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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino episode 17

The Green Candle part 1

Written by Justin Best.

It was another day at Ernie's, and Zack, and Tommy were sparring. When they were done Zack asked "Is something bugging you?". Tommy answered "Yeah I'm thinking of asking out Kim to the dance but I don't know how".

Zack said "Man I'm telling you just ask her. Look watch". Zack then saw Angela, and did some dance moves, and said "Hey Angela how's a fine thing like you feel about going with a cool guy like me?". Angela answered "Get a life Zack", and walked off.

Then Bulk, and Skull said "You guys have dates? That's a life". Zack said "Well if you guys think you can do better tell us what to do". Bulk put his jacket over his head, and mocked "Roses are red, Violets are blue, No girl in the world's gonna go out with you".

Then Bulk tried to get his jacket off but it was stuck. Bulk, and Skull tried to pull on the jacket but accidentally threw themselves. Tommy, and Zack went up to them, and Tommy said "Roses are red, Violets are Blue", and Zack followed with "There sure is a lot that we can learn from you". Then they both said "Not".

At her palace Rita was ecstatic. She yelled "Yes I've got it this time I have the perfect plan to destroy those pesky Rangers once, and for all". Rita ordered "Goldar do you have the candle?". Goldar appeared holding a green candle in his hands.

Goldar explained "Yes your evil one. I have the green candle made from magic wax from the Gamma Tri system just like you asked". Rita said "Perfect I want you to send a swarm of Super Putties to kidnap Tommy, and take him to the Dark Dimension".

Rita continued "Once there put Tommy's coin on the candle, and I will cast a spell linking his coin with the candle then I want you to light the candle. Then when the candle burns out completely I can steal the Green Rangers powers".

Rita continued "Then he'll be forced to work for me again or lose his powers forever". Then Rita laughed maniacally. Goldar complied "It shall be done my queen. Soon the Green Ranger will have to join us again or be destroyed like the others".

Rita then got out a map along with a miniature version of her scepter, and said "Now I just need to find a good place, and time to ambush Tommy so we can steal his coin, and trap him in the Dark Dimension while he watches helplessly as the candle drains his powers".

Rita placed the map on a table, and the miniature scepter on the map. Then the scepter went to a spot on the map, and started glowing. Rita was ecstatic. She said "So he'll be in Angel Grove park after school it says. That's perfect".

At Angel Grove park Kimberly was asking Tommy "So what was it you wanted to talk about you sounded serious". Tommy said "Oh well it's nothing really. I wanna say what it is but I'm too nervous to say". Kimberly replied "Come on Tommy we're friends you can ask me anything".

Tommy said "Well all right. Kimberly I wanted to know if you wanted to". Then a swarm of Super Putties appeared, and ambushed Tommy, and Kimberly. Tommy, and Kimberly tried to fight off the Super Putties by punching, and kicking them.

Then the Super Putties grabbed Tommy, and Kimberly's Morphers, and then grabbed Tommy, and Kimberly themselves. Kimberly cried out "Tommy I can't reach my Morpher". Tommy agreed "I can't reach mine either".

Then Goldar appeared, and said "Now Power Rangers you are about to witness the end of the Green Ranger". Tommy asked "What do you want now flea brain?". Goldar said "I'm here to give you a one way trip to the Dark Dimension". Then Goldar, The Super Putties, and Tommy teleported off as Kimberly screamed "Tommy".

At her palace Rita was glad she said "So that rust bucket finally did something right. Now I just need to cast the spell, and Tommy's powers will be no more but first". Rita then demanded "Finster do you have that Cyclops monster?".

Finster said "I thought you wanted me to nix it" as he pulled out an orange clay Cyclops from the rubbish bin. Rita replied "Well I'm unnixxing it ". Finster said "Well all right" as he put it in the Monster Matic, and activated it.

Out of the Monster Matic exploded a white humanoid figure who was featureless save for a single eye in the middle of it's head. Finster said "Behold the Cyclops able to transform into anything he wants". Rita said "He's perfect send him down to Earth at once".

Meanwhile Tommy, and Goldar had teleported to the Dark Dimension, and Goldar placed cuffs made of pure electricity on Tommy's hands. Tommy cried out "What do you creeps want this time?". One of the Super Putties gave Goldar Tommy's Morpher as Goldar took out the coin.

Goldar then showed Tommy the green candle, and explained "See this. This is the green candle. I just have to place the coin on the candle, and then empress Rita will cast a spell linking the candle to your coin".

Goldar continued "Then I'll light it, and when it burns out your powers will fade away forever unless you start working for Rita again". Tommy called out "I'll never betray my friends to the forces of evil again". Goldar replied "I knew you'd say that so that's why Rita ordered me to keep you chained while your powers slowly cease to exist".

At the Command Center Kimberly was explaining everything to the other Rangers. Kimberly said "Rita's trying to find a way to turn Tommy evil again I just know it". Zack assured her "Don't worry Kim". Jason agreed "Yeah I'm sure we'll find Tommy before anything like that happens".

Jason said "Any luck Zordon?". Zordon answered "I'm afraid not Rangers. I can't seem to get a lock on Tommy's communicator. I suspect Rita may be holding him in her dimensional prison". Kimberly said "Oh no".

Zack asked "Can we get him back?". Zordon replied "Maybe but I suspect it will take time which is one thing I fear is not on our side". Then the alarm rang, and Zordon said "Behold the Viewing Globe". The Rangers turned around, and saw the Dragonzord rampaging Angel Grove".

Kimberly said "Oh no we're too late". Zordon explained "Not quite my sensors indicate that Dragonzord is still in it's hiding place at the bottom of the sea. I suspect that this is either a duplicate Zord created by Rita or simply a Zord emulating creature".

Billy said "Do you think it might be a trap?". Jason said "I don't think we have much of a choice". Zordon then said "Go, and may the Power protect you". Jason said "Okay guys it's Morphin time". The Rangers called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus".

Then the Rangers teleported to downtown Angel Grove where whatever was impersonating the Dragonzord was still rampaging. Jason called out "Whatever that is it's destroying the city". Then Supper Putties appeared, and Kimberly said "Great now we gotta deal with these guys too".

In the Dark Dimension Goldar said "Feeling helpless Green Ranger? You should because as we speak your friends must think you've already turned back to our side. But for now Rita will cast the spell that will drain your powers".

At her palace Rita was intoning "Mashak Rasha Shamba green candle drain Tommy's powers". Then the Tommy's Power Coin started glowing, then the glow spread to the candle. Then Goldar took the coin, put it back in Tommy's Morpher, and threw it to him where he couldn't get to it.

Goldar then fired beams from his eyes which lit the candle. Goldar then mocked "Now in just a few short hours the candle will burn out, and your Green Ranger powers will be gone forever". Goldar laughed. Goldar then said "But first my empress summons me for battle but don't think of escaping. Those electron cuffs should keep you here till I get back", and Goldar teleported out.

The Rangers were punching, and kicking the Super Putties when Goldar appeared, and started slashing stabbing them with his sword. The Rangers started slashing, and stabbing with their own weapons until the imitation Dragonzord attacked them.

Jason then called out "We need Dinozord power". Then the Dinozords appeared, and the Rangers jumped into their Zords. Then the Zords combined into the Dinosaur Tank which then transformed into the Megazord.

Then the Megazord started punching the fake Dragonzord. But the fake Dragonzord kept slashing, tail whipping, and firing missiles at the Megazord". Zack cried out "This may not be him but we could sure use the real Tommy's help". Jason assured him "He's just gotta get back I just know it".

In the Dark Dimension Goldar teleported back, and said "Well I got some delightfully awful news for you. While you slowly watch your power waste away Rita's latest monster is already destroying your friends how do you feel about that?".

Tommy cried out "You'll never get away with this". Goldar just mocked "But we already have". Then Tommy willed himself out the electron cuffs as Goldar cried out "What bur how?". Tommy then picked up his Morpher, put it back on, and grabbed Goldar sword.

Tommy called out "I saw how you took us here. Let's see if it works in reverse". Tommy then teleported himself, and Goldar out of the Dimension. Tommy then got his Morpher, and cried out "Dragon", and teleported as Goldar mocked "Yes go help your pathetic friends but you're just delaying the inevitable".

Tommy teleported to the fight but he fainted a bit. The other Rangers saw him, and Jason cried out "All right Tommy". Kimberly said "Are you okay?". Tommy said "It's a long story but I think Rita's trying to drain my powers".

Tommy then said "But first let's get Dragonzord under control". Tommy then blew into his Dragon Dagger but nothing worked. Tommy cried out "Oh no it's already starting". Then all of a sudden another Dragonzord appeared.

Jason called out "Now there's two Dragonzords but which one's real?". Tommy said "Come on old friend let's show this fake what happens when you mess with the genuine article". The Dragonzord nodded it's head as Tommy jumped in.

The real Dragonzord then slashed, and tail whipped the imposter one while the Megazord punched it, and then summoned the Power Sword to slash, and stab it. Then the imposter Dragonzord started glowing.

The Imposter Dragonzord then transformed into the Cyclops which then whined "Curse you Rangers you figured me out". Billy explained "It's some kind of shape shifting Cyclops". Jason said "He lost his shape when we hurt him".

Then the Cyclops started glowing as he changed through multiple forms. All the while he mocked "So Rangers am I the Megazord? Maybe I'm the Dragon Battlezord. Either way I can be all your Zords so you Rangers better watch out". Then the Cyclops teleported out.

At her palace Rita was pleased she said "For once things are starting to go my way. Not only did the Rangers fall for the Cyclops' trick but the green candle is still draining his powers. Earth will be mine at last".

At the Command Center Alpha was running a scan on Tommy. Tommy said "I don't get it Zordon I feel fine but earlier my powers wouldn't work". Tommy asked "Is what Rita said true can she really take my powers like that?".

Zordon explained "Unfortunately yes. There exists a special magic wax from the Gamma Tri system when linked to a power coin it will slowly drain the coin's powers forever". Zordon continued "Originally we used it when Lord Zedd betrayed the Power Rangers in order stop him but Rita it seems has found a way to turn that against us".

Billy asked "Is there anyway to stop it?". Zordon explained "At this time I don't know one way could be to infiltrate Rita's dimension, and steal back the candle. Then maybe I can find a way to reverse it". Jason said "Well we just have to find out how". While in the Dark Dimension the candle kept melting.

To be concluded.

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