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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 9

Green with Evil part 4

Written by Justin Best.

The Rangers were reacting to the news Alpha had told them. Kimberly said "No way you're saying that all this time that sword was what was controlling Tommy?". Alpha replied "The computers says that the Sword of Darkness is the most likely source of Rita's spell".

Zack was incredulous he said "But the computer has acting buggy how do know it's right?". Billy replied "Not necessarily Alpha, and Quagmire corrected the malfunction". Zack then said "So we've got to destroy that sword to free Tommy".

Trini was shocked "I can't believe all this time that sword was what was making Tommy evil". Jason then said "You see guys this is why we can't give up we've got to save Tommy". Nemo then warned "I hope you can do it fast because it's only a matter of time before he summons the Dragonzord", and everyone nodded.

At her palace Rita, and her minion were having a party to celebrate the seeming defeat of the Power Rangers. Goldar cheered "To Rita Repulsa empress of all that is evil, and soon queen of the entire universe".

Rita then gloated "Why thank but you know I really couldn't have done it without my evil Green Ranger". Then Tommy teleported in, and Rita exclaimed "And there he is". Tommy asked "Is there anything else you want my queen?".

Rita then said "Why yes I want to give a special present that will help put the final touches on my glorious plan". She then gave Tommy the Dragon Dagger, and ordered "Go take the Dragon Dagger down to Earth, and summon the Dragonzord to destroy it". Tommy answered "It shall be done my queen".

Later at Ernie's Kimberly appeared just as Ernie, Bulk, Skull, and some other patrons were watching a news report about the Rangers' defeat. Ernie said "Man I hope that's not true I hope the Power Rangers aren't gone for good".

Bulk then interrupted to say "Hey what about us? We were the one's who helped scare off that gold guy". Skull agreed "Yeah it should be us on tv". Bulk then daydreamed, and thought "Yeah maybe we should".

Kimberly then interrupted to say "Dream on Bulk". Then she turned to Ernie, and asked "Hey Ernie have you seen Tommy?". Ernie answered "The new kid yeah he's over there" as he pointed to Tommy on an exercise machine.

Kimberly said "Thanks Ernie", and went to Tommy. Kimberly pleaded "Tommy we know about the Sword of Darkness let us help you". Tommy argued "No you don't know Rita has given me the Dragon Dagger, and with it I'll destroy you, and the other Rangers before you have the chance to destroy my precious Sword of Darkness".

Then Tommy got off the machine, and left Ernie's. Kimberly then went over to Billy's house, and met with the other Rangers, and explained what happened. Kimberly then said "I'm telling you guys he said Rita gave him the Dragon Dagger already".

Jason said "So it's only a matter of time before Rita orders him to use the Dragonzord to destroy the city" Billy said "And without our Zords there's no way to stop him". Jason then said "Hopefully Alpha, and Quagmire found Zordon before then".

Meanwhile at the Angel Grove docks Tommy appeared as the Green Ranger, and played the Dragon Dagger as a flute. When that happened the ocean started churning, and from it rose the mighty Dragonzord after 10,000,000 years.

Rita then appeared, and ordered "Now go Green Ranger, Destroy Angel Grove". Tommy complied "Yes my Queen", and jumped into the Dragonzord's cockpit. Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo were watching at the Command Center. Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye".

The Rangers communicators started beeping as Alpha explained "Rangers Green Ranger has already summoned the Dragonzord hurry to the warehouse district by the docks right away". Jason agreed "Okay you guys let's do this". They all called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger". "Tyrannosaurs".

The Rangers teleported down to the Angel Grove warehouse district just as the Dragonzord was rampaging it. The Dragonzord started picking up smoke stack, and ate them like candy canes. The Dragonzord also stomped on buildings, and fired missiles everywhere.

Jason called out "Tommy stop it you don't know what you're doing" Tommy rebutted "I'm destroying you, and I'm doing it because my empress commands me". Then he blew into the Dragon Dagger, and ordered it to keep destroying Angel Grove.

Billy cried out "He's gonna destroy the city if we don't stop him". Kimberly asked "What do we do?" Jason bemoaned "If only Zordon, and our Zords were still here". Zack cried "There's gotta be something we can do".

At the Command Center Alpha was desperately pushing buttons. Alpha panicked "Oooh what was it again?". Then he pushed some buttons, and said "Let's see sector 104 Q9". Then he pushed the buttons, and there was a blip.

Alpha was excited "Yes acces granted". Then Alpha pushed some more buttons, and the image of Zordon once again appeared, and Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo cheered. Nemo exclaimed "You did it Alpha you found Zordon".

Alpha then explained everything to Zordon. Zordon then said "So the Sword of Darkness is the source of Rita's spell." Zordon then said "Activate the Geoseismic Modulator, and I will teleport the Rangers to their Zords". Alpha complied "Understood".

At the Warehouse district the Rangers' Power Coins started glowing. Jason said "Hey my Power Coins glowing". The other Rangers said things "So is mine", and "Mine too". Then they heard Zordon's voice say "Rangers Alpha, and I are restoring your Zords".

Then Zordon said "Hurry teleport to them right now there's a chance we can still help him". Then the Rangers teleported to where their Zords were buried, and an explosion occurred, and all the Dinozords erupted from it.

Jason got into the Tyrannosaurus, and said "Rangers log on". Followed by "Mastodon here online". "Triceratops all systems go", "Saber Tooth Tiger ready to rock", "Pterodactyl looking good". Alpha was watching, and said "Of course how could I forget the Zords can be powered by geothermal power as well as solar power".

Then the Tyrannosaurus Zord, and the Dragonzord started punching, kicking, and tail whipping each other. Jason called out "Tommy you don't know what you're doing". But the Dragonzord kept attacking the Tyrannosaurus.

Jason called out "Guy's I'm in trouble. We need Megazord Power". Then the Zords combined into the Megazord which then started punching, kicking, and slashing the Dragonzord. But the Dragonzord just punched, kicked, and tail whipped the Megazord.

The Megazord then picked up the Dragonzord by it's tail, and threw it into a mountain reducing the mountain to rubble. Jason called out "Tommy surrender now we can help you" but Tommy rebutted "No way".

Jason called out "I'm sorry we have to do this Tommy but Zordon says we have to stop you before you, and Rita destroy the world". Then Tommy jumped out of his Dragonzord, and Jason got out of the Tyrannosaurus.

Tommy put the Dragon Dagger, and the Sword of Darkness together, and fired a laser at Jason. Then the two of them started clashing their weapons, and stabbed, and slashed each other. Jason brought out his blade blaster, and started firing at Tommy.

But Tommy started playing his Dragon Dagger, and a force field came from his Dragon Shield, and reflected Jason's lasers back at him. But Jason was undaunted, kept slashing at Tommy. Then he charged his sword with red energy, and fired it at Tommy knocking, the Dragon Dagger, and the Sword of Darkness from his hands.

The other Rangers jumped out of the Megazord, and Jason called out "Okay guys now's our chance". They all called out "Power Axe", "Power Bow", "Power Lance", "Power Daggers", and "Power Sword", and assembled the Power Blaster.

The Rangers shouted out "Fire", and the Power Blaster shot out a lasers at the Sword of Darkness completely disintegrating it. Tommy clutched his helmet, and once again cried out in pain as once again purple electricity surged through him.

Only this time the Purple electricity concentrated into a single ball, and left Tommy before completely dissipating away. Zack cheered "Yeah the Sword of Darkness is destroyed Rita's spell is broken". Tommy got back up, and "Oh man what happened?"

Tommy explained "I don't know how to explain it. It's like I wanted to do that stuff but at the time same time it was like somebody took me out, and put someone else in". Jason assured him "Tommy what you did was because of Rita's influence".

Tommy was still sorry "After all the things I have done what can I do now?" he asked. Jason replied "If you really want to help you can start by helping us fight Rita". He further explained "With you by our side there's no way Rita can stop us".

Then Tommy's Dragon Dagger started glowing, and it went back to him as Zordon's voice called out "Jason is right Tommy a new Ranger means new powers, and together you can now use them to defeat Rita, and her monsters".

While at her Palace Rita was furious she yelled "Those stupid Rangers they ruined antother one of my brilliant plans". Goldar assured her "My queen Scorpina, and I will go down to Earth, and avenge you". Rita then ordered "Then do it".

Goldar, and Scorpina teleported down to Earth, and Rita threw her scepter, and called out "Magic wand make my monsters grow". Then Goldar, and Scorpina once again turned into giants, and Scorpina once again mutated into her monster form.

Zack cried out "It's Goldar". Followed by Billy with "And Scorpina". Tommy exclaimed "Leave it to me guys this is one wrong I just got to make right". Tommy once again blew into the Dragon Dagger, and reactivated the Dragonzord, and once again jumped into it's cockpit.

Goldar, and Scorpina tried to slash, and stab the Dragonzord with their swords while the Dragonzord fought back with missles,, and tail whips. Zordon called out "Rangers call forth the Dragon Battlezord". Tommy complied "Right".

Zack agreed "Let's do this guys". Then Tommy, Billy, Trini, and Zack all cried out "Dragon Battlezord power now". Then the Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords, and became the Dragon Battlezord".

Goldar cried out "Oh no it's the Dragon Battlezord". Followed by Scorpina with "Let's get out of here". Then the two monsters teleported back to Rita's Palace where Rita once again screamed "Ahh how can this be. Why am I surrounded by such incompetent morons".

Later at the Command Center Tommy still wanted to apologize to everyone else. "Hey Nemo I just want to say I'm sorry for what I did especially to you in that cave if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even be the Green Ranger".

Then he turned to Alpha, Zordon, and Quagmire, and said "And that goes double for you guys I guess when Nemo told me about the Green Ranger powers I was so excited about being a Ranger that I didn't think about any downsides".

Quagmire assured Tommy "Aye now that you're free from Rita's spell. Things I feel will turn out well". Zordon agreed "We are witnessing history in the making. For the first time in 10,000,000 years the Green Ranger has become one of us".

Nemo then explained "Thanks you guys but me, and dad have to go back to the magical forest". And with that Quagmire, and Nemo teleported away. Then Zordon explained "Tommy now that you are a true Power Ranger you must remember three basic rules or lose the protection of the power".

Zordon once again explained "First never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you to. Second never use your power for personal gain, and finally keep your identity a secret no one may know that you are a Power Ranger".

Tommy agreed "You can count on me". Jason patted Tommy on his shoulder, and said proudly "You're one of us now". Then Billy gave Tommy a green communicator, and said "Here Alpha, and I made this for you". Tommy humbly accepted it, and said "Hey thanks Billy". Then Tommy, and The Rest of the Rangers put their hands together as they all jumped in the air, and once again shouted "Power Rangers"

The end.

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