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Power Rangers What ifs?
I guess I'll go with what if Season 2, Zeo or In Space got a movie?
(05-16-2019, 04:51 AM)zabitan Wrote: I guess I'll go with what if Season 2, Zeo or In Space got a movie?

not sure what they could've done with MMPR2 except they could've ended up using the Dairanger movie footage which would've been cool but the Gorma Monsters from Dairanger who were in it, they only had the Gamaguchi Houshi/Purse Priest suit which would've complicated things if they had wanted to shoot additional footage with any of those villains.

I could see them using the Turbo movie as a Zeo and Turbo movie, that's personally what I would've done but I wouldn't use the tired excuse of the zords or powers being destroyed, I would just have the Rangers fight the Machine Empire, have the Machines beat the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord but not the Super Zeo Megazord or Pyramidas however then I would have the Rangers defeat the machines, you see the machine parts get teleported away but you don't know where they went to or by whom. Rita, Lord Zedd, Rito and Goldar all grow and attack but then the Super Zeo Megazord trashes them so badly that they teleport away.

After that, you find out about Divatox and her crew like in the movie but then you explain away using Zordon to assist with this that he and Alpha had to make keys based on Lerigot's key since the key is the only thing that the Nemesis Triangle will accept as a key to get through it without causing any damage. The Zeo Crystal cannot pass through the Nemesis Triangle since it's been stated that the Nemesis Triangle is powerful enough to destroy any object or being in the universe unless you use Liarian magic but the Zeo Crystal is unfortunately not compatible with Liarian magic.

Also to explain why they don't go back to using the Zeo powers after the movie, I would have Zordon explain that he lent the Crystal and the related arsenal to the Aquitians since they were having issues with a powerful evil army that kept on defeating their zords without breaking a sweat.

As for a Space movie, that's a good question. I would probably go with a teamup movie bringing the Robot Rangers back for the teamup. Blue Senturion would be part of it. I would explain it away by saying that Divatox has had Porto busy building a new Terrorzord for Elgar to auto pilot using a remote control since I don't believe it had a cockpit
I see.

My thing was I kind of wish that Countdown to Destruction had been a movie.

I remember when I was coming up with fanfics for Morphinverse I had it where every season after the first season had a movie.

And I had this crazy idea that since there was really only seven colors that they could just make generic armored suits without the details, and every year change the helmets, and details here and there to make them the suits for each of the teams like Zyuranger at the beginning of the first movie but then Dairanger, and the second movie would have them go from Dairanger to Kakuranger.

I have another one

What if either Bioman or Jetman was the first Power Rangers?

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