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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 5
Switching Places
Written by Justin Best

It was night at Angel Grove, and Squatt was sneaking around Billy's garage laughing. Then Squat said "Oh boy that power source for Billy's new machine has got to be around here somewhere". Then he found the device he was looking for.

Squatt then proceeded to take some power cables, and switched them around as he bragged "I'll just switch these things over here, and when Billy tests his new machine his brain will be scrambled like an omelet".

Then he made sure no one was looking, and said "Those Rangers will be so busy fixing him they won't notice when Rita attacks". And then he proceeded to teleport back out of Billy's garage. Back at Rita's palace Squatt then said cheerfully "Now we can send down a monster"

Rita was excited "I'll have Finster make one right away". Then she saw Goldar, and ordered "Goldar come look it's the chance we've been waiting for". Goldar asked "You mean we can finally destroy those Power Rangers?". Rita answered "Yes", and then ordered "Attack".

The next morning Kimberly was at Billy's house. Kimberly asked "So what was the new project you wanted to show me?". Billy answered I've created a device that will allow direct thought transference" Amazed Kimberly asked "You mean you found a way to read minds?".

Billy humbly confirmed "Affirmative" then he took out a giant machine with two human shaped holes, and three panels on the left, middle, and right of the device. Kimberly was even more impressed saying "Morhpinominal".

While this was happening Bulk, and Skull were secretly watching them. Bulk asked "Did you hear that?". Skull answered "Yeah I think it was a dog". Bulk corrected him "No you numbskull. These geeks have built a machine that can read minds"

He then asked "Could you imagine the possibilities? Well if you had a mind to read". But Skull kept pointing at his shoulder going "Um Bulk". Bulk then asked irritated "Yeah what?" then they saw Billy's dog, and ran for it.

Billy then said "All right I just have to hit the switch and". Then the machine roared to life as electricity surged through Billy, and Kimberly's bodies. When the surge stopped they both got out of the machine, and Kimberly asked "Are you feeling nominal?"

Billy took of his glasses and rubbed his head going "Like I think so". Then Kimberly took Billy's glasses, and put them on, and asked worriedly "Kimberly?" Followed by Billy going "Billy?". Then Kimberly as Billy asked "What's going on?".

Billy as Kimberly tried to explain "The machine must have overcharged, and we have experienced spatial personality displacement". Kimberly as Billy was furious "In English" Billy as Kimberly explained "We switched brains". Then the two started screaming.

At Rita's palace Babboo was fishing. He started singing "Lalala I hope I catch something big". Then Squatt appeared and chided him "Babboo what do you think you're doing?". But Babboo scoffed "I'm fishing, and I'm sure I'm gonna catch the big one".

Then Babboo's hook caught what looked like a lamp, and pulled it to the palace. Goldar came in, and demanded "What are you two numbskulls doing?" Squatt then picked up the lamp, and explained "Babboo over here has been fishing for junk".

Then Babboo rubbed the lamp, and out popped a white mist that took the form of a blue humanoid jackal like creature. The creature then said "I am the genie of Canis 35 your wish is my command".

Squatt was excited "Oh boy a genie". Goldar then ordered "Genie you are to go to Earth, and destroy the Power Rangers". The Genie agreed "Your wish is granted my master".

Back at Billy's garage Bulk, and Skull snuck back in, Bulk then gloated "Come on I saw how it works". The two then got into Billy's machine, and Skull asked "So now what?". Bulk angrily answered "Think of something, and I'm gonna try, and read your mind"

Skull nodded, and then asked "Can I think of Kimberly?" Bulk then replied "Don't tell me I'm going to try, and read your mind". Skull once again nodded, and Bulk activated the a surge of electricity went throught their bodies.

When it was done they got out, and Skull angrily stole Bulks hat. But instead of getting angry Bulk just laughed at him. Then the two of them realized what had happened, and started screaming.

At Angel Grove high Billy as Kimberly was trying to put on makeup, but did a bad job. Then some other girls started laughing, and Billy whined "Well I think make up is over rated anyway", and went to Kim's Home Economics class.

During class Billy explained "The cheese soufflé". Then he got out the ingredients, and a bowl, and put the ingredients in the bowl, and got a mixer, and started mixing the ingredients but Billy got them all over everyone.

Then Billy put the soufflé in the oven, and when it was done Billy excitedly exclaimed "Voila". But then a bubble started forming that got bigger, and bigger until the entire soufflé exploded, and got on everyone in the class causing them to groan "Kimberly".

Meanwhile in Billy's computer class Kimberly as Billy was telling Willy "Now press the key in that corner". But the computer gave an error message, and Kimberly tried to explain "No silly the other corner".

Willy tried it, and got another error message. Willy asked "Are you okay? We can do this some other time". But Kimberly answered "Nah I'll just do this". Then she pushed a button, and the computer started overheating.

Willy screamed "It's gonna explode". Then Willy, and Kimberly ducked under the desk as the computer exploded, and afterwards they got back up, and Kimberly started laughing nervously.

At Rita's palace Goldar ordered "Go in this lamp that way you can get down to Earth undetected". Babboo added "And by the time he does it will be too late". Squatt rubbed the lamp again, and said "Into the lamp with you". Then The Genie once again turned into white mist, and went back into the lamp.

Rita was pleased "All Right now send these two down to Earth at once" "Then Squatt, and Babboo teleported down to Earth, and Babboo ordered "All right did you bring it?" Squatt pulled the lamp out if his satchel, and said yeah I got it".

Then Squatt rubbed the lamp again but then he lost his grip, and dropped it. But the lamp still released the Genie in the form of white mist.

At Angel Grove high Kimberly was screaming "I can't believe it you ruined my hair, you ruined my make up, you ruined my entire life". Billy retorted with "Well I gave you a simple processor tutorial, and you turned all my systems into a synaptic nightmare".

Jason, Zack, and Trini appeared, and, and Zack aske "What's wrong? You guys have never been in each other's faces this much before". Kimberly explained "Billy's invention switched our minds". Billy explained "My device overloaded causing a spatial personality displacement".

Jason was taking this in, and pointed to Kimberly, and said "So if you're Kimberly" then he pointed to Billy, and Kimberly answered "Obviously someone who doesn't know how to put on make up". Trini then asked "Kimberly is that you?" Kimberly answered "Afraid so."

At the Command Center Zordon explained "Alpha my sensors indicate a disturbance in the morphing grid". Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye" I'll summon the Rangers at once". The Rangers teleported in, and Zordon explained "Rangers Rita has sent down a mysterious Genie monster to Angel Grove park"

Jason, and the others accepted. Jason said "All right Zordon we hear you". They all shouted "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". The Genie started by throwing spears at the Rangers which not only trapped them but caused explosion when they hit the ground.

Then he fired webbing out of his hands which covered the Rangers. Zack asked "What is this?". Jason grunted "I can't move". Babboo gloated you guys are gonna get it now". Then the Genie started throwing the Rangers around telekinetically.

Then the genie turned the webbing into a rope, and pulled out a dagger that fired a green laser at the Rangers. But Jason was able to block it, and it reflected back at the lamp knocking it out of Babboo's hands.

The lamp was thrown so far no one knew where it went. The Genie disappeared along with the rope freeing the Rangers. "What was that?" was all Jason could ask. While Babboo chided Squatt "Now look what you did you blunderhead". And they both teleported off.

At the Command Center Zordon ordered "Alpha contact the Rangers, and tell them to return to the Command Center". Alpha agreed "Understood", and he hit a button on the console. The Rangers teleported in, and Jason asked "What's wrong Zordon?".

Zordon explained "My sensors indicate that the lamp is somewhere in Angel Grove". He further explained "You must try to find it before Rita's minions or worse a random civilian finds it" Jason agreed "We're on it Zordon". Then the Rangers teleported off.

While at Ernie's Bulk as Skull was eating a huge sandwich while Skull as Bulk was watching. Bulk angrily said "I'm going to get that geek, and force him to fix us". Then he interrupted himself to add "Right after my spaghetti, and meatballs". Skull parroted "Yeah spaghetti, and meatballs", and proceeded to laugh hysterically.

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove park two boys one on a skateboard, the other on bike appeared, and found the lamp. The boy who was seemingly the oldest asked "Hey Bobby what do you think it is?" Bobby answered "It looks like some kind of lamp".

Jimmy suggested "Hey let's show it to everyone". Bobby agreed "Yeah that would be cool". The two boys went to a club house where there was a group of kids. Two geeky looking African American children one male, and one female.

An Asian American girl with a baseball hat. A white boy holding a cat, and another boy who was eating a candy bar. Bobby, and Jimmy appeared, and Jimmy shouted joyfully "Hey guys check this out". Bobby added "Yeah we found a lamp".

The kid with the candy bar looked at it, and asked excitedly "Wow does it work?". Jimmy shrugged "I don't know Carl". Then Jimmy rubbed the lamp, and the Genie came out, and said "Your wish is my command".

All the kids gasped, and Carl made his first wish "I wish for all the burgers, pizza, and tacos I can eat" he shouted joyfully. The genie simply said "Granted", and snapped his fingers. Then a puff of smoke came, and when it disappeared there was a pile of pizza, burgers, and tacos around Carl.

Carl cried tears of joy, and said "This is the happiest day of my life". Jimmy said "All right who's next how about Sandy, and Burt?" the two geeky kids went up to the genie, and Sandy said "I want every video game ever made".

Burt chimed in "I want every comic book ever made". The genie said "Granted", and with another smoke cloud Sandy was standing in a pile of video games, and Burt was standing in a pile of comic books.

"Who's next? How about Cassie?" Bobby said. The girl in the baseball cap said "I want a magic carpet". "Done" the Genie said, and he made a carpet appear, and when Cassie got on it it started floating, and started flying Cassie all over Angel Grove.

"Now Mark" Jimmy said. The boy with the cat said "I want every animal for a pet" once again the Genie said "Done", and with another puff of smoke Mark was surrounded with various animals. How about you Jimmy?"

Jimmy gave it some thought, and said "I want to surf the biggest wave ever" "Granted" the Genie said, and in a puff of smoke Jimmy was in Hawaii surfing a huge wave, and screaming happily at the top of his lungs.

Now it was Bobby's turn. The Genie asked "What do you want Bobby?". Bobby thought about but couldn't think of anything. "I don't know" he shrugged "I'll have to think about it".

At the Command Center the Rangers were watching the Viewing Globe when it showed an image of Cassie on the flying carpet. Trini was the first to ask "Guys what's that?". Zack answered dumbfounded "It looks like some girl on a flying carpet.

Jason knew what it was "It's the Genie that girl must have it". The other Rangers nodded, and they all grabbed their morphers, and Jason said "Back to action", and the Rangers teleported off. While Cassie went back to the Clubhouse.

Cassie got off the magic carpet, and yelled happily "That was awesome". The other kids were still happy with their wishes, and Sandy agreed "Yeah Genie your're the best". Just then the Power Rangers teleported in.

"Oh no" they gasped. Cassie then closed up the lamp, and the Genie turned back into mist, and went back in. Jason asked "Did you kids see a lamp with a genie in it?" The kids tried to lie by saying "Nope", Na ah", and "I haven't seen it".

But the Rangers weren't convinced. Trini explained "Please tell us the truth. That genie is not a toy" "Yeah" Zack agreed "You kids could wish for something, and something bad could happen". Billy added "Or somebody like Rita could find out, and take him.

But the Kids stood their ground. Cassie said "But the genie's our friend". Burt agreed "Yeah we're not giving him away like that". Just then Squat, Babboo, Goldar, and an army of Putties appeared. Jason shouted "Kids get out of here we'll take them".

The Kids nodded, and got away while the Rangers fought off Goldar, and the Putties. Squatt, and Babboo started chasing after the kids. Babboo threatened "All right brats give us the lamp, and nobody loses a kidney".

But then the Genie appeared, and punched out Squatt, and Babbo. Then he turned them into balloons before quipping "Sorry but you guys are full of hot air". Babboo whined "This stinks this is your fault". Squatt fired back "You're the one who found that stupid lamp".

Just then Rita herself appeared, and taunted "You all want to do this the hard way fine". Then she fired lasers at the Rangers. Then she made the lamp levitate, and shattered it. Then she taunted "Now the Genie is worthless" before lauhing maniacally, and teleporting off.

The Genie was despondent. "What's wrong?" Sandy asked worriedly. The Genie answered sadly "I either have to repair my old lamp or find a new one within 24 Earth hours or I disappear forever" "Oh no" the children all gasped"

Mark asked "What can we do?". The Genie answered "We can try to find all the pieces of my old lamp, and fix it". But he warned "However that could take forever". Billy had an idea "What if we all split up, and looked within the radius of where it shattered".

"That's brilliant" Kimberly said. Jason agreed "All right Jimmy, and Bobby come with me". Then he pointed to Zack, and said "Black you take Sandy, and Burt" Zack agreed "On it". Then he pointed at Kimberly "Blue you take Cassie"

"Totally". "Trini you take Carl" "You got it" she replied", and Pink you have Mark "Affirmative" he replied.

The Rangers, and the kids along with the Genie went around looking for the pieces. It took forever but slowly but surely found them. Jason said "All right Alpha we found a piece" Alpha responded "All right Jason I'll teleport it here right now".

Eventually they found all the pieces. Zordon then told them "All right Rangers we found all the pieces now Alpha, and I will use the Molecular Reassembler to restore the lamp". He warned "However it might take us a few minutes".

The Kids, and the Genie cheered nonetheless. But just as they were celebrating Rita appeared again this time carrying a red lamp. "Genie I got you a new lamp" she said. "Now you have to work for me" she ordered.

The Genie turned back into mist, and went into Rita's lamp. Rita then ordered "Genie destroy them". The Genie came out of the lamp only now he had sharp fangs, and red circles on his eyes, and he roared at the Rangers, and children.

Jason called out "We need Dinozord power now". Then the Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers got inside. Jason said "All right log on". Zack replied "Zack here kicking" followed by "Kimberly here I mean Billy I mean", "Trini here ready to rock", and finally "Billy here all systems online".

Jason called out "We need Megazord power". Then the Zords all combined into the Dinosaur tank. Jason called out again "Switching to battle mode". Then the Dino Tank transformed into the Megazord. The Genie then materialized some strange drill like weapon, and started punching, kicking, and stabbing the Megazord.

The Genie then threw some more webbing at the Megazord which exploded. Rita laughed, and cheered "Yes you're doing it get them". While the children could only gasp "Oh no". Zack warned "He's overloading our power supply.

Jason asked "Billy can you do something?" Billy answered "I can reboot the synchros" Jason agreed "Good". He then ordered "Kimberly, Trini you help him". "Right" they agreed.

At the Command Center Alpha was hitting some switches.
Zordon asked "Alpha how much longer until the lamp is finished" Alpha answered "Just a few more seconds".

At the battle the Genie was about to destroy the Megazord. "We're finished" Zack screamed. Just then the lamp reassembled, and Alpha cheered "Yay we did it", and the lamp teleported out.

The Genie once again turned into mist, and went back into his original lamp. Rita screamed in defeat "Ahh now I have a headache again". Then Rita teleported out.

The kids then hugged the Genie, and said things like "Yay you're back".
The Genie was happy. "Thank you my friends, and thanks to the Rangers for bringing me back to normal". Billy shrugged "Eh we had a little help from the kids, and Alpha".

Then the Genie went to Bobby, and asked. "So Bobby have you thought of what you want?" Bobby gave it some thought but after a while he smiled, and nodded. "Genie I wish for you to be free".

The Genie, the other children, and the Rangers were surprised. The Genie asked "Are you sure Bobby?" Bobby answered "Yeah having things is fun but friends are better, and I don't want anyone like Rita getting their hands on you again".

Jason nodded "You did the right thing Bobby". Just then the lamp disappeared forever, and the Genie gladly said "Well kids, well Rangers I'm going back to Canis 35 but maybe someday I'll be back". He then added "And when I do maybe everyone's wishes will come true". The Kids, and the Rangers waved good bye as the Genie disappeared again.

Back at Billy's garage Zack was congratulating Alpha on his communicator "Yo Alpha man thanks for fixing the lamp. That Genie almost had us". Alpha humbly replied "It ain't nothing home boys, and home girls".

Billy had just about fixed the machine, and he, and Kimberly got back in. Kimberly asked "Are you certain it will work?" Billy answered "In science nothing is certain" Then Billy said "Flip the switch". Kimberly flipped it, and once again electricity surged through them.

When it was done Jason asked "Did it work?". Followed by Trini with "Are you back to normal?" Billy took his glasses back, and answered "I believe my synaptic neurons are functional again". Kimberly added "And I'm me again too."

Then Bulk, and Skull came in, and Bulk demanded "Hey can turn us back to normal?". Skull parroted "Yeah normal". Zack was skeptical "I don't know maybe this will teach them a lesson". Trini agreed "Like not to mess with other people's property".

But Billy relented, and begrudgingly said "All right". Then Bulk, and Skull got back in the machine, and after they went through the surge they got out, and Bulk took back his hat, and asked "Did it work?". Skull parroted "Yeah did it work?"

Then they realized it did, and started cheering "Yeah we're back". Then Skull put his arm around Billy, and asked "So Billy can I borrow your brain for my next math test?". But Billy took it off, and scoffed "I guess some people just never learn".

The End.

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