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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 6

Green with Evil part 1

Written by Justin Best.

It was the day of the intercity martial arts expo. Jason was about to fight his next opponent, and his friends were cheering him on. Zack advised "Okay remember to think positive you can do this". Trini added "And remember to focus your body as well as your mind".

Just then the announcer said "Up next reigning Angel Grove champion Jason Scott vs reigning Crossworld City champion Tommy Oliver". Then a young brunette man wearing green workout clothes appeared.

Zack cheered "All right bud now get him". Jason went up to Tommy, and shook his hand saying here's to a good fight. Tommy grinned, and said "You too dude". Then the Announcer declared "Round One" Ready Fight".

Jason backfliped while Tommy did roundhouse kicks but Jason was able to get a kick in. The judge ruled "One point Angel Grove". Then Jason tried to kick Tommy but Tommy kept dodging, and landed a scissor kick.

The Judge ruled "One point Crossworld City". Then Tommy kicked at Jason who tried to get out of the way but Tommy downed him, and landed a punch. The judge ruled "One point Crossworld City". Then Jason started punching, and kicking, and landed a kick. The judge ruled "One point Angel Grove".

Now was the tie breaker. Jason, and Tommy started punching, and kicking each other. But both challengers kept dodging the others blows. Eventually however the time ran out. The judge ruled "Match ends in a draw no winner".

After the match Jason, and Tommy once again shook hands, and Jason said "That was good you almost had me there". Tommmy begrudgingly admitted "Yeah you too.", and Jason went to his friends. Trini cheered "That was awesome".

Jason was a little surprised "But I didn't win". Trini explained "It's not about whether you win or lose it's the honor, and dignity in which you compete that matters" Jason nodded "Yeah you're right". Jason was confused though. "There's just one thing I'm curious about". Jason said.

Zack asked curiously "What's that?". Jason answered with another question "Did that guy seem the least bit familiar?" Billy answered "They did say he was from Crossworld City isn't that where your cousin Kaitlin, and Trini's uncle Tao live?".

Jason gave it some thought, and shrugged "Maybe this Tommy guy trained at his dojo". He changed the subject "All right guys I gotta hit the showers but I'll meet you guys later" Trini said "Bye", and Zack said "See you later man", and everyone left except Kimberly who just stared at Tommy who was still practicing.

Meanwhile at her palace Rita was casting a spell "Shugorathana Shukoumbi Shurabaki". Rita's minions were watching nervously. She continued "Oh ancient spirits of evil that dwell within Earth, and Space please give me a vision of the means to destroy the Power Rangers".

Just then the skull on Rita's altar started glowing in every color imaginable. Then the light focused into the eye holes of the Skull, and the Skull fired the light into Rita's crystal ball. Rita beamed excitedly, and all she could say was "Yes. Yes. Finally".

Her minions surrounded her. Squatt asked "Ooh ooh what is it your highness?" Rita simply snapped "Shut up for more than five seconds, and I'll show you". She then showed them all the vision in the crystal ball.

Somewhere in a far off place either another planet, or Earth in another dimension. There was a forest, A forest filled with plant, and animal life far larger than it would be on Earth. A forest where all sorts of magical beings lived.

In the forest was a village, and in the village was a race of tiny people dressed in medieval style clothing doing all sorts of jobs. Somewhere in the village was a man in green clothes who was helping other men, and women farming.

The man stopped to look at a miniature sun dial he had in his pocket. The man said dumbfounded "Aye I can't believe that when this day is done. The coin of green will choose it's one". The man became worried, and said "I hope my son has listened well, or today might be the dawn of hell"

Elsewhere in the village a little boy wearing blue, and yellow medieval style clothes was rummaging through his hut turning over everything, opening all the counters, and drawers, and even looking through the straw of his hut.

"Oh man oh man where did Father hid that blasted thing" the Boy whined. He started looking in his father's room but after what seemed like forever the boy just threw his arms on the ground, and shouted "Darn it".

But when he hit the floor he felt something, and when he looked around he saw a hidden door. When he opened the door he saw a glowing green light, and when it dissipated the boy saw a small coin with the image of a creature that resembled a Tyrannosaurus with spikes on it's back, and horns on it's head.

The boy's eyes were lit. "I found it" he cried. Then the boy tried to remember something "Now what was that?" then he remembered, and said "Oh coin of green the time has come. To show to me your chosen one".

Then the coin started spinning at impossible speeds building green electricity until the electricity created a giant ball. In the ball was a fuzzy image but the image became clearer, and clearer until the boy could make out who it was.

But unbeknownst to the boy someone else was watching. For Rita was seeing this exact same image in her crystal ball. Rita smiled evilly, and gloated "That boy has no idea what he's doing". She added "When that boy does what I think he's going to do I'll destroy the Power Rangers once and for all".

At the hut the image faded, and the coin slowed down to a complete stop. The coin then built up more green electricity, and teleported out of the hut. The boy saw this, and said "Oh boy I've got to find them, and tell them the good news", and the boy teleported off into blue energy.

At Angel Grove high Kimberly was at her locker when Bulk, and Skull went up to her. Skull flexed his muscles, and said "Hey babe want a real strong man to carry your stuff for you?". Kimberly scoffed "Dream on Skull".

Bulk angrily retorted "I don't think you heard us" he then added "Maybe we oughtta teach you a lesson". Just then a voice from behind them said "I don't think you heard her". They turned around, and saw Tommy.

Tommy said "She said leave her alone". Bulk scoffed "Hey Skull I thing he needs a lesson too". Then Tommy did a bunch of phantom punches, and kicks. When he was done Bulk whimpered "Maybe we'll teach you that lesson some other time", and the two of them ran off.

Kimberly said "Hey thanks for getting rid of them". Tommy just shrugged, and said "Aww it was nothing". Kimberly introduced herself "My name's Kimberly, Kimberly Ann Heart" Tommy replied "Tommy, Tommy Oliver".

Kimberly replied "Yeah I saw at the martial arts match with my friend Jason". Tommy was astounded, and asked "You mean Jason Scott?" Kimberly said "Yeah why?". Tommy answered "My friend Kaitlin has a cousin named Jason".

Tommy further explained "He, and his friends used to visit us all the time in Crossworld City". Kimberly then realized something "Oh yeah I remember now we used to see you guys once or twice a year". Tommy smiled, and asked "So how's everyone".

Kimberly answered "As a matter of fact I was going to meet them later". Kimberly then asked "Want to come over to Juice Bar later you know just to hang out". Tommy smiled, and said "Yeah that would be perfect".

Kimberly looked at her watch, and said "Ooh I got to go catch you later" Tommy replied "Later", and with that Kimberly went off. Tommy went off, and said to himself "Wow that was cool. I just hope everyone else remembers".

Meanwhile in the magical village Quagmire had just come home from farming. He said "Aye you'll be glad to know my son that my day of work has just been done". But when he saw the house instead of his usual rhymes all he could say was just endless "No no no no no".

Quagmire looked around shouting "Nemo, Nemo, Nemo". He then looked in his room, and saw what had happened. All the color left his face as he said "What I feared has come true, and there's one thing I must do".

Quagmire then looked in a chest in his room, and out of it he pulled a green staff with a crecent shaped object at the end. Quagmire then said "But I alone can't get this done. I need my friends Alpha and Zordon". And with that he teleported out in green energy.

At the Command Center Alpha was whining "But do I have to". Zordon explained "It is imperative that you deactivate when I recharge the Morphing Grid". Just then Quagmire teleported in, and Zordon's eyes widened, and Alpha's optical sensors glowed.

Zordon asked "Quagmire I haven't seen you in 10,000,000 years is something wrong". Quagmire solemnly answered "I'm afraid to say, and this I mean. We have a ourselves a code of green". Alpha gasped "Code Green. Are you sure?"

Quagmire solemnly answered "Aye that much is true. So you two know what we must do". Zordon, and Alpha nodded. Zordon asked "Do you have the key?". Quagmire answered "Right on me" as he pulled out a purple crystal,

Zordon said "Good". He then ordered "Now for you Alpha". Alpha complied "Understood", and pulled out a tray from his own body which contained a similar crystal. Then Alpha pushed a button on the console, and a lock with two crystal shaped holes came out.

Quagmire asked "Ready?". Alpha answered "As I'll ever be". The two of them put the crystals into the lock, and turned them. Zordon closed his eyes as the energy in his tube surged around the image of his face until light filled the entire Command Center.

When the light cleared a middle aged Asian looking man in a white robe carrying a gold spiral shaped scepter stood right in front of Alpha, and Quagmire. For the first time in 10,000,000 years Zordon once again stood on Earth.

The first thing Zordon did was explain "Now as you two know I can only stay out of my time warp for 24 Earth hours. After which all my years in the time warp will catch up to me, and I will age to dust". The two nodded.

Alpha replied "But Zordon don't forget if you get hurt we will have to put you back right away". Zordon nodded "I know the risk but desperate times call for desperate measures". Zordon then ordered "Alpha contact the Rangers at once, and tell them to meet me, and Quagmire at our location while me, and Quagmire try to stop Nemo. Alpha complied "Understood". Zordon, and Quagmire then teleported out.

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove Tommy was walking outside minding his own business when a green flash of light flew from the sky like a meteor, and landed in a nearby alley. All Tommy could say was "Woah".

Tommy then looked to where it landed, and saw a golden coin with the picture of a dinosaur like creature engraved radiating green energy. Tommy picked up the coin, and it radiated green electricity but the electricity didn't hurt Tommy in fact he seemed to feel powerful with it.

Tommy asked "Wow what is this? Some kind of magic medallion?". Just then Nemo teleported behind him, and said cheerfully "Greetings Green Ranger". Tommy then turned around, and was shocked. He then said "Oh high kid".

Tommy then remembered what Nemo said, and replied "Hey kid did you just call me Green Ranger?". Nemo answered "Aye that I did because you're the Green Power Ranger". Tommy was confused because not only was he not a Power Ranger but last time he checked there wasn't even a Green Ranger.

Tommy explained "I think you've got it wrong I'm Tommy Oliver I'm just a regular high school kid". But Nemo was undaunted he took the coin, and flipped it causing it to once again show the image of Tommy from earlier.

Tommy said "Unreal". Nemo explained as the coin showed more messages "Once upon a time there were six tribes. Five worshipped Dinosaurs but there was also a sixth tribe that worshipped Dragons". Tommy gasped "No way".

Nemo further explained "A kind, and wise wizard from Eltar named Zordon came to your planet to recruit the five bravest, wisest, and most powerful warriors from each tribe, and none were more powerful than the Green Ranger".

Nemo showed an image of a Green Power Ranger with a dragon themed helmet, a gold shield on his chest, and gold arm bands. He explained "The Green Ranger had all sorts of power he had a magic dagger called the Dragon Dagger a powerful weapon that was virtually unbeatable.

Tommy was still impressed. Nemo then showed him more images of the Green Ranger's Powers, and weapons. Nemo then showed him an image of the Green Ranger playing the Dragon Dagger as a flute. He explained "Not only that but it could be used to summon the Green Ranger's most powerful weapon".

Then the image of a giant green mechanical dragon like creature rising from the sea appeared. Nemo explained "The mighty Dragonzord". He continued "A powerful creature armed with an indestructible drill tail".

He further explained "Not only that but a seemingly endless arsenal of missiles" Tommy said "Far out". Nemo also said "It could also combine with the Zords of other Rangers such as the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger to become the Dragon Battlezord".

"And it could combine with the Megazord to become the Mega Dragonzord a powerful robot knight that could destroy all of Rita's monsters". Tommy was convinced. When Nemo stopped showing him the images the coin stopped moving. Tommy picked it back up, and asked "So what do I do now?", and the two teleported off.

At Billy's Garage Billy, Zack, and Jason were washing Billy's Volkswagen beetle. Zack bragged "Man Billy you're RADBUG's gonna look stylin after Zack's wax" Jason laughed, and said Zack's wax?". Then Kimberly came over asked "Hey what are you guys doing?"

Billy explained "Jason, and Zack are helping me wash my latest invention the RADBUG". Kimberly was confused "RADBUG?" she asked. Billy explained "Remote Activated Drivingzord for Basic Ultra Geomorphology".

Kimberly asked "What's it do?". Billy explained "It's supposed to help cross long distances like to the Command Center in case the Teleportation Grid is down, or if our communicators don't have the coordinates".

Kimberly was impressed "Morphinominal". Jason asked "So what's up with you?" Kimberly answered "Well you know that new guy Tommy from Crossworld City that we saw at the Expo?". Jason said "Oh yeah that guy". Kimberly explained "Well I know why he seemed familiar he's the same Tommy that's friends with your cousin Kaitlin, and lives with Trini's uncle Tao".

Zack was shocked "No way that Tommy? Man we haven't seen that guy in years". Kimberly explained "Well he said he wants to meet us at the Juice Bar". Jason shrugged and said "It would be nice to see how things have been doing since we last saw him".

Just then their communicators started beeping. Jason got to his communicator, and asked "Zordon, Alpha what is it". Alpha frantically explained "Rangers no time to explain but this is of the utmost importance".

Alpha continued "I'm going to feed you the coordinates now, and when I do teleport to that exact spot". He then said "Hurry this is an emergency". Jason shook his head, and said "You heard him". The other Rangers nodded, and they all teleported out.

Somewhere in another forest near an ocean there was a cave. A cave that had been abandoned for over 10,000,000 years. That was until today. Tommy, and Nemo then teleported near the cave. Nemo explained "All right Mr. Tommy you just have to go into that cave, and clear the challenge, and you'll become the new Green Ranger".

Tommy nodded "Got it", and was about to enter the cave when all of a sudden Zordon, and Quagmire teleported in. "Not so fast" Zordon said. Tommy was confused until he recognized Zordon from the images the coin showed.

Tommy called out "Hey you're that Zordon guy". Then he saw Quagmire, and asked "And who's that guy?". Quagmire answered "Quagmire's the name, and stopping you is our game". Nemo called out "But father why don't you want Tommy to become the Green Ranger".

Nemo pleaded "Please father with his help the Power Rangers will destroy Rita, and her minions forever, and Earth, and all the planets of the universe will finally be at peace". Quagmire retorted "Son you know not the danger of making this young man a Ranger".

Tommy was shocked by this "Father? Son? Listen man your son gave me the coin". He then offered "Now I'll either give you the coin, and you guys can give it to somebody else, or I keep it, and go in that cave but either way you're putting those wands down".

Just then the Rangers teleported in. The Rangers were shocked they tried to take in what was happening. Zack blurted "Is that Zordon?". Followed by Trini with "Is that Quagmire?", and Kimberly with "Is that Tommy?", and Billy asking "Who's that?".

Quagmire explained "Just so you know that boy's my son Nemo". Jason was still trying to take this all in "Wait wait wait". He said "What's going on?" Tommy tried to explain "This kid gave me a coin, and said I was a Power Ranger but his dad, and the Power Rangers' boss said no".

Zordon said "Rangers you must help us stop Tommy from getting to the cave, and becoming The Green Ranger you have no idea what will happen if he does". The Rangers were still confused. Zack said "Wait Tommy's a Power Ranger? Quagmire has a kid? Zordon knows him, and can get out of his time warp?"

Zack then asked "Zordon is their something you're not telling us". Zordon laid his head done, and remorsefully said "Rangers there are things about the past that must remain buried". Trini retorted "But Zordon".

Just then Squatt, Babboo, Goldar, and an army of putties appeared. Squatt cried out "All right that shrimp found the new Green Ranger". Babboo said "Now we can destroy the Rangers once and for all". Goldar ordered "Attack".

Kimberly cried out "Great now Rita, and her goons". Zordon ordered Rangers stop Goldar, and the Putties while me, and Quagmire try to stop Tommy, and Nemo". The Rangers weren't sure what was going on but they knew they had to stop the Putties, and Goldar.

They all called out "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". The Rangers then proceeded to fight off the Putties. Tommy, and Nemo took advantage of the surrounding chaos, and ran to the cave.

Zordon, and Quagmire fired laser bolts from their scepters at the area around Tommy, and Nemo. However, the two were able to out run them, and enter the cave. Rita then teleported down, and said "Playtime's over.

She threw her scepter, and said "Magic wand make my Goldar grow". A chasm opened up in the Earth, and Goldar grew into a giant. Goldar then started attacking the mountain with his sword causing a rockslide.

One of the rocks hit Zordon, and Quagmire went to help him. Quagmire cleared the rocks, and gave Zordon his purple crystal saying "I'm sorry to say my friend your time in this fight is at an end". Zordon nodded, and teleported off.

In the Command Center Zordon stumbled as Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye Zordon you're hurt" Then Alpha took the purple crystal from Zordon, and put the two crystals back into the lock, and returned Zordon to his time warp.

The Rangers saw what was happening. Jason called out "We need Dinozord power now". The Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers got in. Jason said "Rangers log on". Followed by "Zack here ready to rock" "Billy here systems nominal". "Trini here ready, and steady", and "Let's gouge this griffin".

The Dinzords became the Dino Tank, and later the Megazord. The Megazord, and Goldar clashed weapons. Then Goldar did a jump kick at the Megazord but the Rangers were undaunted, and just kept punching, and slashing at Goldar.

Meanwhile in the cave Tommy got to a door. The two were excited, and Nemo explained "All right Tommy you just have to go in there, and you'll become the Green Ranger". Tommy gladly said "All right I'll complete this challenge, and Ill prove myself to Zordon, and your father".

Tommy entered the room, and saw a Power Morpher laying on pedestal next to a strange looking sword, and the remains of an old knight. Tommy said "Woah there it is". But when he went up to the pedestal the entire room caught fire, and the skeleton of the old knight fired lasers from it's eyes at Tommy.

Tommy cried out "Woah". Then he jumped over the fire got the Morpher, and as quickly as he can he put the coin into the Morpher, and said solemnly "Guess it's now or never". He put the Morpher out in front of him, and called out "Dragon".

Green energy came out of the Morpher, and covered Tommy. The energy solidified forming a green spandex suit with a dragon themed helmet, a gold shield, and gold arm bands. Tommy was excited "All right time to scrap this skeleton".

Tommy, and the skeleton knight fought each other with Tommy punching, and kicking it while it tried to slash, and stab Tommy, and block his attacks with it's shield. Tommy was overwhelmed until he remembered the sword.

Tommy realized "Hey that must be my Power Weapon", and pulled it out. Tommy then slashed the skeleton knight, and destroyed it. Then the cave shook from the fight outside. Tommy said "That took care of that creep now to help my friends".

But just as Tommy was getting ready to leave the sword started glowing in some weird purple electricity. The purple electricity shot out, and entered Tommy causing him to scream in pain. Rita appeared, and said "The time has come my evil Green Ranger. You know what to do" she ordered.

The electricity cleared, and Tommy started laughing evily, and said menacingly "I do my queen". Rita then ordered "Now go". Nemo went up to Tommy, and happily said "Tommy you did it now you can". But Tommy interrupted, and said angrily "Beat it shrimp", and pushed Nemo all the way out of the cave.

The Rangers were still fighting Goldar, and losing. Jason begrudgingly said "Man hope Tommy found his powers". Then Tommy appeared out of the cave. The Rangers were impressed. Zack asked "Woah is that Tommy?". Kimberly cheered "All right".

Tommy jumped into the cockpit of the Megazord, and the Rangers went to greet him but when he showed up he called out "Long live Empress Rita", and proceed to not only beat up the rangers but trashed the Megazord's cockpit.

The Rangers fell out of the Megazord, and Jason called out "Tommy what's wrong?". Tommy proceeded to punch, and kick Zack, then he put Billy, and Trini in head locks, and threw them. Then he punched, and kicked Kimberly.

Jason called out "If you mess with my friends you mess with me". Tommy coldly replied "With pleasure then threw his own Blade Blaster at Jason, and charged up a dark energy ball, and fired it at the Rangers. With the Rangers crying in pain Tommy menacingly cheered "Now to take care of Zordon".

At the Command Center Tommy teleported in, and snuck up behind Alpha, and inserted a CD into his data banks that caused him to go haywire. Zordon gasped "Oh no Tommy". Tommy gloated "Yeah it's me".

Zordon cried out "Tommy you don't know what you're doing Rita has cast a spell on you". Zordon pleaded "Please Tommy let me help". Tommy retorted "No I know exactly what I'm doing. It's you who needs help".

Tommy then proceeded to trash the Command Center as all Zordon could do was cry out "No Tommy Noooo". Tommy laughed evilly "See you later old man". Then Tommy continued to laugh evilly as Zordon disappeared from the pillar screaming "Nooo".

Back at the forest the Rangers were still hurt. Zack quipped "Did any one get the license plate of that energy ball". Just then they heard Nemo crying, and Jason said "Hey it's Nemo". The Rangers ran to where they heard the crying, and found Quagmire trying to comfort Nemo".

Billy asked "What happened?". Quagmire answered "Tommy fell for Rita's curse, And things I fear will just get worse". Trini said "We've got to get to the Command Center now". Jason agreed, and went to his communicator.

"Alpha" he called out "Alpha. No response". The Rangers gasped, and Billy said "There's only one thing we can do". "What's that?" Zack asked "The RADBUG" Billy answered "That's brilliant" Trini said. The Rangers, and Quagmire then ran off to Billy's garage.

To be continued.

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