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Power Rangers Morphinverse Concepts
So I made an updated list of what I would call my fan made Power Rangers versions of pre-Zyu Man era Super Sentai shows.

GoRanger-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (since in my Morphinverse stories MMPR is called Power Rangers Dino: 20 million years ago the first Ranger team composed of Zordon, and his allies from various planets protect the universe from his evil brother Zoltar/Dark Spector.

JAKQ-Power Rangers Royal Flush: A government agency recruits various people from various backgrounds to wear special suits to battle the evil Machine Empire. Commander Mitchell is Spade Ace.

Battle Fever J-Power Rangers World Strike: A sequel to Royal Flush in that the Pink Ranger from that team is also the Pink Ranger of that team in which the international version of Royal Flush’s agency recruits members from around the world to stop Dark Spector from invading Earth.

Denjiman-Power Rangers Shine Force: Set 15 million years ago Zordon now retired from being a ranger leads a new team of Rangers who protect an Eltarian space colony on Earth from the evil queen Pollutica. Demon King Benkei is Master Vile.

Sun Vulcan-Power Rangers  Nature Fist: The ancient civilization of Jungala recruits three of it’s most powerful warriors to battle the evil alien overlord Balkor, and a revived Pollutica.

GoggleV-Power Rangers Five Star: A young Andrew Hartford, and his friends must protect the powerful Vor crystals from the evil Dr. Vorstien, and his bio-mechanical mutants.

Dynaman-Power Rangers Legendary Voyage: The second season of Five Star in which the Five Star rangers must upgrade their powers to stop a newly upgraded Vorstien, and his new super mutants.

Bioman-Power Rangers Star Force: Various random people discover that they are the sole survivors of a destroyed planet, and with the help of a robot from their destroyed homeworld they must use their powers to stop Lord Nexus the galactic tyrant who destroyed their world

Changeman-Power Rangers Mythic Fury: Lord Nexus is revived by his own master the cosmic abomination Darklor to continue his conquest of Earth forcing the Star Force Rangers to combine their powers with those of the Earth itself, and mystical creatures to stop him.

Flashman-Power Rangers Giga Strike: A piece of Darklor survives, and mutates into a new Darklor joined by a new minion Dr Splicer to once again conquer the Earth forcing the Mythic Fury Rangers to combine their powers with the remnants of their home planet to save the Earth one last time.

Maskman-Power Rangers Solaris Crusade: Five hundred years in the future the beautiful Princess Corona is kidnapped by the evil mutant warlord Strontion forcing five of the surface’s bravest warriors to save her.

Liveman-Power Rangers Beast Assault: Thousands of years ago in what is now called the Lost Galaxy three young warriors from Mirinoi join forces with an Edenite super robot to battle evil space pirates.

Turboranger-Power Rangers High Octane: Five members of an amateur racing team are recruited by a good alien named Grpyhiton to protect Earth from the alien tyrant Xylos who plans to conquer it.

Fiveman-Power Rangers Earth Defense Force: A sequel to High Octane in which the High Octane Rangers must upgrade their powers when the evil empress Bourialla, and her minions want to conquer Earth.

Jetman-Power Rangers Sky Patrol: The heroic alien warrior Aquilus is the sole survivor of the planet Talos destroyed by the evil Dementio empire. Aquilus finds four Earthlings, and gives them the powers of the ancient protectors of his planet enabling the five of them to protect the Earth.

I don’t really have much besides concepts, and pitches so I’m still working on who the characters would be but I do know that I would probably make Midori Ranger, Jack Dia, Battle Cossack, Denji Yellow, Vul Shark, Goggle Yelow, Dyna Yellow, Green Sai, and Turbo Yellow women in my stories.

Also names of both characters, and seasons could change if I think of anything better like Dynaman could be Mega Assault since I'm thinking of calling my version of Gokaiger Legendary Voyage.
Here is a follow up list of my plans to redo the first 6 seasons of Power Rangers from Season 1 to In Space.

Zyuranger-Power Rangers Dino: When two NASADA astronauts accidentally free Rita Repulsa an ancient, and evil sorceress who wiped out the dinosaurs, and Atlantis 10,000,000 years ago. A kind, and wise wizard, and his multifunctional automaton companion must recruit the descendants of the heroic knights who last banished Rita.

Dairanger-Power Rangers Thunder: Lord Zedd has returned, he steals the powers of the Rangers, and destroys their Zords so he can create the evil Dark Ranger powers, and Zords. However the Rangers are able to take back their powers, and purify them, and Zedd's Zords into the good Thunder Ranger powers to stop Zedd's new more powerful monsters.

Kakuranger-Power Rangers Ninja: Rita's brother Rito Revolto appears to help his sister, and Lord Zedd destroy the Rangers with his own set of monsters that prove to be more than they can handle. Now the Rangers must find Ninjor the creator of the power coins to harness the ancient, and secret powers of the Ninja to stop Rito's monsters.

Ohranger-Power Rangers Zeo: The Rangers have defeated Master Vile with the powerful Zeo Crystal at the cost of their own powers, and the evil Machine Empire once again tries to invade Earth now a new team of Rangers using the Zeo Crystal itself must rise to defend Earth.

Carranger-Power Rangers Turbo: The Machine Empire is gone but now a new threat the evil space pirate Divatox, and the ancient demon Maligore have appeared, and even the Zeo Crystal might not be enough to stop them. Now a new team of Rangers must use the mystical Turbo Keys, and protect the Earth.

Megaranger-Power Rangers In Space: Divatox has succeeded in destroying the Rangers' powers, Zords, and Command Center. Not only that she has joined with all the previous villains including Dark Spector who has captured Zordon, and is planning to drain his lifeforce. Desperate the Rangers must join with Zordon's son Andros, and become the Space Rangers to save their mentor, and the universe.

When I finish writing these seasons I'll start working on the other seasons from Lost Galaxy onwards.
Synopsis: 10,000,000 years ago a powerful, and evil sorceress known as Rita Repulsa sought to destroy the Earth, and it's inhabitants with her army of evil magical creatures. But a kind, and wise wizard known as Zordon recruited the bravest, and most powerful knights of the dinosaur worshiping tribes of Atlantis, and made them his newest team of Power Rangers intergalactic knights who used magic, and technology to fight evil.

Zordon's Rangers were able to defeat Rita, and her minions, and seal them away into dumpster like space prison but it was too late. The Rangers had given their lives to defeat Rita, Zordon had been banished to another dimension forever, and Rita had succeeded in destroying the dinosaurs, mystical creatures, and Atlantis.

Now in modern times two NASADA astronauts accidentally release Rita, and her minions from their prison causing them to restart their mad crusade to conquer, and destroy Earth. Zordon, and his multifunctional automaton companion Alpha seek out the descendants of their previous team of Rangers, and find them in the form of five seemingly ordinary teenagers named Jason, Zack, Billy, Trini, and Kimberly.

Initially reluctant the five friends take up the mantle of their ancestors to protect their town of Angel Grove, and the world from Rita's evil monsters but will their greatest challenge come from one of their own or will he be the key to fulfilling Zordon's prophecy of putting an end to Rita's evil ways.


Jason Scott
Ranger form: Red Tyranno Ranger
Weapon: Power Sword, later Dragon Dagger
Zord: Tyrannosaurs
Age: 16
Bio: A skilled martial artist, and a star athlete Jason greatest strength isn't just his physical strength but his courage, and his determination to never give up even if all hope seems lost. He is the leader of the team, and does his best to lead his team to victory against Rita's minions.

Zack Taylor
Ranger form: Black Mastodon Ranger
Weapon: Power Axe
Zord: Mastodon
Age: 16
Bio: Zack is the resident cool kid of the team he is interested in music, and dance, and is a master of hip hop kido. He is freaked out by reptiles, and bugs, and has a crush on a girl named Angela. He is also initially skeptical of all the situations involving aliens, and mystical beings but ultimately his desire to do what's right wins out.

Billy Cranston
Ranger form: Blue Tricera Ranger
Weapon: Power Lance
Zord: Triceratops
Age 16
Bio: Billy is the smartest member of the team. When he first meets Zordon, and Alpha he is fascinated by their advanced alien technology, and seeks to learn all he can about it. He is also busy making new inventions for the team. He is initially socially awkward and shy but eventually finds a girlfriend name Margret.

Trini Kwan
Ranger form: Yellow Sabertooth Tiger Ranger
Weapon: Power Daggers
Zord: Saberthooth Tiger
Age: 16
Bio: Like Jason she is a skilled martial artist, and is intelligent like Billy because she follows her families tradition of finding balance between the mind, and body. she loves nature, and the environment. Her biggest concern is proving herself to her uncle Tao.

Kimberly Hart
Ranger form: Pink Ptero Ranger
Weapon: Power Bow
Zord: Pterodactyl
Age: 16
Bio: Kimberly is the most popular girl in school, and a champion gymnast. She comes from a wealthy family but doesn't let it go to her head. she also loves fashion, and other feminine pursuits. She later dates Tommy.

Tommy Oliver
Ranger form: Green Dragon Ranger
Weapon: Dragon Dagger
Zord: Dragonzord
Age: 17
Bio: An old friend of the Rangers due to being friends with Jason's cousin Kailtin, and living with Trini's uncle Tao Tommy moves to Angel Grove following an inter city martial arts tournament. Like Jason, and Trini he is a skilled martial artist. When he finds out he is destined to be the Green Ranger from Nemo he jumps at the chance unaware that it puts him under Rita's control. Once freed he uses his new powers to help his friends protect the Earth. He later starts dating Kimberly.


Zordon of Eltar
Age: 30,000,000(60 in Eltarian)
Bio: A kind, and wise wizard from the planet Eltar he founded an ancient order of intergalactic knights called the Power Rangers who used magic, and technology to protect the universe from evil, and came to Earth long ago to recruit it's bravest warriors to be his new team of Rangers. He was banished to a time warp by Rita 10,000,000 years ago but was quickly found by Alpha. He gives the new Rangers advice on how to stop Rita's plans, and explains what happened millions of years ago but keeps some secrets from the Rangers that eventually come to light.

Alpha 5
Age: 10,000,000(acts 12)
Bio: Zordon's multifunctional robotic companion Alpha helps run the Command Center for Zordon while he's trapped in the time warp. When he meets the new Rangers he becomes interested in aspects of modern Earth life from Billy, and Zack. Sometimes his misunderstanding of modern Earth customs gets him into ridiculous situations.

Age:30,000,000(looks 30)
Bio: An elf the Rangers first meet when trying to find the power weapons he initially mistakes them for Rita's minions but later helps them such as when Tommy was under Rita's control or when Mutitis almost destroyed the Zords. He speaks in rhymes, and has a son named Nemo, and a wife named Millenia.

Age: 10,000,000(looks 10)
Bio: Quagmire's son who was the keeper of the Green Dragon coin who sought to give it to Tommy unaware it would put him under Rita's control. He then tries to help his father, and the Rangers at various points.

Age:30,000,000(looks 30)
Bio: Quagmire's wife a good sorceress who was lost on the Island of Illusion 10,000,000 years ago trying to keep Titanus the carrierzord out of Rita's hands. Because she has been trapped on the Island of Illusion for so long the only way to free her is if one of the Rangers sacrifices their powers. She helps the Rangers find Titanus, and later tries to help the Rangers save Tommy's powers.


Rita Repulsa
Age: 10,000,000(looks 50)
Bio: An evil and powerful sorceress who destroyed the dinosaurs, Atlants, and mystical beings millions of years ago with her army of evil mystical creatures. She constantly lashes out at her minions when they botch her plans, and has a sadistic sense of humor. She particularly hates children, and will go out of her way to target them.

Age: Unknown
Bio: Rita's second and command, and her most powerful minion Goldar an armored griffon loves combat, and would like nothing more to crush the rangers. He also has a wife named Scorpina who returns around the time Tommy is under Rita's control

Age: Unknown
Bio: Rita's monster maker. Considering himself the greatest artist in the universe he enjoys creating Rita's monsters from putty, and later super putty. Not as vicious and angry as Goldar or Rita but more intelligent than Squat, and Baboo.

Squat, and Babboo
Ages: Unknown
Bio: Rita's two bumbling henchmen she has them go to Earth to carry out plans to ensure the Rangers can't defeat her monsters but often end up getting themselves in trouble, and taking the brunt of Rita's anger.

Age: Unknown
Bio: Goldar's wife, and the only one of her minions who wasn't trapped in the space prison 10,000,000 years ago she later returns when Tommy is under Rita's control. Like Goldar she is one of Rita's most powerful minions, and can easily challenge the Rangers.

Lord Zedd
Age:10,000,000(looks 50)
Bio: Once the most bravest, and powerful of Zordon's Rangers Lord Zedd was the previous Green Dragon Ranger until he turned evil, and joined Rita. He was thought destroyed but fled into the dark galaxies where he amassed so much dark magic he became a being made of dark magic himself he can enhance Rita's monster making them more powerful than ever.

Age: 10,000,000(looks 10)
Bio: Rita, and Zedd's son he was mischievous, and would like to break dinosaur eggs for fun which caused him to be killed by one. This drove his parents to turn evil when Zordon refused to bring him back to life. He is resurrected by his father, and pilots Cyclopsis a failed experiment by Zordon to create a zord built entirely for combat.


More Zyuranger elements are added

For instance Rita destroyed the dinosaurs, magical beings, and an ancient civilization when she last attacked Earth.

Monsters that were good or at least neutral in Zyuranger like the Genie, and Fang are good or at least neutral here.

Goldar, and Scorpina are husband, and wife

Lord Zedd, and Lokar are merged into one character because Lokar's Zyuranger counterpart was the master Rita's counterpart like Zedd was Rita's master, and because I wanted to give Zedd a human looking form so he could be later Sentai villains.

Rita has Bandora's backstory, and Kai is adapted as Thrax.

It is revealed that Lord Zedd was the Green Ranger before Tommy

Quagmire is more of a recurring ally because he reminded me of Gnome from Zyuranger

The Rangers are descendants of Zordon's previous Rangers because I wanted to incorporate the idea from Sentai where the Rangers are sometimes descendants of a previous civilization

Clotho is adapted as Quagmire's wife

I have a character named Nemo who is original to Power Rangers but is similar to Prince Euro, and Ryuto from Zyuranger.

Certain episodes are either moved around have their footage changed or are removed.

For instance Day of the Dumpster has High Five's Zyuranger footage, and Ranger plot, High Five has Teamwork's Zyuranger footage, and Ranger plot, and Teamwork is removed altogether

There is an original episode so that Babe Ruthless can have his own episode, and A Star is Born can have just Weaveworm.

Island of Illusion is merged with Gung Ho so that it can have Island of Illusion's Ranger plot, and Gung Ho's civilian plot, and both Gung Ho, and Island of Illusion's Zyuranger footage

There is a two parter to adapt Zyuranger's dinosaur eggs storyline

Doomsday, and Return of An Old Friend are merged so that it can have both Doomsday, and Return of an Old Friend's Ranger plots, and civilian plots with just Doomsday's Zyuranger footage.

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