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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 18

The Green Candle Part 2

Written by Justin Best

At the Command Center Tommy asked "So how do I go into the Dark Dimension?". Zordon explained "You don't. You're prescence in the Dark Dimension will only serve to accelerate the process". Jason said "I'll go". Tommy said "No way man it's too dangerous".

Jason assured him "Hey I'm the only other Ranger whose been there I know what I'm doing". Tommy said "But we still don't know how to get in there". Billy said "Not quite I can get a lock on the Super Putties' molecular patterns from when they teleported Tommy to the Dark Dimension, and build a device that can take us there".

Zordon agreed "An excellent idea Billy. Another solution would be to find who created the candle in the first place". Tommy said "How do we do that?". Zordon explained "Just call Quagmire". Then Quagmire, and Nemo teleported in.

Quagmire asked "Say my name and I appear. Now what calls Quagmire here?". Tommy explained "Quagmire Rita's made some magic candle out of some magic wax to drain my powers, and Zordon says you know who made it".

Nemo explained "Yeah my mom made it". Jason said "You mean Millennia?". Nemo explained "Yes if you go back to the Island of Illusion I'm sure mother will know how to prevent the candle from stealing Tommy's powers".

Quagmire agreed "If there's a way to keep Tommy's green glow. I'm sure Millennia would know". Jason said "Okay first Billy has to get a lock on the Dark Dimension then we'll help him make the device to go there. Then I go into the Dark Dimension, and get the candle while Zack, and Billy go to the Island of Illusion to see if Millennia can help". Everyone else nodded.

At her palace Rita gloated "Soon I'll have the Green Ranger's powers as well as my own then Earth will finally be mine". Babboo asked but won't the Rangers try to take the candle before it burns out?". Rita explained "First they have to go to my Dark Dimenion first, and there's no way they can do that".

Goldar agreed "And even if they did I'll be right there waiting for them". Rita ordered the Cyclops "Cyclops I want you to go down to Earth, and impersonate the Dragonzord, and Megazord in order to draw out the Rangers".

The Cyclops agreed "Understood my evilness", and both the Cyclops, and Goldar teleported off. Rita then bragged "Finally things are gonna go my way, and soon those meddlesome teenagers will be a thing of the past". Rita then started laughing maniacally.

At the Command Center the Rangers, and the others had finally finished working on Billy's machines. Billy said "There that should do it the molecular decoders are ready. Now we just need to get to the park, and we can go to Rita's dimension".

The Rangers teleported off, and landed in the park. Bulk, and Skull were walking around when they noticed the Rangers. Bulk said "Hey what are those dweebs doing?". Bulk, and Skull walked up to the Rangers, and Bulk demanded "Hey geekazoids this is our private park".

Billy went up to them, and said "Actually gentlemen this a public park. Anyone can come". Skull retorted "Yeah anyone except you lame ohs". Kim said "Knock it off guys we're working". Bulk looked at the devices they were carrying, and said "Hey what are those things? Tell me now, or better yet I'll take them".

Bulk tried to run at the Rangers, and take the devices but everytime he did the Rangers ran out of the way, and eventually he ran into Skull, and a trash can, and they both rolled down the hill. The Rangers activated the devices, and Jason said "Okay guys I'm going in". Then Jason entered the portal.

Zack then called out "Hey Quagmire we're ready". Then teleported in, and said "Well let's not be slow to the island we go". Zack said "Okay Kimberly, Trini hold these until Jason gets back". Kimberly agreed "Got it", and Zack, and Billy teleported with Quagmire.

At the Command Center Nemo asked "Are you okay Tommy?". Tommy answered "Yeah but I'm worried about the others. I just no Rita's not gonna let them get the candle that easily". Then the alarms went off, and the Viewing Globe showed the Dragon Battlezord rampaging Angel Grove.

Tommy said "The Dragon Battlezord? That's impossible all the Zords are on standby in their hangars". Zordon explained "This must be the work of Rita's Cyclops monster. She wants to draw us out, and prevent us from getting the candle".

Alpha asked "Should I contact the Rangers, and abort the mission?". Tommy said "No way everyone worked this hard this long I can't let it all go to waste. I'll hold him off as long as I still have my powers until the others get back".

Zordon said "Are you sure Tommy? The Cyclops is one of Rita's most powerful monsters". Nemo agreed "Zordon's right Tommy. What if he transformed into the Mega Dragonzord, or the Ultrazord while you just had the Dragonzord?" Tommy said "I guess I'll just have to hope the other arrive in time". Then Tommy cried out "Dragon", and teleported to where the Cyclops was rampaging.

Jason teleported into the Dark Dimension but Goldar was already there. Goldar mocked "Hello old friend this is a most unexpected pleasure. But if you think you're gonna get the green candle that easily you've got another thing coming". Then Goldar tried to stab, and slash Jason while Jason punched, and kicked Goldar.

In the Island of Isllusion Billy, Zack, and Quagmire appeared. Then Millennia's magic mountain appeared, and Billy said "Look it's Millennia's magic mountain". Zack said "Let's hurry". The Rangers got up, and Millennia said "Ah Billy, Zack what brings you here?".

Billy explained "Millennia Rita used some kind of magic wax to make a candle to steal Tommy's powers. Zordon said you made it to stop Lord Zedd is there anyway to stop it". Millennia explained "Unfortunately once the candle is linked to the coin, and burns out nothing can be done". Millennia continued "However whoever has the powers can choose someone else to have the powers".

In Angel Grove Tommy summoned the Dragonzord, and then jumped into it's cockpit, and started slashing, and tail whipping the Cyclops. The Cyclops transformed back into his real form. But the Cyclops was undaunted, and said "Okay but try this on for size", and transformed into the Megazord.

Billy, and Zack then teleported back to the park. Kimberly asked "So what did Millennia say? Can she help?". Zack said "No dice but Tommy can still give the powers to somebody else". Zack then asked "What about Jason?". Kimberly answered "He's still not back yet".

Then their communicators started beeping, and Zack answered "What is it Zordon?". Zordon explained "Rangers abort the mission. Tommy is fighting Rita's Cyclops in downtown Angel Grove, and only the Ultrazord can destroy it".

Zack said "All right but first we have to get Jason". Kimberly asked "But what about the candle?". Zack said "We'll get it later", and jumped into the portal. Jason was still fighting Goldar when Zack appeared, and said "Jason, Jason we've got to go".

Jason said "But if I leave Tommy will lose his powers". Zack replied if we don't leave he could lose his life". Then Jason, and Zack left. At the park Kimberly asked "Did you get the candle?". Jason replied "Not yet".

Zack said "Come on you guys we don't have much time left". The Rangers all called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", "Tyrannosaurus". Then the Rangers teleported to downtown Angel Grove.

The Rangers immediately summoned the Dinozords, and formed the Megazord. Tommy asked "Any luck you guys?". Jason said "I didn't get the candle yet". Zack answered "We tried to ask Millennia but she says she can't stop it but you can give your powers to someone else".

Tommy said "Well first things first let's just deal with this guy". The other Rangers agreed, and The Megazord helped the Dragonzord by punching the Cyclops, and caused him to transform back. The Cyclops just bragged "I've got a million tricks".

The Cyclops kept changing forms from the Dragonzord, The Tyrannosaurus, The Megazord, and the Dragonzord. All the while the Rangers kept switching between the Megazord, and the Dragon Battlezord.

Eventually Jason said "We can't keep this up. It's time for some Ultrazord power". Then Titanus appeared, and all seven Zords combined to form the Ultrazord which fired all it's weapons on the Cyclops, and destroyed him.

But Tommy started clutching his chest as he started glowing. Tommy cried out "Oh no my powers". Jason cried out "Oh no Tommy is there something we can do?". Tommy replied "No but there's something I can do", and teleported off.

Kimberly cried out "Oh no Tommy". Zack cried "Where is he?". Tommy teleported to the Island of Illusion, and called out "Millennia the white sorceress I wish for you to be free from the Island of Illusion".

Then a blast of white light burst forth, and Tommy found himself back in Angel Grove. But this time Millennia was there, and she said "Thanks Green Ranger. Thanks to you I am free, and can see my husband, and son for the first time in 10,000,000 years".

Then Jason teleported in, and said "Tommy are you okay?". Tommy answered "Yes but I gave away all my powers to free Millennia so Rita couldn't steal them". Jason cried out "But why?" Tommy just said "I'll explain later".

Millennia then explained "That's not entirely true Rangers. Hurry give Jason the green Power Coin". Tommy said "Right, and gave Jason the coin, and the Dragon Shield, and Dragon Dagger went to Jason". Millennia explained "There's still enough power for Jason to have the Dragon Shield, and Dagger as well as the Dragonzord but not enough for Tommy to become the Green Ranger anymore".

Jason said "All right bro let's get you to the Command Center". Tommy agreed "All right let's do it". Then all the Rangers teleported in, and Tommy almost fell into Nemo. Nemo cried "What happened Tommy?".

Zordon explained "Tommy has used most of his powers to release Millennia from the Island of Illusion, and gave the rest to Jason to prevent Rita from having them". Tommy started glowing brighter as he asked "Zordon what's happening".

Zordon explained "Without your powers you're the energy holding your suit together is dissipating". Then Tommy unmorphed, and Jason asked "Are you okay bro?". Tommy answered "Yeah". Nemo then asked "Why did you do it Tommy?".

Tommy explained "Because I wanted you to see this. Hey Millennia". Then Millennia appeared in the Command Center, and Quagmire, and Nemo ran up to her, and hugged her. Nemo cried out "Mommy", and Quagmire added "Aye I thought I'd wait all my life, and never again see my beloved wife".

Tommy said "Hey I've already blew up a gazzilion monsters. I never gave a kid his mother back before". Zordon said "You have fought gallantly to defend light, and good from darkness, and evil. Your courage, and sacrifice will not be forgotten".

Jason agreed "Yeah man all this proves is that powers or no powers you're still a Ranger, and that's all that matters". Tommy said "Thanks I guess somewhere along the way I realized power is cool, and all but helping others is what matters".

At her palace Rita was furious. She yelled "No, No, This can't be. They destroyed my beautiful hideous Cyclops, and when I finally got my hands on the Green Ranger powers again that fool had to go, and free that cursed Millennia". Then she kicked her globe, and shouted "One of you Zandozans get me an asprin. I've got such a headache".

At the Park Tommy was practicing karate. Kimberly appeared, and said "Everyone told me you would be here. I miss you, we all do." Tommy replied "Yeah I've been hanging out trying to stay busy with karate, and school".

Tommy continued "I'll still hang out with you guys. Plus you were a team long before I got there". Tommy then said "Hey Kimberly I've got something to ask". Kimberly asked "What is it?". Tommy asked "Will you go to the dance with me this Saturday?".

Kimberly gave it some thought, and said "All right I'll go but I didn't want it to be that easy for you". Then Tommy smiled, and kissed Kimberly, and then picked her up, and they both started laughing, as Tommy twirled her around.

The End.

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