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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 7

Green with Evil Part 2

Written by Justin Best.

The Rangers got back to Billy's garage. They got into the RADBUG, and it took them to the Command Center. Quagmire, and Nemo then teleported in as well. The Rangers, and Quagmire gasped at the absolute destruction they saw.

Zack exclaimed "Man Tommy trashed the place. Then they saw that Alpha was crying in a distorted manner "Power Rangers Power Rangers I need help" over, and over again. Billy explained "Tommy must have downloaded a virus into his databanks".

Billy pushed a button on Alpha that caused the CD to dislodge from him. Then Billy pressed another button on Alpha, and Alpha proceeded to reboot. Alpha then cheerfully exclaimed "Rangers thank goodness you're okay".

Zack asked "So what happened how come Tommy attacked us?", and Kimberly asked "And what happened to Zordon?". Alpha lowered his head, and said "Rangers I'm sorry to say this but when Tommy trashed the Command Center he also banished Zordon back to his time warp without any way to reach him".

Trini gasped "Oh no". Alpha further explained "As for Tommy well you see a long time ago the original Green Ranger turned to evil, and started working with Rita to destroy the other Rangers". He continued "Eventually he became just as if not more powerful, and evil than Rita herself".

Billy asked "What happened?" Alpha explained "Eventually the other Rangers were able to defeat him, and he disappeared." He continued "But before that happened he, and Rita cast a spell on the Green Ranger powers so that whoever became the new Green Ranger would be just as evil as the old one".

Quagmire explained "Zordon asked me to hide them well. Lest another soul fall to the spell". Jason asked "So how do we help Tommy?". Alpha, and Quagmire shrugged, and Alpha said "We're not sure our best guess is either destroy the Green Ranger powers or Tommy himself".

Kimberly asked "Are you sure?". Alpha explained "I'm afraid so everyone". Jason said "Well if that's what we have to do to free him we have to". But Kimberly asked "Are you sure we can't just reason with him?"

Alpha explained "I'm afraid that's impossible". He continued "Tommy's still inside there but for lack of a better term Rita's shut him off mentally, and put the old Green Rangers memories in there". The Rangers gasped at this.

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove Tommy teleported back to where Nemo found him unmorphed. Rita then appeared, and said "Tommy you are to remain on Earth until further notice". She added "Remember to keep your identity as the Green Ranger a secret".

Tommy nodded, and said "Whatever pleases my Empress". Rita then said "And you know what I'll give you in return". Tommy nodded, and said "I'll take my place as the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis, and the ruler of the Earth alongside you".

Rita nodded, and cheered "Good I'll contact you when I need you to destroy the Rangers". Tommy nodded again, and walked off but then he saw Bulk, and Skull in front him. Skull said "Hey it's that guy who made us look bad in front of Kimberly."

Bulk, and Skull got up into Tommy's face, and Bulk demanded "Hey new kid I think you owe me an apology". Skull said "Yeah say you're sorry". Tommy just stood there, and didn't say anything. But Bulk just got angrier. He demanded "We said say you're sorry".

Tommy's eyes started glowing green, and Bulk, and Skull started freaking out. Then Tommy did a single push, and knocked Bulk, and Skull into a nearby garbage can. Then he shot green electricity at them that caused them to cry in pain.

Then Tommy went up to them, and menacingly said "All right I'm sorry". He then gave a cruel smile, and said "I'm sorry I have to exist on the same planet as you filth". And with that Tommy walked off as Skull asked "What's wrong with him?" Bulk shrugged, and said "He needs to get his eyes checked".

At the Ernie's Jason was punching a punching bag while Zack was spotting him. Jason shouted "Man I wish I knew how to beat Tommy". Zack put his finger up to his mouth, and Jason lowered his voice. Jason said "I just hope we can find a way to break him out of that spell".

Zack nodded, and asked "Do you think we can do it". Jason shrugged "We've got to you saw what he did plus you heard what Alpha said". Zack nodded, and said "I think I just saw him walking down the hallway".

In the Hall Tommy was walking, and Kimberly went up to him. "Tommy" she whispered "Tommy I know what happened me, and our friends can help". But Tommy just gave a smug smile, and said "I'm a big boy Kimberly you don't have to worry about me".

Kimberly pleaded "Tommy please I know you're under a spell let me help you". But Tommy snapped "No you don't know soon me, and my Empress will rule over all you see, and you can abandon your dopey friends, and join the winning team or fall".

Kimberly ran off, and Jason showe up. Jason demanded "Man what's wrong with you?" Tommy just scoffed, and said "Nothing's wrong with me. I've never felt better". Jason pleaded "Tommy Rita's done something to you to make you this way".

Tommy scoffed, and said "No my Empress has shown me the way, and soon you and all the other Rangers will scream in agony just as I enforce the absolute rule of her law, and crush all that oppose us". Jason just gave Tommy as stern look.

Jason said "No me, and my friends will either turn you back, or defeat you if we have to." Tommy just shrugged, and said "No you won't", and shot a beam of green energy at Jason that covered him, and sent him out of the school.

Jason then appeared in what looked like a jail cell. But the Jail cell looked like it was floating endlessly in outer space, and it had gold bars, and strange statues of what looked like human heads with goat horns sticking out.

Jason asked "Where am I?". Then Goldar teleported in, and said "You're in Rita's dark dimension prison". Goldar explained "She has asked me to personally dispose of you in return for Eons of faithful service".

Jason went to his communicator, and said "Anybody, anybody" but it didn't work. Goldar gloated "That won't work but maybe this migh" He then held up Jason's Power Morpher which Jason just now realized he was missing.

Goldar teased "If you want it come, and get it". Jason punched Goldar a few times but it didn't phase him. Goldar then grabbed him by the neck, and said "Why don't you just give up you can defeat me no human has ever defeated the great Goldar.

Then Goldar threw Jason's Morpher on the ground, and then threw Jason himself on the ground. Then he made his sword appear, and said "I was just toying around with you but now it's time to finish you off".

Goldar swung his sword at Jason but Jason duck out of the way. Goldar tried to stab Jason but couldn't find him. Goldar called out "You're only delaying the inevitable". Then Jason got up behind Goldar, and jumped kicked him.

Jason said "So Goldar how does it feel to be outsmarted by a human being". Goldar whined "That's impossible no human has ever defeated me". "Well I'm going to change that" Jason cried out, and he kept punching, and kicking Goldar while Goldar kept trying to slash, and stab him.

At Ernie's Kimberly went up to Zack, and asked "Hey Zack have you seen Jason?" Zack shrugged, and said "No have you?". Kimberly answered "I saw go up to Tommy but I never saw him come back". Zack said "This is weird".

Kimberly nodded, and she and Zack were about to leave when she bumped into Tommy. Kimberly asked "Hey Tommy have you seen Jason? Did you do something to him?" But Tommy just gave a smug grin, and said "Why what's the matter. Let me guess you're worried about him".

Tommy then explained "I banished him to Rita's dark dimension, and he's never coming back". Then he corrected himself to say "Well not alive anyway" Then Tommy gave an evil laugh, and said "Later", and walked off. Kimberly said "We've got to follow him". Zack nodded, and they chased after him.

Kimberly, and Zack chased after Tommy, and called out "Tommy Tommy". While in her palace Rita was watching. She said menacingly "So Kimberly, and Zack are trying to mess with my Green Ranger". She smiled, and said "Well not on my watch".

Just then a swarm of Putties appeared in front of Zack, and Kimberly "Oh no Putties" Kimberly said. Zack said "Let's deal with them first, and then confront Tommy later". Kimberly nodded, and the two fought off the Putties.

Kimberly, and Zack jumped onto some park booths, and started kicking putties. Then they jumped back off, and started flipping them over as well. Eventually all the Putties were defeated, and Zack said "Come on we have to go the Command Center", and Kimberly nodded.

Zack, and Kimberly went to Billy's garage, and went to the RADBUG. Kimberly said "Hope you know what you're doing". Zack nodded, and said "Me too". Then they took off in the RADBUG. Zack noticed Kimberly feeling sad.

"Is it Tommy?" he asked. Kimberly answered it's like he's now a totally different person". Zack assured her "Don't worry we'll find a way to help him". Then he shrugged, and said "Maybe now Billy, and Alpha have fixed the Command Center".

Zack, and Kimberly arrived in the Command Center, and saw that Biiy, Trini, Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo were still fixing up the Command Center. Zack asked "Any luck finding Zordon?" Billy solemnly answered "Negative".

Zack then asked "How about Jason? He tried to talk to Tommy but then he disappeared". Alpha explained "We haven't heard from Jason all day". Zack was worried "Man first Zordon now Jason". He then cried out "Rita's going out of her way this time".

Just then a flicker came on Zordon's pillar, and Rangers called out "Zordon". The Rangers tried to make out what Zordon was saying but all they could make out was "Rangers… Tommy…. There's not much time" before breaking out completely.

Trini was crying "Zordon Zordon we need you". Zack said "Alpha, Billy try, keep trying, and see if you can bring him back". Billy complied "Affirmative". Alpha agreed "Understood". Then Zack turned his attention to Quagmire, and Nemo.

Zack asked "So how you feeling now Nemo". Nemo answered "I'm okay now but I still feel bad about what happened to Tommy". Quagmire assured his son "It's okay, and things have passed. Now we have to break what Rita cast".

Zack asked "I still don't get it". Billy agreed "Yeah until now we didn't know you had a son". Trini added, and why doesn't he rhyme like you". Quagmire explained "The explanation is that it skips a generation". Then Nemo explained "I was born sometime after the last great war with Rita". He then got sad, and said "That's also when my mother disappeared". The Rangers just nodded sadly.

Zack assured Nemo "Don't worry little dude we'll try to find a way to help Tommy", and just as he said it Tommy appeared on the Viewing Globe as The Green Ranger holding the sword from the cave. "It's Tommy" Kimberly cried out.

Zack said "we know what we have to do". The other Rangers agreed. Zack then said "Alpha you, Quagmire, and Nemo try to contact Zordon, and Jason". Alpha complied "Understood". Zack then said "All right guys it's morphing time". "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tigers".

The Rangers fires their laser guns at Tommy but they didn't phase him. Then they tried running at them but he sliced them with his sword. Then Tommy charged his sword with dark energy, and cried out "Now feel the true ultimate power of the Sword of Darkness".

Tommy stabbed the ground with his sword, and it sent out a dark energy wave that hit the other Rangers. The Rangers tried to fight off Tommy but he kicked Trini, and Kimberly, and slashed Billy, and Zack some more.

Zack said "There's only thing left to do". He went to his communicator, and asked "Alpha can you operate the Tyrannosaurus from your end while we summon our Zords?". Alpha answered "I can but for only a short time".

Zack answered "I think that's all we have anyway". Alpha complied "Sending Tyrannosaurus now" Kimberly called out "But Zordon said". But Zack interrupted "I know what Zordon said but Zoron's npt here right now, and it just might work".

Zack cried out "We need Dinozord power now". The Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers got in their cockpits. Zack "All right guys". Followed by "Billy here systems go", "Trini here let's kick it", and "Let's get it together".

The Dinozord's combined into the Dinosaur Tank, and fired lasers around Tommy. Then the Dinosaur Tank transformed into the Megazord, and fired more lasers at Tommy. Zack called out from the Megazord "Tommy surrender now, and we can help you".

But Tommy just shrugged, and bragged "No way", and fired a laser from the Sword of Darkness at the Megazord but the Mastodon shield just reflected the blast back at Tommy. Tommy got back up, and just gloated "You haven't seen the last of me". Then Tommy teleported away.

Rita was undaunted she simply shrugged, and said "If the Rangers think it will be that easy they're dreaming". She then bragged "I'll just call out my old friend Scorpina. Then somewhere in a dark forest a rock covered in scorpions appeared.

The Rock then teleported to Angel Grove where it rolled around for a bit before exploding into yellow light. The yellow light then solidified in the form of a woman in gold, and silver armor with a scorpion stinger for a ponytail carrying a strange sword.

While in the Dark Dimension Tommy teleported, and told Goldar "All right Goldar it's time for me to destroy the Red Ranger". Goldar complained "But I thought I had the honor of destroying him". Tommy bragged "Rita has given me that honor. She wants you back at the Palace". Goldar begrudgingly teleported off.

At the palace Goldar complained "Your highness why have you called me back I was just about to destroy the Red Ranger". Rita explained "Quit you bellyaching I've got something you might want to see".

Goldar looked in the telescope, and gasped in excitement. He cheerfully exclaimed "At last after 10,000,000 years my beloved Scorpina has returned". He then went to Rita, and cried out "Thank you your evilness now we shall destroy the Rangers in your honor". Rita cackled evily.

Back in the Dark Dimension Jason pleaded "I'm not going to fight you". Tommy bragged "Because you know I'll win". Jason corrected "No because I know the real Tommy is in there, and if you were truly a Ranger then you would be fighting on Zordon's side, and not Rita's".

Tommy came back with "She is my queen, and I am her Green Ranger". Jason pleaded "She's evil". But Tommy simply rebutted "Yeah, and so am I". Then the two of them proceeded to punch, and kick each other.

At the Command Center Zack was asking "Quagmire, Alpha any luck finding Jason or Zordon?" Quagmire sadly answered "Aye searching for our friends has only lead to dead ends". Just then a noise came from a console. Alpha cheered "I think I found him". Alpha then started pushing buttons on the console, and said "I just need to get a lock on his wrist communicator".

In the Dark Dimension Jason, and Tommy were still fighting when Jason saw his Power Morpher, and was about to reach for it when Tommy pinned him down, and summoned the Sword of Darkness, and was about to stab Jason with it.

Tommy smirked under his helmet, and bragged "To the destruction of the Power Rangers". But just as Tommy was about to stab Jason he was teleported out of the Dark Dimension. Tommy screamed "No how can this be".

Jason appeared in the Command Center, and everyone went around him. Jason got up, and said "Man am I glad to be back". Billy asked "What happened?", and Jason answered "Tommy, and Goldar almost sliced, and diced me".

Just then the alarms started blaring. The Rangers turned to the Viewing Globe, and saw Scorpina. "Whoa who's that?" Jason asked. Alpha panicked, and explained "That's Scorpina Goldar's wife, and one of Rita's most powerful warriors".

Zack just scoffed, and said "Man first Quagmire has a kid now Goldar's got a wife". Billy exclaimed "She's destroying the downtown warehouse district". Jason said "We've got to stop her". The other Rangers agreed".

The Rangers once again morphed, and Scorpina called out "Putties attack". The Rangers then started fighting off Scorpina, and the Putties. Scorpina threw her sword like a boomerang, and it hit Jason. Kimberly got him back up, and asked "Are you okay?" Jason said "Yeah".

Then Goldar appeared, and the Rangers continued fighting him, Scorpina, and the Putties. Eventually however they started to retreat, and Goldar bragged "Don't think you've won just yet Rangers". Scorpina added "Yeah Rita's got something that will trash that miserable Megazord of yours, and they teleported away.

At Rita's palace Tommy teleported in, and said "You wanted to see me your evilness". Rita happily explained "As all you know the Megazord runs on solar power, and I'm trying to find a way to cut off it's power".

Rita then explained "I just need you, Scorpina, and Goldar, and I'm sure we can do it". Then she further explained "And tomorrow is a once in a century solar eclipse" she added "We just need to draw the Rangers out when it's the right time"

Goldar cheered "That's brilliant my queen". Tommy agreed "Soon the Rangers will be nothing more than a memory". Rita grinned "I'm glad you like it" She then said "Soon my dark prince you shall become my evil king".

At the Command Center the Rangers, Alpha, and Quagmire were still trying to find Zordon. Jason exclaimed "Man we've been searching for hours, and still no trace of Zordon". Zack agreed "It's like he's ceased to exit".

Alpha assured them "We can't give up hope Rangers we almost found him once. I know we can do it". Then the pillar flickered some more, and some more distorted language came from it. "Rangers" "Must Help" "Before" "Too Late".

The message ended, and the Rangers, and everyone else just bowed their heads in disappointment. Zack said "Man we almost had him that time". Jason assured them "Alpha's right though we can't give up". Trini agreed "Were getting closer to finding him" Zack said "I just hope we do it sooner rather than later", and everyone agreed.

To be continued.

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