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VR Troopers Morphinverse concepts
Now it's time for my take on VR Troopers which is set in the same universe as my version of Power Rangers.

VR Troopers season 1(Metalder, Spielban): After losing his Green Ranger powers for good Tommy, and Tao return to Crossworld City where Tommy reunites with his best friends Kaitlin Scott, and JB Reese when they get a message from Professor Hart, and go to his secret lab where they discover that Tommy's long lost father Tyler Oliver was captured by an evil mutant warlord called Grimlord, and that they must use the incredible powers created by Tommy's father, and Professor Hart to become superheroes known as the VR Troopers to stop Grimlord's army of Bio-mechanical mutant cyborgs from conquering both reality, and Virtual Reality.

VR Troopers season 2(Shaider, Spielban, Juspion): Tommy has finally rescued his father at the cost of his VR Trooper powers, and Grimlord has used the knowledge from Tommy's father to create new, and more powerful mutants to conquer reality. Now Tyler, and the Trooper must find a way to restore Tommy's powers in order to stop Grimlord's new mutants.

VR Troopers season 3(Shaider, Spielban, Juspion, Sharivan, Gavan): Grimlord has used knowledge of Virtual Reality stolen from Tyler's teacher Dr. Jacobson to further upgrade his mutants in order to defeat the Troopers for good. However Tommy has a chance encounter with a young man named David Trueheart who turns out to be Tommy's long lost brother. Now the Troopers must enlist David's help if they are to finally defeat Grimlord once, and for all.

Tommy being the hero of VR Troopers instead of Ryan Steele is meant to be a reference to how Jason David Frank was almost a proto version of Ryan named Adam Steele on the proto version of VR Troopers called Cybertron.

It's also the same reason in my version of Power Ranger Ryan Steele is the White Ranger when Power Rangers uses Dairanger footage.
As always watch for spoilers

Story: Tommy Oliver returns to Crossworld City with his martial arts sensei, and legal guardian Tao where he reunites with his best friends Kaitlin Scott, and JB Reese, and helps them run Tao's Dojo.
One day they get a message on their computer from a mysterious man named Professor Horatio Hart who has a message from Tommy's long lost father Tyler Oliver.

Tommy, and his friends find Professor Harts lab but are attacked by bio mechanical mutant cyborg creatures. At the lab the Professor, and a recording from Tommy's father inform them that long ago Tyler Oliver, and Horatio Hart where doing experiments with Virtual Reality technology, and were able to create an entire alternate dimension with it.

But a criminal mastermind found out, and used their technology to transform himself into an mutant warlord named Grimlord, and created an army of mutant robots. So Oliver, and Hart created good cyborgs called the VR Troopers to fight Grimlord's mutants.

Unfortunately the VR Troopers needed human hosts in order to function, and Grimlord mortally wounded Professor, and kidnapped Tommy's father to drain his knowledge of Virtual Reality to enhance his army of mutants robots.

Now Professor Hart recruits Tommy, Kaitlin, and JB to become the VR Troopers, and protect both realities from Grimlord, and his evil robot. And what is the secret behind Grimlord's most powerful warrior Dark Heart, and what is his connection to Tommy, and his missing father.


Tommy Oliver
Trooper Forms: Blue VR Trooper, Blue Hyper Tech Trooper
Weapons: Lighting Hand Command, Hyper Tech Lightning Hand Command
Age: 18
Bio: Formerly the Green Ranger he returns to Crossworld City to help Tao, and his friends run Tao Dojo. He becomes the leader of the VR Troopers after learning the dark truth about what happened to his father. He dreams to become part owner of the dojo with Tao. He is also a motorcyclist, and mechanic.

Kaitlin Scott
Trooper Forms: Red VR Trooper, Red Hyper Tech Trooper
Weapons: Laser Dagger Command, Hyper Tech Laser Dagger Command
Age 18
Bio: One of Tommy's best friends, and Jason's cousin she works as a reporter at a local newspaper called the Underground Voice Daily where she does human interest stories, and bring attention to serious issues which often puts the Troopers at odds with Ziktor Industires. Her goal is to become an editor at the Underground Voice Daily.

JB Reese
Trooper Forms: Black VR Trooper, Black Hyper Tech Trooper
Weapons: Laser Lance Command, Hyper Tech Laser Lance Command
Age: 18
Bio: Tommy, and Kaitlin's other best friend he is a computer genius who runs the computers at both Tao Dojo, and the lab, and helps create inventions for the Troopers. He is currently saving money to go to college, and helps his father run the local library.


Professor Hart
Age: 48
Bio: The Troopers' mentor, and Tyler Oliver's partner in the creation of Virtual Reality, and the VR Trooper powers. He was once a normal human until he was mortally wounded by Grimlord which forced Tyler to virtualize his mind in the lab's computers. He helps the Troopers with his knowledge of Virtual Reality, and gives them new equipment to help stop Grimlord's warriors.

Age: 10(acts 35)
Bio: Tommy's pet bloodhound he gains human level intelligence, and speech after an accidental exposure to the lab's machines. He acts sarcastically, and loves to pull pranks on people but helps the Troopers when he can, and falls for a dog named Princess.

Age: 48
Bio: The Troopers' martial arts sensei, Tommy's legal guardian, and Trini's uncle who runs the dojo where the Troopers study, and teach martial arts. He seemingly doesn't know his pupils are the VR Troopers but he still helps them with personal problems, and sometimes with Grimlord.

Tyler Oliver/Dark Heart
Age: 48
Bio: Tommy's father a brilliant scientist working on Virtual Reality technology when Grimlord stole his, and Horatio Hart's research to create evil mutant cyborgs, and kidnapped Tyler. Grimlord spent years draining Tyler's knowledge of Virtual Reality to enhance his mutants, and once his knowledge is drained Grimlord has him converted into one of his mutants, and he becomes Grimlord's most powerful warrior. Tommy is able to free him mentally but he remains a mutant, and uses his powers to help his son, and his friends fight Grimlord's army until the Troopers, and Hart can find a way to return him to human form.


Karl Ziktor/Grimlord
Age: 48
Bio: A cruel, and greedy businessman he stole Tyler Oliver, and Horatio Hart's virtual reality technology to transform himself into the mutant warlord Grimlord, and created an army of mutant cyborgs to conquer both realities. He spends years draining Tyler's knowledge of VR to enhance his monsters, and then converts Tyler into his most powerful cyborg warrior Dark Heart.

Natasha Ziktor/Desponda
Age: 48
Bio: Karl's equally cruel, and vicious wife she uses their wealth to pursue her vain interests she also used virtual reality technology to transform herself into a mutant cyborg with the power to transform into a plant or a robot.

General Ivar
Bio: Grimlord, and Desponda's second in command. He is the leader, and sometimes creator of their robot armies. He leads their armada of airships, and tanks, and commands the Sky Castle. He likes to personally challenge the Troopers especially JB, and Kaitlin, and assumes human form as Karl, and Natasha's body guard.

Colonel Icebot
Bio: The leader, and creator of Grimlord's bio engineered mutant armies. He spends his time in the Sky Castle making new monsters for Grimlord but occasionally can leave the Sky Castle to assume his own monster form to fight the Troopers personally. He can assume human form in reality as Karl Ziktor's chief scientist Strickland.

Bio: One of Grimlord's most powerful generals he is the field commander of Grimlord's cyborg forces. Like Ivar he likes to challenge the Troopers personally particularly Tommy, and later Dark Heart.

Age 10(acts 40)
Bio: The field commander of Grimlord's robot armies. He doesn't always challenge the Troopers directly but when he does he proves to be a force to be reckoned with due to his ability to transform into other mutants. He is in love with a fellow mutant named Sirenbot.

Bio: The field commander of Grimlord's bio engineered mutant armies he is cowardly, and incompetent but is still one of Grimlord's most powerful, and dangerous creatures.

Blue Boar
Bio: Grimlord's field commander in charge of his Gunbots, and Airbots. He demands absolute loyalty to both himself, and Grimlord, and like Grimlord does not tolerate failure from his troops.

Bio: Grimlord's newest, and most powerful robot after Dark Heart. He becomes one of Grimlord's most powerful minions after Dark Heart, and develops a personal rivalry with Tommy, and Dark Heart.

Minotaurbot, and Chrome Dome
Bio: Two of Grimlord's mutants who serve as personal henchmen for Renegade, and help him fight the Troopers. They are frequently defeated by Tommy, and Dark Heart

The Vixens
Bio: Five Skugs in the form of beautiful, and dangerous women. Two of them(one in green the other in black) work with Grimlord personally in his dungeon while the other three(in blue, silver, and gold) work with Desponda in the Sky Castle. They assume human form in the real world as Ziktor's secretaries


Tommy is the leader of the VR Troopers in reference to how Jason David Frank was originally going to be Adam Steele the proto version of Ryan in Cybertron the proto version of VR Troopers.

Kaitlin's last name is Scott because I've seen merchandise, and comics with that as her name, and I thought it would be a good way to maker related to Jason, and tie VR Troopers with Power Rangers.

The Troopers now how codenames based on their colors because even when he's Metalder in the first season Tommy is the only VR Trooper who wears blue.

Desponda is introduced this season, and she is Ziktor's wife who is a Sabanized Cruella De Ville the way Ziktor is a Sabanized Lex Luthor

General Ivar, and Icebot can assume human form in the real world as Ziktor's bodyguard, and Strickland respectively.

The Vixens are introduced this season as American versions of S, and K from Metalder, and Rikki, Shadow, and Gash from Spielban

Decimator, Zelton, Toxoid, and Blue Boar lead their own armies like in Metalder.

Similar to my versions of Power Rangers monsters from Metalder that were good or become good are good or become good in VR Troopers.

All episodes/chapters will have one monster and monsters that had to share their episodes with other monsters will have their own episodes.

Certain episodes will like The Dojo Plot, and The Transmutant will be two parters.

Graybot, and Jeremy Gibson will be separate characters with Graybot being Cannonbot's apprentice in a reversal of their relationship from Metalder.

The Virtual Spy, and Rise of the Red Python will be combined, and saved for the next season.

Defending Dark Heart will be split in half with the first two episodes being the mid season finale where Dark Heart is introduced, and joins the Troopers, and the other two being crossed with the first two episodes of Quest For Power as the season finale.

The Battle Grid suits will still be used but they will be called Hyper Tech Mode that the Troopers can use in both the real world, and virtual reality to battle Mutant Skugs, and Vixens.

The Troopers will have their own transformation phrase to transform into the Hyper Tech suits instead of the Professor transforming them, and the Battle Grid itself will be save for the next season where it will be merged with the Indigo Sector/Fractal Zone/Dream Zone concept.

The Troopers will also have weapons in Hyper Tech mode that are similar to the weapons they use in their Metal Hero armor

Kaitlin will have her own finisher that involves slashing at a monster with her daggers that she uses against either American original monsters or a monsters from Metalder that had suits but never actually fought Metlader.

Also because of reusing spaceship, and tank battles, and American footage like the Hyper Tech suits, and American footage with the Metal Hero armor there won't be episodes were the Troopers don't transform.

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