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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 15

The Yolks on You Part 2

Written by Justin Best

It was the day of the school talent show at Angel Grove high, and Tommy, and Jason were wearing karate gis for their big act. They walked into the school auditorium, and Tommy said "Wow". Everyone in school it seemed was in the auditorium doing some kind of act.

Some kids were doing gymnastics, some were singing, and others were doing other acts like puppetry, comedy, and acting. Jason said "Man it's like the entire school is out here". Tommy agreed "I just hope nobody's too busy performing to actually watch".

Then Mr. Caplan went up to them, and asked "Mr. Scott, Mr. Oliver are you two ready for tonight's show?". Jason replied "Yeah me, and Tommy will do some sparring, and…". Then Jason looked down, and realized he didn't have his black belt.

Jason said "Oh man I forgot my black belt". Tommy looked down, and realized he didn't have his either. Tommy said "Oh man me neither". Jason said "I guess we'll just have to do our act without them". But Tommy disagreed "No way man we need them".

Tommy said "You know what I'll just go back to my place, and get them". Jason said "Are you sure it's only a few hours until the show". Tommy assured him "Don't worry bro I'll go home get them, and then come right back"

Jason grinned, and said "All right but hurry the show's in a few hours". Tommy assured Jason "Man I'll be back faster than you can say "Hut Zah", and he did a phantom kick. Tommy then went out the door while Jason looked on, and then started practicing by himself.

Meanwhile somewhere just outside of Angel Grove the strange blue reptilian creature had ventured back into it's cave. Somewhere in the cave the creature went up to a small pool of ice, and water, and rummaged through it.

The creature pulled out a couple of eggs just like the ones in the chest. The creature broke an egg, and devoured the yolk whole. Then the creature broke another one, and ate that one as well. Then the creature saw that they were only two eggs left.

The creature exclaimed "Oh my only two eggs left? Well maybe I can take these out, and save them for later. Then the creature took the two eggs, and walked out of it's cave with them. Then the creature saw a spot, and hid the eggs there.

At her palace on the moon Rita was watching this, and said "What how can this be?". Goldar asked "What is it my queen?". Rita answered "It's an imp I thought I destroyed those creatures 10,000,000 years ago".

Rita continued "And worse it seems to have more Dinosaur eggs with it". Babboo asked "But don't imps eat dinosaur eggs maybe if we leave him alone he'll just eat those ones, and all our problems will be over".

Rita argued "Yes but then the imp will still be around, and there's still the eggs in the chest". Goldar asked "What shall we do my queen?". Rita answered slyly "Why just go down there, and eat the ones he has now. Then when we find the ones in the chest we'll get him to eat those"

Squatt asked "But what if he doesn't want to, or what if the Rangers find out?". Rita answered "Then we'll just make him fight the Rangers for us. Then when the Rangers are gone, and he eats the eggs we'll destroy him, and all our Ranger, Imp, and Dinosaur problems will be over".

Tommy was walking through the woods when he said to himself "Man I hope Tao doesn't mind me coming back home in the middle of his meditation". Then all of a sudden a swarm of Super Putties teleported in, and ambushed Tommy.

Tommy simply said "Oh man I don't have time for this". Then he said "But I suppose I can use the practice before the big show" Tommy, and the Super Putties than started punching, and kicking each other.

However during the fight one of the Super Putties grabbed Tommy's communicator. Tommy yelled "Hey give that back". But the Super Puttie just shuck it's head no, and Tommy said "Okay then we'll do this the hard way".

Tommy then chased after the Super Puttie who was still dangling his communicator in a mocking fashion. Tommy said "I'll give you one last chance". But then Tommy noticed he was standing in a net, and was caught worse his Morpher fell. Tommy yelled "Oh no my Morpher".

Back at the Auditorium Jason was worried. He said "Hey guys have you seen Tommy?". Billy answered "No I don't think I have". Jason explained "He went back to his place to get the black belts but he hasn't come back".

Kimberly snarked "What happened did he go all the way to Japan to get those black belts?". Zack rebutted "This is serious Rita, and her goons might have gotten him". Then their communicators started beeping, and they went to where no one was looking.

Jason said "What is it?". Zordon explained "Rangers it is imperative that you come to the Command Center right away". Trini asked "Do you think it could be about Tommy?" Jason said "I don't know but maybe he can help". Then the Rangers teleported off.

At the Command Center Jason asked "Is something wrong with Tommy". Zordon said "As a matter of fact there is. Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers looked, and saw Tommy in the net surrounded by Super Putties.

Zack cried "Oh no Tommy". Zordon explained "Tommy is safe for the time being but If the situation gets dire I shall send for help". Then Zordon explained "But that is not why I summoned you". Billy asked "Then what is it Zordon?".

Zordon explained "First I have good news, and bad news". Zordon showed them images of the chest containing the Dinosaur eggs washing up on a beach near Angel Grove. Zordon explained "The good news is that the Dinosaur eggs are safe, and near Angel Grove.

The Rangers cheered but then Jason asked "But what's the bad news?". Zordon showed them an image of the imp. Zordon explained "This is an imp they used to be fairly common on your planet 10,000,000 years ago".

Zordon continued "They are normally fairly peaceful but their primary diet is Dinosaur eggs. If the imp finds the Dinosaur eggs he will surely eat them. Not to mention Rita may have already discovered the Dinosaur eggs, and the imp, and will try to destroy them".

Kimberly asked "What should we do?". Zordon explained "Try to find the Dinosaur eggs before the imp does, and if you find the imp do not hurt him unless absolutely necessary he may be the last of his own species". Jason said "All right we're on it", and the Rangers teleported off.

Meanwhile Squatt, Babboo, and Goldar had already teleported to the area where the imp had stashed his Dinosaur eggs. Babboo said "Do you see those Dinosaur eggs anywhere?". Squatt answered "No but I sure smell some".

Then Squatt saw the imp's stash, and said "All right here they are". Squatt then broke the Dinosaur eggs he saw, and ate their contents. Goldar mocked "If only the Power Rangers were edible maybe you would be actually useful".

Babboo said "Now we just got to find the ones in the chest, and the Dinosaurs will be gone for good". Then the imp saw what they were doing, and cried out "What do you Zandozans think you're doing? Those are my Dinosaur eggs".

The imp then ran over, and picked up the shells, and cried out "Don't you know how hard it is to get these you can't just buy them at a stored I almost got eaten by a mother T-Rex just trying to get them". Squatt offhandedly said "Oh boy he'll be really bummed if he knows Dinosaurs are extinct"

The imp was furious "Dinosaurs are extinct not I'll never have any more Dinosaur eggs". The imp started crying "I guess it's true there are no more imps now that there's no more Dinosaur eggs". Babboo said "Aw quit your belly aching there's still two more".

The Imp was estatic "They are?" he asked. Squatt said "Yeah right there I think". Squatt then pointed to a nearby beach were the chest containing the eggs had washed up. The imp cried out "Oh boy oh boy more Dinosaur eggs", and ran off.

The Rangers had teleported nearby, and Jason said "Okay guys let's look around, and see if we can find the chest". The other Rangers agreed "Right", and they all went walking around. Eventually they got to where the eggs Squatt had eaten were.

Trini cried "Oh no do you think we're too late?". Billy said "I don't think so. I don't see the chest they came out of". Jason said "Well let's hurry before he eats those ones too". The other Rangers agreed, and continued to search for the eggs.

The Rangers kept walking until they got to the beach. Zack cried out "Hey you guys look". Jason said "All right it's the Dinosaur eggs". Trini said "Great now we can get them back before Rita does" The Rangers were about to walk towards the eggs.

Meanwhile the imp was walking towards the beach saying "Oh boy oh boy Dinosaur eggs" Then all of a sudden Rita teleported in, and said "Not so fast". The imp cried out "Oh no it's Rita Repulsa". Rita said "That's right who do you think you are anyway?".

The imp replied "Well my name's Fang, and you see I'm an imp, and imps eat Dinosaur eggs". Rita then pointed her scepter to the eggs Squatt had eaten, and made them whole. Rita then said "I'll tell you what if you give me the eggs in the chest then not only will I restore the eggs my minions broke but I'll give you all the ones you can eat".

Fang replied "And what if I don't?". Then Rita fired an energy beam at Fang, and he cried out "Ow it hurts it hurts I'll do it I'll do it". Rita replied "That's a good imp. Now get me the eggs, and if anyone get's in your way get rid of them". Fang said "Okay okay but just this once, and just for the eggs".

The Rangers got to the eggs. Jason said "Okay you guys let's get them to the Command Center, and everything will be okay". Zack agreed "Yeah man saving these eggs was easy bo breazy". Just then Fang showed up.

Fang yelled "That's what you think". Billy cried out "It's the imp". Fang said "Okay humans I don't want any trouble just give me the eggs, and no one get's hurt". Zack said "No way you overgrown Smurf these are the last Dinosaur eggs".

Fang replied "Please Rita said if I give her the eggs she'll give me all the Dinosaur eggs I can eat". Trini replied "Rita lied she can't be trusted". Kimberly agreed "Please once Rita has destroyed the eggs she'll destroy you like the other imps. At least this way Dinosaurs can come back".

Fang had enough "All right I tried to do this the easy way. But now I'm going to do it the hard way". Fang then fired lasers out of his eyes at the rangers that caused them to drop the chest in the nearby forest. Jason said "Okay guys there's only one thing to do. It's Morphin time".

The Rangers all cried out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops". "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus". Jason then called out "Blade Blasters". The Rangers converted their Blade Blasters to blade mode.

The Rangers then tried to slash, and stab Fang with their Blade Blasters but Fang kept slashing them with his claws. Then Fang fired some more lasers at them, and threw some rocks at them. Fang cried out "Okay give me the eggs".

Jason cried out "Never we'll never give you those eggs". Squatt was watching, and said "Oh boy that Fang can really rock". Goldar said "I'm still not giving him the satisfaction of destroying the Rangers". Goldar then fired a laser from his sword at the Rangers.

At her palace Rita was watching, and bragged "This is even better than I thought it would be. Now I'll just give that imp some extra help, those Rangers will be gone for good". Rita then threw her scepter, and yelled out "Magic wand make Fang grow".

Fang then grew into a giant, and sprouted horns. Jason called out "We need Dinozord power now". Then the DInozords appeared, and combined into the Dinosaur Tank. Jason then said "Convert to Battle Mode".

The Dino Tank then transformed into the Megazord. The Megazord then started to punch Fang while Fang started slashing the Megazord with his claws. Jason cried out "Oh man we're getting creamed here".

Meanwhile Quagmire, Nemo, and Alpha teleported to where Tommy was, and cut the rope holding his net. Tommy fell down got up, and started punching, and kicking Super Putties until they retreated. Tommy turned to the others, and said "How do you guys always show up at just the right time".

Nemo said "We don't have time for that". Alpha agreed "The other Rangers are being attacked by a monster in the Megazord". Tommy said "All right I'm on it". Tommy got his communicator, and Morpher, and yelled "Dragon".

Tommy appeared at the battle, and said "Okay guys sorry I'm late". Jason cried out "All right Tommy we could use some Dragonzord power". Tommy agreed "You guys got it". Then he blew into the Dragon Dagger, and summoned the Dragonzord.

Fang kept slashing at the Megazord, and Dragonzord, and firing lasers at them. Jason called out "Hey Tommy let's try switching formations". Tommy agreed "You got it bro". Tommy, Zack, Billy, and Trini cried out "Dragon Battlezord".

The Dragonzord combined with the Mastodon, Triceratops, and Saber Tooth Tiger, and became the Dragon Battlezord. Fang once again slashed The Dragon Battlezord, and the Tyrannosaurus while they tried to slash him, and the Pterodactyl fired lasers.

Then Fang fired blue electricity from his horns at the Dragon Battlezord, and the Tyrannosaurus. Inside Zack cried out "Oh man another hit like that, and were finished". Tommy said "Quick let's block with the Dragon Drill".

The other Rangers agreed "Right". The Dragon Battlezord charged the Dragon Drill but Fang charged right at it. Jason cried out "Oh no the imp". But it was too late, and the drill had already pierced Fang, and he fell down, and exploded.

At her palace Rita was cheering "Yes yes for once something finally went my way. Now to destroy the Rangers, and those miserable Dinosaur eggs". Rita then cried out "FInster make me another monster, and send it down after the Rangers while they're vulnerable".

Finster agreed "Another Chunky Chicken coming up". Finster put another clay model of Chunky Chicken into the Monster Matic, and out exploded another Chunky Chicken which immediately teleported down to Earth.

Zack cried out "Great now we have to deal with this walking KFC meal again". Then Chunky Chicken fired more crescent lasers at the Dragon Battlezord, and the Tyrannosaurus. Jason cried out "We don't have time for this we need Ultrazord power now".

Then Titanus appeared, and all seven Zords combined into the Mega Dragonzord which then combined with Titanus to become the Ultrazord. Jason called out "Okay lock on, and fire all weapons". The Ultrazord then fired all of it's weapons at Chunky Chicken, and he exploded.

Then Alpha, Quagmire, and Nemo teleported again. This time Alpha was carrying the chest with the Dinosaur eggs. Alpha exclaimed happily "Rangers. Rangers. We've got the Dinosaur eggs". Jason cried out "All right Alpha."

Jason then called out "Okay guys lock on the tractor beam". Titanus fired out a yellow laser from his neck that hit the chest with the Dinosaur eggs, and pulled them into his neck. Zack cried out "All right we got the Dinodsaur eggs".

At her palace Rita was furious, and throwing clay balls at Squatt, Babboo, and Finster. Rita was yelling "You morons. You pea brains. You think you call yourselves evil. You couldn't even mildly annoy an Arachnophobe if you had the biggest spider in the universe".

Squatt rebutted "We could too". Finster, and Babboo yelled "Quiet". Babboo tried to pass the blame. It was Finster's monster that kept messing up. FInsters retorted, and I'm sure you two were all the help you could be".

Squatt said "Well at least the Rangers destroyed that imp for us". Rita replied "I don't care the Rangers, the Dinosaur eggs, and the rest of life on that stinking planet are still around". Rita then rubbed her head, and said "I've got such a headache. Get me an asprin. Now".

At the Command Center the Ranger were standing around feeling sad. Zordon asked "What's wrong Rangers?". Zack said "Well we got the Dinosaur eggs back but we accidentally killed that imp doing it". Zordon then assured the Rangers.

"Rangers I know you didn't mean to take Fang's life. But there is one thing I want you to know". Billy asked "What is it Zordon?". Zordon explained "It is a fact of the universe that all things perish. Someday even the universe itself will cease to exist".

Zordon continued "But soon a new universe will rise from the ashes of the old one. Just as there was darkness, and nothingness before our universe. Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers turned around, and saw the Dinosaur eggs safe inside Titatnus.

Zordon explained "Because of your actions the last two Dinosaur eggs in existence still remain". Zordon continued "When they are ready to hatch Quagmire, and Nemo will take them to the magical forest where they will live their days in peace".

Zordon continued "Who knows perhaps someday if Dinosaurs come back maybe imps will come back two, and soon maybe other lost animals will return to Earth, and someday Rita, beings like her will be the ones who are extinct".

Zordon continued "Maybe then life will live in peace. A peace that will last for 10,000,000 years. Is that just as a possibility reason enough to keep going forward?" Jason said "As a matter of fact it is". Billy agreed "Affirmative".

Tommy then said "Oh no you guys we almost forgot about the talent show". Billy agreed "Tommy's right it's almost time for our acts". Zack said "Yeah it's been real Zordon but we gotta go". Then the Rangers teleported back to Angel Grove high.

When the Rangers got back to the school Mr. Caplan saw them, and said "Oh Mr. Scott, Mr. Oliver I almost thought you weren't going to make it". Tommy said "Hey it took me longer to get the belts than I thought but we're ready".

Bulk, and Skull were singing a rock song "She's the finest thing I've seen, and I treat her like a queen but she's totally mean. Yeahhhhh". After the song was over Mr. Caplan called out "Okay thanks Farkis, Thanks Eugene".

Mr. Caplan continued as Bulk, and Skull left the stage. And now for a martial arts demonstration by Jason Scott, and Thomas Oliver". Jason, and Tommy took the stage. Jason said "Remember what we are about to do should only be used as a last resort in self defense".

Tommy agreed "Yeah martial arts is a form of self defense, and physical activity not a game or a way to solve problems normally". Jason, and Tommy then did a series of phantom punches, and kicks. Then they started sparring.

Then finally Jason, and Tommy brought out two piles of stones, and the two of them karate chopped the stones, and shattered them. Everyone then started cheering Jason, and Tommy as they bowed to each other, and then the audience.

The end.

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