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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 10

Rangers in the Outfield

Written by Justin Best.

It was sports, and fitness day at Angel Grove high, and all the boys were on the field playing Baseball. It was Billy's turn at the bat. Bulk was taunting "Hey dweebo try to hit my special deluxe fast ball". Zack tried to assure him "Don't listen to him Billy you can do it".

Then Bulk threw the ball, and Billy tried to hit it but missed. Jason tried to assure him "Come on Billy you'll get the next one". Then Bulk threw some more balls but Billy missed them too. Tommy tried to assure him "Don't worry about it maybe you'll get this part".

Later it was Billy's turn to throw the ball. Billy tried to throw the ball but Bulk, and Skull hit it every time. Then they tried to give Billy a catcher position but Billy couldn't catch the ball either. After the game Billy was frustrated.

"I don't get it guys I did everything I could but it seems like nothing works". Jason tried to assure him "Come on Billy it's not that bad". Zack agreed "Yeah maybe Baseball's just not your thing maybe there's something else you're good at".

Meanwhile the girls were in the gym practicing Gymnaistics, and Trini was on the balance beam. Kimberly cheered "Come on Trini you can do it". Trini tried to do a move but fell off. Kimberly ran over, and helped her up, and asked Trini are you okay?".

Trini replied "Yeah I'm okay I'm just not sure I'm good at this." But Kimberly tried to assure her "Come on let's try something else". Then the girls tried cartwheels but when Trini tried she kept falling over. Trini was starting to get frustrated "Man I can't get anything right ".

Kimberly tried to assure her "Come maybe there's something else you're good at" Trini agreed "I guess you're right". Kimberly then said "Oh shoot we have to meet the guys over at the field", and the girls left the gym.

The girls then met with the boys, and Kimberly asked "So how was baseball practice?". Billy answered "It was okay everyone else did great but I stunk". Jason asked "So how was gymnastics?". Trini answered "Everyone else was good but I messed up at everything".

Jason assured both of them "Don't worry guys there's gotta be something you guys could do". While this was happening Bulk, and Skull where still practicing when Bulk taunted "Come on lamebrain hit the ball".

Tommy said "Hey guys practice is over". But Bulk rebutted "Maybe for you pencil necks but me, and Skull are still perfecting my special deluxe fast ball". Skull parroted "Yeah special deluxe fast ball". Then they went back.

Skull then hit the ball, and it flew out of control towards to Billy, and Trini. Luckily however not only was Trini able to catch the ball but Billy was able jump out of the way, and did an accidental backflip. Trini asked "Are you okay Billy.

Billy replied "I think so". Just then Mr. Caplan, and Mrs. Applebee appeared. Mr Caplan said "Young lady you've got quite the arm on you". Mrs. Apple also said "And I never saw a backflip like yours young man".

Mr. Caplan had an idea "Hey Ms. Kwan how would you like to try out for the Baseball team?". Followed by Mrs. Applebee with "And how would you like to try out for the Gymnastics team Mr. Cranston?". Billy, and Trini thought hard about it.

Billy eventually said "I suppose that would be a perfect physical challenge for me". Trini agreed "And I'd probably do better at Baseball too". Mr. Caplan was thrilled "All right then see you on the field tomorrow Ms. Kwan".

Mrs. Applebee followed "And see you in the gymnasium Mr. Cranston". Billy answered "Affirmative". Followed by Trini with "You can count on me". Then Mr. Caplan, and Mrs. Applebee left, and Zack said "See it turned out okay after all".

Bulk protested "No way am I letting a girl on my team". Skull paroted "Yeah me neither". Tommy tried to assure her "Don't listen to them Trini". Zack agreed "Yeah we know you can do it". Trini said "Thanks you guys", and they all left.

At her Palace Rita was watching the Rangers, and was trying to come up with a plan to destroy them. "So Trini's trying out for the Baseball team it seems. Well I'll just have to find a way to make her, and those other Rangers strike out".

Then she saw Goldar, and Scorpina embracing each other tenderly. Goldar said "Oh my beloved Scorpina I was worried I lost you 10,000,000 years ago". Scorpina agreed "I thought the same about you but I'm glad we're together again".

Rita was furious "Bahh love I hate love unless it's loving me". Then Rita had an idea. She said "Oh Finster". Finster asked "What is it my queen?" Rita answered "I want to make a monster". She explained "A baseball monster that makes anyone fall in love who ever or whatever they see".

Finster stroked his beard, and said "You know my queen I think I have just the monster Babe Ruthless". Finster explained "He can throw curveballs that make anyone fall for the first person or object they see, and even better his horn shoots a gas that makes anyone fall in love with you my queen".

Rita was delighted "Yes that's perfect I want one right now" she ordered. Finster complied "Coming right up" as he put a model of monster with wings on it's head, and an oversized hand into the Monster Matic.

The Monster Matic roared to life as it exploded, and from the explosion came a furry mammal like monster dressed as a Baseball player wearing a winged helmet with a golden horn. The Monster said "Babe Ruthless is here I'm gonna make those Rangers strike out".

At the Angel Grove high field the baseball team was holding tryouts. Mr. Caplan was calling names when he said "And next up Trini Kwan". Trini went up to bat as Bulk taunted "All right I'll show you my world famous super deluxe fast ball".

Bulk threw the ball, and Trini hit it all the way out into the field. Bulk scoffed "Beginners luck" but later every time Trini played she hit the ball every time. Then it was throwing practice. Bulk was still bragging "Okay try to strike me out".

Trini threw the ball, and it flew right passed Bulk's bat. Bulk scoffed "Well you got two more left". But Trini threw another ball, and Bulk missed that as well, and he was starting to get angry. He said "Okay one more but I'll get this one you see". But Trini once again threw the ball passed Bulk's bat.

Bulk just threw his bat down, and said in defeat "That's it I quit". Skull parroted "Yeah me too". Then the two of them walked off. Jason, Tommy, and Zack went up to Trini. Jason said "That was amazing". Tommy agreed "You were better than half the guys on the team".

Zack agreed "The team? Man she was better than Jose Canseco". Trini said "Thanks you guys I just hope Mr. Caplan was impressed". Jason said "With moves like that I'm sure he'll be". Tommy agreed "Yeah just believe in yourself".

Trini said "Thanks you guys. Come on let's check on Billy, and Kimberly". Then the four of them headed to the gym where Billy was doing some moves on the balance beam. Kimberly was cheering "Come on Billy you can do it". Billy performed the moves perfectly, and afterwards the others showed up. Zack said "Looking good my man". Billy replied "Thanks I think this is working out quite well for me".

Meanwhile somewhere in Angel Grove Squat, Goldar, and Babe Ruthless teleported down. Goldar asked "All right you know what you're doing?" Babe Ruthless bragged "Watch me then he made a pink energy ball appear in his hands.

Then he got ready to throw the ball as he said "Here's the windup". Then he threw it as he said "And the pitch". Then the ball flew into a little boy's mouth, and he immediately fell in love with a nearby girl. Then he threw some more balls quipping "Strike two Strike three".

Then a whole bunch of boys started chasing the girl as she was she was screaming "No no get away". Goldar, Squatt, and Babe Ruthless were laughing hysterically. Then Babe Ruthless bragged "Now to show you my fastball".

Then Babe Ruthless threw another ball into a girl's mouth, and she ran over to an airplane, and said ecstatically "Oh I love you plane". Soon Babe Ruthless slowly but surely put almost everyone in Angel Grove under his love spell.

Back at Angel Grove high the Rangers were walking by the Baseball field. Billy asked "So did you make the Baseball team Trini?" Trini answered "I don't know yet but I hope". Kimberly assured her "Don't worry Trini I'm sure you do".

Tommy agreed "You did better than Bulk, and Skull". Trini agreed "Yeah I guess you guys are right". But then a swarm of Putties appeared. Tommy shouted "Oh no Putties". Zack said "Let's get them". Billy, and Kimberly did some front flips, and they both started kicking putties.

Tommy, Jason, Zack, and Trini started punching, and kicking Putties. Tommy also picked up a Baseball bat, and started using it like a sword against the putties. Eventually everyone destroyed the Putties but then Jason's communicator started beeping.

Jason asked "What is it Zordon?" Zordon explained "Rita has sent the Baseball monster Babe Ruthless to put everyone in Angel Grove under a love spell". Jason agreed "We're on it" then he said "It's Morphin time".

Everyone called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". Then they all teleported to where Babe Ruthless was. Babe Ruthless laughed, and bragged "Ready to strike out Rangers?"

Jason quipped "You're the one that's gonna strike out" Then the Rangers started punching, and kicking Babe Ruthless who just kept swatting them". Babe Ruthless bragged "What's the matter Rangers out after one strike"

Then Babe Ruthless quipped "Maybe you outta make a transfer to Rita's team". Then Babe Ruthless sprayed pink gas from his horn at the Rangers. Everyone was able to get out of the way except Billy, and Trini.

Kimberly ran over to where they were, and asked "Billy Trini are you guys okay". Billy, and Trini looked at Kimberly, and they immediately fell in love with her. Billy said "Oh Kimberly did I ever tell you how beautiful you are".

Trini snapped "Back off Billy she's mine". Billy retorted "Says Who?". Then Billy, and Trini started pushing each other, and Kimberly tried to reason with them "Guys stop fighting". Zack explained "That monster must have put the love spell on them". Jason replied "Let's get back to the Command Center".

At the Command Center everyone was unmorphed, and Billy, and Trini were inside an electronic force field. Billy exclaimed "Kimberly let me out I'll score a triple 10 at the next Gymnastics meet for you". Trini bragged "I'll score a home run at every game for you".

Jason asked "What's wrong Zordon?" Zack agreed "Yeah is there any way to make Billy, and Trini normal again?". Zordon explained "Yes however the only way to do that is to destroy his horn". Jason said "Well if that's the only way to do it then let's do it Back to action".

Then the Rangers once again Morphed, and went back to where Babe Ruthless was. Babe Ruthless bragged "So Rangers back for the next round I see well get ready for my curveball". Then Babe Ruthless made a volley of energy balls appear that blew up around the Rangers".

Jason called out "All right guys let's give this guy a strike out". The other Rangers agreed "Right" then everyone pulled out their weapons, and started slashing, and stabbing Babe Ruthless. Then Kimberly readied her bow, and quipped "How do like this fastball".

Then Kimberly fired an arrow at Babe Ruthless that struck his horn, and broke it. Babe Ruthless started screaming "Oh no my horn". Then everyone who was under his love spell started returning to normal including Billy, and Trini.

Billy, and Trini started rubbing their heads, and Trini asked "What happened Zordon?". Zordon explained "Babe Ruthless had you under his love spell but the other Rangers were able to free. However they still need help defeating him".

Billy agreed "Back to action". Then Billy, and Trini once again Morphed, and went back to where the other Rangers were. Jason said "Billy, Trini you guy's okay now?" Trini said "Yeah", and Billy agreed "Affirmative".

But at her palace Rita bragged "Don't be so sure of yourselves Rangers. Our team only has one Strike". Then she ordered "Goldar, Scorpina get down to Earth at once". Goldar, and Scorpina agreed. Then Rita threw her scepter, and called out "Magic wand make my monsters grow".

Jason called out "You guys I'll take care of Goldar, and Scorpina you guys take care of Babe Ruthless". The other Rangers agreed, and they all called out "We need Dinozord Power now". Then one by one all the Dinozords except the Dragonzord appeared.

Trini fired lasers at Babe Ruthless but Babe Ruthless just quipped "How about my curve ball" then he fired a volley of lasers at the Dinozords. Zack cried out "Oh man this guy's really playing dirty". Billy said "There's gotta be some way to beat him"

Trini asked "How are you doing Jason?" Then Scorpina wrapped her tail around the Tyrannosaurus' neck while Goldar slashed it. Jason called out "Man I'm getting creamed over here". Tommy cried out "It's my turn time for some Dragonzord power".

Then Tommy used the Dragon dagger to summon the Dragonzord, and jumped into it's cockpit. Then the Dragonzord fired missiles at Goldar, Scorpina, and Babe Ruthless. Tommy then cried out "Okay guys let's summon the Dragon Battlezord".

Zack agreed "All Right" followed by Billy, and Trini with "Affirmative", and "Let's do it". Then the Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger Zords to become the Dragon Battlezord.

The Tyrannosaurus then punched, kicked, and tail whipped Babe Ruthless while the Dragon Battlezord punched Goldar, and Scorpina who in turn tried to slash, and stab the Dragon Battlezord. Then Babe Ruthless jump attacked the Tyrannosaurus.

Then Goldar, and Scorpina brought their swords together, and fired a laser at the Tyrannosaurus, and the Dragon Battlezord. Then Babe Ruthless tried to fire his pink gas at the Dragon Battlezord. Tommy cried out "Quick we need the Dragon Drill".

Then the Dragon Drill appeared, and blew away the gas. Then Babe Ruthless made a giant red ball appear, and qupped "Time for the third strike", and threw the ball. But Jason retorted "Not today", and the Tyrannosaurus tail whipped the ball, and it hit Babe Ruthless.

Jason then called out "Okay guys it's the bottom of the ninth, and we need a home run". Tommy, Zack, Billy, and Trini agreed "Right Dragon Drill now". Then the Dragon Drill charged, and Babe Ruthless ran towards it but the Dragon Drill pierced Babe Ruthless, and he fell down, and exploded.

At her palace Rita once again kicked her globe, and screamed "I've had it with all of you. I have these great plans, and you muckheads wreck every last one". Goldar tried to pass the blame by saying "If it wasn't for Finster's monster we would have had them".

Later at the Baseball field Mr. Caplan was reading the names of everyone who had made the Baseball team. Mr. Caplan called out "Next up Jason Lee Scott" every cheered Jason, and he went up with the rest of the team.

"Next Zack Taylor" everyone cheered Zack as he took his place next to Jason. "Next Tommy Oliver" then everyone cheered Tommy as he took his place next to Jason, and Zack. Then Mr. Caplan called one final name.

"And finally Trini Kwan" everyone then cheered as Trini took her place next to the others. Bulk cried out "What about us?" Skull parroted "Yeah what about us?" Mr. Caplan explained "Sorry boys. In fact I can say without a shadow of a doubt you were the worst players to try out for the team". Bulk, and Skull walked off as Bulk whined "There's always Basketball season". Then everyone laughed.

The End.

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