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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Ranger Dino Episode 2
High Five
Written by Justin Best

It was another typical day at Ernies gym, and Juice Bar. Trini was practicing martial arts in a group while Jason, Zack, and Kimberly where at the rope. “Come on Jason you can do it” Kimberly cheered as Jason climbed the rope. “Keep going” “You can do it” Zack, and Kimberly kept cheering.

Then Trini joined them but she was worried “Be careful Jason” she warned. “If you slip you could really hurt yourself”. But Zack didn’t want to hear this. “Yo man you’re making him nervous.” But Jason was confident “Nervous? I never get nervous” then he slipped but quickly regained his grip “when I climb”.

But Trini wasn’t convinced “You should be”. Then she motioned to some workout equipment, and said “You guys I’m going to be there at least it’s closer to Earth”. Zack offered “You man you should try this”. But Trini was still not convinced. “Uh Uh You’ll never catch me doing anything that high”.

Then Billy arrived, and Zack greeted him “Yo Billy my main brain what’s up?” Billy explained “Well I do have some exiting information that I want to disseminate you see I made a breakthrough regarding the” but before he could finish Jason fell from the rope, and landed on Billy’s shoulders causing both of them to swing from the rope around the gym making Zack laugh “You guys should join the circus”.

Just then Bulk, and Skull appeared, and Bulk taunted “Nah I’m afraid the circus don’t take geek clowns”. Skull laughed, and parroted “Yeah geek clowns”. But Kimberly was annoyed “Why don’t you guys crawl back to the ooze you crawled out of”.

Bulk taunted back “Pretty big talk coming from a friend of the monkey man over here”. Jason fired back at least I can make it all the way to the top”. Skull then mockingly asked “Are you saying Bulk can’t do it” before answer his own question “Yeah that what you said”.

Bulk then bragged “Let me show you”. But Kimberly was skeptical “You sure you know how to use this?” But Bulk was confident “What do I look stupid?” and Zack came back with “Well you know what they say if the rope fits climb it".

Then Bulk tried to climb the rope but not only did he break the rope but also caused part of the roof to fall down on him. Kimberly then mocked “Yeah Bulk you sure showed us.”

Meanwhile at Rita’s palace Rita was gloating about her latest evil plan. I’ll make those Rangers wish they never tangled with me. I’ll send another monster to destroy them”.

Finster was pleased “Once my monster destroys the Ranger Earth is finished”. “Finster” Rita demanded “It’s time is the monster finished?” Finster then showed her a clay model of a minotaur, and explained “Yes your evil one the Minotaur is nearly complete”.

Then when Finster finished the model he put it in the Monster Matic, and activated it, and Rita teleported it to Earth where it arrived in the form of a brown minotaur with a mace, and shield.

Back at Ernie’s gym, and juice bar Billy was explaining “You see I complete a narrowbeam transmission module that will allow wave function in extended interval”. Everyone was confused by what Billy had said, and he sounded worried “Well aren’t you exited?” Zack answered “Well I will be as soon as I figure out what you said”. And Trini answered “He’s created a communication device using microwaves”.

Billy confirmed “Affirmative see now we connection with Zordon, and Alpha in the Command Center”. Billy then took out five silver watch like devices. One red, one black, one blue, one yellow, and one pink, and gave his friends their respective communicators. Kimberly said happily “This is morphinominal”.

Billy further explained “They respond to textile pressure followed by auditory stimulus”. Trini also explained “So what you’re saying is we just touch, and talk like this?” as she pressed a button on the communicator.

Soon everyone except Billy touched the buttons, and teleported off. Billy was confused “The neutrino power grid must have demoleculized” before teleporting himself out as well.

The Rangers then teleported into the Command Center, and Billy explained “There must be something wrong with my communicators.” Then Alpha greeted them “Yo homeboys home girls what’s up?”. But Zack scoffed “Too much TV”

Zordon was impressed “I commend you Billy not only have you created a communicator you have also tapped into our teleportation grid.” Alpha took the communicators while Zordon further explained “With some fine tuning not only will you be able to communicate with us at the Command Center but also each other”.

Alpha then took out a device to fix the communicators but caused a power surge that sent him around the Command Center.

Just then the alarms went off, and Zack asked “What is it Zordon?” Zordon explained “It’s Rita she’s sent another monster just outside of Angel Grove” the viewing globe showed images of the minotaur as Billy stated “It’s a most menacing minotaur”.

Zordon explained “Correct this monster is not only armed with a mace that can crush even solid steel, and a shield that is virtually impenetrable but it can also breath fire, and shoot lasers from it’s horns”.

But the Rangers were ready as Jason said “We’re on it. It’s morphin time.” Then they all shouted “Mastadon, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Saber Tooth Tiger, Tyrannosaurus”. Billy, and Zack then jump kicked at the Minotaur but he blocked them with his shield.

Jason was undaunted “This guy’s tough time to use Blade Blaster” Jason then got his Blade Blaster, and fired at the Minotaur who once again used his shield to reflect the blast at the Rangers.

Trini, and Kimberly were fighting Goldar, and some putties Goldar ordered “Get them” But the girls taunted You’ll have to catch us first” Goldar was swinging his sword at them, and taunting “Your’re mine”, and hit Kimberly knocking her down.

Trini screamed “Kimberly”, and ran over, and grabbed Goldar but he hit her as well. But Trini got back up, and kicked him.

At the Command Center Alpha was worried “Aye ye ye the Ranger still have their hands full” Zordon agreed “Perhaps now is the time to share with them the ancient secrets of the Power Weapons”.

While back at the fight Jason, Billy, and Zack were already getting defeated by the Minotaur when Squatt, and Babboo kept throwing boulders at them.

Rita was impressed but she still wanted to insure the Rangers defeat. “Ancient spirits of evil” she intoned before stopping herself “Wait wrong spell”, and continued “Magic wand make my monster grow” as she threw her scepter all the way down to Earth where it made a fissure in the Earth that sprayed gasses that caused the Minotaur to grow 100ft tall.

Babboo taunted “You guys are going to get it now” as the Minotaur started stomping at the Rangers.

Jason realized they were in trouble “We need Dinozord power now” he called out. The Rangers all cried out “Tyrannosaurus Dinozord Power, Mastodon Dinozord Power, Triceratops Dinozord Power, Saber Tooth Tiger Dinozord power, Pterodactyl Dinozord power.

One by one the Dinozord’s rose from the ground, and ran, and flew towards the Rangers’ location. Then the Rangers all jumped up, and entered their Zords. Jason said “Log on”, followed Zack saying “Zack here moving, and grooving” Billy saying “Outstanding”, Trini going “Trini here Ready to rock”, and finally Kimberly going “Nice Stereo”.

The Pterodactyl Dinozord then fired lasers from it’s wings at the Putties, and Goldar, and then at the Minotaur but that didn’t faze it. Billy said “weapon systems online”, and the tail of the Triceratops turned into a laser cannon, and fired at the Minotaur which still didn’t faze it.

Trini tried the same tactic with the Saber Tooth Tiger but it still didn’t work, and the Minotaur fired lasers from it’s horns but the Saber Tooth Tiger was able to avoid them, and jump at the Minotaur knocking out it’s mace.

“I’ll chill this dude” Zack bragged as the Mastodon shot freezing gas at the Minotaur taking out it’s shield as well. Then the Triceratops fired it’s horns as anchors, and they wrapped around the Minotaur’s horns but it wasn’t working but Billy was undaunted he simply went “Increasing power”, and the Triceratops was able to down the Minotaur.

Rita was worried “He can’t be defeated now not when we’re so close”. But the Minotaur got up, and started ramming, punching, and kicking at the Tyrannosaurus, and then fired more horn lasers at the Zords.

At the Command Center Alpha was still worried “Aye ye ye He keeps coming the Zords have no effect on him”. Zordon agreed “You are right tell the Rangers to teleport back to the Command Center, and await further instructions”. Rita was glad “They’re running away. Now the world is ours for the taking”.

The Ranger then appeared in the Commander Center Kimberly asked “What’s going on?”, and Zordon answered “All your questions will be answered in due time”. He explained “Your Zords are in their hiding places” he then added “But for now I must give you new powers, and weapons. Behold the Viewing Globe”.

The Rangers turned around as Zordon showed them an image of Antartica which then zoomed in to show an uncharted area that was not only warm but even looked like a desert, and in the desert was a cave, and in the cave was an altar that contained five mystical looking weapons.

Zordon explained “These are your power weapons. The Power Sword, Power Axe, Power Lance, Power Daggers, and Power Bow”. He added “These were the weapons used by your ancestors the ancient Rangers”. He then showed them an image of the ancient Rangers combining the weapons into some kind of futuristic crossbow, and firing a laser which destroyed a monster, and explained “When combined they can become the mighty Power Blaster a weapon that can destroy almost any monster”.

Zordon also warned “Be careful though they can only be found in the ruins of Atlantis you must go over there yourselves, and find them but be warned Rita may have already sent her minions to try, and stop you”. He then prayed “May the Power protect you”. The Rangers accepted, and Jason said “We’re on it” and the Rangers teleported out.

The Rangers then appeared in the Antarctic desert, and started looking around. After a while, and still not seeing anything they started to worry. “You guys see anything?” Jason asked. Zack answered disappointed “Nah man it’s like we’re walking around in circles”.

They then saw what looked like a short man wearing green medieval looking clothes walking around not noticing them. Kimberly then shouted “Hey mister”, and the man turned around. She then asked “Can you help us. You see Rita Repulsa”.

But before she could finish the man was shocked, and exclaimed “Rita? Rita sent you hear? Well then I Quagmire shall disappear”., and like that the man just teleported away in green light.

But the Rangers were just confused “What’s his problem?” Kimberly asked. But all Billy could say was “I don’t know”. Jason just shrugged it off, and said “Let’s just find those weapons.”, and the Rangers kept looking.

After a while the Rangers got to what they thought was the cave but saw putties guarding it. “Oh man what do we do?” Trini asked. Jason answered “Well just have to find some way to sneak around them when they aren’t looking”. Billy then stammered “Uh Uh G-g-guys we got trouble”.

Zack was dubious “Man this is perfect cover”. But Trini corrected him “It was until about 10 seconds ago”,

Soon the Rangers saw that they were surrounded by Putties. Jason told Billy, and Trini “You two lead them away, and try to spread them out.” Trini agreed “Right”, and Billy followed “Affirmative”, and the two ran off while the Putties chased them.

Jason, Zack, and Kimberly fought the remaining Putties. Jason then told them “Form a human chain”. Jason then grabbed Zack who then grabbed Kimberly, and the three knocked out the Putties.

Meanwhile Billy, and Trini were by a cliff Billy then told Trini “Lets split up you go that way”. Trini agreed “Right”, and Billy went by the cliff being chased by Putties.

The Putties chased Billy all the way up the cliff while Trini warned “Careful Billy you’re too high” but the Putties were pushing him towards the edge.
Trini was watching, and realized only she could help “I’m scarred but I can do this. I don’t want to do this but I have to” as she climbed up the cliff.

And despite her fear of heights she made it all the way up. When she made she called out the Putties “Hey dirtbags. Come get some”. The Putties then ran after her, and Billy but Trini, and Billy got out of the way, and the Putties threw themselves off the cliff”.

As soon as the Rangers regrouped Quagmire then reappeared, and said apologetically “Oh you’re not Rita’s minions I see. That was most unwise of me”. Then Zack asked “Can you help us? You see we’re the Power Rangers, and our mentor Zordon told us that there was a cave with some weapons we need”.

As soon as he heard this he said excitedly “Well if you’re Rangers brave then sure I’ll take you to this cave”. And just like that Quagmire teleported himself, and the Rangers to the cave where the weapons were. The Rangers were ecstatic “All right” Trini beamed. Zack agreed “This will be easy bo breezy”.

But just like that Rita, her minions, and the once again human sized Minotaur appeared, and Rita taunted “That what you think. But I’m not letting you get them if it’s the last thing I do”. Then Rita fired energy bolts from her scepter but the Rangers, and Quagmire jumped out of the way.

“Oh man what do we do?” Zack asked nervously. Jason could only think of one thing “We’re just going to have rush it, and avoid Rita’s lasers”. The Rangers proceed to split up while still running towards the altar while Rita kept firing lasers, and complaining “Hold still you Power Pests”.

Eventually the Rangers however were able to reach the weapons, and Kimberly cheered “All right we did it”. Jason agreed then ordered “Back to action”, and the Rangers once again morphed, and teleported back outside the cave.

The Minotaur then charged at the Rangers. But one by one the Rangers weapons then upgraded themselves into more futuristic appearances.

Kimberly, and Trini threw their daggers, and arrows at the Minotaur followed by Billy, and Zack with their lance, an axe, and finally Jason with his sword.

Then their weapons started glowing as Zordon explained “Rangers now is the time to bring your weapons together”. Jason agreed “Let’s do this”. Zack started “Power Axe”, and he threw his axe in cannon mode, followed by Kimberly with “Power Bow”, Billy with “Power Lance”, Trini with “Power Daggers”, and finally Jason with “Power Sword”.

The Rangers then brought their weapons together as the Power Blaster, and aimed it at the Minotaur, and they all shouted “Fire”. Then the Power Blaster fired out a laser which hit the Minotaur causing electricity to surge throughout him, causing him to fall down, and explode.

Back at Rita’s palace she once again hit her minions on their heads with her scepter screaming “Stupid, Lazy, Bunglers, It’s all your fault”.

At Ernie’s gym and juice bar Billy was thanking Trini “I would like to express my gratitude for helping out today”. Kimberly agreed “Yeah it was amazing how you climbed those rocks”. Trini was glad “I guess it’s true. You never know what you can do until you’re forced to”.

While this was going on Zack was sneaking around, and without anyone seeing him he put on a skull mask, and scared Trini making her climb all the way up the rope. And Zack joked “So I guess your fear’s finally over huh?” as he, and the other Rangers just laughed.

The end.

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