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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 13

Peace, Love, and Woe

Written by Justin Best.

It was the day of the school dance, and the Rangers were helping Ernie set everything up. Then Bulk rode in on a skateboard, and accidentally ran into a banner that the Rangers were putting up. Zack cried out "Sorry Bulk".

Kimberly called out "Watch where you're going Bulk". But Bulk shot back I can go anywhere I want". Then Bulk saw Ernie carrying a cake, and tried to get out of the way but couldn't. Bulk then crashed into the cake.

Skull went up to Bulk, and said "Are you sure that's where you wanted to go Bulk?". Ernie then picked up Bulk, and Skull, and said "Okay you guys know the rules don't come back unless you can pay for the cake". Then Erne pulled Bulk, and Skull out of the youth center.

Zack quipped "I guess some people just never learn". Zack then changed the subject, and said "Speaking of which Billy how would you like me to teach you some stylin moves so you can get with the ladies?" Billy replied "No thanks I'm not interested in obtaining female attention with bodily gyrations".

Zack asked "In English". Trini explained "Billy doesn't want to dance just to impress girls". Zack then said "To each his own but watch me". Zack then went up to Angela, and said "Hey beautiful how would you like to go the dance with a fly guy like me".

Zack did some dance moves, and Angela replied "I think if you were the last man on Earth, and I was the last woman. The human race would die, and something else would have to be the dominant species of Earth".

Zack looked dejected, and said "So that's a maybe I'll take it". Jason, and Tommy laughed, and Tommy said "Yeah that was real smooth". Jason asked "So Billy who are you taking?". Billy answered "No one". Kimberly replied "Come on there's gotta be someone in your class".

Billy replied "Sorry guys I have to stay home, and work on my weather analyzing device". Billy then walked out of the youth center but then a girl in blue knocked into him, and dropped a gold necklace with a red jewel in the middle.

Billy apologized "Oh sorry". The girl replied "No I am. I'm afraid none of us was monitoring our designated entrance or exit". Billy said "Here let me get that", and picked up the girl's necklace. The girl said "Thanks um". Billy answered "Billy, Billy Cranston". The Girl answered "Margaret"

Jason then turned to Zack, and said "And you wanted to give him advice on how to get girls". Zack admitted "What can I say it's a match made in heaven". The other Rangers looked on as Billy continued talking to Margaret".

At her palace Rita was sneering "I know what I will do. I'll send a monster to destroy those meddlesome Rangers when they least expect it, and then they'll be sorry they ever messed with me". Then Rita turned, and walked towards Finster's workshop.

"Finster" she cried. Finster asked "What is it oh malevolent one". Rita yelled "I want you to make me a monster. One that will flood the Earth, and wash away those pathetic Rangers, and everything they care for".

Finster said "How about Madam Woe? As you know she has the blue jewel with the water sprit Luna in it with which she can control weather". FInster further explained "All she needs to do is abduct enough children, and find the red stone with the sun spirit Solaria, and the Earth will be destroyed". Rita cried "That's perfect. Summon her at once".

Back at Ernie's Biily, and Margaret were still talking. Billy said "I like your necklace". Margaret laughed, and said "Thanks my mom gave it to me when I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program". Billy excitedly replied "No way I graduated from the accelerated baby genius program too".

Jason then said "Hey Billy" then Jason pointed to his communicator, and said "We have an emergency". Billy went up to the other Rangers, and asked "So what is it?" Jason answered "So ask her out". Billy replied "That's your big emergency". Zack replied "The biggest one of your life". Trini agreed "Yeah Billy ask her out".

Billy replied "I don't know". Then Margaret got up, and asked "Um excuse me Billy but would you like to accompany me to tonight's festivities?". Billy answered "Sure". Margaret then said "Great. Perhaps we can meet somewhere, and get more acquainted before tonight".

Billy was excited "Sure where do you want to meet?" Margaret explained "How about by Angel Grove lake around 4:00? I was thinking we could discuss weather patterns". Billy exclaimed "That would be lovely. I'm working on a device to analyze weather patterns now as a matter of fact" Margaret said "So it's a date?", and Billy replied totally.

At Rita's palace a strange white humanoid figure with an almost featureless face, and blank eyes with blue hair in a white dress appeared, and called out "Rita Repulsa you have summoned me?" Rita explained "Ahh Madam Woe it's good to see you after 10,000,000 years".

Rita asked "Do you still have the blue jewel with the water spirit Luna in it?" Madam Woe answered "But of course you know I carry it on my head where ever I go". Rita said "Good I want you to kidnap all the children in Angel Grove, and sacrifice them to cast a spell that will flood the Earth for a 1,000 days".

Madam Woe answered "It shall be done my queen but if someone has the red stone with the sun spirit Solaria they could break the spell, and leave me vulnerable". Rita explained "Well as it happens one of the Rangers' new friends has the red stone. She'll be meeting the Blue Ranger at Angel Grove lake later".

Rita continued "I want you to go down, and kidnap her, and steal the jewel. Then nothing will be able to stop us from flooding the world". Madam Woe replied "It shall be done my queen I will not fail you. The Earth shall become one giant ocean when I'm done".

All around Angel Grove children where minding their own business when Madam Woe appeared out of nowhere. She sent them to another dimension where she grabbed them with her long hair, and pulled them into a lake as they screamed for help.

Later at Angel Grove lake Margaret was waiting for Billy when Madam Woe appeared, and called out "So you're the one who has the red stone with the sun spirit Solaria. Give it to me, and your destruction shall be quick, and painless".

Margaret was confused she asked "Sun spriit? Solaria? I have no idea what you're talking about. My mother gave this to me it's a family heirloom". Madam Woe was not convinced "Don't play dumb with me I know the red stone when I see it". Madam Woe then sent Margaret to her dimension.

At her palace Rita cried out "Madam Woe you were supposed to steal the jewel not the girl". Madam Woe tried to explain "I am sorry my queen but I did succeed in capturing enough children to sacrifice for the ritual to summon the storm that will flood the Earth".

Madam Woe continued "Not only that but when the Blue Ranger finds out she's missing he, and the other Rangers will come looking for her, and when they do I'll banish them to my dimension as well, and then I'll destroy them".

Rita called out "That's actually a good plan. Get to it I want those Rangers gone for good you understand?". Madam Woe replied "I do my queen". Rita explained "Good, and just to be safe I'll have Finster make some more Super Putties.

Billy then went to Angel Grove lake, and didn't see Margaret anywhere. Billy cried out "That's strange where could she be?". Billy then looked on the ground, saw Margaret's necklace, and picked up. Billy said "It's Margaret's necklace".

Then a swarm of Super Putties appeared, and one of them kicked Billy in the stomach. Billy reached for his communicator. At Ernie's Jason, and Tommy were sparring when their communicators started beeping.

Jason went to his communicator, and asked "What is it?". Billy explained "I seem to have some problems with Super Putties over by Angel Grove lake". Jason answered "We're on it Billy", and the Rangers left Ernie's

When the other Rangers got to the park they helped Billy fight off the Super Putties by punching, and kicking them. Eventually the Super Putties retreated, and Jason asked "Hey Billy are you okay?". "Yeah I'm okay but I don't know about Margaret".

Billy continued "I didn't see her but I found her necklace". Jason said "They must have taken her". Billy nodded, and Zack assured Billy "Don't worry man will find her". Then their Communicators started beeping again,

Jason asked "What is it Zordon?". Zordon explained "Rangers it is of the utmost importance teleport to the Command Center at once". Jason said "We're on our way", and all of the Rangers teleported off. Jason asked "So what's wrong this time?"

Zordon said "Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers turned around, and Zordon showed them images of Madam Woe on a beach next a black flame shaped altar next to a bowl of boiling water". Zordon explained "This is Madam Woe so named because she brings woe, and misery to all she touches".

Zordon continued "With the power of her blue crystal that has the rain spirit Luna in it she can control all weather, and if she abducts enough children she can summon storms that can cover Angel Grove, and the world with water".

Billy asked "Luna the rain spirit?". Then Zordon showed them images of two girls in silver jumpsuits, and red, and blue tunics. Zordon explained "Luna, and her sister Solaria were the spirits of the sun, and the moon with the power to control the Earth's weather".

Zordon then showed them images of Rita chasing the girls, and trapping them in jewels. Zordon explained "However 10,000,000 years ago Rita trapped them in magical crystals, and gave the jewel with Luna in it to Madam Woe".

Billy asked "But what happened to Solaria?". Zordon explained "Eventually a random civilian found Solaria's gem, and gave it to their family as a keepsake, and eventually that jewel made it's way to your friend Margaret which is why Rita abducted her"

Zack asked "Is there any way to stop Madam Woe, and save Margaret?". Zordon explained "The six of you must give your coins to one Ranger, and one of you will have the power of the entire team. Billy said "Well then I volunteer".

Zordon said "Good choice now go all of you, and may the power protect you". Jason then said "Okay guys it's Morphin time". Then the Rangers all called out "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus".

The Rangers then appeared at the beach where Madam Woe was casting her spell. Jason called out "Okay weather witch the Power Rangers are here". Madam Woe called out "So you think you can destroy my crystal, and save the children well you're wrong".

The Power Rangers then tried to punch, and kick Madam Woe but she kept slashing them with her claws. Then Madam Woe warped space, and took the Rangers to her dimension. Jason said "Oh man Madam Woe took us to another dimension".

Billy said "It would appear so now to find the children, and hey". Billy noticed Margaret, and called out "Margaret". Margaret called out "It's the Power Rangers". Billy asked "Are you okay?" Margaret replied "I am now".

Then Madam Woe appeared, and called out "Don't think you'll be getting out of my dimension so soon Rangers". Madam Woe then blew wind at the Rangers, and grabbed Jason, and Zack with her hair, and threw them.

Trini called out "Man she's tough". Jason called out "There's gotta be some way to beat her". Billy cried out "Quick everyone Blade Blasters". Everyone got out their Blade Blasters, and fired at Madam Woe. Madam Woe bragged "It will take more than that to defeat me Rangers".

Madam Woe than shot some more wind, and shot water at the Rangers, and caused explosions with her Jewel. Then the Rangers tried to punch, and kick Madam Woe but she kept teleporting, and slashing them.

Billy then brought out his Power Lance, and tried to attack Madam Woe but she caught him, and Billy called out "There's only one thing left to do give me your Power Coins, and I can get out, and finish Madam Woe".

The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then they all got their coins out, and said "Dragon", "Mastodon", "Pterodactl", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus", and "Triceratops". Then Billy teleported back to the real world but so did Madam Woe.

Billy got out his Power Lance, and tried to attack Madam Woe but she kept teleporting. Then Madam Woe kept blowing wind, and grabbing Billy with her hair, and throwing him around, and electrocuting him.

Madam Woe threw Billy at a rock formation but he was able to kick himself off but Madam Woe grabbed him again electrocuted him, and kept throwing him around. Then Billy saw Margaret's jewel, and then he kept hearing voices that sounded like little girls.

One voice came from Margaret's jewel, and said "Luna". Then Madam Woe's Jewel started saying "Solaria". Then Solaria said "Blue Ranger put my stone up to Luna's" Luna added "That way our powers can short out Madam Woe's, and you can free your friends.

Billy agreed "Affirmative". Madam Woe called out "Oh no you don't", and tried to blast more wind but Billy did a leg sweep, and said "That's what you think". Then Billy picked up Solaria's jewel, and put it up to Luna's

Madam Woe cried out in pain "No this can't be you can't destroy my powers". Then both jewels disappeared, and Madam Woe's altar fell over, and the Rangers, Margaret, and the children were freed from Madam Woe's dimension.

Jason cried out "All right Billy you did it". Billy replied "Thanks now there's just one thing to do". The other Rangers agreed "Right". Then all the Rangers called out "Brachio Busters", and pulled out their Brachio Busters, and connected them to the Blade Blasters.

Billy called out "Okay guys lock, load". The Rangers pulled back on the Brachio Busters, and aimed them at Madam Woe. Madam Woe cried "No this cannot be". Then all the Rangers yelled "Fire", and fired lasers at Madam Woe, and she exploded.

Then two lights one blue, and the other red appeared, and they took the form of two girls. Solaria then said "Thank you Blue Ranger". Billy humbly said "It was nothing". Luna said "Now me and my sister can live in peace".

Then the Rangers, and Margaret waved good bye as Solaria, and Luna teleported off. Then Kimberly picked up the jewels, and said "Hey guys look". Trini said "I guess now that Solaria, and Luna are free their gems are just ordinary gems now.

Later at the dance Billy was talking to Margaret again. Billy said "So when I saw that you hadn't shown up at the designated rendezvous point I became worried that maybe Rita Repulsa or one of her monsters had got you".

Margaret explained "I was by some horrible witch monster that could control the weather but luckily I was saved by the Power Rangers especially the blue one. He was so gallant, and heroic. I'm partial to blue".

Billy was nodding, and said "Yeah he was. I mean he was?". Meanwhile Ernie caught Bulk, and Skull dancing in disguise, and pulled them to a table, and said "Okay guys did you really think I was going to fall for that?"

Ernie then demanded "Okay I'm going to say it again either pay me back for the cake or get out". Bulk said "Fine fine I'll get you your money it's in the bank". Skull cried out "No Bulk no". Then Bulk took off one of his shoes, and the sock underneath, and showed Ernie a wad of cash in between his toes.

Ernie asked "What's that?". Bulk answered "This is the bank". Then Bulk took out the money, gave it to Ernie, and asked "Here is this enough". The smell was so strong that Ernie passed out, and fell on the cake.

Skull quipped "Yeah that took care of the cake all right". Jason went over to help Ernie up, and said "It's not time for cake Ernie you still have to serve the sandwiches". Ernie got up, and said "Sure maybe after I work up an appetite". Then everyone kept dancing.

The End.

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