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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 3

A Pressing Engagement

By Justin Best

It was another day at Ernie's Gym, and Juice Bar, and Kimberly was practicing gymnastics on the balance beam while Jason was bench pressing, and Ernie was counting "993 994". Then Ernie asked "I lost count where we" Jason answered "994", and Ernie counted again from 995.

Kimberly then went over, and cheered "Come on Jason you can do it." Then Kimberly started chewing bubble gum while Jason kept going, and Ernie kept counting "1,008 1,009," but just then Zack started skating in on his skateboard just as Kimberly was blowing a huge bubble.

But Zack lost control of his Skateboard, and went around the gym waving his arms, and eventually crashed into Kimberly not only causing her bubble to burst onto both of them but also caused Jason to drop his weights.

At Rita's Palace Rita was watching, and came up with a new plan. "He's not so tough without his friends" she scoffed. "I'll find a way to separate him from his friends, and send Goldar, and a monster to take care of him". Goldar agreed "Yes your evil one I shall go down, and crush him". FInster was also pleased "Yes that sounds wonderful".

Rita inquired "So Finster do you have a monster?" but for once Finster didn't have an answer "Uh no my queen I'm afraid not". Babboo mocked "Uh oh you shouldn't have said that". But then Finster changed his mind "Wait I do have one. King Sphinx".

Finster explained "He can use his strong winds to blow the other Rangers, and trap them in trees". Squat was exited "and he can do the same to children to lure the Rangers out". Rita was pleased "Yes that's perfect send him down at once" she ordered.

Back at Ernie's Kimberly was once again practicing gymnastics on the balance beam while Jason, and Zack were sitting at a table in the juice bar. Zack said remorsefully "Hey man I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Do you forgive me?" he asked. Jason then said "Apology" before pausing for a few seconds, and then smiling "Accepted", and he, and Zack shook hands as Zack cheered "All right".

Then Kimberly came over, and Zack apologized "Hey Kim I just wanted to say I'm do you forgive me?". And Kimberly said "Yeah it's casual". But Jason was still sad "But man I'm still bummed about that bench pressing record. I don't want to be remembered as a quitter". "A quitter?" Zack yelled incredulously but Jason shushed him

Then Bulk, and Skull came over, and Bulk taunted "Hey pinhead heard you choked today" then Bulk went behind Jason, and taunted some more "the bench pressing record is still mine" then he grabbed Jason by his stomach.

Zack yelled "Hey man" but Jason once again shushed him while Bulk kept taunting him. But Jason started tickling Bulk which caused him drop Jason on his own foot "My foot" he cried before bending over, and ripping his pants, and exposing his underwear as he whined "My pants", and he and Skull got out of Ernie's.

"See I told you I could handle it myself" Jason bragged. "No one said you couldn't" Zack replied. Kimberly agreed "Yeah what's wrong with seeking a little help from your friends?" she asked. Jason answered "Nothing unless you're trying to win the bench pressing record".

Meanwhile in Angel Grove a little boy was minding his own business when a grey, and yellow sphinx monster appeared. "This will blow you away" King Sphinx quipped as he flapped his large wings causing hurricane like winds which blew the boy away. Then King Sphinx went all over Angel Grove doing the same to other children.

At Ernie's Jason's communicator started going off "Uh new watch" Zack tried to explain. "Yeah" Kimberly added. Then Zack told Ernie "Put it on my tab" as the Rangers went over to where they thought no one was looking.

"What is it Zordon?" Jason asked. Zordon answered "Rangers you must teleport to the children's theater in Angel Grove park." "What's wrong?" Zack asked. Zordon answered "Rita Repulsa is at it again she's sent down putties, and mysterious monster that blows away children with it's wings to try, and take control of the park". He then added "Go, and let the power protect you.

Jason then told Zack, and Kimberly "It's morphin time you guys". They all shouted "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Tyrannosaurus" as the three landed in the park. Rita then ordered "Now attack" and the Rangers started fighting off Putties.

Rita then ordered "Don't waste your time fighting. Get the others away from Jason". At the fight Kimberly was worried "This is weird. It's like they're after something" she said. "We are" King Sphinx taunted before blowing away Kimberly, and trapping her in a tree.

"What happened to Kim?" Jason asked. Zack was angry "I don't know but I'm gonna find out". "We're not telling" Squat taunted but Zack punched him, and Babboo. Jason told Zack "It wasn't them it was the Sphinx". Rita then screamed "That Jason has had it". Then King Sphinx used his wings to blow Zack away, and trap him in a tree as well.

Jason was angry "That's it bring my friends back" he ordered. "No way" King Sphinx taunted as he used his staff to shoot fireballs at Jason. At the Command Center Alpha was panicking "Aye ye ye Jason in trouble. Rita has him isolated".

Jason then pulled out his Power Sword, and he, and King Sphinx slashed at each other with their weapons. King Sphinx then taunted "Let me show you some real fighting" as he, and Jason then teleported to the forest outside Angel Grove.

Jason could hear the voices of Zack, Kim, and various children screaming for help but all he could see were some trees "What's going on?" he asked. King Sphinx answered mockingly "Glad you asked Ranger. I trapped your friends, and a bunch of kids in these trees".

He then pointed to some signs saying that the trees were marked for cutting down "In just a few hours loggers will come, and your friends, and the brats will be history" "You're the one that's history" Jason taunted as he, and King Sphinx once again fought but this time Goldar appeared, and helped the odds in King Sphinx's favor.

At the Command Center Zordon instructed Alpha "Alpha contact Trini, and Billy, and tell them to go to Jason's location". Alpha agreed "Understood". At Billy's garage Billy, and Trini were working when Billy got a call on his communicator.

"What is it Zordon?" Billy asked. Zordon answered "Jason is in trouble. He, Zack, and Kimberly were fighting Rita's King Sphinx monster when it teleported Zack, and Kimberly away, and teleported Jason to the forest outside Angel Grove, and now Goldar is attacking him as well".

Billy, and Trini were ready. "We're on it". Trini said. "Time for molecular transmutation" Billy called out. They shouted "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger", and teleported to the forest. Jason was glad "Good to see you guys". He then warned however "Be careful though this guy trapped Kimberly, Zack, and a bunch of kids in these trees"

"Don't worry Jason we can handle this clown" Trini assured him. "Affirmative" Billy agreed. Then Billy, and Trini started fighting Goldar, and King Sphinx with Jason as Billy slashed with his Power Lance, and Trini slashed with her Power Daggers.

But King Sphinx was undaunted. He flapped his wings some more, and blew Trini into a tree as well "Trini" Jason cried out. Then he flapped them some more, and trapped Billy in one as well. Then Jason, King Sphinx, and Goldar teleported again this time to a rock quarry outside Angel Grove.

Jason, and King Sphinx once again clashed weapons while Goldar shot fireballs from his sword. King Sphinx then taunted "Let's face it you're nothing without your friends. Why don't just give up" while Rita, and her minions cheered on. Rita then threw her scepter, and yelled "Take this" making Goldar, and King Sphinx grow.

The two monsters then tried to stomp on, and hit Jason with their weapons. Jason was able to get out of the way but he regretfully admitted "Man I wish the other guys were here". While at the Command Center Zordon instructed Alpha "Alpha adjust the Morphing Grid, and lock onto Jason's location.

Alpha pressed some buttons, and the Viewing Globe showed Goldar, and King Sphinx attacking Jason. "Aye ye ye this is hopeless" Alpha screamed. But Zordon assured him "Not yet it isn't try to send Jason the Power Crystals". "Yes the Power Crystals of course".

Then Alpha pressed some buttons, and five crystals appeared. One red, one black, one blue, one yellow, and one pink. Zordon then teleported a satchel, and Alpha put the crystals in the satchel which teleported away in white light. "I shall send them to Jason through his Power Sword".

At the fight Jason was losing. "Oh man this is not looking good" he cried. But then his sword started glowing, and he heard Zordon say "Jason these are your Power Crystals. They will allow you to access power directly from the Morphing Grid, free your friends, and stop King Sphinx, and Goldar".

Then the sword shot out a lightning bolt that hit a cliff side. Goldar, and King Sphinx fired lasers at Jason but he got to the cliff side, and found the satchel "All right the Power Crystals thanks Zordon" then he taunted King Sphinx "Hey ugly I'd like you to meet some of my friends".

Jason then threw the black, blue, yellow, and pink Power Crystals which freed the other Rangers from the trees. Jason then cried out "Now you'll see the true power of friends working together. Dinozord power".

The Dinozords then appeared, and Jason called out "Rangers log on" as he entered his Dinozord followed by Zack with "Zack here ready to rock, and roll", Billy with "Billy here all systems go", Trini with "Trini here ready, and steady", and finally Kimberly with "Let's jinx this Sphinx".

Then the Rangers took out their Power Crystals, and put them in the controls. The Dinozords then combined to form a giant tank. King Sphinx, and Goldar fired lasers at it but the Tank fired lasers of it's own.

But King Sphinx, and Goldar kept coming, and Jason ordered "Begin transformation sequence". Then the tank started standing up as the Triceratops, and the Saber Tooth Tiger became legs, and the cannons of the tank became arms, and the Pterodactyl became a chest plate, and the Tyrannosaurus' head became a humanoid head.

The Megazord then proceed to punch Goldar, and King Sphinx who tried to fight back but the Megazord turned back into a tank, and rammed them. Then transformed back to Megazord mode, and fired lasers but Goldar, and King Sphinx were undaunted.

Zack was annoyed "I'm getting sick of these guys". Then King Sphinx flapped his wings, and Jason called out "Power Sword" just then a giant sword fell from the sky, and landed next to the Megazord. The Megazord then picked it up, and charged it with red energy, and then slashed at King Sphinx.

King Sphinx erupted into sparkles as he fell to the ground, and exploded. Goldar taunted "I'll be back", and teleported away, while at her palace Rita kicked her globe at Squatt, and Babboo, and screamed "I got such a headache".

Back at Ernie's Jason was once again going for the record as his friends were cheering him on "1,094 1,095 1,096 1,097 come on just 3 more" Trini cheered "1,098 1,099 1,100". Then everyone congratulated Jason for beating the Record.

"Thanks for cheering me on guys" Jason said. Then Ernie came in with a cake to celebrate "Happy Birthday Mom?" Jason read incredulously. Ernie explained "Well what do you expect at the last minute this was all they had left".

Then Bulk, and Skull appeared, and Bulk warned "Yeah yeah celebrate now but someday that record will be mine again". Kimberly scoffed "Get a life you two", and Zack pleaded "Yeah man have some cake, and chill".

Bulk then begrudgingly said "All right but I get the first piece" but then He tripped on some weights causing him to fall into the cake as everyone laughed.

The End.

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