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Power Rangers Mophinverse(Dino)
Power Rangers Dino Episode 19

Doomsday Part 1

Written by Justin Best

It was a special day at Angel Grove high. Kimberly was reading the newspaper. She said "And in honor of their courageous efforts to defend justice Mayor Ackleberry has declared today Power Rangers day". Jason said "All right".

Kimberly continued "Mayor Ackleberry hopes that the mysterious superheroes will make a public appearance". Kimberly asked "So what do you guys think?". Jason said "Oh I have a feeling their going to show up".

Meanwhile Bulk, and Skull went up to Bulk's locker as Bulk said "Okay Skull everybody, and their grandpa's monkey is going to be there for this Power Rangers day, and we're going to steal a little bit of their thunder".

At her palace Rita was chanting "Rasha Masha Shambra Oh ancient spirits of evil give me a way to destroy the Rangers once, and for all". Then Rita's skull started glowing, and shot a beam into her crystal ball. Squatt asked "What is it Rita?".

Rita explained "It's the secret location of Cyclopsis the Warzord". Goldar asked "Really?". Babboo added "We haven't seen that Zord in 10,000,000 years". Rita continued "It says we have to banish everyone in Angel Grove to the Dark Dimension, then feed all their negative energy to Cyclopsis, and we'll be unstoppable. Goldar agreed "That's brilliant my queen".

All of a sudden a boy with white hair wearing white clothes appeared. The boy jumped around Rita's palace as Scorpina tried to slash him with her sword but the boy kept jumping around. Rita aimed her scepter, and Goldar, and Scorpina aimed their swords but the Boy said "Hi mom".

Goldar said "Mom?" Babboo said "Is it true?", and Finster said "I didn't know you had son my horribleness" Rita explained "I did I mean I do but I lost him 10,000,000 years ago after". Rita interrupted herself to say "Well that's all in the past wait till your father hears the good news Thrax".

Thrax said "Oh don't worry mom he already knows. He's the one who helped bring me back". Rita was ecstatic "You mean he's coming home?". Thrax nodded, and said "Yeah he just needs some help summoning him again but he wants to help us destroy the Rangers, and Earth one last time too".

Rita was even more enjoyed "That's splendid I was just about to go to Earth to trap everyone in Angel Grove in the Dark Dimension, and resurrect the Warzord Cyclopsis. And now that you, and your father are back it's just gonna get worse for the Rangers from here".

At Angel Grove park it seemed like everyone in Angel Grove was at the park for Power Rangers day. Jason said "Man it's like everyone in the city is here". Zack agreed "And they all came to see us man. Speaking of which should we change into costume?".

Jason said "Not right now. Let's try to mingle in with the crowd. That way we lessen the chances of anyone finding out who we're really are". Zack nodded, and saw Angela. Zack asked "Hey Angela I'm really serious you want to go out tonight?".

Angela said "Maybe if you were a Power Ranger I'd say yes", and walked off while Jason laughed. Then they looked, and saw Jason's dad arm wrestle Trini's dad while Jason's mother, Trini's mother, and Trini watched.

Trini's dad beat Jason's as Jason's dad said "Man I thought I was going to win that time but you got me". Trini's dad said "Well you know how we are. Mental strength, and physical strength go hand in hand". Then Tao showed up, and said "Oh Tao where's Tommy?".

Tao answered "Oh he's coming it's just that there's some last minute work he's getting done". Jason said "Oh man I hope he doesn't feel too left out". Then Kimberly's mother, and Steve showed up. Kimberly's mother asked "Oh Trini have you seen Kim around. Her father's here".

Then Kimberly's father showed up, and Trini said "You know I think I saw somewhere around here I'll look for her". Meanwhile Bulk, and Skull snuck into some restrooms, and came out wearing superhero costumes.

Bulk, and Skull took the stage as Bulk said "Citizens of Angel Grove meet your newest superheroes The incredible Bulkster". Skull added "And his sidekick Super Skull the boy wonderful". Then Bulk, and Skull started flexing their muscles.

Everyone in the crowd started laughing. Zack said "That is classic", and a little boy said "If you guys are super heroes prove it". Another boy said "Yeah show us your super powers". Bulk said "All right good citizens".

Then Bulk, and Skull did some fake karate as everyone in the crowd laughed. Meanwhile Trini found Kimberly. Trini asked "Are you okay Kim?". Kimberly said "Yeah it's just I'm not too sure about seeing my parents together after the divorce".

Kim continued "It's just that sometimes I still think it was my fault, I don't even think my dad's gonna show up". Trini assured her "You know that's not true. Besides both of them are here, and they both want to see you". Kimberly said "Okay".

All of a sudden a swarm of Super Putties appeared, and ambushed Kimberly, and Trini. Kimberly, and Trini tried to fight off the Super Putties. Jason's communicator started beeping, and Jason, Zack, and Billy went to where no one could see them.

Jason answered "What's wrong Zordon?". Zordon answered "Rangers Kimberly, and Trini are being ambushed by Super Putties". Jason complied "We're on it Zordon" Billy, and Zack nodded, and they all left.

Meanwhile in Angel Grove forest Thrax was walking at the Command Center the alarms went off. The Viewing Globe showed Thrax as Alpha panicked "No, No, This can't be. Is that Thrax? I haven't seen him in 10,000,000 years".

Alpha continued "I thought that he". Zordon interrupted "He did but it seems either Rita or Zedd finally found the spell to undo it we must alert the Rangers at once". The Super Putties retreated and Jason's communicator started beeping again.

Jason asked "Yes Zordon?". Zordon said "Rangers I don't have time to explain this but morph, and head down to Angel Grove forest". Jason asked "Is it Rita?". Zordon answered "I'm afraid it might be something much worse".

Jason cried out "Okay guys it's Morphing time". Then They all called out "Mastodon", "Pterodactyl", "Triceratops", "Saber Tooth Tiger", and "Tyrannosaurus". The Rangers teleported to the forest. Thrax then bragged "Well hello Rangers ready to get pulverized?".

Zack said "You gotta be kidding he's just a kid". Thrax said "I may be a kid but I can still pound you troublesome Rangers into space dust then Mom, and Dad will be happy". Billy asked "Who are they?". Thrax mocked "That's for me to know, and you to find out".

Meanwhile at Rita's palace Rita ordered "Are you finished with the vortex beam, and the hypno gas yet Finster?". Finster replied "Yes oh horrible one we just have to land the palace on Earth, and expose everyone to the gas, and they will be your slaves".

Finster continued "Then the vortex beam will transport every human in Angel Grove to the Dark Dimension forever". Rita said "Well pack your bags everyone we're going to Earth". Squatt said "Oh boy should I bring my bathing suit?".

Then once again the buildings in Downtown Angel Grove started coming loose, and once again crowded together as Rita's palace once again came down to Earth. At the Command Center Alpha once again panicked "Aye ye ye Rita's palace is once again entering Earth's atmosphere".

Alpha continued "If she lands her powers will be even greater". Zordon explained "This is worse than I feared we can only hope she hasn't found the secret of Cyclopsis the Warzord". Rita's palace landed, and Rita, and her minions came out.

Rita mocked "Hello citizens of Angel Grove I thought I'd crash your little Power Ranger party, and rain on it a bit". Then tubes came out of the base of the palace, and sprayed a dark purple mist. Everyone in Angel Grove park breathed in the mist, and became hypnotized.

Then one by one every person in Angel Grove disappeared in beams of light. Rita cackled "Now everyone in Angel Grove is my prisoner, and not even the Power Rangers can stop me". Rita then said "Now to cast my spell of misery, and bring back Cyclopsis".

Meanwhile in Angel Grove forest Jason called out "Blade Blasters", and the Rangers charged at Thrax. Thrax raised out his hands, and the Rangers froze in place. Kimberly asked "What's going on?". Billy explained "He's using telekinesis". Zack asked "In English?". Trini explained "He's holding us with his mind". Then Thrax threw the Rangers, and made them slash each other.

Then Thrax fired lasers from his eyes, and threw the Rangers around some more with his telekinesis, Eventually the Rangers unmorphed as Thrax bragged "Mom was right you Rangers are pathetic. But now you won't be a pain in her side anymore".

Thrax teleported off, and Zack asked "Man who was that Kid?". Jason replied "I don't know but he sure was tough". Then they got up, and Jason's communicator started beeping again. Jason answered "Zordon what is with that kid it was like he was stronger than all of us".

Zordon explained "Teleport to the Command Center at once, and I will explain everything". The Rangers went to the Command Center, and Jason asked "So who is that kid?". Zack agreed "And why was he able to thrash us.

Zordon explained "Rangers I hoped I would never have to explain but that little boy who defeated you is known as Thrax, and he is the son of Rita Repulsa, and Lord Zedd". The Rangers gasped. Kimberly asked "What?". Zack agreed "Rita, and Zedd have a son?".

Zordon explained "Had a son but he died 10,000,000 years ago. Behold the Viewing Globe, and I reveal how this tragic cycle of darkness got started". The Rangers turned as Zordon showed images of a man in his late 20's wearing green medieval clothes standing happily with a woman of the same age in a white dress.

Zordon explained "Once Rita Repulsa was kind, and benevolent sorceress, and Zedd was once the most noble, and brave of my Rangers, and eventually they fell in love, and got married, and had a son named Thrax, and for 10 short wondrous years all was right for them, and the universe".

Zordon continued "But Thrax was mischevious, and liked to break Dinosaur eggs for fun, and eventually he was caught by a mother Tyrannosaurus, and chased off a cliff". Zordon showed them Thrax's demise, and the Rangers had a hard time watching Thrax fall.

Zrodon continued "Zedd, and Rita were stricken with grief, and asked me if I knew of a way to bring Thrax back". Billy asked "So what happened?". Zordon explained "I told them what I told you when you accidentally killed Fang the imp".

Zordon continued "I told them that all life perishes, and that life will always continue. They said they didn't want platitudes but answers, and results. I explained that it was not my place to meddle with the balance of life, and death. Zedd, and Rita lost faith in me, and the universe, and in search of way to resurrect Thrax, turned their backs on good, and embraced evil".

Zack asked "I don't get it how is some 10,000,000 year old dead 10 year old able to whupp our butts". Zordon explained "It seems somewhere in the dark galaxies Lord Zedd has found the means to return Thrax from the land of the dead".

Then the alarms rang again as the Viewing Globe displayed the citizens of Angel Grove walking around Rita's Dark Dimension in a zombie like trance. Zordon explained "It seems the situation has grown even more dire".

Zordon explained "Rita has banished everyone in Angel Grove to the Dark Dimension so that she can cast the spell of misery". Jason asked "What's that?". Zordon explained "Your parents, and everyone in Angel Grove are aware of everything mentally but are trapped in their own minds while Rita displays images of their worst fears, and nightmares".

Trini cried "Oh no". Zordon continued "Not only that but even when they are safe in Rita's dimension they will still feel any destruction that befalls Angel Grove. I fear Rita has done this so that she can also resurrect Cyclopsis".

Kimberly asked "What's Cyclopsis?". Zordon explained "An ancient Warzord the first Zord created entirely for combat. It was to be the crown jewel of the United Allience of Earth. A Zord that could both be piloted, and controlled by an A.I. cultivated from the collective intelligence of all six original Rangers".

Trini asked "What happened?". Zordon explained "Unfortunately we we're able to copy over their minds but not their hearts, and instead of justice it only knew vengeance, instead of courage it only knew anger, and so forth".

Rangers you must morph down, and try to stop Rita before she can summon Cyclopsis". Jason said "All right Zordon it's morphing time". The Rangers once again morphed, and teleported back to Angel Grove Park,

Jason cried out "All right Rita Zordon told us about your son, and what happened to him. You have your son back now leave Earth alone". Rita mocked "Well Zordon sure knows how to pick them. I'm afraid it's 10,000,000 years too late".

Rita continued "Right now everyone including your pitiful parents is under my misery spell, and soon I'll have enough negative energy to finally bring an end to Zordon, and his legacy in the most beautiful way possible".

Zack cried out "Please Rita this between you, and us leave our parents, and everyone else in Angel Grove out of it". Rita mocked "I'm afraid not Rangers now I call forth Cyclopsis". Then a volcanic explosion occurred in downtown Angel Grove.

Out of the explosion erupted a giant white humanoid robot with a single green eye, and a giant gold horn. Rita then called out "Now son why don't you show the Rangers your new toy". Thrax said "All right mom".

Thrax jumped, and now he was wearing a blue flight suit with silver armor over it, and a green visor on one eye. Thrax then transformed into blue fire, and entered Cyclopsis. Jason called out "We need Dinozord power". Then the Dinozords appeared, and quickly combined into the Megazord.

Billy said "We'll have to match him move for move". Jason agreed "Got it". Cyclopsis punched, and kicked the Megazord but the Megazord punched, and kicked back. Then Cyclopsis made missile launchers as Thrax quipped "You'll get a blast out of this", and fired a barrage of missiles at the Megazord.

Then Thrax said "Now try this". Cyclopsis fired it's arms out, and they grabbed the Megazord, and threw it around. Then Cyclopsis surged electricity through it's chains electrocuting the Megazord. Jason said we can't give up we need Dragonzord power".

Jason summoned the Dragonzord, and it fired it's own missles at Cyclopsis. But Thrax used his telekinesis, and Cyclopsis channeled it, and threw the Megazord, and Dragonzord around. Jason called out "Switching to Dragon Battlezord". The Dragonzord combined with the other Zords except Tyranosaurus, and Pterodactyl to become the Dragonzord.

Jason said "Okay Kimberly I'll take the Tyrannosaurus you stay here with the others". Kimberly agreed "Got it", and Jason teleported to the Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus fired sonic waves but Thrax used telekinesis to send it back.

Then the Dragon Battlezord tried to fire it's horn like a bommerang but Thrax used telekinesis to send it back. Then Cyclopsis fired lasers out cannons in it's shoulders, and then a laser out it's horn. But then Titanus appeared, and fired lasers on Cyclopsis.

Jason called out "All right Titanus". Jason then cried out "Quick you guys we need Ultrazord power". All the Zords combined into the Ultrazord, and Jason cried out "Lock on, and fire all weapons", The Ultrazord fired on Cyclopsis, and all that remained was it's head.

Rita bragged "It's not over yet power punks". Rita then fired a laser from her scepter at the earth beneath Titanus, and Titanus started sinking. Jason called out "Oh no Titanus", and the Mega Dragonzord tried to pull Titanus out of the sinkhole.

Rita said "No you don't", and fired another laser at the Mega Dragonzord. Titanus sank into the earth, and exploded. Billy cried out "Oh no Titanus is gone". Trini cried out "And the Dinosaur eggs". Rita mocked "Yes Power Rangers the first step in me, and Zedd's glorious revenge is complete now for step two".

Squatt, and Babboo along with some Super Putties were erecting Zedd's tower again. Squatt was demanding "Okay clay brains get it right this time". The tower was complete, and Rita called out "Now Rangers you shall once again feel the wrath of my husband Lord Zedd".

Lord Zedd then appeared, and said "So Rangers you think you can stop us, and our son that easily you're wrong dead wrong". Lord Zedd breathed some more mist, and it not only repaired Cyclopsis but also upgraded it with swords.

Jason cried out "Switching back to Megazord". The Mega Dragonzord split back into the Dragonzord piloted by Jason, and the Megazord piloted by the others. Lord Zedd sprayed some mist on the Megazord, and pinned it down while Cyclopsis charged at it. But the Megazord rolled over, and fired lasers at Cyclopsis.

Then the Megazord got back up but Thrax quipped "En garde Rangers", and sliced Megazord's arm off. Rita yelled "Yes son you're doing it". Zedd agreed "Make your parents proud, and wipe those meddling teenage has beens off the face of the Earth". Thrax agreed "With pleasure mom, and dad".

But then the Dragonzord appeared, and fired more missiles at Cyclopsis. Jason called out "I'm not going to let you hurt my friends like that". Thrax quipped "Tha's what you think, and grabbed the Dragonzord. The Dragonzord tried to tail whip Cyclopsis but Cyclopsis sliced it's tail off. Then Lord Zedd, and Cyclopsis fired more lasers at the Megazord, and Cyclopsis.

Billy cried out "Weapons are down". Zack agreed "Backup power's failing too". Then the Zords started glowing with dark red energy, and slowly began to disappear piece by piece. Zordon called out "Rangers the Zords are being disintegrated evacuate while you still can". Then the Rangers were forced from the Zords, and unmorphed.

Zack cried out "Great now our Zords really are gone forever". Rita mocked "Yes, and soon so will you be but first how about a trade your Power Coins for everyone in Angel Grove. What will it be Rangers?". The Rangers nodded sadly, and Jason said "All right we'll give you our coins just give everyone back safely".

Then Goldar made a chest appeared, and said "Now surrender the Power Coins Rangers or never see your friends, and loved ones again". Jason cried "All right here you go", and gave Goldar the red Power Coin causing him to demorph. Goldar bragged "That's the end of the Red Ranger".

Kimberly said "If you harm one hair on any of my parents or uncle Steve". Goldar interrupted "Just give me the coin". Kimberly gave her coin, and demorphed. Goldar said "No more Pink Ranger". Then Zack gave his coin, and said "You won't get away with this". Goldar bragged "But we already have". Then Trini gave her coin, and said "Please just let everyone go". Goldar laughed mockingly.

Billy was last "I'm sorry guys I don't know what to do either", and gave his coin. Jason then cried "Okay Rita, and Zedd you have our coins, and you destroyed the Zords you won now take Thrax, and go back to the dark galaxies, and let everyone in Angel Grove go".

Rita, Zedd, Thrax, and their minions laughed mockingly at the Rangers. Rita said "Why? We intend to destroy the Earth. But first we want to you to watch as Angel Grove is burned to the ground while you watch helplessly as everyone in our Dark Dimension screams in agony just before we destroy Earth".

Jason's communicator beeped again, and Zordon said "Rangers return to the Command Center immediately it is too dangerous in your current situation". The Rangers teleported back to the Command Center as Lord Zedd mocked "Yes Rangers run back to your sanctuary. That will just make it all the more sweeter when we crush you, and Zordon forever".

At the Command Center Jason sadly said "Sorry Zordon we failed you". Zordon assured them "No you haven't failed me. You were faced with a difficult choice, and still tried to reach out to what good was left in Rita, and Zedd".

Zack cried "Man I can't believe we trusted Rita, and Zedd. Now everything. Tommy sacrificing his powers to free Millennia. Accidentally killing Fang to save the last Dinosaur eggs. Retrieving Titanus it's all gone. Just like that Rita's won?".

Zordon said sadly "I'm afraid so. The only way to free the caputed citizens is to destroy Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd however neither can be done without the Ultrazord, and all the Zords are gone". The Rangers watched as the Viewing Globe displayed Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd firing lasers, missiles, and gas, and destroying Angel Grove along with the citizens of Angel Grove writhing in pain even when they had no physical injuries.

The Rangers cried, and Trini said "It's all over Rita won". But then Quagmire, Nemo, and Millennia teleported in, and Nemo said "Not yet she hasn't Rangers". Quagmire agreed "Aye remember what I said they say a night is always darkest before the light". Millennia agreed, and fired a beam at the Viewing Globe.

The Viewing Globe displayed a hidden area deep in the bottom of Rita's dimensional prison. Millennium explained "Your Zords still exist but they are currently trapped in the darkest depths of Rita's dimensional prison".

Millennia added "However if you were to break into that region you could be able to rescue them, and defeat Cyclopsis, and Lord Zedd". Zack asked "But Rita, and Zedd probably have a billion monsters guarding it plus Goldar, Scorpina, and a gazillion Super Putties, and we already surrendered all of the Power Coins".

Jason took out the Green Power coin, and said "Not all of them". The coin shined a faint but noticeable green glow. Meanwhile Tommy was wandering the now vacant park asking "Jason? Billy? Zack? Trini? Kimberly? Tao? Anyone? Aww Man what happened?".

To be concluded

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