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new Ranger Alum in the Great Beyond
It was recently reported by New Zealand's The Herald that Pua Magasiva (Shane, Ninja Storm's Red Wind Ranger) has been found dead.

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Jumping Jiminy Christmas that's sad

Ninja Storm was probably my favorite season of the show.
(05-11-2019, 04:20 AM)zabitan Wrote: Jumping Jiminy Christmas that's sad

Ninja Storm was probably my favorite season of the show.

told ya you'd be crying your eyes out. Wasn't my favorite season but it did have some of my favorite Rangers. Lothor, the nieces and Dustin were all bad in my opinion.
Just a horrible.story . Gone way too soon.
well another one has bit the dust. Alistair Browning (Jake who was Dustin's Dad in Ninja Storm and the voice of Zenowing the Dino Charge Silver Ranger) has passed on.
That's sad.

Cody Slaton (Young Bulk) has also passed on.
I heard about that he was only two years older than me when he died.

We've lost so many so it's incredibly sad.

Here's all of the people we've lost so far. Crew members, Sentai suit actors, puppeteers and even writers all count as part of this list if their work was shown in the footage even for a split second.

Bob Manahan (2nd/primary voice of Zordon)

Thuy Trang (Trini Kwan, MMPR Yellow)
Pua Magasiva (Shane, Red Wind Ranger, Ninja Storm)
Peta Rutter (Udonna, White Mystic Ranger, Mystic Force)
Alistair Browning (Voice of Zenowing Dino Charge Silver)

Bob Papenbrook (Rito's voice from MMPR-Zeo, Deviot's voice in Galaxy, Bell Org's voice and Fish Shop clerk in Wild Force)

Grant McFarland (Sensei Kanoi Watanabe and Lothor from Ninja Storm, Daisuke in Samurai)

Machiko Soga (Sentai suit actress for Rita Repulsa and Mystic Mother)
Jun Tatara (Barza in Zyuranger. Scenes of him were used for flashbacks of Zordon)

Jon Simanton (Lerigot suit actor)

Richard Genelle (Ernie, MMPR-Zeo)
Richard Rabago (Master Lee in MMPR1, Tao Chong in VR Troopers)
Maurice Mendoza (Richie in MMPR2)
Alissa Ann Smego (Shawna in MMPR2)
Frank Salsedo (True of Heart in Alien Rangers, Sam Trueheart in Zeo)
Cody Slaton (Young Bulk)
Erik Frank (David Trueheart, Zeo)
Jack Banning (Professor Phenomenus, Space-Galaxy)
George Buck Flower (Bearded Man in Space's Countdown to Destruction most likely the 1 who claims he's the Silver Ranger)
Richard Grant (Jera, Galaxy)
Bert Kramer (General McKnight, Lightspeed Rescue)
Edward Laurence Albert (Mr. Collins, Time Force)
We've lost another one.

Robert Axelrod (Voice of Lokar, Goo Fish, Finster, Lord Zedd, 1 of the voices from the Two-Headed Parrot and the 1st voice of Mutantrum in Galaxy) has died

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