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Jason or Tommy?
Who do you like better?
That's a good question I'm tempted to say Tommy but I know a lot of people are sick of him.
I have to say Tommy since I do feel he was better than Jason.

Jason allowed his emotions to control him sometimes which isn't good for a leader.

now I know some people don't like how Tommy leads since his leadership tends to destroy zords but when that happened in the 3rd season, he really wasn't left with much of a choice I mean do you risk pushing your zords even if they could blow just to try to stop an attack or do you run away and let the villains cause damage? I personally would've done what he chose to do since it's more important to do whatever you can in order to stop an attack and as we know what he did - yes while it stripped them of their zords and powers he had caused a hiatus in the attack since Rita and Lord Zedd wrongly assumed that they would just be sitting down and not figuring out another plan.
I like both of them... But I prefer Jason. He was always the perfect leader to me.
I hear that then again I think part of it for me was that it felt like when Tommy became the White Ranger he sort of became another version of Jason like even though there was that brief period where they were both on the team at the same time , and Rocky was the one who was the new Red Ranger It felt like Tommy as the White Ranger was more of a replacement for Jason then Rocky was.

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