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VR Troopers Morphinverse concepts
Now it's time for my take on VR Troopers which is set in the same universe as my version of Power Rangers.

VR Troopers season 1(Metalder, Spielban): After losing his Green Ranger powers for good Tommy, and Tao return to Crossworld City where Tommy reunites with his best friends Kaitlin Scott, and JB Reese when they get a message from Professor Hart, and go to his secret lab where they discover that Tommy's long lost father Tyler Oliver was captured by an evil mutant warlord called Grimlord, and that they must use the incredible powers created by Tommy's father, and Professor Hart to become superheroes known as the VR Troopers to stop Grimlord's army of Bio-mechanical mutant cyborgs from conquering both reality, and Virtual Reality.

VR Troopers season 2(Shaider, Spielban, Juspion): Tommy has finally rescued his father at the cost of his VR Trooper powers, and Grimlord has used the knowledge from Tommy's father to create new, and more powerful mutants to conquer reality. Now Tyler, and the Trooper must find a way to restore Tommy's powers in order to stop Grimlord's new mutants.

VR Troopers season 3(Shaider, Spielban, Juspion, Sharivan, Gavan): Grimlord has used knowledge of Virtual Reality stolen from Tyler's teacher Dr. Jacobson to further upgrade his mutants in order to defeat the Troopers for good. However Tommy has a chance encounter with a young man named David Trueheart who turns out to be Tommy's long lost brother. Now the Troopers must enlist David's help if they are to finally defeat Grimlord once, and for all.

Tommy being the hero of VR Troopers instead of Ryan Steele is meant to be a reference to how Jason David Frank was almost a proto version of Ryan named Adam Steele on the proto version of VR Troopers called Cybertron.

It's also the same reason in my version of Power Ranger Ryan Steele is the White Ranger when Power Rangers uses Dairanger footage.

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