putties appeared and Pipebrain ordered “Z Putties destroy these rotten Rangers”. Then the Rangers, and The Z Putties began punching and kicking each other.

Zach did a hip-hop routine while punching, kicking and evading Z Putties. Billy and Kim did cartwheels to evade Z Putties and kick them. Trini used karate chops, and roundhouse kicks on the Z Putties. While Jason rammed into Z putties and knocked them into each other.

Pipebrain said “Well well you dealt with them now you have to deal with me”. Pipebrain then launched out more of his tentacles at the Rangers which grabbed onto them and lifted them up into the air. Then Pipebrain turned one of his tentacles into a pointed tip, and launched at the Rangers saying “This will really drive the point in”.

Jason called out “Come on you guys we got new powers lets use them”. The Rangers agreed, and they summoned their new morphers, and inserted the keys from the morphers on their left arms into the ones on their right arms.

Zack called out “Lion”, Kim called out “Phoenix”, Billy called out “Unicorn”, Trini called out “Grifiin”, and finally Jason called out “Dragon”. Then the Rangers were covered in red green blue yellow and pink light transforming them into the Thunder Rangers.

The Rangers caused Pipebrain’s tentacles to explode freeing them. The Rangers teleported and began posing. Jason called out “Red Thunder Ranger”. Zack called out “Green Thunder Ranger”, Billy called out “Blue Thunder Ranger”, Trini called out “Yellow Thunder Ranger”, and finally Kim called out “Pink Thunder Ranger”. Then the Rangers all called out together “Power Rangers Thunder”.

Pipebrain yelled out “So you think some fancy new costumes will help you beat me?”. Jason retorted “No but this will”. Then the Rangers leaped into action. Kim did a cartwheel and started punching and kicking some Z Putties before jumping on one and saying, “Take that you clay brains”.

Zack called out “Thunder staff” and summoned a red staff that he used to hit some Z putties that were swinging swords at him while saying, “Have a nice trip” as he launched one. Billy was punching and kicking some more Z Putties as he did a backflip and said, “You’re going to get a kick out of this”. While Trini called out “Thunder staff” and started hitting some other Z Putties with her Thunder staff.

At the moon palace Zedd was watching and yelled “So those Rangers defeated my putties like they were made from Play Doh. Well we’ll just see how they handle this”. Lord Zedd then teleported to Angel Grove and yelled “You think my monster are tough Rangers? How about this”.

Lord Zedd raised his arms and covered himself in green flames which then formed his red and silver muscle like suit. Zack called out “Oh man”. Billy added “He changed”. Zedd replied “Yes Rangers with the Power of dark magic I can summon my own suit of powered armor that is far more powerful than your pitiful suits”.

Jason retorted “We’ll see about that. You guys handle Zedd I’ll deal with Pipebrain”. The other Rangers said “Right” and summoned their Thunder staffs. Pipebrain then grabbed Jason with one of his tentacles and threw him.

Jason said, “All right you overgrown roto rooter I’m gonna make scrap out of you”. Pipebrain retorted “Bring it on Ranger”, and the two of them proceeded to punch and kick each other until Pipebrain struck Jason with one of his tentacles and launched him into some boxes.

Meanwhile Zedd summoned his silver Z staff and proceeded to hit the Rangers with it. Lord Zedd then gloated “Give up Rangers. You can’t possible stop me”. Zack retorted “Wanna bet” as the Rangers hit Zedd one at a time with their own staffs.

Jason got up and said, “Time to cut you down to size” as he summoned his Thunder dagger, and Thunder saber and slashed, and stabbed at Pipebrain. But Pipebrain grabbed Jason’s Thunder dagger, grabbed Jason with his tentacle, and threw Jason around.

Jason said “Gotta get my weapons back”. Then Jason put his hands together which caused the Thunder dagger, and Thunder saber to come back to him. Jason then freed himself by slicing Pipebrains tentacle.

Jason then said “You’re going to get a charge out of this” as lighting appeared and struck Pipebrain. Then Jason said, “How about a hot foot” and shot fire from his weapons that knocked back Pipebrain.

Zedd then fired lightning bolts from his staff that caused explosions around the Rangers. Zedd then gloated “What’s the matter Rangers can’t take the heat?”. Zack then retorted “All right Zedd you might hit hard but we’ll hit harder”.

Zack then called out “Illusion power” shooting out a green mist that covered Zedd. Zedd cried out “All right you bothersome Rangers come on out right now”. Then the Rangers came out and hit Zedd with their staffs but when Zedd hit back with his staff it was as if the Rangers didn’t exist. Zedd cried out “How this can’t be”.

Then Billy called out “Gravity power” and fired a whirlwind of blue energy that sent Zedd into the air. Zedd cried out “Get me down this instant”. Billy quipped “All right if you ask” and sent Zedd back down to Earth enough force to hurt him.

Next Trini said, “Time power”. Zedd called out “What are you going to do now?”. Then time started reversing to before Zack, and Billy hit him with their powers causing Zedd to once again be hit by the Rangers attacks.

Finally, Kim said, “Wind power” and a pink whirlwind appeared, and Kim quipped “This will blow you way Zedd” as the whirlwind threw Zedd with enough force to cause him to demorph. Lord Zedd got back up and cried out “Okay Rangers you may have beat me this time, but I’ll be back”, and teleported away.

The Rangers regrouped as Pipebrain started sparking as his eye, and the mouth on his tentacle opened releasing blue flames that materialized as the captured children. Jason cheered “All right Zordon we rescued the children from Pipebrain”.

At the moon palace Zedd was watching the Rangers and said “The Rangers haven’t defeated me yet” as he summoned another silver orb and threw it to Pipebrain who threw it on the ground and once again grew into a giant. Pipebrain kicked at the Rangers knocking them back and tried to hit them with his tentacle. Zack said, “Oh man this guy is tough”.

Zordon then said, “Jason we have finished reprogramming Zedd’s Dark Zords into the Thunder Zords use your Dragon Thunderzord to fight Pipebrain”. Jason pulled out his Thunder saber and yelled out Dragon Thunderzord Power”.

Just then a giant red robot dragon appeared in the sky. Jason said, “Oh man that’s awesome”. Zack agreed “Cool man”. Jason then combined his Thunder saber and Thunder dagger into his Thunder blaster and fired out an energy rope that tied to the Dragon Thunderzord pulling Jason onto it.

Jason called out “Okay Dragon Thunderzord it’s time trash this trophy” as he jumped into the cockpit. Pipebrain retorted “I’d like to see you try Ranger”. The Dragon Thunderzord flew around slashing Pipebrain with its claws.

Pipebrain mocked “Is that the best you got” then fired some lasers at the Red Dragon Thunderzord but the Dragon Thunderzord evaded it. Then the Dragon Thunderzord started breathing fire on Pipebrain. Zordon then said, “Jason your Thunderzord has a warrior mode use it”. Jason agreed “Convert to warrior mode”. The Dragon Thunderzord then folded itself transforming into a humanoid robot warrior.

Billy said, “That’s amazing”. Zack said, “Come on guys we got our own Thunderzords let’s use them”. Zack called out “Lion Thunderzord Power”, Kim said “Phoenix Thunderzord Power”, Billy yelled “Unicorn Thunderzord Power”, and finally Trini went “Griffin Thunderzord Power”

One by one a green robot lion, a pink robot phoenix, a blue robot unicorn, and a yellow robot griffin appeared. The Rangers formed their Thunder blasters and use them jump on the Thunderzords and jumped into their cockpits. The Rangers then called out “Thunderzord Assault team Power up”.

Jason called out “All right Pipebrain I’m going to pummel you. You second place prize”. Pipebrain retorted “You may have been lucky this far, but your luck has run out”. Zordon said “Jason when your Thunderzord is in warrior mode it can follow what ever movements you make”. Jason replied “All right time to try this out”.

The Dragon Thunderzord and Pipebrain then charged at each other and started punching and kicking each other. The Dragon Thunderzord started karate chopping Pipebrain as Jason yelled “Take that, and this and that”. Then the Dragon Thunderzord kicked Pipebrain knocking him on the ground.

Jason cheered “All right we got him”. Then Pipebrain’s eye opened back up, and he got up and mocked “That’s what you think Ranger” and wrapped the Dragon Thunderzord with his tentacle. Then Pipebrain mocked “Here’s something shocking” and put his hand to his tentacle electrocuting the Dragon Thunderzord

Jason then called out “It’s time for some Thunder staff power”. Then the Dragon Thunderzord summoned its Thunder staff and sliced Pipebrains tentacle freeing itself and knocking Pipebrain on the ground.

The Dragon Thunderzord then start slashing and stabbing Pipebrain with its Thunder Staff. Then the Dragon Thunderzord used its staff a pole to kick Pipebrain. Jason called out “Time to finish this”. The Dragon Thunderzord then spun its hand around so fast it caused the Thunder staff to charge with red energy. The Dragon Thunderzord then slashed at Pipebrain causing him to spark and explode.

The Rangers cheered as Jason said. “All right we got him”. On the moon Zedd was watching and retorted “That’s what you think Rangers. But let’s see how you do against a supercharged Pipebrain”. Lord Zedd then fired more electricity at the road rally trophy bringing it back to life as an already giant blue Pipebrain.

Billy called out “Oh no Zedd brought back Pipebrain”. Trini added “And he’s more powerful than ever”. Pipebrain then began rampaging across Angel Grove. Pipebrain then mocked “What are you Rangers doing to do now?”.

Zordon then said “Rangers now is the time to combine your Zords into the might Thunder Megazord”. The Rangers agreed “Right Thunder Megazord Power now”. Then the Thunderzords became armor that merged with the Dragon Thunderzord forming the Thunder Megazord.

Pipebrain mocked “Let’s see what you got Rangers”.Jason retorted “All right scrap face we will”. Then the Thunder Megazord and Pipebrain charged at each other and started punching each other. The Thunder Megazord then knocked down Pipebrain.

Jason called out “Okay guys it’s time for the Power Sword”. The other Rangers agreed “Right”. Then they all said, “Thunder Sword Power now”. Then the Thunder Megazord pulled out it’s sword and charged it with yellow energy. The Rangers called out “Take this” as the Thunder Megazord slashed Pipebrain causing him to glow and explode.

At the moon palace Zedd was furious he yelled out “You fools. You Miserable fools. I had the perfect plan to destroy the Rangers and you ruined it”. Zedd continued “Perhaps I should have just left that jar floating in space”

Squatt “Please oh Rotten one anything but that”. Babboo agreed “I’m sure we’ll get the Rangers next time”. Zedd screamed and said, “Who’s tentacle do I have to clip to get some halfway decent minions in this galaxy”.

At the Command Center Zordon said “Congratulations Rangers not only did you find a way to make your powers stronger than ever, but you have proven that even without your powers you are still warriors of justice and goodness”. Jason replied “Thanks Zordon”.

Zack asked, “Is there anyway to give Tommy some new powers”. Zordon replied “I’m afraid not Rangers at this time I’m afraid Tommy may never be a Ranger again”. Tommy replied “Hey it’s okay guys like Zordon said this whole experience taught us we didn’t need the cosmic power to be heroes”.

Tommy continued “Besides I guess the choice is made for me. I guess I’m going back to Crossworld City”. Jason said, “We’re going to miss you bro”. Tommy replied “Hey I’m going to miss you guys too. But hey we’ll still be friends, and maybe something will work out for me in Crossworld City”.

The Rangers then put their hands together and yelled “Power Rangers”. Then Zack said “Hey you guys the road rally’s still going. We gotta get back”. Tommy agreed “Yeah sorry Zordon we still have to finish that”. The Rangers then teleported off.

At the road rally the trophy returned to its original state in its original position as Principal Caplan said, “Oh well there it is”. Then the first team arrived at the finish line followed by more teams until finally the Rangers team appeared.

The Rangers pulled off their helmets as Zack said, “Aww man I can’t believe we lost”. Jason assured him “Hey if this taught us anything it’s that it doesn’t matter if you lose as long as you keep trying”. Billy agreed “You can say that again”.

Just then Bulk’s team appeared driving backwards. They took of their helmets as Bulk cheered “All right losers you’re looking at this year’s winners”. The Rangers laughed and Randy asked, “What’s so funny”. Zack replied you guys came in last”. Bulk and his friends realized what happened and screamed in despair.

The End.

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