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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 4

Foul Play in The Sky

Written by Justin Best

It was a nice sunny day at Angel Grove Airport. Kimberly was talking on a payphone. "I know" she said excitedly "My uncle Steve is taking me on a plane ride through the mountains". Then her uncle Steve came over, and pointed at his watch. Kimberly then said "Oh we have to go now as a matter of fact. I know bye" then she hung up the phone, and went with her Uncle Steve.

Meanwhile Bulk, and Skull were sitting on a bench watching planes go by with binoculars. Skull then bragged "You know I've been told I have the mind of a pilot". Bulk asked "And how come?" Skull answered "Because Mr. Caplan called me an airhead".

Then Bulk saw Kimberly with her uncle Steve, and said "Hey Skull look", and Skull replied excitedly "Oh yeah it's Kimberly". While this was going on uncle Steve explained "And then we'll go north, and then we'll fly right over the mountains".

Then Bulk, and Skull came over, and Bulk asked "Hey Kimberly what's up?", and Skull parroted "Yeah what's up?". Kimberly explained "My uncle Steve, and I are going on a plane trip over the mountains". Bulk then asked "Cool can we come", and Skull parroted "Yeah can we come?"

But Kimberly wasn't sure "I don't know you guys it's kind of a small plane, and". Then she turned to uncle Steve who shrugged, and said "If your friends want to come I'm sure we can take them" Bulk, and Skull screamed for joy, and grabbed their backpacks, and Bulk said "Thank You" "Yeah thank you" Skull parroted.

At her palace Rita was watching this, and came up with another plan "So Kimberly's going flying then. Well what goes up I can bring down" She bragged. "Squatt I want you to go down, and slip some sleeping potion in her uncle's soda." She ordered. "Right away your awfulness" Squatt said.

Rita continued "And with one less Ranger I'll send down a monster to take care of the rest". Goldar agreed, and added "Yes, and I know the perfect one the Snizzard". Goldar then explained "He can spit out deadly cobras to drain the Rangers' powers". He further explained "Not only that but he can fire arrows that are laced with seeds from the apple on his head, and make apple trees grow on people's heads".

Babboo added "Then the apples will drain the life force from them as the apples grow, and when the apples are ripe they'll trap the people inside", and Squatt added "Then Babboo, and I will take them, and you can eat them to get their youth, and beauty".

Rita was pleased "Yes that's perfect" "Finster" she ordered. But Finster was right ahead of her "One Snizzard coming up" he said as he activated the monster matic, and out exploded a gold, and green humanoid lizard creature with a bow, and arrow, a golden apple on it's head, and snakes coming out of it's body.

Squatt then teleported down to Earth, and pulled out a vial of green liquid, and poured it into Steve's can as he said "Man this sleeping potion is so potent it's making me sleepy just pouring it". Then when the vial was empty Squatt then teleported before anyone could see him.

Then Bulk tried to get into the plane but he needed help so Bulk had to push him to get him into the plane. Uncle Steve then started drinking his soda, and asked"All right everyone ready?" "Yeah" Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull answered. "Great" he responded.

Steve then talked into the radio "This is 3042 echo requesting permission for takeoff". A man at the watchtower answered back "Rodger 3042 echo you are cleared for takeoff".

Then the plane took off, and started flying over Angel Grove. Skull asked "Hey Bulk are you afraid of flying?" Bulk answered "No I'm afraid of falling". Then uncle Steve pointed out his window, and said "Hey look you guys it's the park". Skull then started looking out of Bulks binoculars.

Bulk then pulled them back, and said "Hey bonehead let me see". Then Steve pointed again, and said "And there's the youth center". Eventually they got to the mountains outside Angel Grove, and looked out at them.

But eventually Steve started to get tired. Kimberly asked "Is something wrong?". Steve replied "Ugh I'm feeling dizzy", and then passed out. "Oh no he's fainted". Bulk, and Skull started screaming, and Kimberly yelled "Could you please be quiet I'm trying to think".

"I think I'm going to faint" was all Bulk could blurt out before passing out. Followed by Skull with "Yeah me too I think" before he passed out as well. Desperate Kimberly reached for her communicator and screamed "Alpha, Zordon, anybody.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove two kids were playing unaware that the Snizzard was watching them. Then Snizzard took out one of his snake like arrows, put it to the apple on his head, and loaded it. Then he fired the arrow, and it sprayed seeds down on the children's heads.

Then trees started sprouting out of their heads as they started screaming in pain, and started aging. Then the Snizzard went all around Angel Grove doing the same to more children. All the while he quipped "You know what they say an apple a day drains your life force away".

At the Command Center Alpha responded Aye ye ye Kimberly I hear you, But where are you" Zordon answered "My scanners indicate that she is currently at an altitude of 5,000 feet, and dropping". Kimberly further added" I'm flying a plane or at least trying to."

Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye if your life is in danger just morph out of there". But Kimberly explained "I can't I have other people here with me."

Then the alarm at the Command Center went off, and the Viewing Globe showed them the images of the Snizzard going around making trees come out children's heads. Alpha once again panicked "Aye ye ye Rita's sent another monster what a terrible time to attack".

Zordon was suspicious "This is no coincidence. Rita wanted to distract us while her monster attacks." Zordon then ordered "Contact the Rangers at once". Alpha complied "Understood I've alerted the Rangers now."

Then Alpha once again contacted Kimberly, and said "Kimberly I will try, and instruct you on how to fly the plane". He then explained "Hold it as steady as you can, and pull the controls towards you". Kimberly followed Alpha's instructions, and the plane started leveling "I did it" she exclaimed "It leveled off"

At the Command Center Zordon showed the other Rangers what was happening with Kimberly. He assured them "Do not panic Rangers. Kimberly is a very bright, and capable girl". He added "And she has already stopped the plane from losing altitude"

He also warned "However her fuel supply is dangerously low, but Alpha is doing everything he can to help her land the plane". Then he showed them images of kids in the hospital, and in the park with trees growing out of their heads.

Zordon then explained "This is why I have summoned you here. Rita has sent her latest monster The Snizzard to attack children in Angel Grove park". Then he showed them an image of Snizzard about to attack more children.

Trini was shocked, and faintly uttered "Oh my goodness". Zack angrily added "Man this is low even for Rita". Jason then said "All right guys let's do this. It's morphing time". Then they shouted "Mastodon" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus".

The Rangers tried to attack Snizzard with their Blade Blasters in blade mode but they had not effect. Then they tried firing lasers from their Blade Blasters in gun mode but the golden apple on his head reflected the blast at the Rangers.

Trini explained "That apple on his head it reflected our attacks". Then the Rangers tried punching, and kicking the Snizzard but he just punched, kicked, and tail whipped them as he quipped "Now you shall taste MY fire power".

Back on the plane Kimberly was still worried "Alpha I'm headed towards the mountains". Alpha then explained "Just take your controls, and bank 20 degrees to the left. It should take you 45 seconds to complete a 180 turn".

Just then Alpha got a message from Jason telling Alpha "Alpha we're having a hard time defeating Rita's monster we need Kimberly". While the viewing globe showed that some of the kids with apples on their heads were now completely encased in the apples.

Alpha screamed "Aye ye ye". Kimberly screamed "Don't say that Alpha you're scarring me". Alpha apologized "Sorry Kimberly I was talking about the other Rangers". Alpha explained "They're currently in a desperate battle with Rita's Snizzard monter, and they need your help".

Alpha then explained "Right now you need to land the plane as quickly as possible". Kimberly worried "But what about my uncle?". Alpha explained we've sent a message to Angel Grove Airport they will send an ambulance as soon as you land", and Kimberly shouted happily "I think I can see Angel Grove".

Back at the fight Snizzard opened his mouth, and fired snakes at the Rangers Trini grunted "Oh no snakes" followed by Zack with "This is bad", and Billy with "I can't move". Then the Snizzard taunted "Feel my cobras draining your energy".

Jason relunctedly admitted "He's right I'm getting weaker" Then the Snizzard started once again hitting the Rangers leaving them crying in pain as the cobras kept squeezing them, and the snakes' mouths inched closer.

Back on the plane Kimberly said "Alpha I think I see the airport" Alpha exclaimed "Good now try to reduce your speed". He added "Hit the switch to your right marked twaddle". Kimberly did it, and the plane started landing.

She then took the radio, and hailed to the watchtower "This is 3042 Echo. I repeat 3042 requesting permission to land" she then added "Everyone except me is unconscious right now". The watchtower answered "3042 Echo you have permission to land".

Kimberly landed the plane, and congratulated herself "I did it". But she realized she couldn't land stop the plane. But luckily Steve finally woke up, and retook control of the plane saying "Don't worry I've got this one".

As soon as the plane came to a complete stop Kimbery got out, and said "Just make sure our passengers are safe". Steve asked "But Kimberly" Kimberly answered "I'll call you later". Then she ran to where no one could see her, and shouted "Pterodactyl".

The Snizzard was walking up to the Rangers as he placed an arrow up to the apple on his head, and taunted "Now you shall feel the true power of the Zapper Apple". While Trini grunted "You'll never get away with this".

But just as the Snizzard was about to fire his arrow at the Rangers another arrow came, and broke it. Kimberly appeared, and said nobody messes with my friends". Kimberly then used her Blade Blaster to break the snakes, and Jason congratulated "All right Kim". With Trini adding "Yeah I thought we were goners".

But the Snizzard was undaunted. He summoned an army of Puttties, and said "Get them" but Kimberly fought them off with her bow". The Snizzard then whined "Curse your power bow" Then Kimberly aimed her bow at his apple as Jason instructerd her "Kim aim for the apple on his head.

Kimberly agreed "You've got it". She then fired her arrow at the apple destroying it. With the apple destroyed the Snizzard surged with electricity fell down, and exploded. At the hospital, and the park the children were freed from the trees, and their apples.

Back at her palace Rita started throwing balls at Squatt, Babboo, and Finster shouting "You in competent nitwits. I have to do everything myself". Then she put her hands to head, and cried "Ugh now I have a headache".

Back at the airport the ambulance was using smelling salts to revive Bulk, and Skull. The two woke up, and Uncle Steve asked "You guys okay?". But Bulk, and Skull ran screaming back to the youth center. At the youth center Kimberly was telling somebody what happened.

Jason, and Zack were mocking this while Bulk, and Skull came in. But Zack got up just as Angela was getting some drinks, and Zack accidentally bumped into her causing her to spill them all over Bulk, and Skull.

The End.

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