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Could the success of Aladdin gives us a sequel to Power Rangers?
With Naomi Scott getting good review for it  and the success of the movie itself...I wonder if it could lead to a Power Rangers sequel? You have to think they still have all the actors under contract. Even with the lackluster box office returns of the first one, the studio might be willing to give it another chance due to Scott's new found fame. Its not unprecedented. I would think we would hear soon if there was any real chance.
That would be tempting.

Part of me just thinks if it ends up being a different studio, and by the time it comes out they might just make a reboot that's like the last movie but without the parts people didn't like.
That's an interesting question.

I do think Hasbro would be smart to just do a sequel and use the same cast from the 2017 movie since all of them are growing in fame not that Bryan himself could get any more famous but the rest of the Rangers have been growing in fame.

I don't think it'll matter too much even if Hasbro uses a different studio.

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