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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 8

Green with Evil Part 3

Written by Justin Best.

In the Command Center the Rangers were telling Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo about the previous battle. Jason asked "We don't know is it true what Goldar, and Scorpina said?" Zack agreed "Yeah can they really destroy the Megazord?".

Alpha bowed his head, and sadly said "I'm afraid so Rangers". He explained "Later today is a once in a century solar eclipse". He continued "When that happens the Megazord will be cut off from the source of it's power, and will be vulnerable"

Trini, and Kimberly gasped "Oh no". Billy asked "How long will the eclipse last?" Alpha answered "About 8 minutes however the Megazord's backup power can only last 3-5 minutes without sunlight". Zack said "So we just either have to wait until the eclipse is over to summon the Megazord or get it over quick".

In the Dark Dimension Tommy as the Green Ranger was practicing with the Sword of Darkness while he could hear Rita's voice call out "Are ready for your next battle Green Ranger?" Tommy cheered "Yes my queen I will crush the Power Rangers".

Rita called out "Good". In her palace she called out to her other minions "So you guys understand plan right?". Scorpina explained "I will go down with some Putties, and attack the city to lure the Rangers out".

Goldar explained "Then I will destroy the city to force the Rangers to summon the Megazord, Then when the solar eclipse happens me, Scorpina, and the Green Ranger will destroy the Megazord". Rita nodded "Good".

At the Command Center the alarm started going off, and the Rangers saw Scorpina, and some Putties once again rampaging Angel Grove. Zack said "It's Scorpina she's destroying the City again" Billy said "It might be another trap".

Jason said "We ain't got a choice". Alpha warned "Remember Rangers wait until the eclipse is over to summon the Megazord or only summon it if you really need to". The Rangers nodded, and Jason called out "It's morphin time".

The Rangers then proceeded to punch, and kick the Putties, then Scorpina came, and started slashing the Rangers with her sword. Then Scorpina charged her sword with dark energy, and threw it like a boomerang at the Rangers.

Meanwhile in her palace Rita bragged "Now for the next stage of my plan". Then she threw her scepter, and shouted "Magic wand make my Goldar grow", and Goldar grew into a giant, and started shooting lasers from his eyes at the buildings in Angel Grove.

Jason called out "Oh no it's Goldar". Kimberly asked "What do we do?" Zack added "Yeah we can't summon the Megazord until after the eclipse but we can't let Goldar destroy the city". Jason begrudgingly admitted "I don't know"

Goldar then proceed to rampage through Angel Grove bragging "What's wrong Rangers? Oh yeah I remember it's the eclipse today you can't summon you Megazord". Then Goldar started laughing manically.

At Ernie's the building was shaking due to Goldar's rampage, and Ernie was trying to get everyone out as fast as possible saying "All right everyone let's get out before the building collapses". Then Ernie, and everyone got out of the building as fast as they could.

However Bulk, and Skull were still sitting down eating ice cream. Skull finally noticed the destruction, and said "Hey Bulk maybe we should get out of here", and tried to get up but Bulk pulled him back down, and said "Not until I'm finished with my sundae".

Then a support beam fell next to where Bulk, and Skull were eating, and Bulk quickly finished his ice cream, and said "Okay I'm finished let's go", and the two got out of Ernies as fast as they could. Bulk noticed the Youth Center bus, and he had an idea.

"That's it" he shouted. Skull asked "What's it?". Bulk explained "The Youth Center bus it's the fastest way out of here" Skull agreed "Oh yeah right", and the two got in the bus, and drove off. Bulk demanded "Hurry numskull we don't want that gold guy to get us".

Skull asked "Hey Bulk where are we going?". Bulk answered "As far away as we can go". But then Goldar saw them, and picked up the bus. Jason called out "No leave them alone they're civilians" Goldar just laughed.

"I know that in fact I think they're friends of yours. I think you call them Bulk, and Skull". Kimberly cried out "Oh no now he's got Bulk, and Skull". Billy added "And he's headed for the beach". Jason cried out "We've got to stop them".

The Rangers teleported to the beach, and saw the bus dangling on cliff while Squatt, Babboo, and some Putties were trying to push it off. Rita then teleported in, and said "well well Rangers you seem to caught between a rock, and a hard place".

Trini gasped "Oh no Bulk, and Skull". Rita then bragged "Well it looks like you have two choices rangers summon the Megazord or let your friends go splat. What will it be Rangers?". While on the bus Bulk was whining "Well Skull I guess we're history".

Skull replied "You mean famous". Bulk retorted "No I mean dead", and the two screamed. Zack cried out "What do we do?" Jason said "There's only one thing we can do. We need Dinozord power now", and one by one the Ranger's Zord's appeared, and formed the Megazord to Rita's delight.

Goldar then started slashing, and stabbing the Megazord, and the Megazord started punching it back. All the while the sun started going out. Then Rita turned to Scorpina, and ordered "Get them", and Scorpina replied "With pleasure", and jumped down.

Then Rita threw her scepter, and cried out "Magic wand make Scorpina grow". Then Scorpina not only grew into a giant but she mutated completely into some humanoid scorpion creature. Then Scorpina helped her husband in slashing, and and stabbing the Megazord as the sunlight kept depleting.

Then the Megazord fell down, and the sun had finally completely eclipsed. Billy cried out "Sun's out we've only got five minutes of reserve power". Zack asked "What do we do?" Jason ordered "Let's summon the Power Sword.

The Megazord then summoned the Power Sword, and started slashing, and stabbing Scorpina, and Goldar who in turn kept slashing, and stabbing the Megazord. While at the Command Center Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo were still looking for Zordon.

"Aye ye ye" Alpha cried out. Quagmire tried to assure Alpha "Don't despair my friend We'll find Zordon by this day's end". Then they saw another flicker of Zordon who said "Alpha…Q4". Then Alpha shot out in excitement "Of course Q4".

Alpha hit the button on the console. Then Zordon kept sending Alpha scambled messages that slowly but surely got more coherent as Alpha kept pressing buttons. Nemo cried out "You're doing it Alpha". Alpha agreed "Just a little more, and we've found Zordon".

But just then Tommy teleported, and bragged "Not on my watch". Nemo cried out "It's Tommy" but it was too late. Tommy unplugged Alpha, and punched Quagmire in the stomach. Nemo cried out "Tommy stop it".

Zordon then tried to reason with Tommy "Tommy let us help you. Rita is leading you down a dark path". Tommy rebutted with "No she has shown me the light, and soon I shall take my rightful place as her king".

Then Tommy bragged "But first things first I'm going to banish you to another dimension were your pathetic Rangers will never find you". Tommy was about to once again trash the Command Center when it turned out Alpha, and Quagmire were playing possum, and got back up.

Tommy whined "No how can this be?". Quagmire merely quipped "You though that you had won. But instead it's you who are done". Alpha then pressed a button on the console trapping Tommy in some electrical barrier.

"What is this?" Tommy cried. Alpha explained "An anti dark magic barrier". Alpha explained "Now I will run a scan to find a way to destroy your evil powers". Tommy whined "No I will not let you do that". Nemo cried out "Hurry Alpha".

Back at the battle the Megazord was finally getting an upper hand on Goldar, and Scorpina. Zack cried out "The eclipse is almost over". Billy added "And we still have 2 minutes of power left". Jason said "Hurry let's deactivate the Megazord at least until the eclipse is over".

But Rita snarked "Don't think it will be easy Rangers". Then she cried out "Green Ranger I summon you now". In the Command Center Tommy was teleported out by Rita. Alpha cried out "Oh no". Then Tommy appeared giant sized in front of the Megazord.

Zack cried out "Great now we've gotta deal with Tommy". Tommy then proceeded to slash, and stab the Megazord with the Sword of Darkness. Then Scorpina wrapped her stinger around the Megazord's neck, and electrocuted it.

Then Goldar, slashed, and stabbed the Megazord, and then Goldar, and Tommy crossed their swords together, and fired a laser at the Megazord seemingly destroying it. A crack opened up in the Earth, and the Megazord plummeted.

The Rangers could do nothing but cry as the Megazord separated back into the Dinozords as they sank into the lava. Zack cried out "It's like Rita destroyed a part of us". Then Trini cried out "They were always there for us when we needed them, and now they're gone".

Later at the Command Center Jason was trying to rally his friends. He said "Guys we can't give up". Zack protested "You don't get it Tommy was Rita's trump card she played she won". But Alpha argued "Jason's right if Zordon was still here he'd agree".

Trini protested "But Zordon's not here just when we need him the most". Billy agreed "There's only a %10 chance of contacting Zordon. Quagmire tried to assure The Rangers "Rangers they say a night is always darkest before the light".

Jason agreed "Isn't the smallest chance a reason alone to keep fighting". Then there was a blip on the console, and Alpha cheered "Aye ye ye it worked" Kimberly asked "What did?" Alpha explained "Earlier Tommy tried to destroy the Command Center again".

He continued "However I was able to trap him in an energy barrier, and I tried to run a scan for a way to destroy his powers". Billy asked "What did you find?". Alpha explained "All this time Zordon, Quagmire, and I believed that the Power Coin, and the Morpher were the source of Rita's spell".

Then he pointed to the Viewing Globe, and showed an image of Tommy as the Green Ranger, and had a red square highlight the Sword of Darknes, and explained "But the stronget sources of dark magic were coming from this sword". Zack cried out "No way".

To be concluded.

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