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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 11

Island of Illusion Part 1

Written by Justin Best

It was another day at Ernie's, and the Team Ninja Finals were Saturday so Jason, and Tommy were practicing. Tommy, and Jason were sparring but then Jason accidentally hit Tommy. Tommy yelled "Hey man watch it". Jason retorted "You were supposed to block man".

Billy, and Zack were watching them, and intervened. Zack said "Come on guys chill it the Team Ninja Finals are this weekend, and you've guys have to learn to cooperate in time for the big match". Billy said "My new training program can get you guys in shape by the big match". He added "If you're willing to cooperate".

Jason said "I would if this guy could learn to block". Tommy rebutted "Hey man you were the one who punched out sequence". Zack intervened "Guys Guys cool it". Jason said "All right", and Tommy said "Fine".

Then they started practicing with bo staffs, and were doing good until Tommy accidentally tripped Jason. Jason said "Hey man watch out" Tommy retorted "Well maybe you should have been paying attention". Then they tried practicing with senais but then accidentally hit each other.

Tommy snapped "I said my right". Jason retorted "No you said mine". Then Trini, and Kimberly showed up, and Trini said "You guys are gonna have to learn to Gung Ho". Jason, and Tommy stood there confused when Trini explained "Chinese for work together".

Jason explained "I would if this guy would learn to block". Tommy retorted "Well maybe if you learned to pay attention". The other Rangers just rolled their eyes as Jason, and Tommy kept bickering until Zack once again intervened, and said "Guys chill you have to work together if you guys wanna win".

At her palace Rita was practicing her magic she called "Shaba Masha Rasha", Then Rita started getting visions. She saw visions of a giant floating spiked head flying through space. Rita's eyes started bleeding as Squatt asked "Oh no Rita what's wrong?"

Meanwhile at the Command Center Alpha was panicking "Aye ye ye". Zordon ordered "Alpha check the galactic scanner I detect a strong disturbance in the Morphing Grid". Zordon further explained "One that I haven't felt in over 10,000,000 years". Alpha cried out "You don't mean" then he gulped "him".

At Rita's palace Squatt asked "What's wrong Rita?". Surprisingly Rita was happy as she explained "He's back. I thought he was destroyed 10,000,000 years ago but he's back". Babboo replied "You don't mean".

Goldar interrupted "Yes the true emperor Lord Zedd is still alive somewhere, and is trying to project his image". Then the image of Lord Zedd appeared in front of the moon palace, and called out "Rita Rita are you there?"

Rita answered "Yes my lord I thought you were destroyed all those eons ago". Zedd explained "That's what I wanted that fool, and his pathetic Rangers to think but I escaped into darker galaxies slowly amassing dark magic until I myself became a being of pure dark magic".

Zedd then explained "However I cannot appear on Earth until I have amassed enough negative energy from human fear, anger, and despair". Rita answered "Send me one of your most powerful monsters, and I will use it to spread, and gather all the negative energy you need my lord".

Zedd said "In that case I shall send down Mutitis a mutant undead barbarian that has conquered thousands of worlds". Rita cried out "He sounds perfect send Mutitis down to Earth, and not only will I gather enough negative energy for you but I will destroy those Rangers once, and for all".

Back at Ernie's Jason, and Tommy were still practicing when Bulk came in wearing a fancy manager's outfit while Skull was wearing a coach's uniform, and sun glasses. Bulk then bragged "Well hello losers me, and Skull would like to show you who the winners of the Team Ninja Finals are gonna be".

Bulk called out "Guys come on out introduce everyone to some real ninjas". Then two men in ninja costumes appeared, and started sparring perfectly with each other. Billy admitted "They are extremely proficient". Zack agreed "And they're good too".

Then Bulk called out "Bo staffs", and Skull threw some Bo staffs to the ninjas who started fighting each other perfectly with them. Jason was undaunted "I can take those guys". Tommy also bragged "So could I".

Then Bulk called out "Senais" then Skull threw some senais to the ninjas who then started dueling each other perfectly with them. Then Bulk called out "Now for the grand finale Power Kick". Then the two ninjas back flipped, and jump kicked a punching bag. Bulk bragged "Well I think we all know who the real winners are" but then got hit with the punching bag.

At Rita's palace Squatt, Babbo, and Finster were working on some more Putties but this time they were using Rita's new super putty. Babboo bragged "Oh boy with this new super putty our Putties are going to be unbeatable". Squatt added "Yeah, and they won't lose either".

Finster agreed "With my new super putties all my putties, and monsters from now on will be indestructible. The Power Rangers, and the Earth are finished". Then they put the super Putties into the Monster Matic.

The Monster Matic roared to life as it exploded, and out came new darker, and harder Putties. Goldar ordered "Now go Super Putties go, and destroy the Rangers". The Super Putties teleported to Earth as Rita bragged "And if the Super Putties don't work Mutitis will".

Then Rita ordered "All right Squat, and Babboo I need you to two to go to Earth, and set up Zedd's tower so you can beam the negative energy directly to Zedd to allow him to appear on Earth". Babboo answered "No problem your evilness". Squatt agreed "Yeah we'll have that tower up for sure".

At Angel Grove park Kimberly, and Trini were walking. Trini asked "Did you see Bulk, and Skull's ninjas?" Kimberly replied "Jason, and Tommy are gonna have to work together if they're gonna beat those guys". All of a sudden a swarm of Super Putties appeared.

Trini cried out "Oh no" Kimberly cried out "It's time to Gung ho". Then Kimberly, and Trini were trying to fight off the Super Putties by punching, and kicking them but the Super Putties were too much for them. Kimberly went to her communicator, and cried out "Alpha me, and Trini are fighting Putties in the park but for some reason they're more powerful than usual".

Alpha complied "Understood". At Ernie's Jason was punching a punching bag when Tommy criticized "Hey you punched out of sequence again". Jason rebutted "Hey I'm tired okay". Then their communicators started beeping,

Jason asked "What's wrong?" Alpha replied "Kimberly, and Trini are in the park fighting Putties but their having trouble". Jason answered "We're on our way". Then Jason, Tommy, Billy, and Zack left to the park.

When they got to the park Jason asked Kimberly, and Trini "Are you guys okay" Kimberly answered "Yeah but these guys are really hard for some reason". Then all the Rangers tried to punch, and kick the Super Putties but the Super Putties were too much for them".

Zack cried out "Oh man what are these creeps made out of?" Billy replied "Rita must have upgraded her Putties". Jason called out "Okay guys let's get to the Command Center, and regroup". Then the Rangers teleported off.

Meanwhile Squatt, Babbo, and some Super Putties were setting up a strange white pillar. Squatt was demanding "Come on you clay brains get the lead out. Rita said we have set up Zedd's tower so that he can send down Mutitis".

At the Command Center Zack cried out "I don't get it Zordon". Kimbely agreed "Yeah we never had that much trouble with Putties before". Zordon explained "I feared this would happen Rita has gotten her hands on super putty, and is using it to upgrade her minions".

Then the alarm went off, and Billy asked "What is it Zordon?" Zordon explained "I thought me, and Alpha would never have to explain this but earlier we started sensing disturbances in the Morphing Grid".

Zordon further explained "Disturbances that were consistent with only one source. Lord Zedd". Trini asked "Who's that". Alpha explained "Zedd was the previous Green Ranger before Tommy but he turned to evil, and started working with Rita".

Alpha further explaned "Eventually he became just as powerful, and evil as in not more so than Rita herself". Zack replied "So that's who he was but you said he also disappeared 10,000,000 years ago. Zordon explained "He did, and we thought he was destroyed but it seems he took refuge in darker galaxies.

Zordon said behold the Viewing Globe. The Viewing Globe showed images of Squatt, Babbo, and the Super Putties erecting Zedd's tower. Zordon explained "It is just as I feared Rita, and her minions have erected Zed's tower, and with it they can channel negative energy from human anger, fear, and despair, and send it directly to the dark galaxies in order to summon Zedd, and his monsters".

Zordon ordered Rangers go down in the Megazord, and try to dismantle Zedd's tower before it has a chance to summon Zedd or one of his monsters". Tommy agreed "You can count on me Zordon". Jason interrupted "Hey man he only said the Megazord he didn't say anything about Dragonzord".

Zordon explained "I'm sorry to say Jason is right hopefully Megazord's power alone is enough to stop it" Jason gave a smug smirk to Tommy who just rolled his eyes. Zordon then said "However if the tower succeeds in summoning Zedd or a monster we may need the Dragonzord's power".

Tommy then said "Okay but I think we should also use Dragonzord". Jason rebutted "No one cares what you think man". Then Zack interrupted "Guys chill let's just focus on the tower for now". Jason then said "Okay guys it's Morphing Time".

Everyone except Tommy cried out "Mastodon" "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger", and "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers called out "We need Dinozord power now". Then one by one the Dinozords appeared and combined into the Megazord.

Squatt, Babboo, and the Super Putties had finally erected Zedd's tower. Kimberly cried out "Oh no we're too late". Jason said "Not yet we aren't". The Megazord tried to take down the tower but was thrown back by red electricity.

At her Palace Rita was watching, and gloated "I'm afraid it won't be that easy Rangers". Then Rita intoned "Masha Rasha Shamna Come forth Mutitis". Then all of a sudden a giant strange yellow, and red decaying humanoid creature appeared in Angel Grove.

At the Command Center Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye we're too late Rita has summoned Mutitis". Back at the battle Jason cried out "Don't worry guys we can take this guy". Mutitis started swinging his ball, and chain around while the Megazord punched Mutitis.

Eventually however Mutitis caught the Megazord with his chain, and started swinging the Megazord around. The Megazord got back up, and kept fighting Mutitis. But then Zedd's tower fired red lasers into the sky as the sky got dark.

Then Rita herself appeared, and called "Now Rangers feel the power of Lord Zedd". Then a fireball shot through space, and appeared in Angel Grove in the form of the image of Lord Zedd. Zack cried out "That's Lord Zedd?".

Jason cried out "Zordon, and Alpha weren't kidding". Kimberly agreed "Yeah that guy looks super scary". Rita cried out "Now Lord Zedd give Mutitis your power so he can destroy the Rangers once, and for all. Lord Zedd cried out "With pleasure".

Then Lord Zedd sprayed a white mist at Mutitis that caused him to start mutating. Billy explained "Oh no he's mutating". Jason replied we've got to stop him". Lord Zedd then fired some lasers at the Megazord. Jason called out "We need the Power Sword".

The Power Sword fell, and the Megazord picked it up, and threw it at Mutitis but Lord Zedd shouted "I don't think so", and fired a laser that disintegrated the Power Sword. Trini cried out "Oh no" followed by Zack saying "The Power Sword".

Mutitis continued mutating until he grew wings that looked like an organic cape, a long neck, and goat like horns along with what looked like Zedd's face on his chest. Mutitis then started flapping his wings at the Megazord causing hurricane like winds.

But the Megazord got back up then Mutitis, and the Megazord started punching each other. Then Mutits fired lasers at the Megazord. Jason called out "I hate to say it but we need Tommy". At the Command Center Tommy was watching, and cried out "This looks like a job for some dragon power".

Tommy called out "Dragon", and then used the Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord, and jumped into it's cockpit. The Dragonzord started tail whipping Mutitis while the Megazord kept punching him. Then Mutiis did some jumping attacks at the Megazord, and Dragonzord.

Lord Zedd called out "So this is the pitiful excuse who found my glorious powers, and returned to them to that wretched Zordon. Well you, and your friends are a mistake I'll finish correcting". Rita then cried out "Now Mutits finish the Rangers, and their Zords once and for all".

Then Mutitis started spraying white foam all over the Megazord, and the Dragonzord. Jason called out "Oh no it's toxic foam". Rita bragged "Yes Rangers it's a special toxic acid that disintegrates anything including Zordonium".

Then the Megazord, and the Dragonzord fell to the ground as the Rangers were forced out of their Zords, fell to the ground, and unmorphed. The Rangers got back up, and Jason said "Oh man this is serious we need Zordon, and Alpha".

The other Rangers agreed, and they went back to the Command Center. Jason asked "Is it true Zordon?". Zack agreed "Yeah is that stuff really gonna destroy our Zords?" followed by Kimberly with "And is there any way to fix them?"

Zordon explained "I'm sorry to say that yes your Zords will be completely dissolved unless something is done within the next 24 Earth hours". Zack cried out "Well what can we do?". Alpha whined "Oh if only Titanus the Carrierzord was here he could fix them".

Trini asked "What's Titanus the Carrierzord?". Zordon explained a great, and powerful sentient Zord that could combine with the six piloted Zords to become the all powerful, and invincible Ultrazord a mighty weapon that was absolutely unbeatable".

Billy asked "What happened to it?". Alpha explained "When Zedd betrayed the Power Rangers Millennia tried to get him to safe place but both she, and Titanus were lost on the Island of Illusion". Trini asked "Millennia?" followed by Zack with "Island of Illusion?"

Just then Quagmire, and Nemo teleported in, and Nemo explained "She was my mother. She was one of the kindest, and most powerful sorceresses in all the universe". Quagmire explained, "And the Island of Illusion is a place where the more you doubt, and fear the more you start to disappear".

Jason asked "So how do we go there?". Quagmire explained "Taking you there I can do but getting back is up to you". Billy asked "What do you mean?". Alpha explained "The only way to return from the Island of Illusion is to beat all of it's tricks, and traps".

Nemo added "And the only way to do that is to have absolute confidence in yourself, and those around you". Jason bragged "Don't worry I can do this". Tommy also bragged "Yeah me too". Zordon gave Tommy, and Jason each half of a map.

Zordon explained "This is all that remains of the last map of the Island of Illusion. Hopefully it can take you to where Millennia or Titanus is". Jason said "Don't worry Zordon". Zack agreed "Yeah we'll find Titanus, and save the Zords before you know it".

Zordon called out "I hope so Rangers, and may the Power protect you". Then the Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo all teleported out, and they appeared in a strange island. Jason cried "Man what is this?". Kimberly cried out "Scary".

Quagmire explained "Welcome to the Island of Illusion now let's be quick with our intrusion". Jason agreed "Quagmire's right let's just focus on the mission, and find Titanus". Then the Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo started walking around the Island of Illusion.

Trini cried out "Didn't we just pass that lagoon over an hour ago?". Billy replied "Maybe didn't we also pass that rock too". Jason tried to assure them "Don't worry guys I'll get us out". But Tommy retorted "No way man I'll get us out".

Just then Zack started seeing a strange white figure off in the distance. "Hey guys did you see that white figure off in the distance?" He asked. The other Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo just shook their heads, and Trini shrugged it off with "Must be an Illusion?".

Zack replied "I guess you're right", and shrugged it off himself. Then all of a sudden the Rangers started hearing voices. Tommy started hearing his own name over, and over again. Then he saw what looked like Rita for a second before she disappeared.

Kimberly aksed "What is it Tommy?" Tommy shrugged it off with "Oh nothing thought I saw something". Then Trini started hearing her own name, and briefly saw the image of a middle aged Asian man before he too disappeared.

Then Kimberly started hearing her own name as well, and saw the image of a middle aged brunette woman who quickly disappeared. Then Billy started hearing his own name, and briefly saw a middle aged blonde woman with glasses.

Kimberly said in a worried tone "Guys let's hurry I don't want to be here any longer than I have to". The other Rangers agreed. Then the Rangers saw what looked like an army of monsters. Jason cried out "Oh man I thought we destroyed these guys".

Kimberly cried out "Look they're charging" Then the monsters started charging at the Rangers, and then disappeared. Tommy cried out "What was that?". Then the Rangers, Quagmire, and Nemo looked up at the sky.

Goldar's image appeared, and bragged "So you Rangers are just as foolish as we thought you were. Your in the Island of Illusion a place where nothing is real except for the danger". Then Zack turned around, and saw a snake.

Zack started screaming "Ahh Snake a Snake". The other Rangers looked, and couldn't find anything. Trini said "Zack we don't see anything". Zack replied "Don't you guys see it? Its huge". Zack then ran away from the snake.

Zack then said "Oh no you guys I don't feel so good". Then Zack started slowly fading from existence. Kimberly cried out "Oh no Zack you're fading". Quagmire explained "This is just like I said the more Rita makes you doubt, and fear the more you disappear". While off in the distance the white figure kept watching them.

To be concluded.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 12

Island of Illusion Part 2

Written by Justin Best

Zack was still fading from existence. Billy explained "Quagmire's right Zach's molecular stability is directly proportional to his state of self confidence". Kimberly yelled "What does that mean?". Trini explained "It means the more Zack doubts himself the less there is of Zack".

Jason cried out "Fight it Zack". Tommy agreed "Yeah you can do it". Zack was skeptical "I don't know you guys". Quagmire explained "If Rita has you caught think a positive thought". Zack said "Okay I'll try". Zach then thought about the time Rita sent her Knasty Knight monster after him.

Zack said "I remember a really tough battle with Rita's Knasty Knight monster. I thought I was finished until my friends helped me destroy him" Jason exclaimed "Keep doing it Zack". Zack also remembered the time Rita replaced the nature spirit statue with her Spidertron monster.

Zack continued "And the time Rita replaced the nature with her Spidertron monster who put my hip hop kiddo class to sleep with toxic butterflies but me, and the others were able to stop it". Zack had completely solidified. He cheered "I did it I'm back", and the other Rangers hugged him.

At her palace Rita was mocking "So Zack was able to beat the island's illusions. Well let's see how the other Rangers do". She then bragged it will only be a matter of time before the Rangers' own insecurities do my job for me". Then she laughed hysterically.

Rita then ordered Goldar "Goldar come here at once". Goldar asked "What is it my queen?". Rita explained "Keep an eye on those power brats while I go back to Earth. Now that the Rangers, and their Zords are out of the way I can begin the next phase of my plan".

Goldar complied "Understood". Rita teleported back to Earth, and called out "Now Mutitis spread your toxic acid gas all over Angel Grove". Mutitis then sprayed a white gas all over Angel Grove, and before long everyone in Angle Grove became sick, and started coughing uncontrollably.

At the Command Center Alpha panicked "Aye ye ye Mutitis has sprayed his toxic acid gas all over Angel Grove". Zordon exclaimed "We can only hope that the Rangers will find Titanus before all life on Earth is dissolved by Mutitis' toxic acid".

Back on the island Kimberly once again started hearing her own name again, and once again started seeing the brunette woman from earlier. Then Kimberly realized the voice was coming from the woman, and she started tearing up as she said "Aunt Rachel?"

Jason gasped "Your step mother?" Rachel then called out "Remember Kimberly your father, and I were dating but then you told him what I did when he wasn't around, and he left me". Kimberly cried out "You were mean to me behind his back".

Rachel called out "And what about you". She continued "Your father was happy with me before that, and you're every bit as mean as me". Kimberly cried "That's not true". Rachel then called out "Yes it is your just like me telling everyone you're nice while deep down you're just as mean as me".

Kimberly started crying as she started to fade saying "It's true it's all true". Trini cried out "Kimberly fight it". Tommy added "The island is trying to get to you". Quagmire then said "I remember when you fought a toad of terror you stayed you course straight as an arrow".

Kimberly cried out "Oh no the toad creature. I'm not sure I want to remember that". Tommy cried out "You've gotta Kimberly". Kimberly thought about the time Rita put a spell on her, and Billy that turned them into mean punks.

But then Alpha was able to cure them, and she was able to save her friends from Rita's Terror Toad. Kimberly said "I was really scared, and on my own but I was able to outsmart that monster, and save my friends".

Quagmire cheered "You can do it". Kimberly continued "And another time Rita poisoned my mom's boyfriend Uncle Steve when we were flying his plane while she sent her Snizzard monster to trap children in apples, and steal their youth".

Kimberly continued "But Alpha helped me land the plane, and I was able to save the children, and my friends". Kimberly once again solidified "I did it". Trini cheered "We knew you would", and Trini started hugging Kimberly.

At her palace Rita was mocking "So Zack, and Kimberly have both beaten the island's illusions". Then She bragged "But there's still four more. Let's see what the Island has in store for Tommy. I'm sure he'll just be green with excitement". Then Rita laughed hysterically.

Tommy started hearing his own voice again, and once again saw Rita. But this time it wasn't just Rita. All of her minions, and all of Rita's previous monsters where there. Then the sky blackened, and the image of Lord Zedd appeared.

But the most frightening thing wasn't that but what came after. Tommy saw himself as the Green Ranger carrying a reforged Sword of Darkness, and kneeling before Rita, Zedd, and their minions. Lord Zedd then cried out.

"Thomas Edison Oliver do you swear to carry on my 10,000,000 year tradition of greed, vengeance, and betrayal?". Tommy heard himself coldly, and smugly cry out "I swear". Lord Zedd then cried out "Good now prove it by destroying the Rangers, and everything they stand for".

The real Tommy cried out "No it can't be. That's not me". Jason asked "What's going on?". Kimberly started to cry out "Oh no you guys look". Tommy was starting to fade. Tommy then saw himself use the Sword of Darkness to slice, and stab his unmorphed friends.

His friends cried out "Tommy how could you do this?", and "Snap out of it man we're your friends". Then he heard himself say coldly "I have no friends", and he fired another energy ball at his friends, and destroyed them.

Then the Green Ranger summoned the Dragonzord, and proceeded to lay wast to Angel Grove before moving on to a new target: Crossworld City. The Dragonzord lay another path of destruction. Somewhere in the city a middle aged Asian man, a teenage blonde woman, and a teenage African American man came out of a place called Tao's Dojo.

Tommy cried out "Tao? Kaitlin? JB?" Tao cried out "Oh no Tommy", JB cried out "What happened to you?". Then they looked at the bodies of the dead Rangers. Kaitlin went over to Jason's body, and cried "Jason, Jason".

Tao went over to Trini, and cried "Trini, Trini". Tao cried out "How could you?". Then the Dragonzord opened fire on them as well. Then finally there were two more people. A middle aged white man, and a Native American woman in either her late 20's early 30's.

The man held the woman, and they were both crying "We couldn't be more disappointed son". Tommy started crying "Mom, Dad I'm sorry". Quagmire explained "Rita may have steered you wrong but think of strong thoughts, you'll stay strong".

Tommy said "I gotta stay strong. Just gotta stay strong". Tommy then thought about when his friends used the Power Blaster to destroy the Sword of Darkness. "I remember now. My friends destroyed the Sword of Darkness".

Then he remembered using the Dragonzord to help his friends fight Rita's monsters. "Then I was able to help my friends fight Rita's monsters, and save the world". Tommy solidified, and shouted "Woohoo I'm back". Tommy then high fived Zack, and Zack "All right my man".

Rita was watching the Rangers, and sneered "So now Tommy got past the Island. But they still haven't found Titanus yet. Let's see what the Island has is in store for Trini". Trini once again saw the image of her uncle Tao, and started hearing him call out her name.

Trini started crying out "Uncle Tao?". Tao called out "Trini you are a dishonor to our family". Trini cried out "No that's not true". Tao called out "Yes it is. You're skills are pathetic. You know I always preferred your cousin Jacob".

Trini cried "It's true I was always a disappointment to my uncle". Kimberly cried "Oh no Trini. Trini was starting to fade. Quagmire then explained "If Rita has you feeling down. Remember when you fought a nightmare clown".

Trini then thought "Let's see. I remember now". Trini said "I remember when Pineapple the clown turned my cousin Sylvia into a cardboard cutout. Me, and Alpha returned her to normal, and I was able to help the others destroy Pineapple the clown".

Trini also thought about the time Rita brought her Mr. Ticklesneezer doll to life as a monster but Trini, and the other Rangers convinced him to be good, and he went off to another planet to live in peace. "I remember when Rita brought my Mr. Ticklesneezer doll to life. But we got him to stop being evil".

Trini finally started solidifying "I did it. I did it". Kimberly hugged Trini, and cried "I knew you could". Rita was still watching, and she was starting to get angry "So now Trini's made it through". Then she bragged "Well let's see what Billy has in store".

Billy started seeing the blonde woman with glasses from earlier again. The woman started calling out Billy's name, and Billy cried out "Mom is that you?". The Woman cried out "Billy. You think you're such a genius but you couldn't save me".

Billy started crying "No Mom it can't be". The woman started decomposing as she cried out "Why couldn't you save me Billy?". Then Billy saw the woman lying in a hospital bed as a little boy who looked like a younger version of Billy was shaking her trying to wake her up crying "Mommy, Mommy don't leave me".

Then the machines started flat lining, and Billy started fading as he started crying "It's true all my knowledge, and I still couldn't save my mother". Jason cried out "Billy fight it". Zack agreed "Jason's right you gotta fight it man".

Quagmire explained "I seem to recall, and I do not lie. That Billy fought a beast of eyes". Billy then thought about it. Billy exclaimed "That's right I remember now". Billy remembered the time Rita sent her Eye Guy monster to kidnap his friend Willy for his intelligence.

Billy exclaimed "I remember when Rita sent her Eye Guy monster to kidnap my friend Willy, and drain him of his intelligence. But me, and my friends were able to free Willy safely, and destroy Eye Guy once, and for all". Billy solidified, and Jason said "All right Billy, and high fived him.

Billy humbly said "I seem to be Molecurly intact". All the Rangers laughed. At her palace Rita was getting furious "Those troublesome Rangers almost all of them have beat the island's illusion, and recovering Titanus".

Goldar tried to assure her "Don't worry my empress. There's still their leader Jason". Goldar explained "Once he succumbs to the islands illusions the Rangers will be finished". Rita snapped "He'd better". Then she ordered "And if he doesn't I want you to personally send some Super Putties to finish them".

Jason then said "Okay guys I think that's the last of them we just have to keep searching, and we'll find Titanus, and get out of here". Then Jason started hearing his friends cry out in pain, and despair. Jason turned around, and saw that all his friends were fading again.

Jason cried out "Guys guys?". The other Rangers cried out "Jason you were supposed to be there for us", and "But you weren't", and "And now Rita's gonna destroy the world". Jason cried "It's true I let my friends down, and now Rita's gonna win".

Trini called out "What are you talking about Jason?". Zack agreed "Yeah man we're still here". Jason started fading as everyone gasped. Billy explained "Now Jason's starting to dematerialize". Jason started crying "I was supposed to be a leader but I failed my team".

Quagmire then explained "If Rita has you in a jinx remember when you faced that sphinx". Jason said "Okay I just gotta remember. Gotta remember". Jason then remembered the time King Sphinx trapped his friends, and the children of Angel Grove in trees.

Jason said "I remember when "King Sphinx trapped my friends, and all the kids in Angel Grove in trees, and I had to face him on my own." Jason continued "But then I was able to free my friends, and the kids, and my friends helped me destroy King Spinx"

Jason solidified, and said "All right I did it. It will take more than that to destroy the Power Ranagers". Zack cheered "All right we did it. All we really needed was a little self confidence". Nemo then explained "Now we can find Titanus, and rescue the Zords".

At her palace Rita was even more furious. Rita screamed "Ahh they finally beat the island. It's only a matter of time before they find that blasted Titanus, and stop my wonderful Mutitis. Or worse what if that pain in the side Millennia is still around, and they free her".

Goldar once again tried to assure her "Me, and Scorpina will personally lead an army of Super Putties to finish off those meddlesome Rangers once, and for all". Scorpina agreed "Yeah we'll pulverize them". Rita then ordered "Then do it".

Babboo then whined "Oh I hope the Rangers don't find Titanus". Squatt agreed "Yeah I remember the last time the Ultrazord destroyed one of her monsters she was so mad I actually thought she would destroy us for good". Babboo snapped "Don't jinx us you Zandozan".

Back on the island Zack once again saw the white figure in the distance. Zack exclaimed "Hey you guys I see that figure again". This time everyone else saw it. Jason said "Hey I see it too". Nemo exclaimed "could it be? Mom?".

Quagmire cried out "Millennia?". Then the white figure teleported right in front of everyone, and then a mysterious giant mountain appeared right in front of them. On top of the mountain were five statues. Each one represented one of the Rangers' respective Dinosaur.

Billy exclaimed "Prodigious". The white figure explained "Greetings Rangers I am Millennia the white sorceress". Millennia further explained "10,000,000 years ago when Zedd betrayed the Rangers, and turned to evil Zordon had me try to keep Titanus, and the Brachio Busters out of his hands".

Millennia continued "However Rita Repulsa banished me here to the Island of Illusion, and I have been trapped here along with Titanus ever since". Then a giant white robotic Brachiosaurus appeared, and started roaring.

Trini cheered "We did it". Zack agreed "We found Titanus". Titanus continued roaring, and Millennia explained "He says he's glad to see you have proven your courage, and determination this far. But now you must get to the Brachio Busters before he defeats you".

Titanus then fired some fireballs near enough to frighten the Rangers without actually harming them. Titanus once again roared, and Zack asked "Brachio Busters?" Millennia explained "Powerful weapons that can help destroy almost all of Rita's minions".

Millennia continued "You have to get to them by working as a team. Titanus says once you have the Brachio Busters he will agree to join you, and you will have both his power, and that of the Brachio Busters".

Tommy asked "What about you?" Millennia explained "Unfortunately I have been on the island of illusion for so long that the only way I can return to the outside world would be if a Power Ranger sacrifices their power coin to wish me free".

All of a sudden Goldar, Scorpina, and some Super Putties appeared. Kimberly exclaimed sarcastically "Great this is just what we need". Goldar mocked "Yes my pretty I am afraid for once the nightmare is real".

Jason called out "Okay you guys it's Morphing time". The other Rangers agreed "Right". They all called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl" "Triceratops". "Saber Tooth Tiger" "Tyrannosaurus". The Rangers then proceed to punch, and kick Goldar, Scorpina, and the Super Putties.

Then the Rangers made their weapons appear, and they all started stabbing, and slashing Goldar, Scorpina, and the Super Putties who tried slash, and stab the Rangers as well. Then Tommy picked up a log, and quipped "Have a nice trip". Then he tripped Goldar with the log, and quipped "See you next fall".

Titanus once again roard, and once again fired fireballs on not only the Rangers but now Rita's minions. Jason said "Zack, Billy, Trini, Kimberly. You guys get these guys back to the real world, and try to hold them off as long as you can"

Tommy agreed "Me, and Jason will try to get Titanus, and the Brachio Busters". Kimberly exclaimed "There's no way you guys can do it yourselves". Zack assured "Come on Kim they can do this we just have to hold out for a little bit".

Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly then teleported to downtown Angel Grove where they were surrounded by a swarm of Super Putties. Zack then cried out "Okay you guys we just have to hold out until Jason, and Tommy get the Brachio Busters".

At the Command Center Alpha, and Zordon were watching, and Alpha cried "Aye ye ye are you sure Jason, and Tommy can get past Titanus, and get the Brachio Busters". Zordon assured Alpha "They have already proven their confidence in themselves now they just have to prove their confidence in each other.

On the island Jason said "Okay Tommy let's get past this overgrown lizard". Tommy agreed "Right". Jason, and Tommy both tried to run as fast as they could to the Brachio Busters but Titanus fired fireballs at them,

Jason went up to Tommy, and said "Hey Tommy your better with a sword than I am. Take my power sword, and try to distract Titanus while I go get the Brachio Busters". Tommy agreed "Okay but you'll need protection".

Tommy then took Jason's hand, and put it up to his Dragon shield. The Dragon shield then teleported to Jason, and Jason exclaimed "Wow, but what about you?". Tommy assured Jason "Don't worry I just have dodge him".

Tommy then called out "Hey Lizard Lips". Titanus turned his attention to Tommy, and Tommy crossed the Dragon Dagger, and the Power Sword, and fired a laser at Titanus, Titanus then fired fireballs on Tommy.

Jason cried out "Tommy". Tommy cried out "Don't worry about me just hurry". Jason tried to run towards the Brachio Busters but Titanus turned his attention to Jason, and fired more fireballs at him. Tommy cried out "Oh no you don't", and fired more lasers at Titanus.

Titanus returned his attention to Tommy, and fired more fireballs at him. Jason ran as fast as he could, and was able to reach the chest. Jason called out "All right Tommy I got the Brachio Busters". Tommy called out "All right".

Back in Angel Grove the other Rangers tried to fight off the Super Putties. First the Rangers tried to punch, and kick them but the Super Putties punched, and kicked them back harder. Then the Rangers tried their weapons.

The Rangers tried slashing, and stabbing the Super Putties. But the Super Putties not only slashed, and stabbed them back harder but every time the Rangers broke the Super Putties the more it would just turn them into two Super Putties.

This went on, and on until Zack said "Oh man we're getting our butts whupped I hope Tommy, and Jason found those Brachio Busters". The Super Putties started swarming around the Rangers when suddenly a mysterious beam of light hit some Super Putties, and disintegrated them,

The Rangers turned around, and Zack exclaimed "All right Jason, and Tommy you got the Brachio Busters". Jason exclaimed "That's not all we brought". Just then Titanus appeared in Angel Grove.

Jason, and Tommy threw the other Rangers the rest of the Brachio Busters, and Zack exclaimed "Okay guys lock, load, fire". Then the Rangers pulled back on the Brachrio Busters, and they fired lasers that completely disintegrated all of the Super Putties.

Then rainbow colored beams shot out of Titanus. The colored beams hit the Megazord, and Dragonzord. When the beams vanished the toxic acid foam was gone, and the Megazord, and Dragonzo,rd were completely cleaned, and repaired.

Then all six Rangers teleported into the cockpit of the Megazord, and Lord Zedd cried out "No this can't be". Rita cried "Oh no they found Titanus, and the Brachio Busters". Then the Rangers called out "We need Mega Dragonzord Power"

Then the Dragonzord split itself, and then formed itself around the Megazord like armor. Jason called Okay guys let's take this guy out". The Mega Dragonzord fired lasers at Mutitis, and Mutitis fired his own lasers at the Mega Dragonzord.

Jason called out "Okay guys full power". Then the Megazord tapped on the pieces of the Dragonzord, and the Mega Dragonzord charged up an energy ball, and fired it at Mutitis completely disintegrating him.

Lord Zedd then cried out "No this is impossible". Then Jason called out "Okay guys we need Ultrazord power". The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then Titanus opened himself up, and made laser cannons appeared on him.

Then the Mega Dragonzord docked itself inside Titanus forming the Ultrazord. Jason then called out "Okay guys lock on to Lord Zedd, and fire all weapons". Then the Ultrazord started firing all of it's weapons at Lord Zedd.

Lord Zedd cried out "You haven't seen the last of me I'll be back", and teleported off. Kimberly cried out "Oh no Lord Zedd got away". Jason assured her "Don't worry we'll get him next time". Then the sky cleared, and everyone recovered from the toxic acid gas.

Rita teleported back to her palace, and screamed at her minions. "How could you. I was this close to being rid of the Rangers forever, and having Zedd back when you ruined it". Goldar tried to pass the blame.

"It was Finster's worthless Super Putties that bungled the job". Babboo then pointed to Squatt, and said "Dunderhead here was the one that jinxed us". Squatt retorted "You put the tower up wrong". Rita shouted "Quiet all of you. You're all equally worthless".

Back at Ernie's it was the day of the Team Ninja Finals. Zack assured Tommy, and Jason "Okay you guys martial arts is about self discipline, and control you can do this, and remember to work together". Jason, and Tommy nodded.

Then the announcer called out "All teams ready? The first round of the Team Ninja Finals begins now, Round One: Hand to hand". Tommy, and Jason then started punching, and kicking Bulk, and Skulls ninjas.

At first it seemed like Bulk, and Skull's ninjas had the upper hand but then Jason, and Tommy started getting a leg up, and were able to down Bulk, and Skull's ninjas. The announcer called out "Round one winners: Tommy, and Jason".

Zack cheered "Yes" while Bulk cursed "Drats". Then the announcer called out "Round Two: Senais". Then Skull threw Bulk's ninjas some Senais while Zack tossed some to Jason, and Tommy. Once again it seemed like Bulk, and Skull's ninja would win when Jason, and Tommy claimed victory at the last minute.

Then The announcer called out "Now for the final round: Bo staffs". Skull then threw some Bo staffs to Bulk's ninjas while Zack threw some to Jason, and Tommy. For the final time it looked like Bulk, and Skull's ninjas would win but Jason, and Tommy defeated them.

Then the announcer cried out "The judges are making their decision". Then after a while the announcer talked with the judges, and went back to the mike, and said "The winners of this year's Team Ninja finals are: Jason, and Tommy".

Jason, and Tommy cheered, and the other Rangers went to cheer them on as well. Bulk demanded "Skull water for our warriors". Skull said "Oh right", and grabbed some buckets but spilled them on Bulk. The Rangers then laughed.

The End.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 13

Peace, Love, and Woe

Written by Justin Best.

It was the day of the school dance, and the Rangers were helping Ernie set everything up. Then Bulk rode in on a skateboard, and accidentally ran into a banner that the Rangers were putting up. Zack cried out "Sorry Bulk".

Kimberly called out "Watch where you're going Bulk". But Bulk shot back I can go anywhere I want". Then Bulk saw Ernie carrying a cake, and tried to get out of the way but couldn't. Bulk then crashed into the cake.

Skull went up to Bulk, and said "Are you sure that's where you wanted to go Bulk?". Ernie then picked up Bulk, and Skull, and said "Okay you guys know the rules don't come back unless you can pay for the cake". Then Erne pulled Bulk, and Skull out of the youth center.

Zack quipped "I guess some people just never learn". Zack then changed the subject, and said "Speaking of which Billy how would you like me to teach you some stylin moves so you can get with the ladies?" Billy replied "No thanks I'm not interested in obtaining female attention with bodily gyrations".

Zack asked "In English". Trini explained "Billy doesn't want to dance just to impress girls". Zack then said "To each his own but watch me". Zack then went up to Angela, and said "Hey beautiful how would you like to go the dance with a fly guy like me".

Zack did some dance moves, and Angela replied "I think if you were the last man on Earth, and I was the last woman. The human race would die, and something else would have to be the dominant species of Earth".

Zack looked dejected, and said "So that's a maybe I'll take it". Jason, and Tommy laughed, and Tommy said "Yeah that was real smooth". Jason asked "So Billy who are you taking?". Billy answered "No one". Kimberly replied "Come on there's gotta be someone in your class".

Billy replied "Sorry guys I have to stay home, and work on my weather analyzing device". Billy then walked out of the youth center but then a girl in blue knocked into him, and dropped a gold necklace with a red jewel in the middle.

Billy apologized "Oh sorry". The girl replied "No I am. I'm afraid none of us was monitoring our designated entrance or exit". Billy said "Here let me get that", and picked up the girl's necklace. The girl said "Thanks um". Billy answered "Billy, Billy Cranston". The Girl answered "Margaret"

Jason then turned to Zack, and said "And you wanted to give him advice on how to get girls". Zack admitted "What can I say it's a match made in heaven". The other Rangers looked on as Billy continued talking to Margaret".

At her palace Rita was sneering "I know what I will do. I'll send a monster to destroy those meddlesome Rangers when they least expect it, and then they'll be sorry they ever messed with me". Then Rita turned, and walked towards Finster's workshop.

"Finster" she cried. Finster asked "What is it oh malevolent one". Rita yelled "I want you to make me a monster. One that will flood the Earth, and wash away those pathetic Rangers, and everything they care for".

Finster said "How about Madam Woe? As you know she has the blue jewel with the water sprit Luna in it with which she can control weather". FInster further explained "All she needs to do is abduct enough children, and find the red stone with the sun spirit Solaria, and the Earth will be destroyed". Rita cried "That's perfect. Summon her at once".

Back at Ernie's Biily, and Margaret were still talking. Billy said "I like your necklace". Margaret laughed, and said "Thanks my mom gave it to me when I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program". Billy excitedly replied "No way I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program too".

Jason then said "Hey Billy" then Jason pointed to his communicator, and said "We have an emergency". Billy went up to the other Rangers, and asked "So what is it?" Jason answered "So ask her out". Billy replied "That's your big emergency". Zack replied "The biggest one of your life". Trini agreed "Yeah Billy ask her out".

Billy replied "I don't know". Then Margaret got up, and asked "Um excuse me Billy but would you like to accompany me to tonight's festivities?". Billy answered "Sure". Margaret then said "Great. Perhaps we can meet somewhere, and get more acquainted before tonight".

Billy was excited "Sure where do you want to meet?" Margaret explained "How about by Angel Grove lake around 4:00? I was thinking we could discuss weather patterns". Billy exclaimed "That would be lovely. I'm working on a device to analyze weather patterns now as a matter of fact" Margaret said "So it's a date?", and Billy replied totally.

At Rita's palace a strange white humanoid figure with an almost featureless face, and blank eyes with blue hair in a white dress appeared, and called out "Rita Repulsa you have summoned me?" Rita explained "Ahh Madam Woe it's good to see you after 10,000,000 years".

Rita asked "Do you still have the blue jewel with the water spirit Luna in it?" Madam Woe answered "But of course you know I carry it on my head where ever I go". Rita said "Good I want you to kidnap all the children in Angel Grove, and sacrifice them to cast a spell that will flood the Earth for a 1,000 days".

Madam Woe answered "It shall be done my queen but if someone has the red stone with the sun spirit Solaria they could break the spell, and leave me vulnerable". Rita explained "Well as it happens one of the Rangers' new friends has the red stone. She'll be meeting the Blue Ranger at Angel Grove lake later".

Rita continued "I want you to go down, and kidnap her, and steal the jewel. Then nothing will be able to stop us from flooding the world". Madam Woe replied "It shall be done my queen I will not fail you. The Earth shall become one giant ocean when I'm done".

All around Angel Grove children where minding their own business when Madam Woe appeared out of nowhere. She sent them to another dimension where she grabbed them with her long hair, and pulled them into a lake as they screamed for help.

Later at Angel Grove lake Margaret was waiting for Billy when Madam Woe appeared, and called out "So you're the one who has the red stone with the sun spirit Solaria. Give it to me, and your destruction shall be quick, and painless".

Margaret was confused she asked "Sun spriit? Solaria? I have no idea what you're talking about. My mother gave this to me it's a family heirloom". Madam Woe was not convinced "Don't play dumb with me I know the red stone when I see it". Madam Woe then sent Margaret to her dimension.

At her palace Rita cried out "Madam Woe you were supposed to steal the jewel not the girl". Madam Woe tried to explain "I am sorry my queen but I did succeed in capturing enough children to sacrifice for the ritual to summon the storm that will flood the Earth".

Madam Woe continued "Not only that but when the Blue Ranger finds out she's missing he, and the other Rangers will come looking for her, and when they do I'll banish them to my dimension as well, and then I'll destroy them".

Rita called out "That's actually a good plan. Get to it I want those Rangers gone for good you understand?". Madam Woe replied "I do my queen". Rita explained "Good, and just to be safe I'll have Finster make some more Super Putties.

Billy then went to Angel Grove lake, and didn't see Margaret anywhere. Billy cried out "That's strange where could she be?". Billy then looked on the ground, saw Margaret's necklace, and picked up. Billy said "It's Margaret's necklace".

Then a swarm of Super Putties appeared, and one of them kicked Billy in the stomach. Billy reached for his communicator. At Ernie's Jason, and Tommy were sparring when their communicators started beeping.

Jason went to his communicator, and asked "What is it?". Billy explained "I seem to have some problems with Super Putties over by Angel Grove lake". Jason answered "We're on it Billy", and the Rangers left Ernie's

When the other Rangers got to the park they helped Billy fight off the Super Putties by punching, and kicking them. Eventually the Super Putties retreated, and Jason asked "Hey Billy are you okay?". "Yeah I'm okay but I don't know about Margaret".

Billy continued "I didn't see her but I found her necklace". Jason said "They must have taken her". Billy nodded, and Zack assured Billy "Don't worry man will find her". Then their Communicators started beeping again,

Jason asked "What is it Zordon?". Zordon explained "Rangers it is of the utmost importance teleport to the Command Center at once". Jason said "We're on our way", and all of the Rangers teleported off. Jason asked "So what's wrong this time?"

Zordon said "Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers turned around, and Zordon showed them images of Madam Woe on a beach next a black flame shaped altar next to a bowl of boiling water". Zordon explained "This is Madam Woe so named because she brings woe, and misery to all she touches".

Zordon continued "With the power of her blue crystal that has the rain spirit Luna in it she can control all weather, and if she abducts enough children she can summon storms that can cover Angel Grove, and the world with water".

Billy asked "Luna the rain spirit?". Then Zordon showed them images of two girls in silver jumpsuits, and red, and blue tunics. Zordon explained "Luna, and her sister Solaria were the spirits of the sun, and the moon with the power to control the Earth's weather".

Zordon then showed them images of Rita chasing the girls, and trapping them in jewels. Zordon explained "However 10,000,000 years ago Rita trapped them in magical crystals, and gave the jewel with Luna in it to Madam Woe".

Billy asked "But what happened to Solaria?". Zordon explained "Eventually a random civilian found Solaria's gem, and gave it to their family as a keepsake, and eventually that jewel made it's way to your friend Margaret which is why Rita abducted her"

Zack asked "Is there any way to stop Madam Woe, and save Margaret?". Zordon explained "The six of you must give your coins to one Ranger, and one of you will have the power of the entire team. Billy said "Well then I volunteer".

Zordon said "Good choice now go all of you, and may the power protect you". Jason then said "Okay guys it's Morphin time". Then the Rangers all called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus".

The Rangers then appeared at the beach where Madam Woe was casting her spell. Jason called out "Okay weather witch the Power Rangers are here". Madam Woe called out "So you think you can destroy my crystal, and save the children well you're wrong".

The Power Rangers then tried to punch, and kick Madam Woe but she kept slashing them with her claws. Then Madam Woe warped space, and took the Rangers to her dimension. Jason said "Oh man Madam Woe took us to another dimension".

Billy said "It would appear so now to find the children, and hey". Billy noticed Margaret, and called out "Margaret". Margaret called out "It's the Power Rangers". Billy asked "Are you okay?" Margaret replied "I am now".

Then Madam Woe appeared, and called out "Don't think you'll be getting out of my dimension so soon Rangers". Madam Woe then blew wind at the Rangers, and grabbed Jason, and Zack with her hair, and threw them.

Trini called out "Man she's tough". Jason called out "There's gotta be some way to beat her". Billy cried out "Quick everyone Blade Blasters". Everyone got out their Blade Blasters, and fired at Madam Woe. Madam Woe bragged "It will take more than that to defeat me Rangers".

Madam Woe than shot some more wind, and shot water at the Rangers, and caused explosions with her Jewel. Then the Rangers tried to punch, and kick Madam Woe but she kept teleporting, and slashing them.

Billy then brought out his Power Lance, and tried to attack Madam Woe but she caught him, and Billy called out "There's only one thing left to do give me your Power Coins, and I can get out, and finish Madam Woe".

The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then they all got their coins out, and said "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactl", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus", and "Triceratops". Then Billy teleported back to the real world but so did Madam Woe.

Billy got out his Power Lance, and tried to attack Madam Woe but she kept teleporting. Then Madam Woe kept blowing wind, and grabbing Billy with her hair, and throwing him around, and electrocuting him.

Madam Woe threw Billy at a rock formation but he was able to kick himself off but Madam Woe grabbed him again electrocuted him, and kept throwing him around. Then Billy saw Margaret's jewel, and then he kept hearing voices that sounded like little girls.

One voice came from Margaret's jewel, and said "Luna". Then Madam Woe's Jewel started saying "Solaria". Then Solaria said "Blue Ranger put my stone up to Luna's" Luna added "That way our powers can short out Madam Woe's, and you can free your friends.

Billy agreed "Affirmative". Madam Woe called out "Oh no you don't", and tried to blast more wind but Billy did a leg sweep, and said "That's what you think". Then Billy picked up Solaria's jewel, and put it up to Luna's

Madam Woe cried out in pain "No this can't be you can't destroy my powers". Then both jewels disappeared, and Madam Woe's altar fell over, and the Rangers, Margaret, and the children were freed from Madam Woe's dimension.

Jason cried out "All right Billy you did it". Billy replied "Thanks now there's just one thing to do". The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then all the Rangers called out "Brachio Busters", and pulled out their Brachio Busters, and connected them to the Blade Blasters.

Billy called out "Okay guys lock, load". The Rangers pulled back on the Brachio Busters, and aimed them at Madam Woe. Madam Woe cried "No this cannot be". Then all the Rangers yelled "Fire", and fired lasers at Madam Woe, and she exploded.

Then two lights one blue, and the other red appeared, and they took the form of two girls. Solaria then said "Thank you Blue Ranger". Billy humbly said "It was nothing". Luna said "Now me and my sister can live in peace".

Then the Rangers, and Margaret waved good bye as Solaria, and Luna teleported off. Then Kimberly picked up the jewels, and said "Hey guys look". Trini said "I guess now that Solaria, and Luna are free their gems are just ordinary gems now.

Later at the dance Billy was talking to Margaret again. Billy said "So when I saw that you hadn't shown up at the designated rendezvous point I became worried that maybe Rita Repulsa or one of her monsters had got you".

Margaret explained "I was by some horrible witch monster that could control the weather but luckily I was saved by the Power Rangers especially the blue one. He was so gallant, and heroic. I'm partial to blue".

Billy was nodding, and said "Yeah he was. I mean he was?". Meanwhile Ernie caught Bulk, and Skull dancing in disguise, and pulled them to a table, and said "Okay guys did you really think I was going to fall for that?"

Ernie then demanded "Okay I'm going to say it again either pay me back for the cake or get out". Bulk said "Fine fine I'll get you your money it's in the bank". Skull cried out "No Bulk no". Then Bulk took off one of his shoes, and the sock underneath, and showed Ernie a wad of cash in between his toes.

Ernie asked "What's that?". Bulk answered "This is the bank". Then Bulk took out the money, gave it to Ernie, and asked "Here is this enough". The smell was so strong that Ernie passed out, and fell on the cake.

Skull quipped "Yeah that took care of the cake all right". Jason went over to help Ernie up, and said "It's not time for cake Ernie you still have to serve the sandwiches". Ernie got up, and said "Sure maybe after I work up an appetite". Then everyone kept dancing.

The End.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 14

The Yolks on You part 1

Written by Justin Best

It was another day at Ernies, and Kimberly was calling out "Hey Ernie have you seen a little girl with pigtails?". Ernie replied "No I don't think so". Kimberly replied "Okay thanks Ernie". Then she asked Billy "Hey Billy have you seen Marina?". Billy replied "I don't believe I have"

Kimberly replied "Okay", and kept looking. Jason, and Zack were sparring, and afterwards Zack asked "What's wrong Kimberly?". Kimberly answered "Me, and Trini volunteered for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, and we have to watch over this little girl Marina".

Zack said "Hey never fear detective Zack is here". Jason said "Yeah I mean how much trouble can one little girl get into?". Unbeknownst to them a little brunette girl was messing with the hot, and cold settings on Ernie's showers.

All of a sudden a group of young men in towels came running out, and Kimberly, and Trini called out "Marina". Marina said "Sorry guys I was just having fun". Trini explained "Marina you don't have to pull pranks to get people's attention. Marina lowered her head, and said "All right".

At her palace Rita was shouting ecstatically "Yes I found them I found them". Babbo asked "Found what my wickedness?" Rita explained "Somewhere in a cave is a chest containing the last two remaining Dinosaur eggs".

Squatt asked "Dinosaur eggs I thought we destroyed the Dinosaurs 10,000,000 years ago". Rita explained "We almost did but that fool Zordon had the people of the mystical forest keep them in a cave for safe keeping"

Squatt said "Oh boy eggs can we have boiled, fried, or scrambled?" Babboo said "Do you always have to think with your stomach?" Rita yelled "Quite you nincompoops, and find me those eggs I hate Dinosaurs just as much as I hate children".

Finster started stroking his beard, and asked "You know in all the 10,000,000 years I have served you I never wondered until now why do you hate children, and Dinosaurs so much. Did one of them do something bad to you a long time ago".

Rita protested "No I just hate them because I'm evil. You don't really believe I have some sad story do you?". Finster changed the subject "No I suppose not". Rita then ordered "Squatt, Babboo, Goldar I want you to come down with me, and get the Dinosaur eggs".

Rita, and her minions went to a cave where inside was a chest surrounded by five crystals. Squatt said "Oh boy Dinosaur eggs they make the best omelets" Rita yelled "Just get them will you". Squatt said "Right away your horribleness".

Squatt tried to pick up the chest but was thrown back by various colored lights. Rita cried out "Oh how can I forget only a child can get through the barrier, and get me the Dinosaur eggs". Rita went back to her palace, and ordered "Finster make me a monster".

Finster asked "What kind do you want?" Rita answered "Something mean, and creepy that can capture a brat I need to help me get the Dinosaur eggs. How about a Chunky Chicken?". Finster agreed "A Chunky Chicked excellent choice"

Finster made a sculpture of a chicken holding some scissors, and placed it in the Monster Matic. Finster said "Just a few seconds in the Monster Matic, and". Then the Monster Matic roared to life, and from it exploded a giant chicken creature carrying scissors.

Rita cried out "He's hideous. He's revolting. He's perfect". Finster said "Thank you my queen". Rita then said "Now we just have to find a brat to get through the barrier". Goldar suggested "Why don't we capture that pipsqueak Nemo?" Rita cried out That's perfect".

Rita then ordered "Let's go down, and get that little runt right now". In the magical forest Quagmire, and Nemo were getting thing ready. Nemo said "Oh boy father I can't believe were going fishing today". Quagmire replied "Aye son I can't think of a better dish than a nice fresh fish".

Just then Goldar started stomping through the magical forest as a giant, and was shooting lasers out of his eyes. Everyone in the village was fleeing for their lives while in their hut Nemo cried out "What's wrong father?"

Quagmire said "I may sound like a loon but I think we're being attacked by Rita's goons". Quagmire, and Nemo tried to run as fast as they could, and found Rita, and her minions waiting outside. "Ahh Quagmire" Rita cried out.

Rita continued "Why don't you hand over your little brat Nemo, and I'll have Goldar stop destroying your village". Quagmire cried out "The universe will be done before I give you my son". Rita cried out "I thought you would say that". Then she ordered "Squatt, Babboo get them".

Babboo cried out "Right away oh horrible one". Then Squatt, and Babboo chased after Quagmire, and Nemo as Quagmire cried out "Come my son I do believe we have to run". Nemo agreed "Right away father", and the two of them kept running before teleporting away. Rita cried out "Get them".

Meanwhile at Angel Grove park Kimberly, and Trini were sitting with Marina when Kimberly asked "So Marina who's the hottest boy in your class?" Marina replied "None of them they're all dorks". Kimberly laughed, and said "Someday she'll learn". Trini replied "Yeah".

All of a sudden Quagmire, and Nemo teleported in, and we're being chased by a swarm of Super Putties. Kimberly cried out "What are they doing here?". Trini replied "I don't know but it can't be good". Then Kimberly, and Trini surrounded Marina while they punched, and kicked the Super Putties.

Marina saw Quagmire, and Nemo, and cried out "Hey who are those guys?", and ran off after them. Kimberly cried out "Stop Marina wait". But Marina was already chasing after them. Meanwhile Squatt, and Babboo grabbed Nemo, and said "Okay brat you're coming with us".

But Nemo stomped on Squatt's foot, and punched Babboo with his elbow, and got away. Squatt cried out "Quick he's getting away". Marina chased after Nemo crying "Wait stop who are you?", and grabbed his hand.

Nemo teleported away with Marina. Meanwhile Kimberly, and Trini were still punching, and kicking Super Putties until the Super Putties retreated. Kimberly called out "Marina", and Trini called out "Marina where are you?"

Kimberly cried out "Do you think the Super Putties got her?" Trini replied "I don't know". Then they saw Quagmire calling out "Nemo, Nemo". Trini called out "Is that Quagmire?". Kimberly asked "What's wrong Quagmire?".

Quagmire explained "Rita tried to take my son, and now I think that he's gone". Trini cried out "You don't think she took Marina too?" Kimberly replied "I don't know but we need the guys' help", and Kimberly, and Trini ran off.

At Ernie's Ernie himself was getting Zack a huge tray of ice cream, and said "Okay Zack here's one of Ernie's specials". Then he turned to Jason, Tommy, and Billy, and said "Yours are coming up". Jason said "There is no way that you can eat that by yourself".

Zack was eating his ice cream when Kimberly, and Trini appeared. Tommy asked "What's wrong?" Kimberly explained "Rita tried to kidnap Nemo so he, and Quagmire tried to escape to here but we think Rita took him, and she might have also taken Marina".

The Rangers then went to where they were sure no one was looking, and Jason went to his communicator, and said "Alpha, Zordon. No response". Then the Rangers pushed the teleportation buttons on their communicators, and Billy cried out "Teleportation is down too".

Then the Rangers all ran to Billy's garage where they got in the RADBUG, and flew to the Command Center. When they got there Quagmire was already there but Zordon's pillar was blank, and Alpha was deactivated.

Tommy cried out "Oh no is something wrong?". But Quagmire explained "Aye tis not a problem large Zordon just gave the Morphin Grid a recharge". Then everything in the Command Center came back online.

Alpha reactivated, and gave out a yawn, and said "Oh sorry for the confusion Rangers. Me, and Zordon just had to deionize for a bit". Then Zordon's pillar came on, and he called out "I see you were worried Rangers but now that the Morphin Grid is recharged things should be operational".

Kimberly cried out "Zordon we think a little girl me, and Trini were watching, and Nemo may have been kidnapped by Rita". Zordon explained "If what I think is happening then we must rescue them at the utmost importance. Behold the Viewing Globe".

Zordon showed them images of him holding a chest, and he explained "10,000,000 years ago when Rita destroyed the Dinosaurs I was able to find the last two remaining Dinosaur eggs, and placed them in a chest for safe keeping".

Zordon showed images of five elderly men in togas with the chest, and continued "But I knew Rita would stop at nothing to finish what she started so I sought out the five wisest sages from the tribes of Atlantis, and they agreed to send the chest out into the ocean where Rita, and her minions couldn't harm them".

Then Zordon showed the chest washing up on a beach, and explained "Eventually the chest floated through what you humans call the Bermuda Triangle, and were warped to the magical forest where Quagmire, and his people agreed to watch over the eggs in a special barrier that could only be opened by children".

Zack called out "So that's why Rita wanted Marina, and Quagmire". Zordon agreed "Yes however" then he showed images of Nemo, and Marina wandering around the magical forest. Zordon explained "Right now Marina, and Nemo are safe in the magical forest but it's only a matter of time before Rita finds them, and forces them to get the Dinosaur eggs for her".

Jason called out "Okay guys let's do this. It's Morphin Time". Then the Rangers all called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", Tyrannosaurus". Then the six Rangers teleported off.

Meanwhile in the magical forest Marina was calling out "That can't be true Dinosaurs have been extinct for over 10,000,000 years". Nemo tried to explain "That's what everyone else thought but Zordon was able to get the eggs to here, and me, and my people were able to guard them ever since".

Marina asked "Why can't you just give Rita the eggs so we can go home?" Nemo explained "Would you like it if you were the last person of Earth, and all your friends, and family were gone, and whatever came around after people said 'Why not just give Rita the last human girl?'".

Nemo continued "Rita hates all life especially children. She also tried to destroy humanity what do you think happened to Atlantis?". Marina lowered her head, and said "Sorry I guess I never thought of it like that". Nemo said "Come on I'll take you back to the human world".

But just then Squatt, Babbo, and Goldar showed up, and grabbed Nemo, and Marina. Marina called out "Hey you big bullies let us go". Goldar bragged "I don't think so. What can you do to stop us?" Then Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo were hit by laser.

Tommy then called out "You heard the little girl". Kimberly agreed "Yeah let them go you creeps". Goldar called out "Super Putties get them". A swarm a Super Putties appeared, and the Rangers, and the Super Putties started punching, and kicking each other.

While this was going on Squatt, and Babboo took Marina, and teleported off. Nemo cried out "Marina". Kimberly cried out "On no they got Marina". Jason called out "Come on you guys let's go after them". The other Rangers agreed "Right", and they all teleported off.

The Rangers teleported to an abandoned building just outside of Angel Grove where Marina was hanging by a thread while Chunky Chicken was holding his scissors next to the rope. Kimberly cried out "Let her go Rita".

Rita replied I don't think it will be that easy Rangers the way I see it you have two choices give me Nemo, or let your little friend splat. What will it be Rangers". Nemo called out "Let her go Rita this is between you, and me".

The Rangers brought out their weapons, and Jason said "Don't worry Nemo we'll save her". The Rangers, Goldar, and Chunky Chicken then started slashing, and stabbing each other. But then Chunky Chicken said "That's enough I'm cutting straight to the point" and cut the thread holding Marina.

Nemo cried out "Okay Rita I'll help you open the barrier, and get the eggs but don't hurt Marina". Marina cried out "But Nemo remember what you said about the eggs". Nemo replied "I know but I don't want you to get hurt".

Rita bragged "I knew you would see it my way". Then she called out "Squatt, Babbo, Goldar take this little brat to get me the eggs. Goldar complied "We'll have the eggs before you know it my mistress". Babboo called out "Okay you little twerp you're coming with us", and they teleported off with Nemo.

Jason said "Green Ranger you go after them we'll stay, and help Marina". Tommy agreed "Right", and teleported off. Then Rita said "Chunky Chicken let the girl go", and Chunky Chicken completely cut the thread, and let Marina fall.

Jason said "Oh no Marina. We need Dinozord power now". All the Dinozord's except Dragonzord appeared, and they quickly combined into the Megazord. Marina started falling but the Megazord came, and grabbed Marina.

Jason asked "Are you okay Marina?". Marina said "I am now but what about Nemo?" Meanwhile in the cave in the magical forest Squatt said "Okay now get us the Dinosaur eggs before Rita gives you a crack". Nemo then went through the barrier, and grabbed the chest, and gave it to Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar.

Rita cried out "Enough magic wand make my monster grow", and threw her scepter, and made Chunky Chicken giant. The Megazord then tried to punch Chunky Chicken but he used his scissors to cut open holes in space.

Meanwhile Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar came back with the eggs, and said "All right your wickedness we finally got the eggs". Rita bragged "Perfect now I can finish what I started 10,000,000 years ago". But then out of nowhere the RADBUG appeared.

Goldar lost the eggs, and they fell off a cliff into the ocean. Rita cried out "Oh no the eggs". Alpha got out of the RADBUG, and said "The Green Ranger, and Nemo told us what happened so me, and Quagmire thought we could offer an assist". Jason replied "All right Alpha".

Tommy teleported in, and he, and Goldar started slashing, and stabbing each other while Tommy called out "Marina get into the RADBUG with the others". Marina said "You don't have to tell me twice", and got in.

The Megazord summoned the Power Sword, and clashed weapons with Chunky Chicken. But Chunky Chicken slashing, and stabbing the Megazord with his scissors, used them to fire crecent energy beams, and jump kicked the Megazord.

Meanwhile Rita was on her tricycle ranting "Those troublesome Rangers have only delayed the inevitable. I'll get those Dinosaur eggs, and they'll see I'll win in the end just like I should". Then she called out "Squatt, Babboo, Goldar you help too".

Goldar stopped fighting Tommy, and complied "Yes oh heinous one", and teleported off. While in the Megazord Jason called out "Okay you guys let's roast this bird". Then the Megazord charged the Power Sword, and slashed Chunky Chicken making him explode.

Later at Ernie's the Rangers were watching a news report. The Reporter said "And in other news once again the heroic Power Rangers have not only saved our fair city, and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters".

The Reporter continued "But they also saved a local girl Marina Prescott. We now go live to Angel Grove elementary where Marina herself has more to say". Then it cut to Marina saying "I'm now the most popular kid at my school because I met the Power Rangers".

Marna continued "I also met this nice elf boy who was their friend but he said that he couldn't tell me who they were because it was a big secret, and Rita tried to get him to give her some Dinosaur eggs but the Rangers got them away".

Zack said "Wow it looks like things are doing okay for Marina after all". Tommy agreed "And last time I checked Alpha said Quagmire, and Nemo are okay". Billy said "It's a shame we throw the Dinosaur eggs into the ocean". Jason assured him "Hey Rita didn't get them either, and that's all that matters".

Meanwhile in another cave outside of Angel Grove noises were being made. A voice was calling out "Hello Hello anybody. Is there anybody in here. Help". Then all of a sudden a strange reptilian creature came out of the cave.

The Creature's eyes adjusted to the light after 10,000,000 years underground, and then the creature said "Hello anyone. Are there any other imps? Hello". The Creature then cried out "I hope Rita hasn't destroyed them all". Then the creatures stomach growled, and the creature said "I'm hungry I hope there's some Dinosaur eggs around".

To be concluded
Power Rangers Dino Episode 15

The Yolks on You Part 2

Written by Justin Best

It was the day of the school talent show at Angel Grove high, and Tommy, and Jason were wearing karate gis for their big act. They walked into the school auditorium, and Tommy said "Wow". Everyone in school it seemed was in the auditorium doing some kind of act.

Some kids were doing gymnastics, some were singing, and others were doing other acts like puppetry, comedy, and acting. Jason said "Man it's like the entire school is out here". Tommy agreed "I just hope nobody's too busy performing to actually watch".

Then Mr. Caplan went up to them, and asked "Mr. Scott, Mr. Oliver are you two ready for tonight's show?". Jason replied "Yeah me, and Tommy will do some sparring, and…". Then Jason looked down, and realized he didn't have his black belt.

Jason said "Oh man I forgot my black belt". Tommy looked down, and realized he didn't have his either. Tommy said "Oh man me neither". Jason said "I guess we'll just have to do our act without them". But Tommy disagreed "No way man we need them".

Tommy said "You know what I'll just go back to my place, and get them". Jason said "Are you sure it's only a few hours until the show". Tommy assured him "Don't worry bro I'll go home get them, and then come right back"

Jason grinned, and said "All right but hurry the show's in a few hours". Tommy assured Jason "Man I'll be back faster than you can say "Hut Zah", and he did a phantom kick. Tommy then went out the door while Jason looked on, and then started practicing by himself.

Meanwhile somewhere just outside of Angel Grove the strange blue reptilian creature had ventured back into it's cave. Somewhere in the cave the creature went up to a small pool of ice, and water, and rummaged through it.

The creature pulled out a couple of eggs just like the ones in the chest. The creature broke an egg, and devoured the yolk whole. Then the creature broke another one, and ate that one as well. Then the creature saw that they were only two eggs left.

The creature exclaimed "Oh my only two eggs left? Well maybe I can take these out, and save them for later. Then the creature took the two eggs, and walked out of it's cave with them. Then the creature saw a spot, and hid the eggs there.

At her palace on the moon Rita was watching this, and said "What how can this be?". Goldar asked "What is it my queen?". Rita answered "It's an imp I thought I destroyed those creatures 10,000,000 years ago".

Rita continued "And worse it seems to have more Dinosaur eggs with it". Babboo asked "But don't imps eat dinosaur eggs maybe if we leave him alone he'll just eat those ones, and all our problems will be over".

Rita argued "Yes but then the imp will still be around, and there's still the eggs in the chest". Goldar asked "What shall we do my queen?". Rita answered slyly "Why just go down there, and eat the ones he has now. Then when we find the ones in the chest we'll get him to eat those"

Squatt asked "But what if he doesn't want to, or what if the Rangers find out?". Rita answered "Then we'll just make him fight the Rangers for us. Then when the Rangers are gone, and he eats the eggs we'll destroy him, and all our Ranger, Imp, and Dinosaur problems will be over".

Tommy was walking through the woods when he said to himself "Man I hope Tao doesn't mind me coming back home in the middle of his meditation". Then all of a sudden a swarm of Super Putties teleported in, and ambushed Tommy.

Tommy simply said "Oh man I don't have time for this". Then he said "But I suppose I can use the practice before the big show" Tommy, and the Super Putties than started punching, and kicking each other.

However during the fight one of the Super Putties grabbed Tommy's communicator. Tommy yelled "Hey give that back". But the Super Puttie just shuck it's head no, and Tommy said "Okay then we'll do this the hard way".

Tommy then chased after the Super Puttie who was still dangling his communicator in a mocking fashion. Tommy said "I'll give you one last chance". But then Tommy noticed he was standing in a net, and was caught worse his Morpher fell. Tommy yelled "Oh no my Morpher".

Back at the Auditorium Jason was worried. He said "Hey guys have you seen Tommy?". Billy answered "No I don't think I have". Jason explained "He went back to his place to get the black belts but he hasn't come back".

Kimberly snarked "What happened did he go all the way to Japan to get those black belts?". Zack rebutted "This is serious Rita, and her goons might have gotten him". Then their communicators started beeping, and they went to where no one was looking.

Jason said "What is it?". Zordon explained "Rangers it is imperative that you come to the Command Center right away". Trini asked "Do you think it could be about Tommy?" Jason said "I don't know but maybe he can help". Then the Rangers teleported off.

At the Command Center Jason asked "Is something wrong with Tommy". Zordon said "As a matter of fact there is. Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers looked, and saw Tommy in the net surrounded by Super Putties.

Zack cried "Oh no Tommy". Zordon explained "Tommy is safe for the time being but If the situation gets dire I shall send for help". Then Zordon explained "But that is not why I summoned you". Billy asked "Then what is it Zordon?".

Zordon explained "First I have good news, and bad news". Zordon showed them images of the chest containing the Dinosaur eggs washing up on a beach near Angel Grove. Zordon explained "The good news is that the Dinosaur eggs are safe, and near Angel Grove.

The Rangers cheered but then Jason asked "But what's the bad news?". Zordon showed them an image of the imp. Zordon explained "This is an imp they used to be fairly common on your planet 10,000,000 years ago".

Zordon continued "They are normally fairly peaceful but their primary diet is Dinosaur eggs. If the imp finds the Dinosaur eggs he will surely eat them. Not to mention Rita may have already discovered the Dinosaur eggs, and the imp, and will try to destroy them".

Kimberly asked "What should we do?". Zordon explained "Try to find the Dinosaur eggs before the imp does, and if you find the imp do not hurt him unless absolutely necessary he may be the last of his own species". Jason said "All right we're on it", and the Rangers teleported off.

Meanwhile Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar had already teleported to the area where the imp had stashed his Dinosaur eggs. Babboo said "Do you see those Dinosaur eggs anywhere?". Squatt answered "No but I sure smell some".

Then Squatt saw the imp's stash, and said "All right here they are". Squatt then broke the Dinosaur eggs he saw, and ate their contents. Goldar mocked "If only the Power Rangers were edible maybe you would be actually useful".

Babboo said "Now we just got to find the ones in the chest, and the Dinosaurs will be gone for good". Then the imp saw what they were doing, and cried out "What do you Zandozans think you're doing? Those are my Dinosaur eggs".

The imp then ran over, and picked up the shells, and cried out "Don't you know how hard it is to get these you can't just buy them at a stored I almost got eaten by a mother T-Rex just trying to get them". Squatt offhandedly said "Oh boy he'll be really bummed if he knows Dinosaurs are extinct"

The imp was furious "Dinosaurs are extinct not I'll never have any more Dinosaur eggs". The imp started crying "I guess it's true there are no more imps now that there's no more Dinosaur eggs". Babboo said "Aw quit your belly aching there's still two more".

The Imp was estatic "They are?" he asked. Squatt said "Yeah right there I think". Squatt then pointed to a nearby beach were the chest containing the eggs had washed up. The imp cried out "Oh boy oh boy more Dinosaur eggs", and ran off.

The Rangers had teleported nearby, and Jason said "Okay guys let's look around, and see if we can find the chest". The other Rangers agreed "Right", and they all went walking around. Eventually they got to where the eggs Squatt had eaten were.

Trini cried "Oh no do you think we're too late?". Billy said "I don't think so. I don't see the chest they came out of". Jason said "Well let's hurry before he eats those ones too". The other Rangers agreed, and continued to search for the eggs.

The Rangers kept walking until they got to the beach. Zack cried out "Hey you guys look". Jason said "All right it's the Dinosaur eggs". Trini said "Great now we can get them back before Rita does" The Rangers were about to walk towards the eggs.

Meanwhile the imp was walking towards the beach saying "Oh boy oh boy Dinosaur eggs" Then all of a sudden Rita teleported in, and said "Not so fast". The imp cried out "Oh no it's Rita Repulsa". Rita said "That's right who do you think you are anyway?".

The imp replied "Well my name's Fang, and you see I'm an imp, and imps eat Dinosaur eggs". Rita then pointed her scepter to the eggs Squatt had eaten, and made them whole. Rita then said "I'll tell you what if you give me the eggs in the chest then not only will I restore the eggs my minions broke but I'll give you all the ones you can eat".

Fang replied "And what if I don't?". Then Rita fired an energy beam at Fang, and he cried out "Ow it hurts it hurts I'll do it I'll do it". Rita replied "That's a good imp. Now get me the eggs, and if anyone get's in your way get rid of them". Fang said "Okay okay but just this once, and just for the eggs".

The Rangers got to the eggs. Jason said "Okay you guys let's get them to the Command Center, and everything will be okay". Zack agreed "Yeah man saving these eggs was easy bo breazy". Just then Fang showed up.

Fang yelled "That's what you think". Billy cried out "It's the imp". Fang said "Okay humans I don't want any trouble just give me the eggs, and no one get's hurt". Zack said "No way you overgrown Smurf these are the last Dinosaur eggs".

Fang replied "Please Rita said if I give her the eggs she'll give me all the Dinosaur eggs I can eat". Trini replied "Rita lied she can't be trusted". Kimberly agreed "Please once Rita has destroyed the eggs she'll destroy you like the other imps. At least this way Dinosaurs can come back".

Fang had enough "All right I tried to do this the easy way. But now I'm going to do it the hard way". Fang then fired lasers out of his eyes at the rangers that caused them to drop the chest in the nearby forest. Jason said "Okay guys there's only one thing to do. It's Morphin time".

The Rangers all cried out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops". "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus". Jason then called out "Blade Blasters". The Rangers converted their Blade Blasters to blade mode.

The Rangers then tried to slash, and stab Fang with their Blade Blasters but Fang kept slashing them with his claws. Then Fang fired some more lasers at them, and threw some rocks at them. Fang cried out "Okay give me the eggs".

Jason cried out "Never we'll never give you those eggs". Squatt was watching, and said "Oh boy that Fang can really rock". Goldar said "I'm still not giving him the satisfaction of destroying the Rangers". Goldar then fired a laser from his sword at the Rangers.

At her palace Rita was watching, and bragged "This is even better than I thought it would be. Now I'll just give that imp some extra help, those Rangers will be gone for good". Rita then threw her scepter, and yelled out "Magic wand make Fang grow".

Fang then grew into a giant, and sprouted horns. Jason called out "We need Dinozord power now". Then the DInozords appeared, and combined into the Dinosaur Tank. Jason then said "Convert to Battle Mode".

The Dino Tank then transformed into the Megazord. The Megazord then started to punch Fang while Fang started slashing the Megazord with his claws. Jason cried out "Oh man we're getting creamed here".

Meanwhile Quagmire, Nemo, and Alpha teleported to where Tommy was, and cut the rope holding his net. Tommy fell down got up, and started punching, and kicking Super Putties until they retreated. Tommy turned to the others, and said "How do you guys always show up at just the right time".

Nemo said "We don't have time for that". Alpha agreed "The other Rangers are being attacked by a monster in the Megazord". Tommy said "All right I'm on it". Tommy got his communicator, and Morpher, and yelled "Dragon".

Tommy appeared at the battle, and said "Okay guys sorry I'm late". Jason cried out "All right Tommy we could use some Dragonzord power". Tommy agreed "You guys got it". Then he blew into the Dragon Dagger, and summoned the Dragonzord.

Fang kept slashing at the Megazord, and Dragonzord, and firing lasers at them. Jason called out "Hey Tommy let's try switching formations". Tommy agreed "You got it bro". Tommy, Zack, Billy, and Trini cried out "Dragon Battlezord".

The Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger, and became the Dragon Battlezord. Fang once again slashed The Dragon Battlezord, and the Tyrannosaurus while they tried to slash him, and the Pterodactyl fired lasers.

Then Fang fired blue electricity from his horns at the Dragon Battlezord, and the Tyrannosaurus. Inside Zack cried out "Oh man another hit like that, and were finished". Tommy said "Quick let's block with the Dragon Drill".

The other Rangers agreed "Right". The Dragon Battlezord charged the Dragon Drill but Fang charged right at it. Jason cried out "Oh no the imp". But it was too late, and the drill had already pierced Fang, and he fell down, and exploded.

At her palace Rita was cheering "Yes yes for once something finally went my way. Now to destroy the Rangers, and those miserable Dinosaur eggs". Rita then cried out "FInster make me another monster, and send it down after the Rangers while they're vulnerable".

Finster agreed "Another Chunky Chicken coming up". Finster put another clay model of Chunky Chicken into the Monster Matic, and out exploded another Chunky Chicken which immediately teleported down to Earth.

Zack cried out "Great now we have to deal with this walking KFC meal again". Then Chunky Chicken fired more crescent lasers at the Dragon Battlezord, and the Tyrannosaurus. Jason cried out "We don't have time for this we need Ultrazord power now".

Then Titanus appeared, and all seven Zords combined into the Mega Dragonzord which then combined with Titanus to become the Ultrazord. Jason called out "Okay lock on, and fire all weapons". The Ultrazord then fired all of it's weapons at Chunky Chicken, and he exploded.

Then Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo teleported again. This time Alpha was carrying the chest with the Dinosaur eggs. Alpha exclaimed happily "Rangers. Rangers. We've got the Dinosaur eggs". Jason cried out "All right Alpha."

Jason then called out "Okay guys lock on the tractor beam". Titanus fired out a yellow laser from his neck that hit the chest with the Dinosaur eggs, and pulled them into his neck. Zack cried out "All right we got the Dinodsaur eggs".

At her palace Rita was furious, and throwing clay balls at Squatt, Babboo, and Finster. Rita was yelling "You morons. You pea brains. You think you call yourselves evil. You couldn't even mildly annoy an Arachnophobe if you had the biggest spider in the universe".

Squatt rebutted "We could too". Finster, and Babboo yelled "Quiet". Babboo tried to pass the blame. It was Finster's monster that kept messing up. FInsters retorted, and I'm sure you two were all the help you could be".

Squatt said "Well at least the Rangers destroyed that imp for us". Rita replied "I don't care the Rangers, the Dinosaur eggs, and the rest of life on that stinking planet are still around". Rita then rubbed her head, and said "I've got such a headache. Get me an asprin. Now".

At the Command Center the Ranger were standing around feeling sad. Zordon asked "What's wrong Rangers?". Zack said "Well we got the Dinosaur eggs back but we accidentally killed that imp doing it". Zordon then assured the Rangers.

"Rangers I know you didn't mean to take Fang's life. But there is one thing I want you to know". Billy asked "What is it Zordon?". Zordon explained "It is a fact of the universe that all things perish. Someday even the universe itself will cease to exist".

Zordon continued "But soon a new universe will rise from the ashes of the old one. Just as there was darkness, and nothingness before our universe. Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers turned around, and saw the Dinosaur eggs safe inside Titatnus.

Zordon explained "Because of your actions the last two Dinosaur eggs in existence still remain". Zordon continued "When they are ready to hatch Quagmire, and Nemo will take them to the magical forest where they will live their days in peace".

Zordon continued "Who knows perhaps someday if Dinosaurs come back maybe imps will come back two, and soon maybe other lost animals will return to Earth, and someday Rita, beings like her will be the ones who are extinct".

Zordon continued "Maybe then life will live in peace. A peace that will last for 10,000,000 years. Is that just as a possibility reason enough to keep going forward?" Jason said "As a matter of fact it is". Billy agreed "Affirmative".

Tommy then said "Oh no you guys we almost forgot about the talent show". Billy agreed "Tommy's right it's almost time for our acts". Zack said "Yeah it's been real Zordon but we gotta go". Then the Rangers teleported back to Angel Grove high.

When the Rangers got back to the school Mr. Caplan saw them, and said "Oh Mr. Scott, Mr. Oliver I almost thought you weren't going to make it". Tommy said "Hey it took me longer to get the belts than I thought but we're ready".

Bulk, and Skull were singing a rock song "She's the finest thing I've seen, and I treat her like a queen but she's totally mean. Yeahhhhh". After the song was over Mr. Caplan called out "Okay thanks Farkis, Thanks Eugene".

Mr. Caplan continued as Bulk, and Skull left the stage. And now for a martial arts demonstration by Jason Scott, and Thomas Oliver". Jason, and Tommy took the stage. Jason said "Remember what we are about to do should only be used as a last resort in self defense".

Tommy agreed "Yeah martial arts is a form of self defense, and physical activity not a game or a way to solve problems normally". Jason, and Tommy then did a series of phantom punches, and kicks. Then they started sparring.

Then finally Jason, and Tommy brought out two piles of stones, and the two of them karate chopped the stones, and shattered them. Everyone then started cheering Jason, and Tommy as they bowed to each other, and then the audience.

The end.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 16

Dark Warrior

Written by Justin Best

It was another day in Angel Grove, and somewhere in a laboratory Trini's uncle Tao was experimenting with chemicals. Tao said "Now maybe if I had two drops of this, three drops of that, and". Tao then extracted a small amount of the mixture, and dropped some on an old withered plant.

At first the plant didn't do anything, and Tao was disappointed. He said "Darn it another failed experiment. Maybe I'll get my invincibility potion right next time". Tao was about to get back to work when suddenly the withered plant slowly but surely showed signs of regenerating.

Tao exclaimed "Eureka it worked after all wait till Trini, Tommy, and all their friends see this". Tao then took the notes containing the mixture he used was well as the container of the mixture, and went to hide them.

At her palace Rita was watching this, and said "No this can't be. An invincibility potion how am I gonna destroy the Earth now? Humans live long enough as it is. Why the only one who should be immortal is me".

Goldar assured her "Don't worry my wickedness me, Squatt, and Babboo will go down to Earth, and kidnap this Tao, and force him to give us the potion". Rita was pleased "Then me, and all my monsters will be indestructible, and we can finally destroy the Power Rangers".

Rita continued "But just to make sure it works I'll have Finster make a monster". Rita went to Finster's work station, and demanded "Finster make me a monster one as intelligent as he is stong, and can steal that Tao's invincibility potion right out from under his nose".

Finster stroke his beard, and said "You know I think I have just the monster. He'll have the speed of a panther, the wisdom of the ages, and the strength of a thousand of the most fierce, and angry Zandozans in all of planet ZX12-1000".

Rita was impatient "Yes yes what is he?". Finster made a mold of a ninja, and put it in the Monster Matic as he explained "I think I shall call him Dark Warrior". Then the Monster Matic exploded, and out popped a green humanoid ninja like monster.

Dark Warrior then said "I am Dark Warrior the most powerful, and swift, and cunning ninja in the universe how may I serve you?" Rita said "You can start by stealing that fool Tao's invincibility potion". Dark Warrior said "It shall be done oh evil one".

At Ernie's Jason, and Tommy were teaching a Karate class while Trini was following along. Meanwhile in the juice bar Billy was watching the class while elsewhere Bulk, and Skull were playing video games in the arcade.

Bulk was yelling ecstatically "Oh man oh man I'm gonna finally beat level four of this game". Then Bulk's character died, and he got a game over. Bulk turned to Skull, and demanded "Hey dweebazoid get me another quarter now".

Skull said "Oh yeah", and searched the cabinet, and his pants. Skull said "Sorry Bulk I'm all out". Then they saw Billy, and Bulk said "Hey dweebazoid give us a quarter". Skull parroted "Yeah a quarter". Billy said "Sorry gentlemen but I'm afraid I don't have any to spare".

Bulk said "Wrong answer geek face", and the two of them grabbed Billy by his pants, and dumped him in the dumpster while all the change in his pocket came out. Bulk said "All right now I can beat level four". Trini, and Tommy went up to them, and Tommy said "That's what you think".

Trini said "Yeah it's not nice to take other people's money like that". Bulk said "Why what are you two gonna do about it?" Then Tommy, and Trini both grabbed Bulk, and Skull by their legs, and threw them into the garbage can before they knew it.

Trini asked "Are you okay Billy?". Billy answered "I am now". Billy then said "But this whole experience has taught me that maybe I should fight my own battles". Then Billy saw Jason still teaching the karate class. Billy said "I've got it I'll re enroll in Jason's karate class.

Meanwhile Tao was working on another vial of his potion while seemingly unbeknownst to him Dark Warrior was watching from on top the ceiling. Tao start feeling watched, then he reached into his shirt pulled out a shuriken, and threw hit into the hole in the ceiling.

Tao called out "Who are you? What are you? Are you one of those monsters I see on the news? If so you're not getting my invincibility potion. There's no way I'm letting evil creatures get their hands on it". Dark Warrior muttered "That's what you think" as Tao got the vial, and left.

At her palace Goldar bragged "While Tao is out me, Squatt, and Babboo will sneak in, and steal the potion." Goldar, Squatt, and Babbo then went to Tao's house, and opened the door but spears flew at them.

Goldar blocked the spears with his sword, and said "If he thinks some puny spears are gonna deter us he's got another thing coming". Then they opened the door, and went into what they thought was Tao's lab.

Squatt said "Oh boy do you think this is it?" as he got a container of the shelf. Babboo, and Goldar got some containers off as well, and they all started drinking from them. Then they all started belching, and hiccupping.

Babboo said slightly incoherently "Do youse think we is not mortal yet?" Goldar clutched his forehead, and whined "Man I don't know man you're harshing my cosmic energy field man". Squatt said "Err I don't think we got the right stuff".

Meanwhile at Jason, and Tommy's karate class Jason was asking "Okay before we begin what are the six main principles of martial arts?". Billy raised hand, and Jason said "Yes Billy". Billy answered "Courage, Integrity, Self Defense, Physical Fitness, Self Discipline, and Loyalty".

Jason answered "Good now today we are going to be practicing". Then Jason was interrupted by Bulk, and Skull showing up in karate gis, and Bulk saying "Yeah come, and get to the part where you teach us how to beat people up".

Jason said "Sorry Bulk but martial arts is about getting into fights it's about protecting yourself". Bulk replied "No you don't understand me, and Skull just want to know how to beat people up". Jason than said "Well first we're gonna start with a roundhouse kick". Then Jason did a series of roundhouse kicks.

Bulk then bragged "Nothing to it". Then he tried doing roundhouse kicks but it didn't work. Then Jason said "Now for punches" then Jason did a series of punches. Bulk then bragged "Eh that can't be hard", and tried to punch but it didn't work.

Finally Jason said "And finally karate chops". Jason then did a series of karate chops, and Bulk bragged "You're kidding right?" Then he tried to do karate chops but he didn't get them right either, and he, and Skull tired themselves out.

Then Jason said "Class dismissed". Then everyone except Jason, Tommy, Trini, and Billy left, and Tao showed up, and said "Oh Trini, Tommy I've got a special surprise for you. You know that invincibility potion I've been working on. I think I've got it to work".

Billy was impressed "An invincibility potion? Prodigious can I see?". Tao then turned to Billy, and said Oh Billy I never knew you were interested in Martial Arts". Billy said "Well not until recently". Now Tao was impressed.

Tao said "Come Billy let's go to my lab. Not only will I show you my formula, but I'll personally tutor you in martial arts, and help you sharpen your body, and your mind". Billy was even more impressed, and said "Prodigious".

Trini said "But Uncle Tao I thought we had a session later". Tao said "Oh don't worry will get around to it. I just want to show your friend Billy my formula, and help him first". Then Billy, and Tao walked off, and Kimberly asked "Trini is something wrong". Trini said "Oh it's nothing", and lowered her head.

Tao, and Billy were walking towards his lab as Tao was saying "Oh boy Billy you are in for quite the surprise. If my invincibly potion works the way I want it to the possibilities could be endless". Then they saw Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar.

Billy said "Oh no it's Rita's minions". Tao said "Don't worry Billy I've got this. Hey monsters try this on for size". Then Tao threw a bomb, and it exploded into webbing, and got all over Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar.

Squatt slurred "Let's get outta here", and the three monsters drunkenly ran away. T said "Oh no do you think they were after the potion?" Tao answered "I'm certain of it". Then he picked up the containers, and said "Luckily they didn't get it but they did deplete my entire supply of Sulfuric acid.

At her palace Rita was hitting Squatt, Babbo, and Goldar's heads with her scepter yelling "You incompetent pee brained morons. What do you think you're doing drinking on the job?". Goldar replied "My queen we thought it was the invincibility formula".

Rita yelled "Well it wasn't now that miserable old scientist still has the formula, and you three can't even speak in complete sentences". Dark Warrior then bragged "Did you fools really think he would just leave it out in the open like that?".

Dark Warrior then said "My empress let me kidnap Tao, and I'll force him to give me the potion or at least it's formula. Not only that but I'll place him in a trap that when the Rangers try to rescue him then they, and Tao will be wiped off the face of the Earth". Rita said "Then get to it".

Just outside Tao's place Tao was teaching Billy karate. Tao then did some moves, and Billy followed him. Tao then said "Excellent Billy you are learning well. At this rate by this time tomorrow you'll make yellow belt for sure".

Billy said "Do you really think so?". Tao assured him "Billy from one genius to another you know that's true". Billy said "Thanks Tao". Then Tao, and Billy kept training. Then Trini came over, and Trini said "Oh hey Uncle Tao".

Tao answered "Hey Trini". Trini asked "Are you, and Billy done training yet". Tao answered "Not yet at first I thought I would just be teaching the basics but your friend Billy here is demonstrating remarkable potential".

Tao continued "Maybe well train together tomorrow". Trini said "But that's what you said when you were training Tommy when I was a kid, and the time before that with Jacob". Tao answered "Trini I know what happened but I don't want you think that I'm not going to train with you anymore".

Trini rebutted "But it seems like you train with me less, and less, and you're busy with Jacob as it is. Do you like Billy, Tommy, and Jacob more than me Uncle Tao". Tao rebutted "Now Trini you know that isn't true". Trini rebutted "I'm not sure if that's true, and walked off".

Billy asked "What's wrong?". Tao answered "Aye long ago when Trini was a little girl, and she first started training with me we would train everyday, somedays twice. But then her cousin Jacob got into martial arts so I trained him as well".

Tao continued "However after a while I started training so much with Jacob that I stopped training with her". Billy said "Oh no". Tao said "I guess in many ways Trini is afraid that I don't like her as an apprentice or a niece".

Billy assured Tao "Maybe we can talk it out with her later, maybe have a group training session some other time". Tao was happier "You know Billy that sounds like a good idea we should ask her about that".

Then they started walking to where Trini was going, and Tao called "Trini wait Trini". Then all of a sudden as swarm of Super Putties appeared. Billy cried out "Oh no Super Putties". Then Tao, and Billy tried to fight off the Super Putties.

Eventually however a pair of Super Putties where able to pick up Tao, and dragged him off. Tao cried out "Billy they're after the formula get Trini, Tommy, and the others". Then the Super Putties, and Tao teleported off.

Billy went to his communicator, and said "Alpha, Zordon, Super Putties have just kidnapped Trini's uncle Tao". Zordon replied "This is serious teleport to the Command Center at once, and I will summon the other Rangers".

Billy replied "Affirmative Zordon", and teleported off. Billy appeared in the Command Center, and later the other six Rangers teleported in as well. Trini asked "What's wrong Zordon?". Zordon explained "Behold the Viewing Globe".

The Rangers turned around, and the Viewing Globe showed images of Tao being held hostage by Dark Warrior, and some Super Putties who were tying him to a bomb. Zordon explained "This is worse than I thought".

Zordon continued "Rita's newest monster Dark Warrior has kidnapped Trini's uncle Tao in order to get her hands on his invincibility potion. If she succeeds not even the Ultrazord may be able to destroy her monsters".

Trini lowered her head, and said "This is all my fault if I didn't let uncle Tao training Billy get to me I could have helped fight them off, and he would be safe". Billy disagreed "Negative Trini if I had trained more beforehand I would have been able to save him".

Tommy said "Hey it's nobody's fault". Kimberly agreed "Yeah we've dealt with Rita's bogus monsters before. Zordon agreed "That is correct what is important is that we rescue him while we still can. Which is why for this mission only I am giving one of you the quantum accelerator".

Zordon continued "It is a special device that when planted in your suit will allow you to appear as though they are five of you". Trini said "then I'll volunteer Zordon". Zordon said "I expected nothing less of you".

Zordon continued "Now go, and may the Power protect you". Then the Rangers teleported off, and landed just outside Dark Warrior's cave. Zack said "Okay guys let's do this". Then all of a sudden another swarm of Super Putties appeared.

The Rangers then proceeded to punch, and kick the Super Putties who punched, and kicked back. Eventually however the Super Putties retreated. Jason said "All right that took care of them now to rescue Tao".

The Rangers went into the cave, and freed Tao. Tao said "Trini, Billy, Tommy I'm so glad to see you". Trini said "I'm sorry uncle Tao I should have stayed with you". Tao said "Don't worry Trini right now we just have to take care of the bomb".

Tao pointed to some wires on the timer, and said "Okay Billy, Tommy, Trini you, and me will each grab a wire, and we'll all grab them at the same time that should deactivate the bomb without it exploding". The four of them each grabbed a wire.

Tao then said "Okay one, two, three". The four of them pulled the wires, and the timer stopped. Trini yelled "We did it". Tao looked at Trini, Tommy, and Billy, and said "If only your cousin Jacob, and Tommy's friends JB, and Kaitlin where here".

Tommy said "Well we'll tell them just as soon as we get back to your place". Then the Rangers, and Tao left the cave however just as they left Dark Warrior appeared, and said "Don't think it will be that easy old man".

Trini said "Uncle Tao get away as fast as you can". Tao replied "But what about you kids?" Tommy answered "Hey there's only one of him, and six of us master Tao". Tao agreed, and said "Okay but be careful", and ran away.

Then the Rangers called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", and "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers got out their Blade Blasters, and they all tried to slash, and stab Dark Warrior but he just slashed, and stabbed them with his sword.

Then Trini got a message from Zordon saying "Trini use the quantum accelerator only then can you match his speed, and power". Trini agreed "You got it Zordon. Quantum accelerator now". Then Trini turned into five versions of herself.

Dark Warrior cried out "This can't be". Trini said "Okay guys let's team up, and give it to Dark Warrior". The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then Trini, her clones, and the other Rangers all started slashing, and stabbing Dark Warrior.

At her palace Rita was angry she said "Those Rangers haven't won yet". Then she threw her scepter, and called out "Magic Wand make my monster grow". Then Dark Warrior grew into a giant, and the Rangers called out "We need Dinozord power now".

Then Tommy summoned the Dragonzord with the Dragon Dagger, and all six Rangers jumped into their zords. Dark Warrior then made cannons appear from under his arms, and he fired them at the Zords. Jason called out "Return fire", and the Tyrannosaurus, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger fired lasers while Dragonzord fired missles.

Then Titanus appeared, and Jason said "All right it's Titanus". Then Titanus spit fireballs at Dark Warrior as well but he kept firing on them. Jason called out "Form the Dinosaur Tank". Then all the Zords except Dragonzord, and Titanus combined to became the Dinosaur Tank. Then the Zords kept firing.

But Dark Warrior kept firing, and Jason called out "Switching to Megazord Mode". Then the Dinosaur Tank transformed into the Megazord, and the Megazord, and Dark Warrior started punching each other. Then Dark Warrior got his scythe, and wrapped it around the Megazord.

Jason called out "We need the Power Sword". Then the Power Sword fell down, and the Megazord picked it up, and slashed itself free from Dark Warrior's chain. Dark Warrior cried out "What this can't be".

Then the Megazord charged the Power Sword, and slashed Dark Warrior. Dark Warrior then fell to the ground, and exploded. At her palace Rita was once again hitting Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar on the head with her scepter.

Rita was yelling "Lame brains, Idiots, Morons. I give you one job, and you screw it all up by drinking on the job". Goldar cried out "It won't happen again your evilness". Rita then said "You're right it won't happen because I won't let it".

Back at Ernie's Jason, and Tommy's karate class was over, and Jason, and Tommy were handing out belts. Jason said "Now Billy". Billy went over to Jason who said "To honor your dedication to the art I am proud to promote you to yellow belt".

Billy took the yellow belt, and said "Thanks Jason". Jason said "You earned it". Then Tao appeared, and said "I am proud of you Billy I knew you could do it". Billy said "Thanks Tao". Tao then said "No thank you Billy".

Tao continued "I've always prided myself in maintaining balance between the body, and the mind but this experience taught me that there is a third, and more important aspect: the heart, and I have you, and Trini to thank for that".

Then Ernie saw the container with Tao's potion, and called out "Hey Trini your uncle left his juice jar here". Tao went up to Ernie, and said "Oh Ernie my boy I was just about to talk you about that it's my new Invincibility Potion energy drink I'm working on".

The Rangers said "Energy Drink?". Tao answered "Yes it's all natural made from fruits, vegetables, and herbs from Asia, Africa, and the Middle east. I still need to get it tested for sure but if it works I can sell this at not just my Dojo but here, and in gyms, and juice bars all over the world".

Then Bulk, and Skull went up to Billy, and said "Hey geek face fancy belt mind if I take it?". Tao said "I'm afraid that has to be earned young man". Bulk turned to Tao, and said "Hey old man this is between me, and him.

Then Tao grabbed Bulk, and Skull, and threw them onto the karate mat, and said "Just be glad you didn't try that twenty years earlier than you'd really be sorry". Zack said "Man Trini remind me never to get on your uncle's bad side". The Rangers, and Tao laughed.

The End.
Power Rangers Dino episode 17

The Green Candle part 1

Written by Justin Best.

It was another day at Ernie's, and Zack, and Tommy were sparring. When they were done Zack asked "Is something bugging you?". Tommy answered "Yeah I'm thinking of asking out Kim to the dance but I don't know how".

Zack said "Man I'm telling you just ask her. Look watch". Zack then saw Angela, and did some dance moves, and said "Hey Angela how's a fine thing like you feel about going with a cool guy like me?". Angela answered "Get a life Zack", and walked off.

Then Bulk, and Skull said "You guys have dates? That's a life". Zack said "Well if you guys think you can do better tell us what to do". Bulk put his jacket over his head, and mocked "Roses are red, Violets are blue, No girl in the world's gonna go out with you".

Then Bulk tried to get his jacket off but it was stuck. Bulk, and Skull tried to pull on the jacket but accidentally threw themselves. Tommy, and Zack went up to them, and Tommy said "Roses are red, Violets are Blue", and Zack followed with "There sure is a lot that we can learn from you". Then they both said "Not".

At her palace Rita was ecstatic. She yelled "Yes I've got it this time I have the perfect plan to destroy those pesky Rangers once, and for all". Rita ordered "Goldar do you have the candle?". Goldar appeared holding a green candle in his hands.

Goldar explained "Yes your evil one. I have the green candle made from magic wax from the Gamma Tri system just like you asked". Rita said "Perfect I want you to send a swarm of Super Putties to kidnap Tommy, and take him to the Dark Dimension".

Rita continued "Once there put Tommy's coin on the candle, and I will cast a spell linking his coin with the candle then I want you to light the candle. Then when the candle burns out completely I can steal the Green Rangers powers".

Rita continued "Then he'll be forced to work for me again or lose his powers forever". Then Rita laughed maniacally. Goldar complied "It shall be done my queen. Soon the Green Ranger will have to join us again or be destroyed like the others".

Rita then got out a map along with a miniature version of her scepter, and said "Now I just need to find a good place, and time to ambush Tommy so we can steal his coin, and trap him in the Dark Dimension while he watches helplessly as the candle drains his powers".

Rita placed the map on a table, and the miniature scepter on the map. Then the scepter went to a spot on the map, and started glowing. Rita was ecstatic. She said "So he'll be in Angel Grove park after school it says. That's perfect".

At Angel Grove park Kimberly was asking Tommy "So what was it you wanted to talk about you sounded serious". Tommy said "Oh well it's nothing really. I wanna say what it is but I'm too nervous to say". Kimberly replied "Come on Tommy we're friends you can ask me anything".

Tommy said "Well all right. Kimberly I wanted to know if you wanted to". Then a swarm of Super Putties appeared, and ambushed Tommy, and Kimberly. Tommy, and Kimberly tried to fight off the Super Putties by punching, and kicking them.

Then the Super Putties grabbed Tommy, and Kimberly's Morphers, and then grabbed Tommy, and Kimberly themselves. Kimberly cried out "Tommy I can't reach my Morpher". Tommy agreed "I can't reach mine either".

Then Goldar appeared, and said "Now Power Rangers you are about to witness the end of the Green Ranger". Tommy asked "What do you want now flea brain?". Goldar said "I'm here to give you a one way trip to the Dark Dimension". Then Goldar, The Super Putties, and Tommy teleported off as Kimberly screamed "Tommy".

At her palace Rita was glad she said "So that rust bucket finally did something right. Now I just need to cast the spell, and Tommy's powers will be no more but first". Rita then demanded "Finster do you have that Cyclops monster?".

Finster said "I thought you wanted me to nix it" as he pulled out an orange clay Cyclops from the rubbish bin. Rita replied "Well I'm unnixxing it ". Finster said "Well all right" as he put it in the Monster Matic, and activated it.

Out of the Monster Matic exploded a white humanoid figure who was featureless save for a single eye in the middle of it's head. Finster said "Behold the Cyclops able to transform into anything he wants". Rita said "He's perfect send him down to Earth at once".

Meanwhile Tommy, and Goldar had teleported to the Dark Dimension, and Goldar placed cuffs made of pure electricity on Tommy's hands. Tommy cried out "What do you creeps want this time?". One of the Super Putties gave Goldar Tommy's Morpher as Goldar took out the coin.

Goldar then showed Tommy the green candle, and explained "See this. This is the green candle. I just have to place the coin on the candle, and then empress Rita will cast a spell linking the candle to your coin".

Goldar continued "Then I'll light it, and when it burns out your powers will fade away forever unless you start working for Rita again". Tommy called out "I'll never betray my friends to the forces of evil again". Goldar replied "I knew you'd say that so that's why Rita ordered me to keep you chained while your powers slowly cease to exist".

At the Command Center Kimberly was explaining everything to the other Rangers. Kimberly said "Rita's trying to find a way to turn Tommy evil again I just know it". Zack assured her "Don't worry Kim". Jason agreed "Yeah I'm sure we'll find Tommy before anything like that happens".

Jason said "Any luck Zordon?". Zordon answered "I'm afraid not Rangers. I can't seem to get a lock on Tommy's communicator. I suspect Rita may be holding him in her dimensional prison". Kimberly said "Oh no".

Zack asked "Can we get him back?". Zordon replied "Maybe but I suspect it will take time which is one thing I fear is not on our side". Then the alarm rang, and Zordon said "Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers turned around, and saw the Dragonzord rampaging Angel Grove".

Kimberly said "Oh no we're too late". Zordon explained "Not quite my sensors indicate that Dragonzord is still in it's hiding place at the bottom of the sea. I suspect that this is either a duplicate Zord created by Rita or simply a Zord emulating creature".

Billy said "Do you think it might be a trap?". Jason said "I don't think we have much of a choice". Zordon then said "Go, and may the Power protect you". Jason said "Okay guys it's Morphin time". The Rangers called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus".

Then the Rangers teleported to downtown Angel Grove where whatever was impersonating the Dragonzord was still rampaging. Jason called out "Whatever that is it's destroying the city". Then Supper Putties appeared, and Kimberly said "Great now we gotta deal with these guys too".

In the Dark Dimension Goldar said "Feeling helpless Green Ranger? You should because as we speak your friends must think you've already turned back to our side. But for now Rita will cast the spell that will drain your powers".

At her palace Rita was intoning "Mashak Rasha Shamba green candle drain Tommy's powers". Then the Tommy's Power Coin started glowing, then the glow spread to the candle. Then Goldar took the coin, put it back in Tommy's Morpher, and threw it to him where he couldn't get to it.

Goldar then fired beams from his eyes which lit the candle. Goldar then mocked "Now in just a few short hours the candle will burn out, and your Green Ranger powers will be gone forever". Goldar laughed. Goldar then said "But first my empress summons me for battle but don't think of escaping. Those electron cuffs should keep you here till I get back", and Goldar teleported out.

The Rangers were punching, and kicking the Super Putties when Goldar appeared, and started slashing stabbing them with his sword. The Rangers started slashing, and stabbing with their own weapons until the imitation Dragonzord attacked them.

Jason then called out "We need Dinozord power". Then the Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers jumped into their Zords. Then the Zords combined into the Dinosaur Tank which then transformed into the Megazord.

Then the Megazord started punching the fake Dragonzord. But the fake Dragonzord kept slashing, tail whipping, and firing missiles at the Megazord". Zack cried out "This may not be him but we could sure use the real Tommy's help". Jason assured him "He's just gotta get back I just know it".

In the Dark Dimension Goldar teleported back, and said "Well I got some delightfully awful news for you. While you slowly watch your power waste away Rita's latest monster is already destroying your friends how do you feel about that?".

Tommy cried out "You'll never get away with this". Goldar just mocked "But we already have". Then Tommy willed himself out the electron cuffs as Goldar cried out "What bur how?". Tommy then picked up his Morpher, put it back on, and grabbed Goldar sword.

Tommy called out "I saw how you took us here. Let's see if it works in reverse". Tommy then teleported himself, and Goldar out of the Dimension. Tommy then got his Morpher, and cried out "Dragon", and teleported as Goldar mocked "Yes go help your pathetic friends but you're just delaying the inevitable".

Tommy teleported to the fight but he fainted a bit. The other Rangers saw him, and Jason cried out "All right Tommy". Kimberly said "Are you okay?". Tommy said "It's a long story but I think Rita's trying to drain my powers".

Tommy then said "But first let's get Dragonzord under control". Tommy then blew into his Dragon Dagger but nothing worked. Tommy cried out "Oh no it's already starting". Then all of a sudden another Dragonzord appeared.

Jason called out "Now there's two Dragonzords but which one's real?". Tommy said "Come on old friend let's show this fake what happens when you mess with the genuine article". The Dragonzord nodded it's head as Tommy jumped in.

The real Dragonzord then slashed, and tail whipped the imposter one while the Megazord punched it, and then summoned the Power Sword to slash, and stab it. Then the imposter Dragonzord started glowing.

The Imposter Dragonzord then transformed into the Cyclops which then whined "Curse you Rangers you figured me out". Billy explained "It's some kind of shape shifting Cyclops". Jason said "He lost his shape when we hurt him".

Then the Cyclops started glowing as he changed through multiple forms. All the while he mocked "So Rangers am I the Megazord? Maybe I'm the Dragon Battlezord. Either way I can be all your Zords so you Rangers better watch out". Then the Cyclops teleported out.

At her palace Rita was pleased she said "For once things are starting to go my way. Not only did the Rangers fall for the Cyclops' trick but the green candle is still draining his powers. Earth will be mine at last".

At the Command Center Alpha was running a scan on Tommy. Tommy said "I don't get it Zordon I feel fine but earlier my powers wouldn't work". Tommy asked "Is what Rita said true can she really take my powers like that?".

Zordon explained "Unfortunately yes. There exists a special magic wax from the Gamma Tri system when linked to a power coin it will slowly drain the coin's powers forever". Zordon continued "Originally we used it when Lord Zedd betrayed the Power Rangers in order stop him but Rita it seems has found a way to turn that against us".

Billy asked "Is there anyway to stop it?". Zordon explained "At this time I don't know one way could be to infiltrate Rita's dimension, and steal back the candle. Then maybe I can find a way to reverse it". Jason said "Well we just have to find out how". While in the Dark Dimension the candle kept melting.

To be concluded.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 18

The Green Candle Part 2

Written by Justin Best

At the Command Center Tommy asked "So how do I go into the Dark Dimension?". Zordon explained "You don't. You're prescence in the Dark Dimension will only serve to accelerate the process". Jason said "I'll go". Tommy said "No way man it's too dangerous".

Jason assured him "Hey I'm the only other Ranger whose been there I know what I'm doing". Tommy said "But we still don't know how to get in there". Billy said "Not quite I can get a lock on the Super Putties' molecular patterns from when they teleported Tommy to the Dark Dimension, and build a device that can take us there".

Zordon agreed "An excellent idea Billy. Another solution would be to find who created the candle in the first place". Tommy said "How do we do that?". Zordon explained "Just call Quagmire". Then Quagmire, and Nemo teleported in.

Quagmire asked "Say my name and I appear. Now what calls Quagmire here?". Tommy explained "Quagmire Rita's made some magic candle out of some magic wax to drain my powers, and Zordon says you know who made it".

Nemo explained "Yeah my mom made it". Jason said "You mean Millennia?". Nemo explained "Yes if you go back to the Island of Illusion I'm sure mother will know how to prevent the candle from stealing Tommy's powers".

Quagmire agreed "If there's a way to keep Tommy's green glow. I'm sure Millennia would know". Jason said "Okay first Billy has to get a lock on the Dark Dimension then we'll help him make the device to go there. Then I go into the Dark Dimension, and get the candle while Zack, and Billy go to the Island of Illusion to see if Millennia can help". Everyone else nodded.

At her palace Rita gloated "Soon I'll have the Green Ranger's powers as well as my own then Earth will finally be mine". Babboo asked but won't the Rangers try to take the candle before it burns out?". Rita explained "First they have to go to my Dark Dimenion first, and there's no way they can do that".

Goldar agreed "And even if they did I'll be right there waiting for them". Rita ordered the Cyclops "Cyclops I want you to go down to Earth, and impersonate the Dragonzord, and Megazord in order to draw out the Rangers".

The Cyclops agreed "Understood my evilness", and both the Cyclops, and Goldar teleported off. Rita then bragged "Finally things are gonna go my way, and soon those meddlesome teenagers will be a thing of the past". Rita then started laughing maniacally.

At the Command Center the Rangers, and the others had finally finished working on Billy's machines. Billy said "There that should do it the molecular decoders are ready. Now we just need to get to the park, and we can go to Rita's dimension".

The Rangers teleported off, and landed in the park. Bulk, and Skull were walking around when they noticed the Rangers. Bulk said "Hey what are those dweebs doing?". Bulk, and Skull walked up to the Rangers, and Bulk demanded "Hey geekazoids this is our private park".

Billy went up to them, and said "Actually gentlemen this a public park. Anyone can come". Skull retorted "Yeah anyone except you lame ohs". Kim said "Knock it off guys we're working". Bulk looked at the devices they were carrying, and said "Hey what are those things? Tell me now, or better yet I'll take them".

Bulk tried to run at the Rangers, and take the devices but everytime he did the Rangers ran out of the way, and eventually he ran into Skull, and a trash can, and they both rolled down the hill. The Rangers activated the devices, and Jason said "Okay guys I'm going in". Then Jason entered the portal.

Zack then called out "Hey Quagmire we're ready". Then teleported in, and said "Well let's not be slow to the island we go". Zack said "Okay Kimberly, Trini hold these until Jason gets back". Kimberly agreed "Got it", and Zack, and Billy teleported with Quagmire.

At the Command Center Nemo asked "Are you okay Tommy?". Tommy answered "Yeah but I'm worried about the others. I just no Rita's not gonna let them get the candle that easily". Then the alarms went off, and the Viewing Globe showed the Dragon Battlezord rampaging Angel Grove.

Tommy said "The Dragon Battlezord? That's impossible all the Zords are on standby in their hangars". Zordon explained "This must be the work of Rita's Cyclops monster. She wants to draw us out, and prevent us from getting the candle".

Alpha asked "Should I contact the Rangers, and abort the mission?". Tommy said "No way everyone worked this hard this long I can't let it all go to waste. I'll hold him off as long as I still have my powers until the others get back".

Zordon said "Are you sure Tommy? The Cyclops is one of Rita's most powerful monsters". Nemo agreed "Zordon's right Tommy. What if he transformed into the Mega Dragonzord, or the Ultrazord while you just had the Dragonzord?" Tommy said "I guess I'll just have to hope the other arrive in time". Then Tommy cried out "Dragon", and teleported to where the Cyclops was rampaging.

Jason teleported into the Dark Dimension but Goldar was already there. Goldar mocked "Hello old friend this is a most unexpected pleasure. But if you think you're gonna get the green candle that easily you've got another thing coming". Then Goldar tried to stab, and slash Jason while Jason punched, and kicked Goldar.

In the Island of Isllusion Billy, Zack, and Quagmire appeared. Then Millennia's magic mountain appeared, and Billy said "Look it's Millennia's magic mountain". Zack said "Let's hurry". The Rangers got up, and Millennia said "Ah Billy, Zack what brings you here?".

Billy explained "Millennia Rita used some kind of magic wax to make a candle to steal Tommy's powers. Zordon said you made it to stop Lord Zedd is there anyway to stop it". Millennia explained "Unfortunately once the candle is linked to the coin, and burns out nothing can be done". Millennia continued "However whoever has the powers can choose someone else to have the powers".

In Angel Grove Tommy summoned the Dragonzord, and then jumped into it's cockpit, and started slashing, and tail whipping the Cyclops. The Cyclops transformed back into his real form. But the Cyclops was undaunted, and said "Okay but try this on for size", and transformed into the Megazord.

Billy, and Zack then teleported back to the park. Kimberly asked "So what did Millennia say? Can she help?". Zack said "No dice but Tommy can still give the powers to somebody else". Zack then asked "What about Jason?". Kimberly answered "He's still not back yet".

Then their communicators started beeping, and Zack answered "What is it Zordon?". Zordon explained "Rangers abort the mission. Tommy is fighting Rita's Cyclops in downtown Angel Grove, and only the Ultrazord can destroy it".

Zack said "All right but first we have to get Jason". Kimberly asked "But what about the candle?". Zack said "We'll get it later", and jumped into the portal. Jason was still fighting Goldar when Zack appeared, and said "Jason, Jason we've got to go".

Jason said "But if I leave Tommy will lose his powers". Zack replied if we don't leave he could lose his life". Then Jason, and Zack left. At the park Kimberly asked "Did you get the candle?". Jason replied "Not yet".

Zack said "Come on you guys we don't have much time left". The Rangers all called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers teleported to downtown Angel Grove.

The Rangers immediately summoned the Dinozords, and formed the Megazord. Tommy asked "Any luck you guys?". Jason said "I didn't get the candle yet". Zack answered "We tried to ask Millennia but she says she can't stop it but you can give your powers to someone else".

Tommy said "Well first things first let's just deal with this guy". The other Rangers agreed, and The Megazord helped the Dragonzord by punching the Cyclops, and caused him to transform back. The Cyclops just bragged "I've got a million tricks".

The Cyclops kept changing forms from the Dragonzord, The Tyrannosaurus, The Megazord, and the Dragonzord. All the while the Rangers kept switching between the Megazord, and the Dragon Battlezord.

Eventually Jason said "We can't keep this up. It's time for some Ultrazord power". Then Titanus appeared, and all seven Zords combined to form the Ultrazord which fired all it's weapons on the Cyclops, and destroyed him.

But Tommy started clutching his chest as he started glowing. Tommy cried out "Oh no my powers". Jason cried out "Oh no Tommy is there something we can do?". Tommy replied "No but there's something I can do", and teleported off.

Kimberly cried out "Oh no Tommy". Zack cried "Where is he?". Tommy teleported to the Island of Illusion, and called out "Millennia the white sorceress I wish for you to be free from the Island of Illusion".

Then a blast of white light burst forth, and Tommy found himself back in Angel Grove. But this time Millennia was there, and she said "Thanks Green Ranger. Thanks to you I am free, and can see my husband, and son for the first time in 10,000,000 years".

Then Jason teleported in, and said "Tommy are you okay?". Tommy answered "Yes but I gave away all my powers to free Millennia so Rita couldn't steal them". Jason cried out "But why?" Tommy just said "I'll explain later".

Millennia then explained "That's not entirely true Rangers. Hurry give Jason the green Power Coin". Tommy said "Right, and gave Jason the coin, and the Dragon Shield, and Dragon Dagger went to Jason". Millennia explained "There's still enough power for Jason to have the Dragon Shield, and Dagger as well as the Dragonzord but not enough for Tommy to become the Green Ranger anymore".

Jason said "All right bro let's get you to the Command Center". Tommy agreed "All right let's do it". Then all the Rangers teleported in, and Tommy almost fell into Nemo. Nemo cried "What happened Tommy?".

Zordon explained "Tommy has used most of his powers to release Millennia from the Island of Illusion, and gave the rest to Jason to prevent Rita from having them". Tommy started glowing brighter as he asked "Zordon what's happening".

Zordon explained "Without your powers you're the energy holding your suit together is dissipating". Then Tommy unmorphed, and Jason asked "Are you okay bro?". Tommy answered "Yeah". Nemo then asked "Why did you do it Tommy?".

Tommy explained "Because I wanted you to see this. Hey Millennia". Then Millennia appeared in the Command Center, and Quagmire, and Nemo ran up to her, and hugged her. Nemo cried out "Mommy", and Quagmire added "Aye I thought I'd wait all my life, and never again see my beloved wife".

Tommy said "Hey I've already blew up a gazzilion monsters. I never gave a kid his mother back before". Zordon said "You have fought gallantly to defend light, and good from darkness, and evil. Your courage, and sacrifice will not be forgotten".

Jason agreed "Yeah man all this proves is that powers or no powers you're still a Ranger, and that's all that matters". Tommy said "Thanks I guess somewhere along the way I realized power is cool, and all but helping others is what matters".

At her palace Rita was furious. She yelled "No, No, This can't be. They destroyed my beautiful hideous Cyclops, and when I finally got my hands on the Green Ranger powers again that fool had to go, and free that cursed Millennia". Then she kicked her globe, and shouted "One of you Zandozans get me an asprin. I've got such a headache".

At the Park Tommy was practicing karate. Kimberly appeared, and said "Everyone told me you would be here. I miss you, we all do." Tommy replied "Yeah I've been hanging out trying to stay busy with karate, and school".

Tommy continued "I'll still hang out with you guys. Plus you were a team long before I got there". Tommy then said "Hey Kimberly I've got something to ask". Kimberly asked "What is it?". Tommy asked "Will you go to the dance with me this Saturday?".

Kimberly gave it some thought, and said "All right I'll go but I didn't want it to be that easy for you". Then Tommy smiled, and kissed Kimberly, and then picked her up, and they both started laughing, as Tommy twirled her around.

The End.
Power Rangers Dino Episode 19

Doomsday Part 1

Written by Justin Best

It was a special day at Angel Grove high. Kimberly was reading the newspaper. She said "And in honor of their courageous efforts to defend justice Mayor Ackleberry has declared today Power Rangers day". Jason said "All right".

Kimberly continued "Mayor Ackleberry hopes that the mysterious superheroes will make a public appearance". Kimberly asked "So what do you guys think?". Jason said "Oh I have a feeling their going to show up".

Meanwhile Bulk, and Skull went up to Bulk's locker as Bulk said "Okay Skull everybody, and their grandpa's monkey is going to be there for this Power Rangers day, and we're going to steal a little bit of their thunder".

At her palace Rita was chanting "Rasha Masha Shambra Oh ancient spirits of evil give me a way to destroy the Rangers once, and for all". Then Rita's skull started glowing, and shot a beam into her crystal ball. Squatt asked "What is it Rita?".

Rita explained "It's the secret location of Cyclopsis the Warzord". Goldar asked "Really?". Babboo added "We haven't seen that Zord in 10,000,000 years". Rita continued "It says we have to banish everyone in Angel Grove to the Dark Dimension, then feed all their negative energy to Cyclopsis, and we'll be unstoppable. Goldar agreed "That's brilliant my queen".

All of a sudden a boy with white hair wearing white clothes appeared. The boy jumped around Rita's palace as Scorpina tried to slash him with her sword but the boy kept jumping around. Rita aimed her scepter, and Goldar, and Scorpina aimed their swords but the Boy said "Hi mom".

Goldar said "Mom?" Babboo said "Is it true?", and Finster said "I didn't know you had son my horribleness" Rita explained "I did I mean I do but I lost him 10,000,000 years ago after". Rita interrupted herself to say "Well that's all in the past wait till your father hears the good news Thrax".

Thrax said "Oh don't worry mom he already knows. He's the one who helped bring me back". Rita was ecstatic "You mean he's coming home?". Thrax nodded, and said "Yeah he just needs some help summoning him again but he wants to help us destroy the Rangers, and Earth one last time too".

Rita was even more enjoyed "That's splendid I was just about to go to Earth to trap everyone in Angel Grove in the Dark Dimension, and resurrect the Warzord Cyclopsis. And now that you, and your father are back it's just gonna get worse for the Rangers from here".

At Angel Grove park it seemed like everyone in Angel Grove was at the park for Power Rangers day. Jason said "Man it's like everyone in the city is here". Zack agreed "And they all came to see us man. Speaking of which should we change into costume?".

Jason said "Not right now. Let's try to mingle in with the crowd. That way we lessen the chances of anyone finding out who we're really are". Zack nodded, and saw Angela. Zack asked "Hey Angela I'm really serious you want to go out tonight?".

Angela said "Maybe if you were a Power Ranger I'd say yes", and walked off while Jason laughed. Then they looked, and saw Jason's dad arm wrestle Trini's dad while Jason's mother, Trini's mother, and Trini watched.

Trini's dad beat Jason's as Jason's dad said "Man I thought I was going to win that time but you got me". Trini's dad said "Well you know how we are. Mental strength, and physical strength go hand in hand". Then Tao showed up, and said "Oh Tao where's Tommy?".

Tao answered "Oh he's coming it's just that there's some last minute work he's getting done". Jason said "Oh man I hope he doesn't feel too left out". Then Kimberly's mother, and Steve showed up. Kimberly's mother asked "Oh Trini have you seen Kim around. Her father's here".

Then Kimberly's father showed up, and Trini said "You know I think I saw somewhere around here I'll look for her". Meanwhile Bulk, and Skull snuck into some restrooms, and came out wearing superhero costumes.

Bulk, and Skull took the stage as Bulk said "Citizens of Angel Grove meet your newest superheroes The incredible Bulkster". Skull added "And his sidekick Super Skull the boy wonderful". Then Bulk, and Skull started flexing their muscles.

Everyone in the crowd started laughing. Zack said "That is classic", and a little boy said "If you guys are super heroes prove it". Another boy said "Yeah show us your super powers". Bulk said "All right good citizens".

Then Bulk, and Skull did some fake karate as everyone in the crowd laughed. Meanwhile Trini found Kimberly. Trini asked "Are you okay Kim?". Kimberly said "Yeah it's just I'm not too sure about seeing my parents together after the divorce".

Kim continued "It's just that sometimes I still think it was my fault, I don't even think my dad's gonna show up". Trini assured her "You know that's not true. Besides both of them are here, and they both want to see you". Kimberly said "Okay".

All of a sudden a swarm of Super Putties appeared, and ambushed Kimberly, and Trini. Kimberly, and Trini tried to fight off the Super Putties. Jason's communicator started beeping, and Jason, Zack, and Billy went to where no one could see them.

Jason answered "What's wrong Zordon?". Zordon answered "Rangers Kimberly, and Trini are being ambushed by Super Putties". Jason complied "We're on it Zordon" Billy, and Zack nodded, and they all left.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove forest Thrax was walking at the Command Center the alarms went off. The Viewing Globe showed Thrax as Alpha panicked "No, No, This can't be. Is that Thrax? I haven't seen him in 10,000,000 years".

Alpha continued "I thought that he". Zordon interrupted "He did but it seems either Rita or Zedd finally found the spell to undo it we must alert the Rangers at once". The Super Putties retreated and Jason's communicator started beeping again.

Jason asked "Yes Zordon?". Zordon said "Rangers I don't have time to explain this but morph, and head down to Angel Grove forest". Jason asked "Is it Rita?". Zordon answered "I'm afraid it might be something much worse".

Jason cried out "Okay guys it's Morphing time". Then They all called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", and "Tyrannosaurus". The Rangers teleported to the forest. Thrax then bragged "Well hello Rangers ready to get pulverized?".

Zack said "You gotta be kidding he's just a kid". Thrax said "I may be a kid but I can still pound you troublesome Rangers into space dust then Mom, and Dad will be happy". Billy asked "Who are they?". Thrax mocked "That's for me to know, and you to find out".

Meanwhile at Rita's palace Rita ordered "Are you finished with the vortex beam, and the hypno gas yet Finster?". Finster replied "Yes oh horrible one we just have to land the palace on Earth, and expose everyone to the gas, and they will be your slaves".

Finster continued "Then the vortex beam will transport every human in Angel Grove to the Dark Dimension forever". Rita said "Well pack your bags everyone we're going to Earth". Squatt said "Oh boy should I bring my bathing suit?".

Then once again the buildings in Downtown Angel Grove started coming loose, and once again crowded together as Rita's palace once again came down to Earth. At the Command Center Alpha once again panicked "Aye ye ye Rita's palace is once again entering Earth's atmosphere".

Alpha continued "If she lands her powers will be even greater". Zordon explained "This is worse than I feared we can only hope she hasn't found the secret of Cyclopsis the Warzord". Rita's palace landed, and Rita, and her minions came out.

Rita mocked "Hello citizens of Angel Grove I thought I'd crash your little Power Ranger party, and rain on it a bit". Then tubes came out of the base of the palace, and sprayed a dark purple mist. Everyone in Angel Grove park breathed in the mist, and became hypnotized.

Then one by one every person in Angel Grove disappeared in beams of light. Rita cackled "Now everyone in Angel Grove is my prisoner, and not even the Power Rangers can stop me". Rita then said "Now to cast my spell of misery, and bring back Cyclopsis".

Meanwhile in Angel Grove forest Jason called out "Blade Blasters", and the Rangers charged at Thrax. Thrax raised out his hands, and the Rangers froze in place. Kimberly asked "What's going on?". Billy explained "He's using telekinesis". Zack asked "In English?". Trini explained "He's holding us with his mind". Then Thrax threw the Rangers, and made them slash each other.

Then Thrax fired lasers from his eyes, and threw the Rangers around some more with his telekinesis, Eventually the Rangers unmorphed as Thrax bragged "Mom was right you Rangers are pathetic. But now you won't be a pain in her side anymore".

Thrax teleported off, and Zack asked "Man who was that Kid?". Jason replied "I don't know but he sure was tough". Then they got up, and Jason's communicator started beeping again. Jason answered "Zordon what is with that kid it was like he was stronger than all of us".

Zordon explained "Teleport to the Command Center at once, and I will explain everything". The Rangers went to the Command Center, and Jason asked "So who is that kid?". Zack agreed "And why was he able to thrash us.

Zordon explained "Rangers I hoped I would never have to explain but that little boy who defeated you is known as Thrax, and he is the son of Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd". The Rangers gasped. Kimberly asked "What?". Zack agreed "Rita, and Zedd have a son?".

Zordon explained "Had a son but he died 10,000,000 years ago. Behold the Viewing Globe, and I reveal how this tragic cycle of darkness got started". The Rangers turned as Zordon showed images of a man in his late 20's wearing green medieval clothes standing happily with a woman of the same age in a white dress.

Zordon explained "Once Rita Repulsa was kind, and benevolent sorceress, and Zedd was once the most noble, and brave of my Rangers, and eventually they fell in love, and got married, and had a son named Thrax, and for 10 short wondrous years all was right for them, and the universe".

Zordon continued "But Thrax was mischevious, and liked to break Dinosaur eggs for fun, and eventually he was caught by a mother Tyrannosaurus, and chased off a cliff". Zordon showed them Thrax's demise, and the Rangers had a hard time watching Thrax fall.

Zrodon continued "Zedd, and Rita were stricken with grief, and asked me if I knew of a way to bring Thrax back". Billy asked "So what happened?". Zordon explained "I told them what I told you when you accidentally killed Fang the imp".

Zordon continued "I told them that all life perishes, and that life will always continue. They said they didn't want platitudes but answers, and results. I explained that it was not my place to meddle with the balance of life, and death. Zedd, and Rita lost faith in me, and the universe, and in search of way to resurrect Thrax, turned their backs on good, and embraced evil".

Zack asked "I don't get it how is some 10,000,000 year old dead 10 year old able to whupp our butts". Zordon explained "It seems somewhere in the dark galaxies Lord Zedd has found the means to return Thrax from the land of the dead".

Then the alarms rang again as the Viewing Globe displayed the citizens of Angel Grove walking around Rita's Dark Dimension in a zombie like trance. Zordon explained "It seems the situation has grown even more dire".

Zordon explained "Rita has banished everyone in Angel Grove to the Dark Dimension so that she can cast the spell of misery". Jason asked "What's that?". Zordon explained "Your parents, and everyone in Angel Grove are aware of everything mentally but are trapped in their own minds while Rita displays images of their worst fears, and nightmares".

Trini cried "Oh no". Zordon continued "Not only that but even when they are safe in Rita's dimension they will still feel any destruction that befalls Angel Grove. I fear Rita has done this so that she can also resurrect Cyclopsis".

Kimberly asked "What's Cyclopsis?". Zordon explained "An ancient Warzord the first Zord created entirely for combat. It was to be the crown jewel of the United Allience of Earth. A Zord that could both be piloted, and controlled by an A.I. cultivated from the collective intelligence of all six original Rangers".

Trini asked "What happened?". Zordon explained "Unfortunately we we're able to copy over their minds but not their hearts, and instead of justice it only knew vengeance, instead of courage it only knew anger, and so forth".

Rangers you must morph down, and try to stop Rita before she can summon Cyclopsis". Jason said "All right Zordon it's morphing time". The Rangers once again morphed, and teleported back to Angel Grove Park,

Jason cried out "All right Rita Zordon told us about your son, and what happened to him. You have your son back now leave Earth alone". Rita mocked "Well Zordon sure knows how to pick them. I'm afraid it's 10,000,000 years too late".

Rita continued "Right now everyone including your pitiful parents is under my misery spell, and soon I'll have enough negative energy to finally bring an end to Zordon, and his legacy in the most beautiful way possible".

Zack cried out "Please Rita this between you, and us leave our parents, and everyone else in Angel Grove out of it". Rita mocked "I'm afraid not Rangers now I call forth Cyclopsis". Then a volcanic explosion occurred in downtown Angel Grove.

Out of the explosion erupted a giant white humanoid robot with a single green eye, and a giant gold horn. Rita then called out "Now son why don't you show the Rangers your new toy". Thrax said "All right mom".

Thrax jumped, and now he was wearing a blue flight suit with silver armor over it, and a green visor on one eye. Thrax then transformed into blue fire, and entered Cyclopsis. Jason called out "We need Dinozord power". Then the Dinozords appeared, and quickly combined into the Megazord.

Billy said "We'll have to match him move for move". Jason agreed "Got it". Cyclopsis punched, and kicked the Megazord but the Megazord punched, and kicked back. Then Cyclopsis made missile launchers as Thrax quipped "You'll get a blast out of this", and fired a barrage of missiles at the Megazord.

Then Thrax said "Now try this". Cyclopsis fired it's arms out, and they grabbed the Megazord, and threw it around. Then Cyclopsis surged electricity through it's chains electrocuting the Megazord. Jason said we can't give up we need Dragonzord power".

Jason summoned the Dragonzord, and it fired it's own missles at Cyclopsis. But Thrax used his telekinesis, and Cyclopsis channeled it, and threw the Megazord, and Dragonzord around. Jason called out "Switching to Dragon Battlezord". The Dragonzord combined with the other Zords except Tyranosaurus, and Pterodactyl to become the Dragonzord.

Jason said "Okay Kimberly I'll take the Tyrannosaurus you stay here with the others". Kimberly agreed "Got it", and Jason teleported to the Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus fired sonic waves but Thrax used telekinesis to send it back.

Then the Dragon Battlezord tried to fire it's horn like a bommerang but Thrax used telekinesis to send it back. Then Cyclopsis fired lasers out cannons in it's shoulders, and then a laser out it's horn. But then Titanus appeared, and fired lasers on Cyclopsis.

Jason called out "All right Titanus". Jason then cried out "Quick you guys we need Ultrazord power". All the Zords combined into the Ultrazord, and Jason cried out "Lock on, and fire all weapons", The Ultrazord fired on Cyclopsis, and all that remained was it's head.

Rita bragged "It's not over yet power punks". Rita then fired a laser from her scepter at the earth beneath Titanus, and Titanus started sinking. Jason called out "Oh no Titanus", and the Mega Dragonzord tried to pull Titanus out of the sinkhole.

Rita said "No you don't", and fired another laser at the Mega Dragonzord. Titanus sank into the earth, and exploded. Billy cried out "Oh no Titanus is gone". Trini cried out "And the Dinosaur eggs". Rita mocked "Yes Power Rangers the first step in me, and Zedd's glorious revenge is complete now for step two".

Squatt, and Babboo along with some Super Putties were erecting Zedd's tower again. Squatt was demanding "Okay clay brains get it right this time". The tower was complete, and Rita called out "Now Rangers you shall once again feel the wrath of my husband Lord Zedd".

Lord Zedd then appeared, and said "So Rangers you think you can stop us, and our son that easily you're wrong dead wrong". Lord Zedd breathed some more mist, and it not only repaired Cyclopsis but also upgraded it with swords.

Jason cried out "Switching back to Megazord". The Mega Dragonzord split back into the Dragonzord piloted by Jason, and the Megazord piloted by the others. Lord Zedd sprayed some mist on the Megazord, and pinned it down while Cyclopsis charged at it. But the Megazord rolled over, and fired lasers at Cyclopsis.

Then the Megazord got back up but Thrax quipped "En garde Rangers", and sliced Megazord's arm off. Rita yelled "Yes son you're doing it". Zedd agreed "Make your parents proud, and wipe those meddling teenage has beens off the face of the Earth". Thrax agreed "With pleasure mom, and dad".

But then the Dragonzord appeared, and fired more missiles at Cyclopsis. Jason called out "I'm not going to let you hurt my friends like that". Thrax quipped "Tha's what you think, and grabbed the Dragonzord. The Dragonzord tried to tail whip Cyclopsis but Cyclopsis sliced it's tail off. Then Lord Zedd, and Cyclopsis fired more lasers at the Megazord, and Cyclopsis.

Billy cried out "Weapons are down". Zack agreed "Backup power's failing too". Then the Zords started glowing with dark red energy, and slowly began to disappear piece by piece. Zordon called out "Rangers the Zords are being disintegrated evacuate while you still can". Then the Rangers were forced from the Zords, and unmorphed.

Zack cried out "Great now our Zords really are gone forever". Rita mocked "Yes, and soon so will you be but first how about a trade your Power Coins for everyone in Angel Grove. What will it be Rangers?". The Rangers nodded sadly, and Jason said "All right we'll give you our coins just give everyone back safely".

Then Goldar made a chest appeared, and said "Now surrender the Power Coins Rangers or never see your friends, and loved ones again". Jason cried "All right here you go", and gave Goldar the red Power Coin causing him to demorph. Goldar bragged "That's the end of the Red Ranger".

Kimberly said "If you harm one hair on any of my parents or uncle Steve". Goldar interrupted "Just give me the coin". Kimberly gave her coin, and demorphed. Goldar said "No more Pink Ranger". Then Zack gave his coin, and said "You won't get away with this". Goldar bragged "But we already have". Then Trini gave her coin, and said "Please just let everyone go". Goldar laughed mockingly.

Billy was last "I'm sorry guys I don't know what to do either", and gave his coin. Jason then cried "Okay Rita, and Zedd you have our coins, and you destroyed the Zords you won now take Thrax, and go back to the dark galaxies, and let everyone in Angel Grove go".

Rita, Zedd, Thrax, and their minions laughed mockingly at the Rangers. Rita said "Why? We intend to destroy the Earth. But first we want to you to watch as Angel Grove is burned to the ground while you watch helplessly as everyone in our Dark Dimension screams in agony just before we destroy Earth".

Jason's communicator beeped again, and Zordon said "Rangers return to the Command Center immediately it is too dangerous in your current situation". The Rangers teleported back to the Command Center as Lord Zedd mocked "Yes Rangers run back to your sanctuary. That will just make it all the more sweeter when we crush you, and Zordon forever".

At the Command Center Jason sadly said "Sorry Zordon we failed you". Zordon assured them "No you haven't failed me. You were faced with a difficult choice, and still tried to reach out to what good was left in Rita, and Zedd".

Zack cried "Man I can't believe we trusted Rita, and Zedd. Now everything. Tommy sacrificing his powers to free Millennia. Accidentally killing Fang to save the last Dinosaur eggs. Retrieving Titanus it's all gone. Just like that Rita's won?".

Zordon said sadly "I'm afraid so. The only way to free the caputed citizens is to destroy Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd however neither can be done without the Ultrazord, and all the Zords are gone". The Rangers watched as the Viewing Globe displayed Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd firing lasers, missiles, and gas, and destroying Angel Grove along with the citizens of Angel Grove writhing in pain even when they had no physical injuries.

The Rangers cried, and Trini said "It's all over Rita won". But then Quagmire, Nemo, and Millennia teleported in, and Nemo said "Not yet she hasn't Rangers". Quagmire agreed "Aye remember what I said they say a night is always darkest before the light". Millennia agreed, and fired a beam at the Viewing Globe.

The Viewing Globe displayed a hidden area deep in the bottom of Rita's dimensional prison. Millennium explained "Your Zords still exist but they are currently trapped in the darkest depths of Rita's dimensional prison".

Millennia added "However if you were to break into that region you could be able to rescue them, and defeat Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd". Zack asked "But Rita, and Zedd probably have a billion monsters guarding it plus Goldar, Scorpina, and a gazillion Super Putties, and we already surrendered all of the Power Coins".

Jason took out the Green Power coin, and said "Not all of them". The coin shined a faint but noticeable green glow. Meanwhile Tommy was wandering the now vacant park asking "Jason? Billy? Zack? Trini? Kimberly? Tao? Anyone? Aww Man what happened?".

To be concluded
Power Rangers Dino Episode 20 (Final Episode)

Doomsday Part 2

Written by Justin Best

At the Command Center Kimberly said "But Zordon I thought Tommy lost his powers". Zordon explained "He did but it is possible that if I infuse enough of my own energy into the coin it could recharge the green Power Coin enough to allow Tommy to rescue the other Power Coins".

Meanwhile Tommy was still wandering the vacant park calling out for anyone when he was randomly teleported to the Command Center. Tommy cried out "Woah what's going on?". The Rangers explained everything, and Tommy said "Woah all right but what can I do?".

Zordon explained "I can give you a temporary boost of my own powers in order to recharge the green Power Coin. That should hopefully give you at least of few minutes of power needed to break into Rita's fortress, and steal back the Power Coins". Billy asked "But is it safe?". Jason agreed "Yeah that could be dangerous for both you, and Tommy". Zordon said "I know but it's our only chance".

At her palace Rita, and her minions were having drinks, and celebrating their apparent conquest of Angel Grove, and Earth. Rita was looking out her telescope, and said "So Zordon's really scrapping the bottom of the barrel now if he thinks Tommy can help".

Goldar agreed "Yes my wickedness you forced him to sacrifice all of his powers. There's no way he can get back the Power Coins". Rita then ordered "Good but just in case I want you, and Scropina to stay in Angel Grove park, and guard the Power Coins".

Goldar complied "It shall be done oh awful one". Rita then turned to Finster, and ordered "And as for you Finster just in case the Rangers do get their coins, and start getting funny ideas about breaking into the Dark Dimension I want you recreate every single monster you have ever made in order to prevent them".

Finster stroke his beard, and asked "All of them?". Rita yelled "Yes now". Finster said "Well all right then". He got every book off his bookshelf then opened them, and made every monster on every page. Then he loaded each of the molds onto the conveyor belt of the Monster Matic. Finster then said "Monster Matic at max capacity, and full power".

Then the Monster Matic exploded as one by one all of Rita's monsters came forth from it. Gnarly Gnome, Pudgy Pig, Polluticorn, all of Rita's creatures had been recreated, and teleported to the Dark Dimension.

Then Rita tried to hug Thrax but he jumped away as soon as she touched him. Rita asked "What's wrong Thrax why don't you want to hug you mom". Thrax explained "Sorry mom it's just I've been in the land of the dead for 10,000,000 years. When you've been dead that long, and then brought back to life even the smallest bit of warmth can feel like the core of a super massive super nova". Rita just frowned.

At the Command Center Zordon was firing electricity into Tommy's Power Coin while he held it. Alpha was worried "Zordon if you use too much energy you could cease to exist". Zordon explained "I know but it is our only hope".

Tommy started flickering as the Green Ranger suit formed onto him. Tommy cheered "All right I'm back". Then the alarms flashed, and Zordon was slowly flickering as he said "Rangers observe the Viewing Globe".

The Rangers looked, and Zordon was faintly saying "Goldar, and Scorpina are still in Angel Grove Park guarding the Power Coins. This may be our only chance left to defeat Rita". Tommy said "Don't worry I'll get those coins back". Zordon agreed "I know now go, and may the Power protect you".

Tommy then teleported to Angel Grove park, and demanded "All right Goldar give me those Power Coins or I'm gonna make you pay". Goldar mocked "Empty threats coming from a powerless Ranger". Goldar then summoned some Super Putties, and said "Super Putties why don't we welcome back our old friend".

Tommy, and the Super Putties started slashing, and stabbing each other. Then Tommy pulled out his Brachio Buster, and his Blade Blaster, and put them together as he cried "Brachio Buster", and fired a volley of lasers at the Super Putties. But then Tommy grabbed his chest and said "Oh no my powers better hurry".

Then Goldar, and Scorpina started clashing weapons with Tommy. Goldar mocked "Give up Green Ranger". Scorpina agreed "You'll never get the Power Coins". Tommy retorted "Wanna bet", and kept fighting.

Tommy started clutching his chest again. At the Command Center Kimberly cried "Oh no Tommy". Jason said "Alpha turn up the power". Alpha moved a dial, and Tommy's Dragon Shield glowed. Tommy yelled "Wohoo yeah", and was able to briefly defeat Goldar, and Scorpina.

Tommy then said "All right just a few seconds more, and I'll get the Power Coins". Tommy ran to the chest, and grabbed it. But the chest started electrocuting Tommy. Tommy started screaming in pain as Goldar, and Scorpina laughed mockingly.

The Rangers, and the others gasped as Zordon said "Alpha bring Tommy back quickly". Alpha complied "Right away", and Tommy teleported back to the Command Center. Tommy fell down, and his shield started flickering as he demorphed.

Kimberly cried "Tommy is he okay?". Alpha said "He took a full dose of the charge from Rita's chest. If he rests now he can recover but for now his vitals are low". Then the medical bed appeared, and everyone laid Tommy on it.

Zordon started flickering more, and more and then disappeared but not before saying "Rangers I'm sorry I can't be of any more help", and disappeared. Trini cried out "Zordon". Zack said "Man first we lost everyone in Angel Grove, Then the Zords, and the Dinosaur eggs, and now Tommy, and Zordon.

Billy assured him "Actually not yet perhaps we can use a bit of our energy to restore Zordon the way Zordon used his energy to restore Tommy's powers". Jason agreed "Let's do it". Jason called out "We call upon the sacred Dinosaurs worshipped by our ancestors".

The Rangers put their coins together, and they all called out "Triceratops", "Mastodon", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Pterodactyl", "Tyrannosaurus". The Power Coins shot electricity into Zordon's pillar, and slowly but surely Zordon's image returned.

Zordon said "Rangers thank you for bringing me back". Zack said "Well it was the least we could do". Then Quagmire, Millennia, and Nemo put their hands out, and shot beams of energy out. The beams crossed, and created a portal.

Millennia explained "Rangers you must hurry. The Portal requires almost all of our magic to work. You only have a few minutes to get back". The Rangers nodded, and Jason called out "It's Morphin time". The Rangers called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops" "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers jumped into the portal, and teleported to the depths of Rita's dimensional prison.

The Rangers looked around, and eventually way off in the distance they saw an altar covered in bubbles. There were three bubbles in particular that each contained the Megazord, Dragonzord, and Titanus each of which was roaring for help.

Billy cried out "Look it's the Zords". Zack cried "All right this will be easy bo breezy". Just then all of Rita's monsters teleported into the Dark Dimension, and Jason cried out "Or maybe not". Then the Rangers summoned their weapons, and tried to slash, and stab the monsters.

Jason fought King Sphinx, Octoplant, and Hatchasaurus with his sword. Zack fought Knasty Knight, Spidertron, and Goatan with his axe. Billy fought Eye Guy, Madam Woe, and Goo Fish with his lance, Trini fought off the Minotaur, Pineoctopus, and Dark Warrior with her daggers, and Kimberly fought Snizzard, Terror Toad, and the Spitflower with her bow.

At her palace Rita was ordering "Hurry faster faster more more". FInster was busy making endless supplies of monsters, and Super Putties when all of a sudden the Monster Matic exploded from being overworked.

Finster was crying "No no Oh no". Rita cried "Finster fix that machine, and get me some more Putties". FInster cried "Your awfulness the Monster Matic has been overworked, and I seem to be out of Super Putty".

Rita demanded "Well get some more". Finster ran to the supply cabinet, and started crying even more. Finster said "My queen I don't know how to explain it but we're completely out of Super Putty ". Rita cried "Well just get some more". Finster explained "I'm afraid it's not that simple".

Finster continued "You see of horrible one it takes regular putty 10,000,000 years to absorb the negative energy necessary to become Super Putty. It's just like how coal absorbs pressure to become diamonds". Rita cried "What?". Goldar assured her "My queen we already have every monster, and over hundreds of Super Putties at the Rangers as is there's no way they can win".

At the Command Center Quagmire, Millennia, and Nemo were still trying to keep the portal open but they were getting tired. Zordon cried out "Alpha status report". Alpha explained "Zordon according to our computers because Rita's palace is on Earth we can finally access her database".

Zordon said "Excellent try to hack into her database of spells there may be a way to stop Cyclopsis, or even yet stop Rita altogether". Alpha complied "I'm hacking in now". Zordon asked "How is the portal?". Millennia explained "We can't keep this up much longer with our current amount of magic". Then all of a sudden The Genie of Canis 35, and Mr. Ticklesneezer appeared.

Alpha cheered "The Genie, Mr Ticklesneezer how did you find out?". The Genie explained "We went to the mystical forest, and somebody said these folks were trying to help the Power Rangers get to Rita's dimensional prison". Mr Ticklesneezer added "And we knew that was a very dangerous spell requiring large amounts of magic so we thought we should help".

The Rangers were still fighting off Rita's monsters, and had even succeeded in destroying a few. But the battles where starting to wear on them. Zack cried out "I don't know how much more of this we can take". Jason tried to assure him "We can do this we just have to keep going".

At the Command Center Tommy was starting to surge with electricity. Alpha got a machine, and scanned Tommy. Alpha explained "His entire body is becoming electrically charged". Zordon explained "It seems when Tommy absorbed the energy from the chest it caused a flux in the Morphing Grid. Hurry give Tommy his coin, and the overload effect should wear off".

Alpha gave Tommy his coin, and the electricity went into his coin, and Tommy woke up. Tommy asked "Oh man what happened?" Zordon explained "When you touched the chest containing the Power Coins you absorbed large amounts of energy. The excess energy it seems has completely reenergized your coin".

Tommy asked "Where's everyone else?". Zordon explained "They're in the darkest depths of Rita's dimensional prison trying to rescue the Zords but I fear they don't have much time". Tommy said "Well all right then I'm outta here". Tommy called out "Dragon", and jumped into the portal.

In the dimensional prison Rita's monsters were starting to gain the upper hand. Tommy appeared, and said "Oh no", Tommy put his hands together, and cried out "Come on just one last time just this once". Then Tommy made another energy ball but this one was made of light energy, and fired it at some of Rita's monsters destroying them.

The Rangers looked, and Zack cried out "All right". Kimberly cried out "Tommy you're back". Tommy said, and I'm here to stay". Jason cried out "Way to go bro". Tommy said "Come on let's combined our powers, and put an end to this". The other Rangers agreed "Right".

Zack cried out "Power axe", Kimberly cried out "Power Bow", Billy cried out "Power Lance", Trini cried out "Power Daggers", and Jason cried out "Power Sword". Then the Rangers assembled the Power Blaster. Tommy gave Jason the Dragon Dagger, and said "Here Jason take my Dragon Dagger, and add some dragon power". Jason said you got it bro".

Then the Power Blaster roared as it glowed with all the Ranger colors. All six Rangers held it as they cried "Fire". The Rangers moved the Power Blaster around the Dark Dimension vaporizing every monster in sight.

Jason said "All right that took care of them now to save the Zord". Just then Goldar, and Scorpina teleported, and Goldar said "I'm afraid it won't be that easy". Scorpina agreed "Yeah you're finished Rangers".

The Rangers clashed weapons with Goldar, and Scorpina. Zack then cried out "Jason the Zords". Jason cried out "Got it". Jason jumped over to the altar, and slashed the bubbles holding the Zords with his sword as the Dark Dimension exploded with light.

Goldar cried out "No, No, No, This can't be". At her palace Rita was furious "What how can this be how could you let the Rangers do this Goldar?". Goldar cried I'm sorry my queen. I didn't think they could do it".

Rita yelled "Well they did". Rita then turned to Thrax, and asked "Sweetie could you do Mommy, and Daddy a favor, and destroy the Power Rangers for us?". Thrax answered "Heck yeah mom". Lord Zedd bragged "I knew you'd make us proud son".

At the Command Center the portal was starting to wane again but the Rangers managed to get out in time. Alpha cheered "Rangers you made it". Billy said "Affirmative we all succeeded in rescuing the Zords".

Alpha explained "That's not all we got". Zack asked "What do you mean?". Zordon explained "We were able to hack into Rita's network, and combined the data with our own, and we discovered a weakness in Cyclopsis". Jason asked "What is it?".

Zordon explained "Cyclopsis adjusts itself to attack any Zord combination however it takes time for it to analyze, and adapt to them. If you keep switching Zord combinations enough it will overload Cyclopsis, and you can defeat it.

Jason said "Okay guys let's do this". They all teleported back to Angel Grove park, and Jason called out "We need Dinozord power". Then all the Zords except Titanus, and Dragonzord appeared. The Rangers jumped into their Zord, and formed the Megazord.

Cyclopsis appeared, and Thrax bragged "You're finished Rangers". Jason called out "Power Sword", and the Power Sword fell, and the Megazord picked it up. The Megazord, and Cyclopsis clashed swords but Cyclopsis slashed, and kicked the Megazord.

Tommy saw this, and cried out "Don't worry guys here comes some Dragon Power". Tommy summoned the Dragonzord, and jumped into it's cockpit. The Dragonzord fired missiles at Cyclopsis, and tail whipped it.

Then the Megazord, slashed it's sword, and Dragonzord whipped it's tail, and they both sliced off Cyclcopsis' swords. Thrax cried out "Oh no my swords". Jason cried out "Let's switch formations". Tommy, Zack, Trini, and Billy cried "Right, Dragon Battlezord power now".

The Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger to become the Dragon Battlezord. The Dragon Battlezord slashed Cyclopsis with the Dragon Drill. Lord Zedd fired electricity at the Dragon Battlezord.

Then Titanus fired lasers at Cyclopsis, and Jason cried out "Okay guys let's do this". The Rangers cried out "Ultrazord Power Now". All seven Zords combined into the Ultrazord. The Rangers cried out "All weapons fire".

The Ultrazord fired a barrage of lasers at Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd. Lord Zedd seemed to disappear as he cried out "You haven't won yet Rangers. I'll be back someday". Then Cyclopsis caught fire as Thrax cried out "No dad No", and Cyclopsis' internal A.I. blared "Warning Warning too many combinations", and Cyclopsis exploded.

Rita cried out "Zedd, Thrax Nooo". Jason cried out "Okay guys now to take care of Rita herself". The other Rangers agreed "Right". They all jumped out of their Zords, and landed in Rita's palace. But when they go there they saw Thrax limping with what little life he had left.

Thrax reached out to Rita, and they held each other's hands. Thrax cried "Mommy I'm sorry I couldn't destroy the Rangers". Rita cried as Thrax disintegrated. Zack cried "Oh no". Billy said "Now Thrax really is gone forever".

Rita picked up her scepter, and cried "You awful horrible Rangers. Why do you always win? I always lose why can't you lose once in while?". Rita then aimed her scepter at the Rangers, and yelled "I know what I will do".

Rita yelled "I'll cast a killing curse but then I'll just cast a resurrection curse. You'll look at lifeforms trapped in Hell, and envy them just because they can stay dead". Rita was about to cast the curse when her scepter wouldn't work.

Rita cried "Why? Why isn't it working?". Zordon's image appeared in the sky above Angel Grove, and explained "Because when Thrax, and Zedd were destroyed your sincere love for both of them, and your sadness for your loss counter acted your own evil, and shorted out your magic".

Then the Megazord beamed down a jar as Zordon explained "Rangers use this space prison to imprison Rita, and her minions once, and for all". The Jar opened and sucked up Rita, and her minions were sucked in as Rita cried out "Curse you Rangers. Curse you Zordon I'll have my revenge".

Then the jar flew off into space as Rita's palace teleported back to the moon. Then everyone in Angel Grove returned from Rita's dimension. Bulk, and Skull started hugging, and kissing the ground as they cried out "We're back, We're back, We're really back".

Then Mayor Ackleberry went up to Bulk, and Skull, and yelled "All right you little punks get off the stage". While in the audience Mr. Caplan cheered "We're back the Power Rangers saved us". Ernie agreed "And Rita, and her monsters won't be bothering us again".

The Rangers teleported to the Command Center as everyone cheered for them. Alpha cheered "You did it you finally did it". Nemo agreed "Now Rita, and her minions are gone, and the universe can finally live in peace".

The Rangers took off their helmets but they looked sad. Jason said "I know but you should have seen Rita when we destroyed Thrax, and Zedd". Zack agreed "Yeah as evil as Thrax was he was still a kid, and as evil as they were Rita, and Zedd did love him".

Zordon assured them "Rangers I know. You have to remember no being ever starts out evil. Even the darkest planet devouring cosmic horror was once an innocent being once upon a time. Not only that but the real Thrax died millions of years ago. What you destroyed was a walking corpse of the real one".

Then Zordon explained "That it will please you to know that because of what you did not only has everyone in Angel Grove been safely rescued from the Dark Dimension but the Dinosaur eggs are safe, and sound, and ready to finally hatch".

Titanus teleported the eggs to the Command Center. Slowly but surely the eggs hatched after 10,000,000 years. Billy cried out "Look it's Tyrannosaurus". Kimberly cried out "They're so adorable". Zack agreed "You know I never thought with a straight face that I would be this happy to see some lizards but I am".

Nemo took the baby Tyrannosaurs, and Quagmire, Nemo, The Genie, and Mr. Ticklesneezer waved good bye as Millennia said "Bye Rangers we're all going back to the magical forest". Then they all teleported out.

Zordon asked "Now Rangers you have a choice. Remain Power Rangers? or return to your ordinary lives?". The Rangers thought it over, and Jason said "I think I speak for all of us when I say there is no choice. We're staying". Zordon said "I expected no less Rangers".

The Rangers put their hands together, and jumped in the air as they yelled "Power Rangers". Tommy said "Oh shoot you guys we forgot it's still Power Ranger day at the park". Jason agreed "Tommy's right we gotta go". Zack said "Sorry Zordon we gotta go", and they teleported off.

Out in space Rita was singing "A hundred bottles of slime on the wall a hundred bottles of slime you take one down, and pass it around ninety nine bottles of slime on the wall". Rita then said "You'll see Rangers someday I'll get my magic working again, and then I'll go back to Earth, and crush those Rangers".

Then Scorpina, and Goldar came in, and Scorpina yelled happily "Oh Rita Oh Rita we want you to see this". Scorpina came, and showed her a seemingly human baby boy with patches of black fur, small wings, and a small stinger growing out.

Scorpina explained I laid his egg 10,000,000 years ago when Zordon banished you guys the first time". Goldar added "As soon as you brought Scorpina back she told me the good news but we wanted to wait until he hatched to tell you". Scorpina continued "We've decided to name him Glort".

Rita then took Glort, and said "Aww he's so cute. Someday 10,000 years from now I'm sure you'll make a strapping young hencheman for my army". Goldar, and Scorpina were ecstatic, and Goldar asked "Do you really mean that my horribleness?".

At Angel Grove Park mayor Ackelberry then said to the audience "Citizens of Angel Grove today we honor those mysterious heroes who time, and time again have risked their lives to protect our fair city, and the world from the forces of evil: The Power Rangers".

Then the Rangers teleported down near mayor Ackleberry, and the crowd cheered as the Rangers waved to the audience. Mayor Ackleberry asked "Now Rangers is there something you want to say to the audience?". Jason said as a matter of fact there is mayor Ackleberry".

Jason looked to the audience, and yelled "Citizens of Angel Grove we just want you to know that underneath these suits we're regular people just like you". Tommy yelled "Being a Power Ranger isn't about the suits or the weapons, or the Zords".

Zack yelled "It's about courage, and hope, and always doing the right thing". Billy yelled "You may not know it but once upon a time even Rita was a good person a long time ago until she lost her son". Jason yelled "So remember be a real Ranger. Look forward, and never give up on good". The Rangers teleported off.

Everyone in the audience cheered as way off where no one was looking the Rangers teleported down, and Unmorphed. Jason went to his parents, and his dad asked "Why you so happy son you just missed the Rangers. Jason said "I'm just happy you're my parents is all".

Trini said "Have I ever said how proud I am to be your daughter". Zack said "Mom you're looking really beautiful today". Kimberly said "Mom, Dad, Uncle Steve I'm just really happy to see all of you". Kimberly's dad said "Kimberly we know your worried about seeing us together".

Kimberly's mom agreed "Just because we're divoreced doesn't mean we don't love you". Then Tommy showed up, and Kimberly said "Oh mom, dad, uncle Steve I want you to meet my friend Tommy". Kimberly's dad said "Oh yeah I heard about you I always wanted to meet you".

Tommy agreed "Same here Mr. Hart". Kimberly's mom asked "So Tommy where are your mom, and dad?" Tommy explained "My mom died when I was just a baby, and my dad disappeared over ten years ago".

Tommy continued "They stopped looking for him after a while but I still hold out hope he's still out there". Kimberly's mom said "That's so sad". But Tommy assured her "It's okay I still have Trini's uncle Tao, and my friends here, and in Crossworld City".

Alpha was watching at the Command Center as oil, and lubricant leaked from his saucer. Zordon asked "Is something wrong Alpha?". Alpha lied "Oh nothing Zordon I think my exhaust ports are leaky after 10,000,000 years". Zordon agreed "I'm happy for the Rangers too Alpha".

The End.

Later that night somewhere on the dark side of the moon Lord Zedd once again appeared, and said "So I guess it's true what they say". Then Lord Zedd teleported into the now abandoned moon palace, and assumed a different form: His true form a middle aged Asian looking man in a black leather outfit with a green tunic underneath, and a ring like a monocle.

Lord Zedd said "If you want something done right". Lord Zedd raised his arms, and covered himself in flames. But when the flames cleared Zedd was now wearing a red muscle like suit with tubes, a silver grill like face plate, and a red visor.

Lord Zedd then summoned a silver scepter with a Z at the end. Lord Zedd then said "Do it youself". Then Lord Zedd started laughing maniacally as red lightning surged through the palace as Lord Zedd cried out "You ain't seen nothing yet Rangers".

Or is it?

Well folks you can keep this thread open for comments, and reviews, and if people want author's commentary but if I continue doing this I might make more threads for more stories in this series unless people want me to keep it to this thread.

As for the future of Morphinverse either I'm going to wait until I find English subs of all the pre-Zyuranger sentai shows, and do hypothetical Power Rangers seasons about them, just say screw it, and do hypothetical Power Rangers versions of the pre-Zyuranger sentais anyway, or go on to Dairanger as the next season, and do it until I get to In Space, and then go back, and do the pre-Zyuranger sentais.

I still want to do other shows like VR Troopers, Masked Rider, Beetle Borgs, Ninja Turtles, and Mystic Knights as well as my original show ideas but I want to wait until I finish my versions of Power Rangers, and Super Sentai first.

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